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top media (andy + teen top + 100% + up10tion + park dongmin): awkward family photo collection

1. family photo where all the younger brothers are happy bc they’re still innocent but the older brothers have seen some shit (ft. papa andy in the middle. does anyone else think this looks like one of those historical dramas where the dad is gonna die but he has 22 sons who want a big portion of his inheritance and they’re gonna kill each other if they have to)

2. family photo after papa andy warned them to be more affectionate or he would give them all 9 pm curfews (ft. older brother ricky nearly strangling a terrified sunyoul in an attempt to show father just how affectionate he was, and bitto actually getting strangled)

3. big brother niel sucking up to their father and trying to convince him to buy him a new car. ricky is no longer choking sunyoullie but bitto is already half-dead

4. changjo is trying to escape. everybody is noticing. nobody is stopping him. 

bisexual chubby birb “totally not a hipster” Stan writing some gay ass songs for his dumb boyfriends

( i drew this so fast cause i am in pain thanks to finals,, i needed to destress and this was the first thing i could think of lol)

Happy Birthday, laurabaptista!

Apologies to @laurabaptista for the short delay on your gift. We hope you had a wonderful birthday and celebrated in style! To keep the party going, @ally147writes has written a story just for you!

AN: Happy birthday to the prompter! I hope you had a wonderful day :) This story was inspired by my own beagle adoption a few weeks ago. The story didn’t end up quite as cutesy as I’d hoped for a single parents!Everlark fic, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway.

Unbeta’d. All errors are my own.

‘Dog Days’

Peeta’s run out of excuses.

The questions have been building up for almost a year, since one of Charlie’s classmates brought theirs in for show-and-tell. Peeta miscounted the kid’s parents’ orders of bread rolls and cookies for a month after that in thanks for the non-stop barrage of questions that had been invited into his life:

“I want a puppy, Dad!”


“But Damien has a puppy, Dad!”


“Can we get a puppy, Dad?”


“Why can’t we get a puppy, Dad?”


“Dad! Can we get a puppy, please?”


“Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad? DAAAAAAAAADDDDD?”

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Day6 Drabble #12

Drabble: “Could you do a drabble of you asking Jae to buy tampons and pain killers while your stuck in the bathroom?”
Pairing: Park Jaehyung/Jae x Reader

Originally posted by helloday6

“Jae, this is an emergency!”

“And so is my business!”

Jae banged his hand against the locked door, but all he got in reply was a stern yell. “Park Jaehyung, there is another bathroom down the hall!” You told him from the bathroom, a hand placed over your stomach as the cramps came back. “Now please, use that one and then run to the store for me.”

“But why do I have to?” He whined, letting his forehead hit the door as he closed his eyes in annoyance. “Because,” Came your short reply, only because of the pained groan that you were currently trying to hold back. “You’re the only one here right now, and I really need some pain meds, please.”

Jae let out a small sigh, and he rolled his eyes a bit before straightening up as best as he could. “Fine, I’ll get you the pain meds after I’m finished using the bathroom.” You smiled as he finally agreed, and you let out a small cheer. “What else do you need?”

“Tampons and pads, oh and some ice cream as well, and possibly another hot pad.”

“Oh, come on!”

Serpentine (M)

Genre: Slight smut
Word count: 1,522
Content: Open-top car. Deafening music. Holding back.
Author’s note: Inspired by “Sex” by The 1975.
Author’s note [2]: This is my first actually posted scenario, and I know I have a long road of practice ahead of me, but I hope you can enjoy it still xoxo

