Pavement - Stereo - because my best friends girlfriend has great tatse in music and reminded me of this song tonight


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50 things for girls* entering an all girls catholic high school next year:

1. Ignore the stero types people will give you about going to an all girls school. Most all girls* schools aren’t like the Clique or Gossip Girl. There are girls* from all walks of life, all backgrounds, it’s guaranteed you will find someone like you! 
2. Bring enough food for you and your friend. 
3. Expect a weird combination of feminism mixed with traditional gender roles (be an empowered women!!! buuut…’s how to raise a christian family!)
4. Speak your mind. Now’s the time, here’s the place. 
5. Your classmates are not your competition. Treat others with respect and kindness!
6. There are people at your school who do not identify as a girl. There are bigots in your school. Decide if you are going to stand up to oppression & hate, or oppress and spread hatred. 
7. There are always groups of people singing and dancing? At all times? 
8. The girls* at my school had a saying “3 claps makes a situation a lituation!” so yes, do your best to have fun in high school! You’re here to learn, sure, but you’re not a robot that only produces grades, live a little! 
9. Most of the teachers are very very trusting of you, do not break their trust. 
10. Out of uniform? Here are some tips: “oh, but it was dark this morning and I didn’t notice I was putting on purple tights!” “I was tired when I woke up this morning and forgot” “I’m so sorry it’ll never happen again!” 
11. Mass hysteria is ensured to occur when a boy or a puppy is seen on campus. Riots and shoving occur when there are baked goods or a bake sale. 
12. There are a lot of weird traditions and celebrations. Go with it. Embrace them….but don’t bother explaining them to your friends outside of your school. They won’t get it and you’ll all look crazy. 
13. Befriend an older girl*, they will guide you through high school. 
14. If you bring food out in class, people will know and suddenly everyone wants to be your best friend 
15. Honestly like…you do you boo. 
16. There is no such thing as shame. Absolutely none. Twerking upside down on the lockers? Normal. Stripping at 3 when the bell rings? Normal. Discussing your vagina loudly? Normal. 
17. People stop caring about their appearance by Christmastime of freshmen year (we called it the homeless man look)
18. Boys from your brother school are always going to try to get with you.
19. Sneaking off campus to visit the local starbucks/coffee shop? Normal. Just don’t get caught (change out of your uniform).
20. You will know of every sale in a 20 miles radius the moment they begin. 
21. Please don’t smoke in the bathrooms. Please please don’t. We all have to sit through an anti smoking assembly now because of you. 
22. People are always super hug-y? No matter what’s going on, people are always hugging? 
23. Prom is a HUGE deal. It’s one of the few times a year people will see you when you don’t look like a hot mess. 
24. Promposals might as well be marriage proposals they’re treated so seriously. 
25. There are, in fact, leg hair length competitions. 
26. People are always complimenting you. Give back as many compliments as you get. 
27. Be careful, because of all the hugging, kissing, and food sharing, mono is always a threat. 
28. People are going to slap your butt. It freaked me out, but you will get used to it (if you are not comfortable with it, tell someone. word will spread, people will respect you).
29. Someone is always carrying Advil/Tylenol/Midol/Claritin and will share with you. 
30. A lot of the teachers are radical feminists. You’ll figure out who is and who isn’t fairly quickly. 
31. The teachers have seen it all, heard it all, smelt it all, experienced it all. Nothing you say or do will shock them. 
32. A teacher’s pregnancy, engagement, or marriage is like, the biggest news of the year. 
33. Hot male teacher got engaged? Tears are ensured. 
34. Someone is always crying. Always have tissues and kind words with you.
35. Sweet 16 season is the most intense, most expensive year
36. Establish someone to be the designated “note taker” in each class because I promise you, you are going to sleep through more than one religion class. 
37. Share your quizlets. Help others that are struggling in a subject you’re good at.
38. Let people copy off of you during tests. If you don’t know anything, let people around you know. 
39. If someone has sex, everyone will know by 9:30. No one will judge you, everyone will lowkey be really happy for you! 
40. Girl Scouts are the head bitches in charge during cookie season
41. You will question your sexuality. It’s going to happen. You’re attending an all girls school with a lot of beautiful girls. It’s going to happen and that’s okay.
42. Your classmates are your greatest helpers. You may never say a single word to one another, but you will email each other study guides, tweet each other links to quizlets or youtube videos to help study for tests. My school had 5 flights of stairs and we used to say “girls who climb stairs together work together” (or, before midterms and finals, “girls who climb stairs together fail together”)
43.  There are very religious girls. Most of these very religious girls are not the bigots many people imagine them to be, most of them just wish to worship however they please. Let them be. They are not your inferior because they are religious.
44. Leave an extra outfit in your locker, if you can fit it. At the very least, leave an extra skirt/pair of pants. 
45. If you’re a freshmen, you’re going to think the seniors are absolutely wild. You’re going to think they’re really weird and too open with each other. I promise you, by senior year, you too will be informing others you have to fart, openly scratching your vagina, asking others for a pad openly in class. 
46. While yes, some girls* do wear make up every day for their 4 years, most do not. Either way is fine. 
47. When someone has their hair and make up done and is wearing a cute outfit, everyone goes into hysterics because someone’s got a date. 
48. Girls are pack animals. When a boy disrespects someone, you will know. It will be on twitter. You will favorite tweets defending her. People will be there for you, cheering and defending you. 
49. Jesus is always the answer. Doesn’t matter what class it is. Jesus.
50.Have fun!! My friends and I had the time of our lives at our all girls catholic school, yes, of course, there were downs, but we were there for one another. The girls* I met at my school are not my friends, they are my sisters. I don’t know where I’d be without them. Best of luck to all! 

