“Dian of the Lost Land” cover by Lawrence Sterne Stevens.

Dian of the Lost Land is a great read. It’s about an Antarctic explorer in the present (1920s) who discovers a lost world filled with prehistoric life at the South Pole where Cro-Magnon still war with Neanderthal man, home of Dian, worshipped as a goddess by stone age people.

Of all the “lost world” stories of its age, this one is by far the best realized, in the top ten.

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Are there any Sasusaku headcanons you would like to share? It can be about anything :D

Hehe, I gave my headcanon for SS’s first kiss in this post.

I gave my headcanon for SS’s first time in this post.

I gave my headcanon of SS’s rather more kinky side in this post.

As for other random headcanons, here are the three that pop into my head the most frequently:

  • Sasuke talks a lot about Sarada to Sakura behind closed doors
  • Sakura tops during sex most of the time
  • Sasuke is stoic, but not stern; he’s actually very lenient :)

Action Comics #685 (January 1993)

FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, PART 2! After all efforts to revive him fail, Superman is officially declared dead by Dr. Sanchez, the doctor who treated him most times when he was alive (twice). As the world mourns its greatest hero, the authorities fight over what to do with Supes’ corpse – literally, they fight, with shooting and all. Project Cadmus wants to keep Superman’s body for scientific study (a plot point borrowed from E.T.) but Maggie Sawyer and Metropolis’ Special Crimes Unit disagree, and then Lex Luthor Jr.’s armored Lex-Men get involved, too.

Fortunately, Supergirl shows up to make the Cadmus people see reason (by knocking them out with a psychic blast).

This gives Metropolis’ Mayor Berkowitz enough time to fax President Clinton (I just said “fax”, so people reading from the future, you can probably guess I mean Bill) and get him to rescind Cadmus’ jurisdiction over dead aliens, so that Superman can be given a proper burial in the city. Luthor Jr. generously offers to build a tomb/monument for the fallen hero in the city’s Centennial Park. The poor kid is taking this pretty bad – he even breaks a chair on Doomsday’s corpse at STAR Labs because he’s so sad! Awww.

Anyway, as most people cry over Superman (seriously, lots of crying in this issue), others realize it’s the perfect time to go out and do crimes. Some ruffians rip off a jewelry store and nearly kill a cop while speeding away in their car, figuring that are no super-strong people with an “S” on their chest to stop them anymore. They forgot about this one, though:

Judging by this moment (and the familiar-looking cover to this issue), we can logically assume that the next 684 issues of Action Comics will be remakes of the first 684 ones, only with Supergirl instead of Superman. You know, because he’s dead and never coming back.


The bulk of the issue (and the best moments in it) show various characters reacting to the sad news, from long-time cast members to total strangers:

  • First and foremost, the person who loved Superman the most in the world is obviously having a pretty rough time right now. This leads to one of the most moving scenes in Superman comics, or any series: I’m talking about Bibbo “Superman’s My Fav’rit” Bibbowski, of course. In the scene, Bibbo refuses a drink from his friends High Pockets and Lamarr, kicks them out of his bar, and kneels down to ask God why he couldn’t die instead. Oof.
  • Oh, Lois Lane is pretty sad too, I guess. The worst part is that everyone tells her they’re sure Clark Kent will show up any moment now – since Doomsday knocked down so many buildings, they’re still pulling people out of the rubble and everyone assumes Clark must be there too. That, or they figured out the truth years ago and are just being jerks to her.
  • There’s a short scene with Ma and Pa Kent being called by a crying Lana Lang – whose fiancee Pete Ross somehow still doesn’t know Clark is Superman, so he must have thought it was pretty weird when they heard the news on their car radio and Lana suddenly broke down.
  • We also get sad reactions from: the town Superman and Batman saved from vampires in Action Annual #1, some Australians he saved during the alien invasion (sorry, Invasion!), random people crying in random countries, and even the criminals at Stryker’s Island (some celebrate but others are sad, like the guy who says Superman saved his grandma).
  • Speaking of criminals, we also see our old pal the Parasite (still locked in that glass cell in STAR Labs, yelling rude words at the scientists) and Toyman, who is in the “sad about Superman” camp, because Supes was always so kind to children. And, as we all know, Toyman loves children and would never hurt one. That would be extremely out of character.
  • Interesting that Cadmus director/resident jerk Paul Westfield got knocked out by Supergirl’s psychokinetic blast. I wonder if that gave him any ideas for future Cadmus projects…

Have I left anything for the great Don Sparrow to talk about in his section? Unbelievably, yes! Click through to see it:

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The success of any manga series is unknown, and Kusanagi hadn’t had much luck in that department before Akayona. So I wonder how far she initially planned for Akayona’s story, which characters were there from the start, and which ones she had to create along the way. What characters had an initial characterization and were changed? For instance, Shin-Ah was supposed to be more moody-serious than he turned out to be. Heuk-Chi seemed to be portrayed as less indifferent and more stern in the beginning and was changed by the time vol.10 rolled in. 

Had Lili and her guards been planned from the start? Was Judoh always supposed to be a short tempered man or was he planned to be a silent, serious type at first? Was Suwon supposed to be a great planner or did that develop after the fact? Was Keishuk supposed to be more important than he’s been portrayed to be? 