His hair was flapping in the wind, and thus resembled flames more than usual. The roof of his Mini Cooper was open, letting the warm breeze caress your soft skin - the only matter allowed to do so in his presence. The car was moving down a serpentine - the sea on your right, a volatile red head on your left.
Talking was pointless - the music that was exploding from the speakers was drowning out every other sound, so you just leaned on the door of the car and fascinated, stared at your boyfriend, secretly smiling to yourself.
Jimin was squinting his eyes from all the piercing sunlight; he was aggressively singing to a song resounding from the speakers, trying to hit the notes together with Matty Healy, whose voice was resonating perfectly with the scenery. When the beat started to build up with blaring sounds of electro-guitars that were pounding on the back of your head, Jimin started to vigorously shake his head and standing up, still holding onto the steering wheel. His eyes were shut, his full lips were slightly opened, letting him partake the cold air.
Finally, he rose. You were looking at him from below, not daring to try and reach for him - it would’ve been pointless anyway, because at that moment he was closer to heaven than anyone in the world.
Not looking at the road and relying on his instincts only, Jimin caused the car to slightly drift, but you weren't scared a single bit because the moment was perfect and you were overflowing with happiness and tranquility; even if the car was to break away from the cliff, you wouldn’t be scared, for you were engulfed by the strong smell of the sea, sounds of your favourite song and the feeling of a high your boyfriend was radiant with.

//She’s got a boyfriend anyway//

You got any side boyfriend, Y/N?,“ Jimin asked, winking at you after he sat back down.
"Of course,” you answered, playfully. Toying with Jimin’s ego was quite amusing, even if only for the giggles.
He nodded, eyes still fixed on the road.
“Mind introducing me to him some time?” he asked, tilting his head with a smirk.
You rolled your eyes, deciding to play along. “Sure. In fact, I’m going to introduce you to him right here, right now," you said, baring your neck and pointing at a huge, dark-violet hickey on your skin. Jimin glanced at it and looked back on the road.
"The guy’s nobody’s fool,” he said wistfully. 
You pursed your lips and tilted your head, drawing closer to the guy.
“Hasn’t anyone given you a hickey before, big boy?” you said, grinning.
Jimin glanced at you and smirked.“My side girlfriend wasn’t generous enough,” he answered archly, licking his plump red lips. They were so tempting, so inviting; you couldn’t look away from them.
You felt yourself throbbing at your core. Jimin knew perfectly that once you gain that feeling, nothing will stop you until you calm it down.
“Well, I don't know if I can compete with your side girlfriend,” you said, holding onto his shoulder, bringing your face closer to the skin on Jimin’s neck, “but some people still cry for my hickeys.”
With that being said, you placed a wet kiss on Jimin’s neck and blew on it. His skin covered with goosebumps, and you shifted contentedly. He still hasn’t said a word, eyes locked on the serpentine road in front of him. His grip on the steering wheel tightened, knuckles threatening to jump out of the tight skin. It was hard for him to keep it together. 
Usually, Jimin was the one in power. He'd drive you crazy with his soft lips and ever so loving hands, making you beg for him. It never happened other way around, and you surely didn’t mind the change, especially knowing that he would love nothing more than to take it out on you later. As soon as you walked into the apartment you both were renting for the summer, he’d press your back against the door with himself pressed against you so close, you’d feel the warmth of his syrup-like breath on your skin. He’d fill his fist with your hair, tugging on it, causing you this light sweet pain you were so much in love with, and then, and then…
Still drunk with the intoxicating feeling of playing with fire, you placed your lips in the crook of Jimin’s neck once again, this time sucking on the skin.
He filtered the air through his teeth with a hiss, and you knew that at that moment, you could become the cause of a car accident.
“Shit, if this serpentine had a roadside, I’d swerve this goddamn second and fuck some manners into you,” he growled menacingly, yet so sexually.
You felt yourself starting to drip down there and bit his earlobe, refusing to stop this wicked one-sided game. Jimin let out a tiny moan - you knew all his weak spots.
“Fuck, what are you doing to me?” he muttered, hoping you wouldn’t hear, because there was nothing he hated more than to appear unsteady in front of you. But right now this feeling of dominance felt amazing to you. You didn't want it to end and decided to play further.
Still nibbling and sucking on the same sweet spot on Jimin’s neck, your right hand slowly moved from it’s position on his chest to his abdomen and stopped at the belt of his ripped jeans. The wind was running through his hair, the flames kissing your face. You smiled at the ticklish feeling of his soft hair against your cheeks - one of the best feelings in the world (all best feelings were always leading to Jimin).
Your hand stopped at his belt and you carefully looked at his face, trying to detect whether he wanted you to carry on. He was biting on his bottom lip and heavily breathing - a right sign for moving further.
You shifted your hand down slowly, but as soon as you groped his rock hard bulge, Jimin grabbed you hand and put it back on his chest, taking you aback.
“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” he shook his head. “Be careful, Princess. I doubt you’d want to be punished more than you're already going to be,” he warned you, making you gulp in anticipation.
The serpentine now ended and the car was heading further down the highway.
You bit your lower lip, images flooding you head: Jimin slamming you against the wall, taking you from behind, working you as sweaty and sore as always.
“Or would I?..” you smirked right into his ear, slightly biting on it, sending shivers down Jimin’s spine.
He loudly exhaled and aggressively, eagerly even, spun the steering wheel, causing you to press into him even more.
“Fuck this, I’m swerving,” he panted. “Get in the backseat right now,” his voice was stern as he hurriedly parked the car and pressed the button that closed the roof. 
You immediately climbed out of your seat, taking your blouse off at the same time, leaving only your bra and high-waisted shorts on. You lied in the backseat, watching your beautiful boyfriend take his shirt off, baring the abs and biceps he’s been working out so hard for. It was difficult to breathe because of the huge lump in your throat; your legs were shaking as your whole nature was itching to feel him touch you in any way.
Jimin climbed over the armrest and grabbed you by your hips, drawing your body closer to his. In five seconds, your shorts were nowhere to be seen.
“I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to move a limb till the end of this ride,” he panted out, voice raspy with craving as he cupped you between your legs with his one hand, unzipping his pants with another, “but don’t you think for one fleeting moment that I’m going to leave it aside when we arrive home,” Jimin whispered loudly as he suddenly inserted two digits into the centre of you heat, curling them to reach your spot. You gasped for air, nails digging into the leather upholstery of the salon.
He turned the situation in his favor, becoming dominant again. You enjoyed controlling him for a couple of minutes but you were longing for the Jimin you knew perfectly, the Jimin who would make you scream his name so the whole world could hear, while he would be enjoying the show, smirking and loving every single bit of it. And that was the Jimin that was hanging over you at that very moment: gaze dark and concentrated with lust, growling sounds flying out of his mouth every now and then, filling the car with the stinging feeling of anticipation.
“I haven’t come up with a proper punishment for you yet, Princess,” he murmured, placing wet kisses all over your chest, “but I promise, you’ll be begging for more on your knees,” he panted out with a smirk as he pressed himself to your aching core.

