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Chapter 1 - Part 6/6

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“Who in the world would name their daughter December?” Lennox laughed. It was the second time he said that. He hadn’t stopped saying her name in the elevator, trying to nail the pronunciation. 

“My parents, clearly” she gave him a condescendant look. “And, for your information, it’s Irish.”

“You’re not even Irish” he looked at her over his shoulder when the elevator doors opened and they stepped out onto the aisle. “I can’t place your accent but not Irish, for sure. Were you even born in December?”

“I was” she pointed with frustration. “And I grew up in Germany.”

“Why would some German parents name their child-”

“Are we going to have this conversation much longer? You’re making my head hurt.”

“Back at it with the insults, are we?” Lennox voice was tinted with everything but actual seriousness. 

“I’m sorry- wait, no, I didn’t-” she moaned. “You brought it on yourself.”

“So much for the nervous rambling before” Lennox seemed way more amused than she felt. “Seems like the ‘i just met a star’ effect has passed.”

“Excuse me-” she froze in place, speechless. He hadn’t only noticed about the coffee incident. He knew this too. 

“Maybe it hasn’t gone away after all” he looked back at her. “Or maybe is just the overall effect of my brilliant personality. I’ll never know” Nollaig pressed her lips together at that, arching an eyebrow. It only made his smirk grow wider. She couldn’t keep the tips of her own mouth from tilting upwards. “See you next week, coffee girl.”

“You’ve said my name fifty times at least in that elevator; do not go with the coffee girl nickname.”

“Alright” Lennox took a few steps to the door, laid his hand on the handle and looked at her over his shoulder. “Neel-ig. Nell-aig? Nollaig. Nell. Nells. I have it, see?”

“See you next week, Lennox” she smiled.

He just nodded, waving a hand in the air until he completely disappeared behind the door.


Chapter 3 - Part 5/5

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When the kiss ended, Nell felt like her heart was going to jump out of her mouth. She was still processing what had happened as the newcomer pulled her to him, his hand pressed to her back. 

“Babe, who’s your friend?” he asked. Nell stared at the boy, then at Lennox. She doubted she could talk properly with the knot that had settled in her throat with the embarrassment. What had that been?

“He’s uh- Lennox” she looked at him when she spoke his name. His frown was getting deeper by the second, though he again had that smile that talked of unspoken challenges. “Lennox, this is Mathias.”

“Her boyfriend” Mathias added, just in case the kiss hadn’t made it clear enough, she guessed. Nell saw the two boys’ hands frozen in place, as if none of them was willing to offer it first. They were still hanging at their sides five seconds later, and she gave up on expecting them to be cordial. “You’re not that Lennox, are you? The guy from that music group?” Nollaig gulped, and she and Lennox exchanged a look. “No shit. Babe, why didn’t you tell me? Are you one of those crazy guys she insists on looking after?”

Lennox’s smile didn’t go away at that, though she heard him snort.

“Mathias, they’re not crazy. Stop saying that. It’s disrespectful and based on prejudices” she pressed her lips tightly together. Her boyfriend just rolled his eyes.

“Anyway, we should be going now” he took her hand, pushing her forward. “Nice meeting you, man.” Lennox nodded, though his gaze drifted away, to Nell, one second after.

“Until next week” he brought two fingers to his forehead as a sign of farewell, and she merely waved her hand at him while Mathias pushed her away. 

“You shouldn’t correct me in front of people, it makes me look bad” he muttered when they were far enough for Lennox not to hear them. 

“You didn’t tell me you were coming” she changed the subject.

“Did I have to? I thought you were glad to see me” he smiled at her sweetly, and she sighed. 

“Of course. Let’s go home.”