Pavement - Stereo - because my best friends girlfriend has great tatse in music and reminded me of this song tonight


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Family Is Worth It

Dean x Reader

Warnings: None, no feels, just family

A/N: So from last episode (Don’t You Forget About Me), The Dinner Scene inspired me to do this, I hope you enjoy this!

You are slipping on a long, maroon sweater over your head and your mind is just swirling rapidly with so many emotions. You’ve been pregnant for three months and you thought it was time to tell your family about your big news. You haven’t seen your family in four years, so they are going to be interogating Dean on who he is and such. You were worried that Dean was going to lose his temper, your father is a very old-fashioned kind of man, so he will definatley have issues with him, no doubt.

Once you freshen up, you go to the stero system and put in a cd of Frank Sinatra and his voice rings all around. Dean comes up the corner and he has a smile creeping upon as you sway to the music. You then feel his arms around you and his lips are pressing against his forehead. You both sway to the music and then he twirls you to the rythum. As you twirl you spot Sam and Cas watching you both.

“You know, I’m quite surprised, I thought you would switch it to some Metalica or something.” You mumble into his ear.

“You know me far, far too well.” You look down and see that his attire is a flannel and jeans with work boots. You then meet back with with green eyes and tilt your head a bit.

“I thought you were going to wear your slacks and a dress shirt.” You tell him with your arms now crossed and your leaning on your right leg.

“What, this is fine (Y/N), your family is coming over, it’s not like anyone is getting married. And they need to accept me on who I am, I mean, Sam is wearing basically what am,” he waves his left are towards his taller brother.

“Woah Dean, don’t drag me into this.” Sam says with his arms up in defeat.

“Cas is dressed nicely,” You shoot at him.

“That’s the only thing Cas owns!” Dean starts to raise his voice. Cas averts his eyes to the ground and Dean shrugs at him.

“I knew this was going to be a bad idea, why did you let me do this?”

“I didn’t! You sprung this on me while Sam and I were on a hunt. Look, you’re stressing yourself out again.”

“I stress out everday Dean!” the door bell rings and the room falls silent. “I’m sorry, they just-”

“I know, that’s why you left, remember?” He kisses your lips and you go to greet them into your home. You swing your door open and your parents are first to arrive. Your mother is holding a bottle of fine red wine and your father just comes in with open arms.

“(Y/N)! My beautiful daughter!” he says with a smile on his face. He hugs you tightly, you swear you couldn’t breathe.

“Please come in!” You manage to say.

“George, you’re going to kill her.” your mother laughs as she walks in. Dean, Cas, and Sam come up with smiles and George latches off of you. You take the wine from your mother and stand next to Dean.

“Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend Dean,” you then gesture to Sam, “his younger brother Sam,” and then you gesture to Castiel, “And our friend, who is basically family, Castiel,”

“Cas for short.” he adds. George looks at Dean up and down and you squeeze Dean’s arm.

“Very nice to meet you both,” Dean says with a hand out to shake with George. George hesitates for a couple of seconds and shakes his hand, not breaking eye contact. Your mother hugs you and kisses your cheek.

“(Y/N), we’ve missed you so much!” she says.

“Lets go take this in he dining room, I’ll just take your coats.” Sam offers. George and his wife; Mary Anne strip from their coats and they all are brought to the dinning room.

“Where’s Willow?” you ask as you make your way to the kitchen.

“She will be here in a little bit, they had to find a sitter for Xavier and Damon. Larry can’t make it because he is working late at the studio.” Mary Anne says following you. You take the top off the crock pot and your beef stew is cooking magnificently. “So, are you happy with him?” Mary Anne asks. You glance over to her as you stir it up a bit.


“Is he keep you from us?” You put your hands on the counter and take a deep breath.

“Mom, he isn’t keeping me from you guys, it’s just we have busy lives. I am very happy wth him,”

“You don’t need to cut us out (Y/N), you father and I are always on the go, but we manage to talk to our family. Willow still sees us and talks to us, and she’s a Gynecologist. Delivering babies left and right, while her husband writes for the show ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’.” You take another deep breath and put the top on the crock pot. Your eyes keep shifting from Mary Anne and the bottle.

“Right, you’re right, I shouldn’t cut you out. Being uh, beieng busy is no excuse.” You reach to grab the glasses and Mary Anne helps you prepare the wine.