I Trust You...~ Chapter 1

Word Count: 2251

Genre: Angst


Part (1/?)

Summary: Was it all for publicity? Or did he fall out of love with me..?

[Requested by anon]~

I was sitting quietly, eyes staring at the tv screen in front of me, my mouth gaped open in disbelief. Tears began to form in my eyes as a million thoughts went through my mind.

My boyfriend Jungkook, was on tv in an exclusive interview. And he was holding hands with another girl.

The guys were telling the truth.

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Interview with David Combs

This interview is a little different. In this one, I interviewed someone who has an interesting, non-traditional relationship to masculinity. David Combs, also known as Spoonboy, is 30 years old, grew up in Takoma Park, Maryland, and lives in Washington, D.C. This interview was conducted via email from February to April 2014.

David has a non-binary identity, but was assigned male at birth, was raised as a boy, and is perceived as a cisgender man and often benefits from cisgender male privilege. David’s experience is very interesting to me as a non-binary person who also benefits from cisgender privilege. Even though we share the experience of being non-binary, our experiences of being non-binary are very different, as David is living with the experience of being mistakenly perceived as a cisgender man and I live with the experience of being mistakenly perceived as a cisgender woman. With privilege, I have found, it doesn’t matter how you identify; it matters how you’re perceived. Of course, with that privilege comes an erasure of one’s true identity, which really sucks, to put it simply, and isn’t much of a privilege at all.

Content warning for discussion of patriarchy and rape culture.

Charlie Stern: What is your gender identity?

David Combs: i guess it’s fluid.  i don’t feel i have great words to describe my gender identity, but some words that have come close at various times are genderqueer, genderfluid, genderqueer man, boy, transfeminine, androgynous, ambivalent.  this manifests mostly in how i understand myself, and less through outward gender cues.  95% of the time i pass as cismale. 

Stern: At what age did you identify that way?

Combs: i started understanding myself as something other than cis when i was 28.

Stern: How does identifying as male make you feel?

