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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 11.8.17

minimalist earrings by mukastudio

delicate, everyday earrings are a must for the modern minimalist — and mukastudio has many shapes and styles that are perfect to mix and match. choose from chevrons, bars, faux rings, ear climbers, and more!

Simon Scorns

(hi tumblr, welcome to another one of my fics written in 1 hour and uploaded without proofreading or editing! this was inspired by this post, where i was tagged by @carryonbydefault to write this! hope you all enjoy this, @witchraftywizardry, @lmaolanguagesamiright, @ anyone else)

Baz knew he had fucked up on the night that Simon Snow came home with his tongue pierced.

It wasn’t that Baz disliked it - in fact, it was rather attractive in a grungy sort of way - but he had chosen a silver sterling tongue stud, and refused to take it off.

“C’mon, Snow, don’t be that way,” he pleaded. Everytime he tried to get closer, Simon would stick out his tongue menacingly, and Baz was forced to retreat. It probably made a funny sight. It wasn’t funny to Baz, though. “Fucking hell, what did I even do?”

“Nothing,” said Simon, stubbornly.

Baz rolled his eyes. “Don’t give me that. I must have done something. And from the looks of it, something terrible, considering you went and got your tongue pierced just to spite me.”

“The world doesn’t revolve around you,” he insisted. “Maybe I just like how it looks.”

“Sure.” Baz said. “So you’re saying you’re not mad at me. That you just put the one metal I can’t touch in your mouth. Because you like it.”


“… Alright. I guess you can change it in a few days when it heals,” he said, still not buying it but not willing to press the subject. He couldn’t think of anything he had done (recently) to warrant this, so maybe Simon was telling the truth? He was airheaded like that sometimes. “So, what are we having for dinner?”



Oddly enough, this wasn’t the first time his boyfriend had done something like this. Simon wasn’t very good at communicating his feelings, so he often resorted to petty actions whenever he was upset. But poor Baz was honestly stumped over what he had done this time.

(He was currently standing ten feet away from where Simon sat eating garlic bread, with a look of pure loathing on his face.)

“Love…” he began. “Are you sure there’s nothing you want to talk about?”

“Nope,” Simon said, taking a giant bite out of his garlic bread.


“There’s nothing!” the other boy insisted. “Except I kind of smell like garlic now. I’ll go take a bath, since it bothers you so much.”

“Thank you,” said Baz with obvious relief in his tone. He loved Simon, but it was hard to be around him while he stunk of the most evil bulb in all of the bulb family. (Except maybe onions.)

Simon walked past him to get to the bathroom, sending Baz skittering away from him to avoid the stench. He smirked as he pulled a small bottle out of his pocket and opened the bathroom door.

“What, you’re drinking in the bath now?” asked Baz.

“This isn’t for drinking,” said Simon. “This is for bathing.”

He turned the clear bottle so that Baz could read the label. When he did, Baz groaned.

“Babe, can we talk about this?”

“No,” Simon said, and poured all the contents of the vial labelled “holy water” into the bath.

This couldn’t continue. Once Simon got out of the bath, Baz cornered him, intent on fixing whatever he had done once and for all. But Simon wasn’t responding, and it burned to get too close.

“Please talk to me,” Baz begged. “I can’t take this, not knowing why you’re mad at me or what I’ve done to deserve this!”


“Come on.” He said. “Use your words, Simon.”

That finally got a reaction out of him. He crossed his arms and scowled. “Open the fridge.”

“I’m not getting you more garlic.”

“Just open the damn fridge.”

Baz opened the fridge and looked at his boyfriend inquiringly.

“Tell me what you see,” he demanded.

The cold-blooded boy leaned forward for a better look. “Last night’s chicken, lettuce, milk, ham, leftover Italian-”

“And you were the last one to go grocery shopping, correct? You bought everything?”


“Now tell me what you don’t see.”

“Lots of things? I don’t see a 3 pound gummy bear, because you ate that last week. I don’t see my dignity.”

“Look harder,” Simon commanded.