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You can tell a lot about someone based on their music choices. Shuffle through your playlist and write the first 20 songs that come up. The original was 10 but it’s a Saturday and I have nothing else to do.

1. The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

2. The Edge of Tonight - All Time Low

3. I’m Ready - AJR

4. Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift

5. I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco

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On Through The Night - Def Leppard

Considering now my ears have to adjust from this blasting on stereo …and my stero was at semi max volume … 

The Big Bang Theory TV show

When I heard The Big Bang Theory was made by the creator of Two and a Half Men, I was incredibly skeptical for obvious reasons. But after watching a few episodes before the New Year, I have to admit, I’m hooked! After being an avid watcher for sometime now, I am confident to say I think it’s the best programme that has been broadcast on modern day TV. Even though they had the stero-typical school life about the smart kids being picked on, it brings out the positivity about getting good grades and working hard.

One of my favourite moments is Lenoard’s speech at the graduation ceremony:

“Maybe high school’s great if you look like this… but I didn’t even feel like I existed at that school. And now that I think about it, I bet a lot of you feel the same way. So, for the remainder of my speech, this is for the invisible kids. Uh, maybe you never fit in. Or maybe you’re the smallest kid in the school, or the heaviest or the weirdest. Maybe you’re graduating and you still haven’t had your first kiss. By the way, 19; and Geraldine Coco, wherever you are, thank you. Maybe you don’t have any friends. And guess what? That’s okay. While all the popular kids are off doing– whatever, I don’t know what they were doing ‘cause I was never there… My point is, while you’re spending all this time on your own, building computers or practicing your cello, what you’re really doing is becoming interesting. And when people finally do notice you, they’re gonna find someone a lot cooler than they thought. And for those of you who were popular in high school, it’s over, sorry. Thank you and congratulations.”

People could learn something from this. I know I did. I was one of the invisible kids; the weird, English and Literature nerd and Drama enthusiest. I’m doing great :)


Yes, it’s Throw Back Thursday and that’s me. Tossing it all the way back to when I was 4 years old, good ol’ 1967! I remember that pant suit.  Of course, my parents had me in floods (see length of pants).  I swear it wasn’t until I was 15, with my own job and money, that I finally owned a pair of pants that touched the top of my shoes!  Speaking of shoes, those were Ked’s Champions. Probably boys…

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To my surprise the Disraeli Gears audio quality is better than the remastered version of Led Zeppelin II (despite being mono vs. stero). In addition, the cover art is fantastic and has even relief.

What are you selling us Jimmy?

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NO Music…


So the other day I decided to take my car out back and rip around some gravel roads, couple of days later on my way home from work my music stopped playing… Flipped through all the channels, tried to play some CDs which the stero just kept spitting out, and hooked up my iPhone .. Still de nada. I’m not to clear on electrical so I though maybe someone could help me out.. :confused:

Also when I go over a bump it spikes some static then goes blank.