Combs: it doesn’t click.  but other people identifying me as male generally doesn’t make me uncomfortable.  i experience the world largely with cismale privilege.  there are aspects of my male experience that i really value and i don’t just mean male privilege.  like parts of my experiences in life that were coded as male experiences are things i experienced as dissonant and alienating and other parts have been meaningful and resonant.

Stern: Do you sometimes feel trapped by your identity?

Combs: i occasionally feel trapped by a sense that i need to express my gender identity in certain ways for the benefit of others.

Stern: What made you decide to dress as your gender?

Combs: i’ve pretty much dressed the same way since i was 5 years old.  i wear more clothes with buttons now than when i was younger but i don’t feel like buttons are particularly gendered one way or another.

Stern: How long did it take you to “pass” as a male?

Combs: i’ve passed as male for the majority of my life but not all of it.  in periods where i’ve worn my hair longer i’ve often been read as female, both when i was a kid and as an adult.  but even when my hair is short, i’ve been read as female more often than any of my cismale presenting friends.

Stern: Do you ever feel completely at home with your developed voice?

Combs: no.  and as a singer i have more than one cause to be self conscious about my voice.  some of it has to do with gender and some doesn’t, but i’ve often wished i could sing with a typically female voice.

Stern: Do you ever have second thoughts about being male?

Combs: yeah.

Stern: When did you learn about the different gender pronouns used?

Combs: i learned binary gender pronouns like anyone else when i was first learning the english language.  i think i first met people who used non-binary pronouns around 2003 when i was 19.  i remember being put off by the idea of non-binary identity initially, because i considered my masculine identity to be a more feminine masculinity, and i sort of felt i was being left behind in a strictly defined masculine identity if i didn’t identify as this new and alien non-binary identity.  i later came to see that some of the non-binary people i met were using different words to describe a similar thing to what i felt.

Stern: Do you feel the need to conform to what society asks of you, in terms of your gender?

Combs: i mean, i definitely did when i was younger, particularly when i was a teenager and coming into my sense of self.  before i was a teenager i felt comfortable with feminine and queer aspects of my identity that i came to really hate about myself once i was old enough to know those weren’t socially desirable masculine traits.  as an adult i’ve learned to be comfortable with myself regardless of that, but there are certainly still times when depending on who i’m talking to i might feel pressured to perform my gender differently than i would normally.  but actually if you take that idea outside of the context of the mechanisms of culturally policed gender roles, i don’t that kind of fluidity is always negative.  there are certain environments where i feel really at home and comfortable presenting more masculine sides of myself, and certain environments where i feel at home and comfortable presenting my femininity. 

Stern: Do you think gender is merely a social construction? Why or why not?

Combs: i think the ways we define gender and the categories we use to understand it are constructed.  the idea that there are gendered behaviors expected of a person based on the sex they’re assigned at birth is entirely a social construction and there is so much evidence to that effect that i wouldn’t really know where to start.  but that doesn’t mean the way people experience gender isn’t real.  i think that a majority of people have an innate sense of gender whether that fits within binary categories or not.  and certainly we all experience the real world effects of the ways that gender is constructed.  arguing that gender is a construct doesn’t make navigating a gendered world any less real.

Stern: Do you think of gender as a thing you would like to undo? Please explain.

Combs: i think of the gender binary as something i would very much like to undo.  i don’t think gender goes away, but i think it should be something you define for yourself, not something you should be assigned.

Stern: If gender did not exist, do you think you would still have the desire to live as a male?

Combs: that’s kind of a trick question, right?

Stern: If you were unable to live as a male, what would that mean for you?

Combs: there have been many times when i’ve fantasized about living as a woman in a sustained way, but i’ve never done it, so i can’t say 100% that i’d be comfortable with that as my only option.  i could easily see myself occupying a more expressly non-binary identity, but it would probably swing towards the masculine part of the spectrum in regard to gender cues, so does that even count?  in that respect, i’d be happy to stop living as a man, but if it was never an option to express myself in a masculine way i think that would be pretty uncomfortable.  there is definitely a comfort in my lived experience of maleness that i wouldn’t want to give up permanently.  and again, by “comfort” i don’t mean male privilege, though that’s certainly part of my experience, but i mean comfort as in feeling at peace with myself.