Dean as been completely ignored by George. Sam and him have been talking about this coming Super Bowl. Cas and Dean have been just listening in.

“So Dean, what do you think about this football season?” George asks him.

“I haven’t really been paying attention, I’ve been working on my baby,” he says confidently. George’s face drops with narrow eyes. Sam nudges Dean to clarify. “She’s a 1975 Chevy Impala.” George then nods. “Wanna see her?” George gets up and Dean leads the way to the Impala.

They both get to the garage and Dean flicks the light on. Baby is looking gorgeous, just washed and she is glistening from the light above.

“There she is.” Dean says with a sigh, hs eyes lit. George walks over to her and kicks the front tire. Dean makes a fist by his side, just because no one touches Baby.

“So Dean, what do you do for a living?” he asks as he still looks around Baby.

“I work for the govenment actually,” Dean lies through his teeth. George glances as Dean and looks him up and down again.

“Really, what part?” he asks. Dean stalks up to him and crosses his arms.

“FBI,” he states “Not the FBI that you think though, the one that works with some pretty crazy stuff that you wouldn’t believe existed.” George’s eyes widen.

“Like Area 51?” he asks a bit intrigued.

“I’m not allowed to give out that information unfortnately.” Dean murmurs into his ear. They then hear footsteps and it’s you strutting in

“Guys, Willow is here.” You say as you come out. George and Dean look over to you and nod. George walks out of the garage to greet his older daughter. You go over to Dean and he hugs you. You groan in his chest and he just rubs shis back.

“So, if your dad asks, I’m in the FBI, okay?” You groan again and shake your head against his chest.

“I want this night to end already.” You tell him.

“I know, I kept glancing at you when I was in the house.” You let out a sigh and rest one hand on your forehead and the other on your stomach.

“My mother kept asking me if I was being forced to not associate with them and then lectured me on how to boil the noodles and then compared me to my sister Willow and-”

“Babe, Babe, take it easy, please.” He takes your hands and kisses them. You cup his stubbly face and kiss his lips. Dean then pulls away and has a questioned look on his face.

“Don’t you have a brother?” he asks you.

“Yeah, my parents don’t know but I invited him. He’s coming soon.” Dean looks even more puzzled.

“Why don’t they know he’s coming?” You hesitate.

“Well, a long time ago, he was into really bad things, drugs and my parents kind of disowned him. I still talk to him and he deserves to know about our baby.” you say cautiously, making sure no one is around.

“How are you and my dad?” you ask.

“He touched Baby, and he as talking to Sam more than me. They are going to get along well.” Dean says with a hint of envy.

“And you work for the FBI,”

“The special kind of FBI,”

“Like Area 51?” You ask in curiosity.

“I’m not allowed say,” he says with a grin on his face.

“We should probably-”

“Uh guys,” Sam’s voice chimes in from behind you. You look over to him and he has a worried expression. “Aaron is here.” he says. You walk out of the garage to go greet your brother.

Sam goes up to Dean and sighs.

“I haven’t seen a family argue like that since I was younger. Like as soon as Aaron walked in, brought back memories”

“Well, George isn’t like Dad, that’s for sure. He’s the complete opposite. And when did you become so big into football? Because that definately won George over” Dean pats Sam on th shoulder and starts to walk out.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Sam asks. Dean looks at him and rolls his eyes.

“I’m saying that he was talking to you the whole time while Cas and I were just sitting there. Who were you trying to impress in there?” Dean asks.

“Dean, we were just having a-”

“Look, I really don’t need this right now.” Dean then storms off with Sam following.

It’s dinner time and you are just waiting for dinner to end, this secret is killing you on the inside. You sit down and your mom pours you some wine.

“Oh Mom, I’m good.” you say lifting the bottle up a bit. Your mother chuckles and pours it for you anyway. “Well, I hope everyone enjoys the food, and thank you for coming tonight.” You say as you look at your family all together.

“So Willow what do you do for a living?” Castiel asks.

“I’m a Gyntologist,” she states. “I’m the youngest one on my team. Maybe one day when (Y/N) decides to have kids I’ll deliver them,” You and Dean nearly choke on their dinner.

“Oh wow, that’s something to think about,” Mary Anne says, “So Dean, do you ever want kids?” Dean swallows his stew the wrong way and and you pat his back, completely embarrassed.