Baz sighed but did. His eyes darted to all their usual provisions, including eggs and cheese, almond milk and fruit, but he still didn’t understand what was in their fridge that could have angered Simon so much-



“Butter,” he said. “I forgot to buy butter.”

Simon leaned back in his chair with an angry expression on his lovely face, looking for all the world like a toddler that had just been denied a lollipop.

“Simon, did you go through all this just because I forgot to buy butter?”

“I always remind you, and this is the second time you’ve forgotten it! I wanted to make scones yesterday but then I realized that my loving boyfriend forgot the most essential thing on our grocery list-”

“Christ, Simon, I’ll go buy you butter right now if it means you’ll cut it out!” Baz choked out through his laughter. (He was laughing harder than maybe ever before in his life. His boyfriend was ridiculous.)

“Better get a move on, then.”

“I’m going!” said the hysterical vampire. “I’ll be home with butter or my name isn’t Baz Pitch. And will you please wash all that shit off? I want to kiss you when I get home.”

Simon scowled again, but nodded. “Only if you get the good butter.”

Baz groaned (but agreed) before sweeping out of the apartment and onto the streets. The best brand of butter was called Echiré and cost a ridiculous £10, as opposed to the usual price of £1-£2. But Simon was worth a few extra pounds, even when he was an idiot.

Baz remembered the tongue stud and how good it looked, how hot it would be with anything other than silver in it, and decided that he wouldn’t change his idiot for the world.

“A human getting pissed at their vampire boyfriend so they put in a silver sterling tongue stud and bracelets and earrings and their vampire boyfriend is just standing five feet away like “babe. c’mon.”” [x]


((A prequel to this drabble now exists! Click here to see it))

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etsyfindoftheday | CURATION REQUEST | 7.26.15

looking for: mix and match stud earrings
requested by: hellosunshineandsnow

featured items: sweet earrings finds by virginiawynne
mismatched shape studs in brass or sterling silver
> curvy arc earrings in silver-, gold-, or rose gold-filled

Writing Prompt Masterpost V2

Alternate Universes
-‘The Bed Song’
-High School
-Pretend Couple
-Canadian Shack
-Secret- Siblings
-Modern royalty
-Accidentally read their diary
-Rockstar and groupie
-Book club

-Met at comic con
-1920s con artists
-Running from the police
-Rebels against the government
-Internet friends

-Time traveling
-Struggling artists

Starter Sentences

-“_______…. what a beautiful name.”

-“Did your parents hate you?”

-“Don’t call me _______ ever again.”

-“I hate being called _______.”

-“I have a nickname for a reason.”

-“I want to know your name.”

-“I think your name is beautiful.”

-“My full name is _______.”

-“My name is actually ______… I lied before.”

-“That’s a stupid name.”

-“That’s your real name?”

-“What’s your full name?”

-“What’s your middle name?”

-“What’s your name?”

-“Who the hell lies about their name, of all things?”

-“Why don’t you like your name?”

-“You have the best name.”
-“You look like a _______.”

-“Do not die on me.”

-“Dying in your arms, the best way to go out.”

-“Hang in there, please.”

-“How are things going to be 'better this way’ if I just leave you here to die?”

-“I’m not going to let you die on me.”

-“I’m not going to make it.”

-“It’s been a privilege knowing you.”

-“Just let it be, maybe things are better this way.”

-“Please do not leave me now.”

-“Stay awake, please.”

-“There’s not even a hospital nearby, just let me die.”

-“You’re going to live, it’ll all be okay.”

-“You cannot die on me!”

-“You don’t need to act so tough and then not say something when you get hurt like this.”

-“You keep going and leave me here.”
-“Was..I not good enough?”

-“Why would you say that?

-"Was it something I did?

-"Was it..something I said?”

-“How could you?”

-“I don’t miss you..”

-“I miss you so much, my heart bleeds when I think of you..”

-“It’s my flt..”

-“I should have been there.”

-“I’ sorry I couldn’t protect you.”

-“You’re dead to me.”

-“Maybe he was right.”

-“Maybe she was right.”

-“I’m not worth your while, am I?”