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Sydal@Fannar: Oh wow this is a pretty lovely place of a temple. You look really different as a vaporeon, and i myself am not surprised at all. Who's "Marin" you were talking about earlier?

Fannar: He’s rather quite good at his job. Like.

Fannar: Really good.

Fannar: I’m a pillar Vaporeon who’s been in the line of guarding the supposed sealing places of Manaphy and Phione, but he blows my guardianship out of the water, haha!

Fannar: He’s quite stern and won’t settle for fighting!

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Could I get jealous female s/o head canons for X Drake? Like he is talking to another girl and his s/o thinks that he is flirting but really he is buying her a gift and asking the girl for opinions on what to get his s/o? Please and Thank you!

hehe dino babe is coming

  • they can’t be that long together because then she’d know that Drake would literally never flirt with someone other than his s/o
  • She’d get suspicious with him smiling more than usual at the lady, given that he’s so stern and stoic usually
  • But yeah it’s pretty much just because, he’s asking for some tips on presents and is looking forward to give the gift to her
  • He’s gonna be pretty puzzled at her jealousness, but I think he’d really clear the air right away
  • His s/o is gonna apologize and be pretty embarassed, especially after receiving the cute gift but Drake is gonna wave this off because he genuinly wanted her to be happy at her present

Only a while after Marwick and his nephew head to sleep, Bernardo hears the doorbell ring. Thinking that one of the girls must have forgotten her key, he hurries to let them in, only to come face to face with an unfamiliar stern-looking woman. Wow, Bernardo thinks, if looks could kill, I’d be dead and buried.

Bernardo: Hello! How may I help you?

-Where is my son? And who in the world are you?

Bernardo: Excuse me? Your son?

He notices the familiar face shape, the similar gray eyes and dark hair. The information in his head clicks.

Bernardo: You must be Marwick’s mother?

-Who else’s? Now, where is he? I don’t know why he can’t let me in himself, but this foolishness has been going on long enough. I need to speak with him.

Bernardo considers heading upstairs and waking the younger man up to come speak to his mother, but considering that he headed to sleep early and with a headache, forcing him to deal with such a problematic person at the moment would be downright cruel. 

Bernardo: Well, Marwick is asleep right now and I’d rather not wake him up since he’s had a long day. However, you can make yourself welcome, I’ll be happy to make some refreshments. You must have traveled here from?

-Twinbrook. And you still haven’t answered my question- who are you?

Bernardo: Wow, what a bitch! How in the world did Marwick live with that for a mother? I’m Bernardo. My nephew is your son’s roommate and I’ve been in town to make sure everything is going alright.

-Roommate? Why would a Wolfe live with some roommates?! Especially someone who has someone like you for an uncle!

Bernardo is already regretting inviting this person inside. She is rude, conceited, and clearly wouldn’t know what normal human interaction was if it hit her in the face.

Bernardo: Well, perhaps living with someone related to me is preferable to living with a woman who clearly doesn’t have one polite bone in her body. And for your information, in civilized society, when we meet new people, we start with “Hello”. It wouldn’t hurt you to remember that for the next time you make a new acquaintance. 

-Why I never!

Before he can stop her, the unwelcome guest heads into the house.

personality headcanon: 

Zarya is not a woman who gets seriously angry very often. She is a large and strong woman and knows that a lot of conflicts can be solved through simple intimidation or just, really working it out through communication.

However, she does express contempt for omnics when in battle, and will “visualise then execute” them just as she did in her military training, similar to “terminate with extreme prejudice” given the fact she was a part of defending the Russian front.Serving alongside the lies of Zenyatta and Bastion, however, lessens her outward aggression only mildly.

However, beyond the battlefield, it takes plenty to actually make her angry. She has a high patience and tolerance for dealing with a lot of things, but when something gets under her skin, she will react accordingly with a rage seen by a select unfortunate few. Her English doesn’t often translate accordingly and a slew of Russian comes in, loud and stern. She doesn’t usually get physical but the option is very real for her to take in she feels it necessary to get her point across.

More or less, don’t poke the bear - she bites.

Flower Crowns and Ball Gowns- Oswald Cobblepot Drabble

Fandom: Gotham

Rating: L for Laughter

Summary:( @jokesterwrites conversation about flower crowns with me sparked this ridiculous idea. Might spark into more.) Oswald is invited to one of Faith’s parties, and is astounded at the dress code. Nygobblepot, 

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This is parenting done well.

1. Greg is stern. What’s inappropriate is in appropriate.

2. Greg gives Steven space to lash out, because he knows his son is angry.

3. But when the lashing out goes to far, he steps in again. Consistency is important.

4. Greg lets them explain their case, treating them with respect, even if they’d done something wrong.

5. Moral lesson time.


This colorful vintage coat with fringe trim was first worn on Leslie Ann Warren in a 1971 photo shoot with photographer Bert Stern.  It went on to be used in the 1990 film Waiting for the Light, where it was worn on Shirley MacLaine as Aunt Zena.  The piece was used a third time in 2007 on Queen Latifah as Motormouth Maybell in Hairspray.

Costume Credit: The Golden Closet

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