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- all the losers stay in Derry so senior year is literally the time of their lives, but sometimes Bill catches Stan looking at him so forlornly he can’t help but intertwine their fingers regardless of who’s around

- Stan knows how much Bill wants to escape Derry and fulfill his dreams, but Stan looks at Bill and sees such a spark of warmth and courage that can’t bring himself to wish he’d stay 

- 2 months before graduation, Bill confronts him and there are tears and confessions, but at the end of it Stan is pressed into Bill’s chest with whispers of “come with me” against his temple

- Stan and Bill both get into the University of Chicago (Stan’s dream school) and NYU (Bill’s), but Stan takes one look at Bill’s bright smile when he gets the news and immediately buys their plane tickets to New York

- NYU doesn’t place them together in the dorms, but they’re only 2 blocks apart and Bill prefers Stan’s cozy single near the Stern School of Business over his own cramped double. Also, Bill feels more inspired among the bird posters and sounds of Stan’s pencil when he’s making his computations

- Stan is normally the one to recognize when they both need breaks, pulling Bill away from his electric typewriter and steering him out of the library. Bill rests his head on Stan’s shoulder and closes his eyes on the walk home, letting Stan lead him

- Neither Stan or Bill are very romantic - and as they start getting into more of their major classes there’s little time for dates - but they are perfect at making the little moments count

- Like when Bill hadn’t written anything in a month and couldn’t sleep, Stan laid a blanket out on his fire escape for Bill and him to lie on, and they counted the number of blue and red cars they could see on the street below until they both fell asleep

- Stan always overhears Bill gushing about him on the phone to the other losers but pretends he’s too busy studying in the living room to notice

- Bill often catches himself staring at Stan, lounging on the sunny windowsill, and sometimes decides to pick up his old sketchbook

- Stan and Bill move in together after the first semester (because the dorms are too expensive) and make sure to keep an extra bedroom (which Bill mainly uses to write) for whenever Mike decides to drive down from Maine or when one of the other losers scrapes up enough bus fare

- When the weather gets warm, Bill and Stan usually sit on the green of Washington Square Park together. However, one day Bill convinces Stan to sneak under the subway turnstiles with him and they spend the afternoon in Central Park 

- “Thought you m-might like to see some wildlife other than p-p-pigeons for once,” Bill says as they lay side by side in the grass. New York has always been more progressive than the small town of Derry, so Stan takes Bill’s hand in his without a second thought

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              ‘ darling, i’m thirsty, will you fetch me a glass of champagne? please? ‘ she bats her eyelashes with ease at her date, a tall mid-twenties guy with all the looks of business top-notch school, the stern jaw and the hazel eyes would make any girl fawn over him, but charlotte was left unimpressed. her eyes scanned the room as he left and she got to sigh out in relief, shaking her head, ‘ now that is tedious. ‘

Girl Meets Moving On - Part Six

This is the conclusion. No Maya, I am not following this story to college. Thank you to everyone who read this and I hope you enjoyed it.

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Graduation was quickly approaching and Riley was both nervous and excited. She and Lucas were in a good place, but he would be going back to Texas in the fall to start the veterinary program at Texas A&M. She was sorry to see him leave, but she knew that was the best school for him to achieve his dreams.

Maya had embraced the gallery. She was working there longer hours and had Riley not made sure she stayed, she would have skipped school to be there. The Artist in Residence there was helping her improve her skills and her paintings had achieved a much greater eminence. They had put several pieces of her work up, and all had sold. Only Riley and Farkle knew that the first couple had been Farkle’s doing. The fact that they were selling, however, had gotten other art dealers interested and now she was doing fine on her own. It wasn’t enough to live off of yet, but it was a start.

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NYU Stern

Naturally, when meeting someone from NYU, one of the first questions is “What school are you in?” I have now had countless shocked expressions and very surprised exclamations when I tell others that I’m in Stern. 

Stern has a great many stereotypes associated with both the school and the type of person that is a Sternie. We all dress up, everyone is grade obsessed, we’re insanely competitive, we’re all going to work on Wall Street, the list goes on…and on….and ON. When spoken about, it seems that Sternies get both condemnation and quiet envy at the same time. 

And I have been told that I appear kind of edgy, am far too carefree about my grades, and too different from a typical Stern student to possibly belong in my school. I, people tell me, should be in Tisch, Steinhardt, or Gallatin. And I have thought about it.

One of the statements that gets the most surprise is, “I’m minoring in Studio Art and Dance,” because apparently we also all minor or double major in something math related. Stern doesn’t frown upon my art minor. I love that. I have 11 classes of electives. That’s almost three whole semesters of electives. Stern wants me to do something I care about beyond business. It is not a soul-consuming school. I am even allowed to take Gallatin classes. 

Next semester, I am enrolled in Principles of Financial Accounting and Business and Its Publics: Discourse, and Business and Its Publics: Plenary as my two Stern-required courses (Discourse and Plenary are kind of like a lecture and lab except instead of a lab, we listen to guest speakers once a week). My other required course is essentially a philosophy class that reads texts and puts forth ideas (hence, it’s called Texts and Ideas: The Enlightenment), which is part of my liberal arts core. But, I have the time to also take Drawing in the Expanded Field and Steps, Rhythm, and Movement of Indian Dance as electives. They satisfy the creative side of me. My Stern adviser encouraged me to take them.  

I love Stern. The people can indeed be a little dry, ambitious, and condescending, but they’ll learn! The upperclassmen are much less snooty.