-“Am I so insignificant?”

-“I need you.”

-“It’s your choice, now you have to live with it.”

-“I want to be once again with you.”

-“You choose the road, love. And I’ll make the vows.”

-“You had it coming.”

-“You only have yourself to blame.”

-“I only have myself to blame.”

-“I have only tears to shed.”

-“My heart is black and my mind is darkness..”

-“The truth is, we’re both frds.”

-“At least you had good intentions.”

-“He was too strong.”

-“I hate this life.”

-“Once something is truly lost, one can never get it back again.”

-“You had better start believing in nightmares, you’re in one.”

-“Don’t worry about my falling limbs and broken heart, my stitches feel no pain. I love you, that’s all that matters.”

-“You just have to let it go.”

-“Some things happen, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

-“This the end.”

-“Scream all you want, no one can hear you.”

-“No one can save you now.”

-“Rest in peace.”

-“You will never see the light again.”


-“Just let me die.”

-“Just leave me behind.”

-“I won’t say it to him, but he’s got us beat.”

-“There is still a way to defeat you.”

-“Fine, knock yourself out. I mean it.”

-“You’re not a cat. You’re a rat.”

Miscellaneous Muse Situations

-Possession of copious amounts of an illegal substance.
-Homicidal maniac for 8 hours.
-In high school again, whatever that entails. 8 hours. If currently is in high school, now he/she is over 25.
-Sociopath. If already a sociopath, he/she becomes empathetic to everyone.
-Dealing with a deadly heart defect that could potentially kill him/her
-Gravely wounded in battle and needs to be cared for.
-Unrelentingly shy
-Has an alien creature attached to his/her spine with a symbiotic connection to his/her brain allowing it to control movements and basic thoughts.
-A monk/nun/priest of some religious order or at least suddenly devoutly religious. If already devoutly religious, now he/she is a blatant sinner.
-Has a split personality. When one personality is awake, the other is unconscious.
-Vivid hallucinations both ditory and visual.
-Inherits something huge from a dead family member
-Suffers from anxiety-induced short-term memory loss.

Miscellaneous Plot Ideas

-A lonely person sells their soul to Satan to be their friend. And Satan just rolls with it until he realizes at the time of their death he genuinely likes them. Since he can’t renege on the contract he takes them to Hell and puts them in a high position of power. Demons hardened by millenia of torture now have to answer to a shy, self-conscious, quiet, depressed, lonely person who has unintentionally become Satan’s #1

-Superhero series where they have powers that 100% contradict their personalities.

-Dude that rejected by a hot girl and tries to win her over and at the end it turns out the hot girl is a lesbian and she had a crush on this chubby girl the dude totally rudely rejected earlier and the two super cute girls smooch and the dude cries and no one gives a shit

-A young gay dragon being forced to explain to his dad why he’s only kidnapping princes

-Fantasy setting but in modern times. Elves on smart phones and taking pictures for their instagram. dwarves getting into console wars and calling each other casual gamers. mages casting dangerous spells for the vine.

-Everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate

-Wonder whose arms you would run and fall into, if you was drunk in a room with every person you have ever loved and who in that room would still catch you.

- A character with braces during the apocalypse and the entire plot of the story revolves around their search for an orthodontist who is still alive and they sort of accidentally save the world in the process

-A human getting pissed at their vampire boyfriend so they put in a silver sterling tongue stud and bracelets and earrings and their vampire boyfriend is just standing five feet away like “babe. c’mon.”

OTP Stuff

-bubble baths

-holding hands

-feeding each other desserts

-comforting each other

-being silly babies

-falling asleep in each other’s arms

-Build-A-Bear and making bears that look like each other.

Established Relationship (3) Masterlist

Links Last Checked: October 16th, 2017

part one, part two, part four

Back To The Room Where It All Began - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan is a teacher who’s married to Phil, who stays at home and takes care of their new five month old son, Matthias. When they learn that their old high school is being torn down, they go visit it one last time for old memories.

Boyfriend Tag - danalingphil

Summary: Dan and Phil do the boyfriend tag.

