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Inside the walls of Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library, it’s like having backstage passes to Coachella. Yale’s historical library isn’t open to the general public, and is only accessible to students and faculty. We in here!

Adjacent to Sterling Memorial is also the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, which is one of the world’s largest libraries devoted entirely to rare books and manuscripts. We weightlessly floated through several floors of endless resources, including authentic atlases and maps of historic times. Here are some shots from the archives.


Comic 14: The Closet Story (Part 2)

- “We have your back, man. Always.” Yes yup if you want to see me get sentimental and weepy allow me to talk to you about the stupid adamantium-strength friendships slowly building between these five dumb college hockey players.
- Back when I was starting CP! and thought it was going to be like, four comics long, I wasn’t thinking about how annoying it would be to have two characters whose names rhyme. *sighs* Shitty and Bitty??? Really??? What are you guys, dwarves??? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.
- Speaking of things I didn’t think through when I was starting the comic: remember the first posts I ever made about CP? Waaay back when? (Don’t loiter.) I described Shitty as “best friend of bitty, loves romcoms, smokes so much fucking pot”. Yikes, was kinda groping for characterization there. At the beginning of this school year Shitty is definitely Jack’s best friend, and probably becomes Bitty’s closest friend after this comic. (Shitty is definitely a confidant for both Jack and Bitty.)
- Also, Holster’s obviously the one who likes romcoms. What was I even thinking???

- Comic 14 takes place right on the river (map) which is–OKAY more like a glorified stream at most places–but is the other cool geographical feature on Samwell’s campus. Other than being a lovely scenic route to class, it’s a great place for, say, a lovely morning run! Or maybe a romantic, lamp-lit evening walk? Or perhaps you and your best friend have a death wish and like waking up the geese under one of the bridges when you’re drunk on Saturday nights? Perhaps.
- That giant church-like building in the background is Founder’s, the main library (there are quite a few libraries) on Samwell’s campus. It is super-blatant ripoff of one of my favorite buildings in the world, Sterling Memorial Library. Founder’s is one of the places where the Boys meet up to study (or rather, disrupt the studying of other Wellies #Why-Everyone-At-Samwell-Hates-The-Hockey-Team) and it actually first made an appearance in Comic #6 - The Tale of the Hockey Prince where you can see The Pond, Lake Quad and Faber too. YOOOO certified crazy person running this webcomic.

“Bro. Like. You just made room in your brain about a fictional place and the fictional bros inhabiting it. Isn’t it weird how your brain indiscriminately wires those synaptic connections? Real or not? Bro!! Freaky, right? Truth is biological programming!…Hey, I’d really wish they’d bring the puck down the ice, I haven’t gotten to make a save in ages.”

Comics is hard work! If you’re not a broke college student like me and like CP! I’d really appreciate it! (It usually results in a little gift doodle? ~non-merchandise incentives.~)

And speaking of merchandise…I’m thinking pucks? Shirts? Stickers? Samwell penants?? Would people buy things? Life-sized Shitty body pillows with real ‘stache action?

LAST THING: In addition to Tumblr, I’ll be posting Check, Please! to Tapastic!

Step 391: When the ground is moving, stay still.

Hello, lovely person that is reading this,

I hope you are well, and calm, and not afraid. But maybe, like me, you feel terrified right now. You are wondering what this world is. You are crying and then furious and then crying again. It feels like everything is falling apart, and you do not understand why.

I don’t know why.

All I know is this: I cannot fix this horrific injustice and violence by myself. Neither can you. 

But here is my humble offering of how I’ve found to stay sane and kind in a world that feels like neither.

• Be a channel of love, peace and justice. That goes for everyone you encounter. All you can do is be good. So be as good as you can be.
• If you are not a POC or LGBT or whatever wonderful group is currently (and, um, always) being fucked over and striving toward justice: just listen. Offer support when you can; research and find out where you are needed and where you will do more harm than good. Stand in quiet solidarity, behind, knowing that your voice is not the relevant one here.
• Remember your Circle of Concern versus your Circle of Action. Stay as much as you can in your Circle of Action (and there are some good action steps below).
• PAUSE. Pause before you speak, pause before you act. Take moments to be mindful: is this the best thing to say or do? What are my motives? Is this helping? Just take a beat and examine your own mind.

Then, after the pause, take action. The only way to fend over feelings of terror, or helplessness, is to be of service and do what you can do.

My darling friend Sarah at YesandYes posted this, and I love it. Please, let me know if there’s anything else.

Everything is horrible and heartbreaking and most of us don’t know what to do or where to start. Maybe some of these links will help.

This is what white people can do to support #BlackLivesMatter.

Educate yourself on race and racism in America. This curriculum is a good place to start.

Consider joining Campaign Zero.

Find your senator, find your representative, and tell them what you think.

Support legal defense funds that help the families and victims of police violence.

Understand your right to take photos and videos of police officers and know what to say if they tell you stop filming.

Find a Black Lives Matter protest in your city and join it. Most cities have a Facebook page for their local BLM group; this is Minneapolis’s.

Donate to the families of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, contribute to the memorial fund for the five police officers shot by snipers in Dallas.

Lastly, know that it’s okay to turn away from social media and tv for a day or two if you need it, to recharge and true your wheels. We’re all heartbroken. We’re all overwhelmed. We need to be our best, smartest, strongest, most compassionate selves to fix this.