Stern: Do you have many friends/family who are also male?

Combs: plenty of friends.  no family.

Stern: What is your relationship to the male community?

Combs: i don’t know that there is any such thing as coherent “male community."  my relationship to other men really varies depending not the man, obviously, but if it’s a question of spaces where there is a sense of masculine solidarity among male identified people, my relationship is also fluid.  when my typically masculine people read me as feminine it puts me lower on the totem poll and i am antagonized by misogynist men.  but when there are others present who are read as more feminine than me, all of a sudden i’m part of the club.

Stern: Do you find that your relationships with people in the male community are different from your relationships with people outside the male community?

Combs: sure.  there are certain ways that male socialized people are taught to relate to other men differently than we’re taught to people we don’t read as men.  it’s like the cab driver who is perfectly polite until my female friends get out of the car and then he starts with the sexist jokes.

Stern: Have you ever felt excluded from the male community because you weren’t “male enough”?

Combs: i have felt excluded from certain communities of men for not being masculine enough for sure.  there’s a pretty long running narrative about the boy who is picked on for being too feminine and it’s based on a prevalent social dynamic.  it’s misogyny and it’s how masculinity creates a barrier of solitude to protect itself.  constructing itself in opposition to femininity.  trying to root out anyone who brings femininity into it’s fragile fortress of pure hegemonic masculinity.

Stern: Have you had any role models influence your gender, "teaching” you how to be male? Please explain.

Combs: i mean, totally.  our understanding of acceptable gender expressions are policed strictly by the people in our lives constantly, by the models we’re offered through media, and particularly by the people who raise us.  i certainly recall the ways in which my father tried to prepare me to “act like a man."  i wrote a song about it.  it’s called "stab yer dad.”

Stern: What kind of support for being a male do you have?

Combs: patriarchy.

Stern: Have you run into any problems with religion, in regards to your gender identity?

Combs: religion is very often a primary influence in how gender roles are taught to kids.  i haven’t been in much of a religious environment since i was young, but i grew up immersed in various denominations of judaism.  and particularly in orthodox strains of judaism there are very strict restrictions on what is or isn’t acceptable depending on your assigned gender.  whether it’s self conscious or not, growing up with the idea of a masculine god, masculine messianic figures, masculine religious rights and leadership, you learn to value masculinity over femininity.  on some level that influenced my self-understanding and biased me against my own femininity for sure.

Stern: Did you have any friends/family who thought they could change you to be “normal”?

Combs: no.  this interview is set up to point out to people with cismale privilege how little they have to think about their gender identity and how infrequently it’s challenged and i hope that me trying to answer the questions sincerely hasn’t come across as oblivious to that.  this question though was a real poignant one in that regard.  i have enough privilege that no one would ever try to change me to “normal”, because when i’m read as a straight white male (regardless of my identity) or close enough, those things are coded as “neutral,” “objective,” “normal."  and that’s really disgusting.

Stern: How has being a male affected your romantic relationships?

Combs: most of my female partners have told me at one point or another that they didn’t think of me as being masculine in the same way as they did other men they’d been with.  in some instances i think my partners understood my gender better than i did at the time.  even when i identified as cis it was always comforting when other people identified me as feminine.  i’ve dated a lot of queer women and whether it was explicitly stated or i just thought about it privately, i’ve understood many of my relationships with women to be queer relationships.  conversely i sometimes feel most at home with my masculinity when it’s been the source of desire from other men.  queer male attraction is one of the spaces that i feel most at home with a masculine identity.

Stern: How has being a male impacted you negatively?

Combs: hegemonic masculinity teaches us that vulnerability is weakness.  and weakness is antithetical to manhood.  so we shut down our emotions to avoid any appearance of vulnerability and we alienate ourselves from ourselves.  i wouldn’t underemphasize what a damaging effect this has on the world. but also it’s a relatively small thing compared to the ways that patriarchy negatively impacts people without male privilege.  our culture’s misogynist status quo economically, socially and politically disadvantages non-cismale people to the point that people are basically psychologically tortured and even murdered for not having male privilege.  

Stern: How safe do you feel at school/work/public (and why)?

