steroid induced

Andrey Skoromnyy hits the shower.
Even the Russians haven’t figured out how to eliminate steroid-induced acne, apparently.

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kaitlin is a badass more than the others, she injured herself so many times for the sake of the show and i can't think of any other actress doing that for a trash show like sunny

RIGHT!!! like part of it may just be that she’s super accident-prone but like… i can’t imagine breaking my back AND my neck on the same show and still being like “yeah this is good! i’ll keep doing this”

my actual favorite “katlin olson: professional badass” story comes from the hundred dollar baby commentary. there’s a bit towards the end where, in a steroid-induced rage, dee punches a hole in the wall of her apartment, right? so naturally the set department put a piece of breakaway plaster there so she could punch through the wall more easily, so as not to risk hurting herself. as they kept filming takes they eventually ran out of spots on the wall that were still made of the breakaway plaster….. so kaitlin just punched through a real spot on the wall, no problem. she said it hurt her hand for two days afterward but she did it anyway!

glenn, meanwhile, thought it would be cool if he could also punch through the wall once shooting was done. i’m not sure if he got to use the breakaway wall or not but in any case he hurt the shit out of his hand and completely failed to so much as dent the wall

hey another medical update for y’all because i know how much you love them!!!!

so - i had labs on tuesday and we met with my oncologist and he said that my allergy cells are completely normal now but i still have to take extreme precaution with my medication because if i am allergic to anything else, the same exact thing will happen. we have also tapered down on my steroid dose to somewhat normal levels which means we can start tapering down my oral chemo drug when i’m off steroids. i am now on insulin however for steroid induced diabetes and i have to get my eyes checked because blurry vision because of the diabetes. i am still getting tested though after i come off the steroids because i am still very high risk for developing type 2 since it runs in my family. uhm what else, i no longer use my cane but sometimes my wheelchair when the situation calls for it??? my doctors said i could possibly return to work in a month or two and i found out that my school has fast track classes than i can take so i can get back on track with school since i had to drop all my classes this semester!!!! 

other good news is that i am working on bridesmaids boxes on saturday with my mom and ricky and i have more than likely picked our venue for the wedding. (((: i’m also reading a lot more and i do yoga every day and everything has been looking really good lately. so - i am very, very excited to finally get things back to relative normality.