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I think Lup’s speech is best understood in context of the wider themes of the show.

Travis/Magnus got a lot of flack during The Suffering Game arc for always pushing for trust. And what confused me some about that arc was that Griffin was structuring the game in such a way that Travis/Magnus would get flack for trusting. In every other arc- with Sloane in Petals to the Metal, the purple worm in Eleventh Hour, Kravitz in Crystal Kingdom- THB were ultimately incentivized to be compassionate, and penalized if they weren’t. That rings true to the McElroy Brand at large. And The Suffering Game does end with Lord Sterling rewarding Magnus for his compassion, and Antonia forgiving Taako for forsaking them and telling them that who they are when they’re pushed to the brink isn’t the real them.

I can see that as foreshadowing both the Red Robes’ discussion about destroying worlds, and whatever the endgame is. I see this a lot with discussions of the AtLA finale- the idea that it’s selfish not to sacrifice your ideals to pragmatism. But ideals matter. Keeping them alive and living according to them has an impact on the world. At the end of the first round of Wonderland, the Liches show THB the people who forsook them, who played game theory right- and they are pouring off necrotic energy, strengthening the Liches and Wonderland. I’m not saying that these situations aren’t very complex morally, but this wasn’t just a case of Lup or Magnus being overly idealistic. It was them knowing that there are other ways of strengthening the Hunger.

Because of Lup’s intervention, Taako came up with a solution that saved the souls of most of the people on that planet while keeping the crystal from the Hunger. Paloma’s last prophecy said that when faced with two terrible options, they must always remember that there is another way. I cannot see TAZ leaving us with a message that the ends justify the means.

A Court Of Stars and Wind  Part 3

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Aidon had grabbed his wrist.He barely knew this male and whatever his name is just touched his face.Standing behind him was a girl who was the same height has the male.Brother and sister,maybe he thought.Aidon looked up to see him still looking into his eyes.

“Are you going to say something or just keep staring into my eyes ?”

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Amongst all the screaming and crying and high emotional stakes, I am overly amused to learn that Lord Artemis Sterling, the most powerful man in the world, isn't allowed to make tea despite wanting to badly enough that he'll just do it without permission in somebody else's home

sterling’s guards: are you kidding? last time you went off alone you almost died and the world ended, we can’t let you boil water

sterling, crying: please i just am so thirsty

What if, after Story and Song, the IPRE crew visits the people their relics affected?

Lup visits every black glass circle, but feels better knowing it won’t happen again. She occasionally sneaks communications to and from the Astral Plane so NO-3LL3 can still chat with the rest of Team Sweet Flips.

Davenport visits the town Lucretia mentioned that was sucked into a black hole by a warlord using the Oculus. He simply stands at the edge of the ruins and looks knowingly across. He sits, and silently prays that it was at least painless.

Merle visits Hurley and Sloane. Hurley has been able to forgive, but there’s still some resentment from Sloane. Not just toward Merle, but herself.

Taako visits the town Lucretia mentioned that got turned to peppermint. It’s funny at first - everything’s candy, but then he sees the people statues.

Magnus visits Refuge. He makes a point to always apologize profusely to June and to pay respects to Jack. They took the redrobe Magnus out of the statue. Everyone thought it was best that it be a memorial to jack, rather than a grim reminder of the Chalice.

Barry puts a protection spell on the area that used to be Wonderland. He won’t let anyone get hurt here again. He visits the only people who made it out, Antonia, Rowan, Lord Sterling, and, of course, Lucretia, Merle and Taako, and tries all the restoration spells he’s learned over the years, but the Bell was just too powerful.

Barry and Lup take the IPRE’s messeges of apology to every soul who has ever died at the hands of a relic.

So many good possible teamups in TAZ (specifically Tres Horny Girls, ngl) but one that I’d personally like to see is the three THB nemeses (maybe not exactly the right word, but you know what I mean)

After The Suffering Game, Magnus Taako and Merle have hit celebrity status.  Everyone they freed from Wonderland spreads the story of how they destroyed it from the inside, Lord Sterling especially.  No one may know where they came from or what they do, but their names are well known.