Crucifixes In The Bedroom - notanotherphanfictionblog

Summary: ”A human getting pissed at their vampire boyfriend so they put in a silver sterling tongue stud and bracelets and earrings and their vampire boyfriend is just standing five feet away like “babe. c’mon.””

Doesn’t Matter - mairieuxes

Summary: To be honest, braces doesn’t seem so bad. I mean, he could still kiss Phil.

Edit It Out - gracefulphangirl

Summary: Dan and Phil always edit out their kisses in videos. However, is easy to forget that they can’t edit those kisses out during live broadcasts.

Even If It’s Dark At Least We’ll Be Together (ao3) - rosegoldwords

Summary: ”When me and Phil moved to London, we had no money, it was a terrible idea, and the whole thing was just based on this wild presumption that maybe Radio 1 would say yes to our show pilot that we sent them.”

Flower Crowns And Tattoos - oakleysfthoying

Summary: pastel!dan really wants to get a tattoo, but he’s scared of the pain, so best boyfriend punk!phil goes with him and assures him and comforts him.

Good Boys Gone Bad - cocktailaunt

Summary: Shy!Dan has been dating badboy!Phil for awhile now but he can’t help but think he isn’t good enough for the boy who stays out all night partying and drinking. So Dan decides to change that.

Hide And Seek - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan finds a ring in Phil’s wardrobe when they’re playing hide and seek.

I Just Wanted to Hold (You in My Arms) - lolester

Summary: Dan and Phil have been dating for six months, and Phil decides to try and take it to the next level, but he doesn’t realise why Dan is still a virgin at twenty-three.

New Baby (ao3) - Kittycat

Summary: Dan and Phil are married and wanting to adopt. Their wish comes true with a call in the middle of a grocery store.

Not One Bit - mairieuxes

Summary: Dan doesn’t like Phil’s new haircut.

Paradise Found - rossendalebabe

Summary: Dan finds being a full-time internet homo suddenly overwhelming. Phil is concerned and decides his boyfriend needs to take some time out, so he whisks him away for a few days peace and quiet and to find himself again.

Put Your Lighter In The Air - camisadan

Summary: Dan hands over his blades to Phil that Phil didn’t even know he had, after two years of being clean.

Secrets That I’ll Probably Repeat - lolester

Summary: Dan accidentally outs him and Phil by saying ‘our bed’ in a live show.

the most impetuous proposal in existence - javlatua

Summary: You know your boyfriend’s an asshole when he doesn’t even build up to the moment and consequently gives you a heart attack.

The One With The Magical Cat - snowbunnylester

Summary: Phil wakes up to find his boyfriend and a cat have switched bodies.

Your Eyes Look Like Coming Home - phhantastic

Summary: Dan and Phil spends yet another week together being utterly in love, ending it on top of a small mountain, saying yes.


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 1 | 2.26.16

silvery jewelry by steamylab

  • organic sterling silver stacking ring
  • raw snowflake obsidian prong-set earrings
  • aquamarine cocktail ring with unique double ring silver setting

steamylab’s organic, rustic jewelry combines silver and, at times, gemstones, for a cool and special look.

Solangelo Oneshot

Based on this post:

A human getting pissed at their vampire boyfriend so they put in a silver sterling tongue stud and bracelets and earrings and their vampire boyfriend is just standing five feet away like “babe. c’mon.”

Will walks into the apartment, slamming the door. “I hope you’re not still mad at me.”

I keep my back to him, using my tongue to play with my lip ring.

Will approaches me and puts a hand on my wrist. I shudder at his cold hands.

“Babe,” Will says, spinning me around and kissing me. “Why- OW!”

He leaps back in shock. A small line is imprinted on his lip where my lip ring burned him.

He plants his hands on his hips as I stare at him. “Silver? Seriously?”

I worry a cut in my lip with my front teeth, spilling blood out of the wound. “You know what you did.”

Will’s nostrils flare as he says, “I thought we were past that.”

His eyes flick down to my shirt for the first time and I’m not surprised that he’s irritated. In the time that he was gone, I used fabric paint to scrawl the words “TEAM JACOB” on a black shirt.