Combs: generally pretty safe.  i mean we could talk about the various factors that might make me feel safe in one neighborhood in versus another.  but basically my privilege allows to walk around without the general fear that any given person might stalk me, attack me, or sexually assault me for not being male; that any given person might be looking for some opportunity to take advantage of me sexually, etc.  not that i haven’t experienced that fear at all, but it doesn’t present itself to me the same omnipresent way that it does to people without male privilege.

Stern: Have you faced any hindrances functioning within the system (like school) because of your gender?

Combs: no, but i don’t do school or have a traditional professional life either.

Stern: Have you ever been a victim of a hate crime?

Combs: no.

Stern: Have you ever been forced by friends/family into mental health treatment for your gender identity?

Combs: no.

Stern: If your family had to raise you all over again, what advice would you give them so that your life gender experience would have been different?

Combs: i might have asked my mom to raise me with the same baseline of criticism and disdain for the gender binary as she did for sexism, racism, and homophobia.  i might still have been indoctrinated into those ways of thinking from all the shit we absorb from media and the dominant culture, but i might have had a little easier time with self understanding as an adult if i’d been exposed to a critique of the gender binary sooner.

Stern: What was the best advice you received as a young person?

Combs: be yourself.

Stern: If your own child were to declare themselves male, what advice would you give them to help them survive the world they may have to face?

Combs: be yourself.  and beware the way our culture trains boys to think like male supremacist sociopaths.

Stern: Do you have any fears about the future and how living as a male could hinder pursuits in the realms of family and children?

Combs: no.  but i’m also not making any plans to have children.

Stern: What do you see as the main issue facing male people today and what do you see as a possible solution to this problem?

Combs: overwhelming male complicity in rape culture.  i think teaching consent and comprehensive sex education to young people might go a long way.

Stern: Do you feel like any health disparities you face are directly related to your gender identity and expression?

Combs: no.

Stern: Have you ever felt that you have been denied proper medical treatment or questioned inappropriately while seeking medical treatment?

Combs: no.

Stern: What changes would you make in healthcare in order to receive better care oriented towards males?

Combs: health care is already unfairly oriented towards men.  there are all kinds of changes we could make to health care that would make it better for all humans (including men) but yeah, not being oriented towards men isn’t really the problem.

Stern: What do you think society could do to better understand people who are male and their needs?

Combs: offer young people education around the ways that gender is constructed.

Stern: How could society change to be more accepting or emotionally better for you?

Combs: the dissolution of the gender binary, patriarchy, heteronormativity, capitalism, white supremacy, imperialism, colonialism, ableism, etc.  :)


“I was interrupted with a voice to be of a child wich complained it could not get out. I looked up and down the passage, and saw a starling hung in a little cage.

- I can’t get out, I can’t get out - said the starling.

- God help thee - said I. - But I’ll let thee out, cost what it will.

But it was double twisted with wire and there was no getting it open without pulling the cage to pieces. I took both hands to it. The bird flew to the place where I was attempting it’s deliverance and trusting his head through the trellis pressed his breast against it as if impatient.

- I fear, poor creature - said I - I cannot set thee at liberty.

- No - said the starling - I can’t get out, I can’t get out - said the starling.”

A sentimental journey by Lawrence Stern.


Another first-day-of-school picture. He’s off to college.

Before we left we had breakfast at the restaurant where he had worked. One by one fellow employees and the managers stopped by to wish him well and tell me they’ll miss Jack working there. I knew he was a reliable employee but it was super nice to see that people liked him and his work ethic.

The dorm room was tiny and hot. There were nervous kids and some nervous parents but most people seemed a little excited. Jack was unpacked and set up in about 30 minutes. Thanks-see-ya-bye-mom-and-dad.

He joked that he wouldn’t text or call for the first two weeks. 75 minutes after Sheila and I headed for home he texted me. It was a picture of a soda machine with 200 flavors. Clearly he missed us.

The stern warnings about parking rules brought me back to my college days. If you parked in an empty lot in the middle of winter when no one was around you still had a good chance of getting a ticket if you didn’t have a permit. And good luck getting a permit.

Where else do the paying customers get told they’ll be ticketed and towed if they don’t have permits that they can’t even get and the employees get all the best parking spots?