Kalen hears that Magnus is still alive, and is furious.  The man who ruined his life, who stole what was rightfully his, is still alive, growing in power once again.  Kalen knows he has to be stopped.

Sazed hears that Taako is still alive, and is terrified.  It’s been years, and surely Taako’s discovered the truth about what happened in Glamour Springs by now.  If Taako were to ever reveal that information, with his regained popularity, Sazed would be a dead man.  He’ll just have to beat Taako to the punch.

As apparently the only two people who aren’t enamored with these up-and-coming heroes, Kalen and Sazed strike up a partnership over drinks, neither one wanting to risk facing the trio on their own.  As the two discuss their strategy, sharing information on the practically unknown third member of the party, a female dwarf across the bar lifts her head.

“You fellows say something about Merle Highchurch?”

Kalen and Sazed confirm, eyeing the dwarf with suspicion, wondering how much she overheard.

“Yeah, I know him.  Son of a bitch owes me fourteen months’ worth of welfare checks.  If y’all are looking to dish out a beating, I know the exact toy store he’ll be in one week from now.  And after teaching my kids inappropriate language for an hour or so, he’ll lead us straight to the other two.”

And in one week’s time, another grizzled fighter, another deadly chef, and another somewhat-religious dwarf show up on the moon base.

Merle, irreverent as he is, has never had qualms about fighting back.  But this time is different–he knows Hekuba, and really, doesn’t he deserve it?  It’s almost a relief to finally face what he did so long ago, and he can’t bring himself to retaliate.  Besides, Hekuba wouldn’t actually kill him..would she?

Taako has no such moral dilemma.  Sazed’s killed people, and he’d kill again.  The problem is, Taako has no idea how.  Sazed was an expert on all things Taako, from his recipes to his spells.  Taako racks his brain for a sliver of information about Sazed–his fighting style, his weaknesses, or even just his goddamn class–but comes up empty.  He readies a spell, but has no idea what he’s readying it against.

And Magnus, he just sees…a stranger.  He’s fought strangers before, of course, but he can tell that something’s wrong here.  Taako and Merle immediately recognized their opponents, but the figure before him is wholly unfamiliar.  Magnus tries to remember, but the more he thinks, the more certain he becomes that he’s never met this man in his life.  And that thought, that someone he’s never met is out to kill him, Magnus, folk hero and protector of the innocent…it disorients him, to say the least.  He can’t kill this man, or at least, not until he knows what he did wrong.

Maybe not a threat on par with The Hunger, but if anyone’s able to bring Tres Horny Boys down, I’d put good money on these three.

I want a really close bond to form between all of the random incidentals who made it out of Wonderland and got left in the woods while Our Boys went off to save the world. Because chances are? Most of them are not in the greatest state of health after an extended dose of Lydia-and-Edward.

Last we saw them, Antonia was recently blind, Sterling was a hot mess, and Rowan was apparently missing patches of beard and not looking great which doesn’t bode well for him long term. I imagine people who were there for longer were even worse off, missing limbs and years and big chunks of memory. They were in a forest full of dangerous animals, they probably had to rely on each other to get out. 

And then.. well Neverwinter is close and Sterling is the lord of it, even if he comes back ten years older and seriously traumatized. He can get everyone the best of care, just in time for the world to start ending around them. It’s a struggle to get out of the woods- carrying some people and leaning on others, regular breaks for healing and reassurances that everything will be fine once they get to the city- but they make it and manage to convince Lord Sterling’s that yes, this is the same boy who left a week ago. After that things are easier, but still not easy. They’re not a good state. 

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Queen Elizabeth hosted a ceremony celebrating the 40th anniversary of Motability on April 25, 2017. 

“Motability, established in 1977 by Lord Sterling and the late Lord Goodman, a charity that enables disabled people, their families and carers to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair using their mobility allowance.” 

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