“Mom, you don’t just ask someone that, especially if they are dating your daughter.” Aaron says, sticking up for you.

“I think your mother has the right to ask that, I mean we haven’t spoken to (Y/N) in four years, so we don’t even know our own daughter anymore.” George replies to Aaron.

“Youu guys haven’t seen me in seven years and you don’t bother to ask me what I am up to,”

“That’s because you were a drug dealer for 3 years,” Willows shoots at her younger brother.

“Whoa we went there,” Sam says under his breath. Your family begins to argue over themselves and you just shoot up and yell over them.

“Dean and I are having a baby in six months!” everyone is silent. That weight is off your chest and Dean gets up, standing beside you. “I invited all of you here, my family because I thought it was right to include my family with this baby’s life. But as soon as I actually get to talking to some of you I get this little dig about me not being around for four years or being compared to Willow. Yes, I didn’t go to college, marry a wealthy man and live that countryside life, Willow will always be perfect so stop comparing me and Aaron to Willow.” You them drop your napkin onto the table and storm off to your room. Dean looks at everyone and swallows a bit.

“The reason why (Y/N) hasn’t contacted any of you is because we travel a lot because of my job and it’s to protect you all. I have a dangerous job in the government and I told her that she can’t see her family as much because I don’t want them to be involved in what I do. My brother Sam and my friend Cas work with me as well, we don’t have anyone else.” Dean gets up and goes after you. Sam clears his throat an stands up as well along with Cas.

“Look, we love (Y/N) very much like family.” Sam starts.

“And I think she would want us to finish this dinner she’s been working on all day.” Castiel says as he sits down with Sam. The six of them just continue to eat their meal in silence.

Dean looks in your room and you’re not there, so he then goes in the garage and sees you in the Impala breaking down. He opens the door to the seat your sitting in and you cling to him.

“Come here Babe,” he says and he holds you as you cry into him.

Time passes and Dean walks in carrying you in and you’re asleep. Mary Anne sees Dean walking in with you and she follows you both. He lays you on the bed and puts some blankets over you as he kisses your forehead. He then rubs your stomach and kisses it as well.

“Your mom and I love you so much.” he whispers. He gets up and sees Mary Anne with a smile on her lips. She then hugs him with tears of joy.

“You are exactly what (Y/N) needs in her life. Thank you.” she says next to his ear. He hugs back.

“We’ll try to have you over more often, I’m sorry I kept her away.” Mary Anne pulls away.

“Dean honey, you kept her away from us because you wanted us to be protected, that shows that you care about her and her family. That shows that family is everything to you. And that makes a great father.” Dean hugs Mary Anne and George, Aaron and Willow come up.

“Is (Y/N) okay?” Aaron asks. Dean nods and bites his lip.

“She just needs rest.” Mary Anne says.

“Dean, you’re alright in my book, my daughter seems to love you very much.” George says.

“Thank you George, as I was telling Mary Anne, I’m going to let you guys call and visit, (Y/N) needs her family, especially now. I mean Sam, Cas and I don’t know much about rasing kids, and I don’t want my child to not have a family like Sam and I grew up with.” Dean says.

More time passess everyone leaves including Castiel.

“The left over pie is in the fridge Dean.” Willow says with a grin. Dean hugs her goodbye.

“You are the best baker ever, don’t tell (Y/N) I said that.” he says looking around with his eyes. Willow giggles and he shuts the door as she goes.

After cleaing up, Dean adn Sam head to their rooms and you are laying on his bed; awake. Dean walks in and towers over you between your legs. Your wrap your arms around his neck and kiss his lips.

“Family is really worth it, huh?” Dean nods and kisse you back.

“Never forget that.” he murmurs into your ear.

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Yo no quiero hijos b*steros

No entiendo a esa gente que no le gusta el fútbol. No la en-tien-do.
Mucho menos al pibe que no le guste este apasionado deporte (a veces me siento mas pibe yo), siempre dije: “el pibe que no le gusta el fútbol, no es pibe”, desconfío de ese tipo de hombres. Así recibo de parte de mis amigas todas las agresiones posibles, ya que con ninguna comparto el mismo sentimiento. Pero lo siento así. En cuanto a (gustos) hombres no hay nada escrito. Todas tenemos un fetiche con los hombres, lo mismo los hombres con las mujeres. En mi grupo esta la que le gusta el intelectual comelibros, el hipster con barba de 3 metros, el gordito rocker y el hippie colgado. Bueno, a mí dame un pibe que me lleve a la cancha.

