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Wow, I’m really dumb. I genuinely didn’t realize that Sterling Gates, the same one who wrote a lot of the stuff I’ve reviewed here, read a lot of the New Krypton stuff, the “Friends and Fugitives Arc” where Supergirl gets framed for “murdering” Mon-El and he also wrote for the Adventures of Supergirl comic book (which is like the comic book adaption of the tv show) also wrote Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk. 

Like he directly wrote what I was most recently talking about where Mon-El takes the the bottle cities and finds them a home/negotiates with Jemm, Son of Saturn to take them in. 

He Also wrote Supergirl Annual #2 where Kara and Brainy kiss in modern continuity. 

  • Archer: In case you haven't noticed, this place is crawling with rebels.
  • Pam: And not the good kind you get drunk with at Myrtle Beach and cruise the strip in the bed of their monster truck with a bug rebel flag on it, flingin' empty longnecks at people!
  • Lana: Yeeeeeah, those aren't actually the good kind either.
  • Pam: Now who's racist?
  • Archer: Those guys, Pam. Those exact same guys you just described.
  • Pam: Oh. Well, now I feel like an asshole.
  • Malory: When do you not?
  • Pam: Almost always. I really like me.
  • Malory: ...Baffling.
The Pacific books masterpost

 The Pacific by Hugh Ambrose

Books written by/about  the veterans:

Books written by those who served with them/ Compilations of stories:

Some books on the different battles featured if you want more information on them:

  • Cyril: And so, if I could direct your attention to these visual aids, you will see that from our initial supply of 1,000 kilos of cocaine, we -
  • Archer: Hang on, dummy, we had a ton of cocaine.
  • Cyril: No, we - Well, we had a tonne, T-O-N-N-E, also known as a metric ton, but -
  • Malory: Pfft, metric. Who uses metric?
  • Lana: Every single country on the planet except for us, Liberia and Burma.
  • Archer: Wow, really?
  • Lana: Yup.
  • Archer: Cause you never think of those other two as having their shit together.
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