“Oh, nice,” Will says, sounding very much like a British sitcom character. “Oh honestly, Nico, you really think a Twilight phrase is going to phase me?”

I stick my tongue out at him, displaying my sterling silver tongue stud. “Phased yet?”

Will makes a face of pure agony and moves away. He goes into the bedroom, shrieks, and comes back out.

“Nico,” he says, gritting his teeth. “Why are there silver coins strewn all over the floor?”

I shrug. “I don’t know.”

“Not cool, Neeks,” Will says. “How can you hold a grudge for this long?”

“You blew me off!” I cry. “I waited for three hours, Will! Three hours! And you were a no-show. That’s what I get for trusting a vampire to go on a date to a fair! Too many tasty people around!”

Will makes a heartbroken noise and rushes at me. He presses his lips to mine, his skin hissing as it makes contact with my lip ring. Smoke curls up, but he refuses to move away. The only way I know he’s in pain is the little whining noise he’s making.

“Will,” I say against his mouth. I put my hands on his chest. “Stop it.”

He doesn’t pull away, so I push him. His lip is bright red and his pupils are huge. His irises are a small ring of blue.

I scratch my head, pulling at my hair. “What the hell were you doing?”

Will’s chest hitches. He looks like he’s about to cry. “I love you.”

My shoulders slump. I overreacted. I shouldn’t have gotten mad. “I’ll get rid of the coins and change my lip ring.”

Will smiles. “I don’t want to burn myself again, so take out that tongue stud too.” He pauses for effect. “And take off that shirt.”

Wow, that was angstier that I expected.

Little Red Lie

Pairing: Klaine

Word Count: 2200~

Summary: based on this post. Blaine has been keeping a secret from Kurt. Not as much angst as you’d think, mostly humour.

Rating/warnings: T for talk of sex/blowjobs and Blaine feeding off of people (talked about not seen) pretty vanilla if i do say so myself. Read on AO3

It all started with a (long overdue) conversation and it leads to, well…

“You’re a what?” Kurt snaps.

“A vampire?” Blaine asks weakly.

“Since when?” Kurt demands. Blaine doesn’t respond. “Since when, Blaine?” he repeats. “Since we’ve been in a relationship? Before then?”

“Before,” Blaine admits.

“Before we were a couple?”

“Before you met me.”

And Kurt walks out the door.

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Garlic Bread for Dinner

Jonghyun pisses off his boyfriend, and Taemin figures the only way to get his point across is to stick it to him right where it hurts most. (Based off of that post about vampire and human couples.)

Taemin stares angrily at his boyfriend talking to the annoying, loud, obnoxious blond that Taemin has told him again and again that he doesn’t like and he doesn’t want Jonghyun to talk to him but no, Jonghyun is talking to him and completely oblivious to the obvious flirting Kibum is trying to engage in and it makes Taemin’s blood boil.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I want to find this phanfic, I read it on Tumblr.The fic is about Phil is a vampire and Dan is a human, Dan pissed of with Phil because something and when he angry he try to do the things Phil hates. Thank you and hope you answer me soom.

Human at Heart (sequel) - A human getting pissed at their vampire boyfriend so they put in a silver sterling tongue stud and bracelets and earrings and their vampire boyfriend is just standing five feet away like “babe. c’mon.”

Is it this?

- Emily


etsyfindoftheday | 8.30.15

new faves by michellechangjewelry // winged bird necklace | triangle solitaire studs

a soaring golden bird with gemstone eyes … a pair of topaz-and-silver triangle earrings … are you in love yet? swoon, michellechangjewelry.

I remember reading a Tumblr post on a vampire’s spouse getting mad at them and wearing sterling silver and matched it with my head canon that Arthur likes to give Alfred neck kisses. This was the result, a sterling silver studded collar as punishment for telling him no/leaving him along during heat.
((Was just going to do a quick warm up sketch but then it turned into fanart for you. I love your art and blog it’s amazing~ Jackal))

((So cute!!thank u so much this is so funny i love it 💖💖))