Porque para mí es algo que, a demás de sumar muchos puntos, es importantísimo preguntarle a un pibe siempre de qué club es hincha. Así de simple. Situación en el boliche: Bailas con un pibe que esta re bueno, te encanta, facha mal. Decís “listo, le doy…” Pero antes cierro mi fantasía con: “…hincha de?” Si la respuesta no es la esperada no tengo problema en darme media vuelta y seguir mi camino, como mas de una vez he hecho

Te imaginas que te enamores de alguien de… No sé, Crucero del Norte, qué sé yo… Nunca me lo podría permitir. Por mi bien,el de mi flia (sobre todo mi hermano) y el de mis futuros hijos, TE IMAGINAS NO TENER HIJOS DE RIVER!!! Jamás. Por que siempre se le impone al hijo la camiseta del padre, como lo es en mi caso. Mi madre es b*stera pero bien puesto esta mi viejo como hincha de River.

No es algo que me dejaría que pase, el día que tenga hijos, ponele… si el padre no acompaña esa pasión, algo que tampoco pretendo que pase, confío en que mis hijos van a salir inteligentes como la madre y van a saber elegir bien.

Esto no quiere decir que siempre me enamoré de pibes de River, suelo errar en esas decisiones, OJO… No sólo por el hecho de no simpatizar para el mismo club, mis historias de amor son un poco más complicadas. Si le di prioridad a aquellos hinchas de River que me volaron la cabeza, que compartí historias o simplemente noches, es tener un tema de conversación siempre, el tener la misma pasión en común, hace que la pasión entre ambos se potencie. Pero también le erré, me enamoré de b*steros… (matame). Que por su lado positivo-negativo un superclásico puede ser muuuy divertido o te terminas pelando como si la discusión fuera de alguna infidelidad cometida por parte de los dos, así de fuerte se pone el asunto. Pero creo que aún hubo algo peor, el hincha de Belgrano de Córdoba, fue violencia de género… Por más enamorada que me podía sentir, nunca me sentí tan humillada, el amor duró 3 meses y la cuestión fue sus irritables burlas por lo que ya sabemos… Ah y lo encontré en el boliche con otra mina de sorpresa, pero es un detalle menor.

El problema está en el MACHISMO, soy de una ciudad muy chica del centro del Misiones, esas del típico “pueblo chico, infierno GRANDE”, pero lo que se destaca en esa pequeña sociedad es el machismo, en todas sus formas. Principalmente el machismo en el fútbol, de pensar de que no es algo que podes compartir con tu novia, algo que me pasó a mí… Mi novio me negaba ver los partidos juntos porque era algo que se hacía únicamente con sus amiguitos, si fue porque vimos un partido juntos, a los sumo dos, fue por insistencia mía. Me hizo sentir que yo estaba haciendo las cosas mal, que él tenía razón en que a mí no me podía gustar el fútbol… 

Por ahora prefiero amar, amar otras cosas. Amor al fútbol, amor a mi familia, a los animales, a la joda… Posta. Que por ahora vivo mi soltería y descubriéndome día a día, amando sin medida a lo que realmente me hace bien: RIVER. Que en tantas ocasiones me ha “salvado”, sin exagerar, que me hizo sufrir y llorar más que cualquier relación pero que me dio otras tantas alegrías que me hace que la ame cada día más. Que superamos las desgracias juntos; si yo estaba mal, me ponía bien con solo verte. Y aún así cuando vos estabas mal yo te daba amor y seguía siendo fuerte.

Ay el amor, el amor, el amor, me pongo melosaaa… FELIZ SAN VALENTIN A TODOS. 

//: Ever have that moment when you realize the characters you’ve made over the years? Potential rp muses or has been’s muses that you only stopped with after unable to expand more on them? 

I’ve just realized I almost have all supernatural beings via characters made before that almost checks off the stero typical ones. 

Vampire, shapeshifter, cannibal (sort of supernatural), mermaid, demon, spirit/ghost,mutant, and a painting thats alive.

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