We all can agree that controversial Clippers owner Donald Sterling needs serious prayer and it looks like he seeked that higher power of healing last Sunday from…of all places…a predominantly black church. Sterling attended Praises of Zion Missionary Baptist Church in South Los Angeles. Sterling’s attendance comes as a surprise [and a well placed publicity stunt] due to his blatant discrimination against African-Americans in general, but most specifically basketball legend Magic Johnson. Let’s be honest, that interview with Anderson Cooper still makes us cringe to this day.

Presiding Pastor J. Benjamin Hardwick met with Sterling to previously discuss his recent expressions of prejudice, which we assume led to Sterling’s presence in church service.

“I want you to know, my friend, we pray for you”  – Pastor J. Benjamin Hardwick via USA TODAY

Don’t we all. Sterling is quoted that he found the service “fabulous”. Recently it has been reported that Sterling has been diagnosed with early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, empowering his wife, (let us pray for her too) Shelley Sterling to sell his part of the Clippers for two billion dollars without his approval.

So does Sterling’s diagnosis or recent church visit excuse his behavior? Let the church say NO. Yeah, we didn’t think so either. 

Written by Amber Patterson 

Here it is - the official cover of Ad Astra


Indie author Courtney Carola tells a tale of unconventional love about two lost souls coming together to become one.

Sterling Mason and Esther Scordato don’t have a thing in common and before that fateful morning where the two of them met in a non-vehicular head on collision, they hadn’t even spoken a word to each other. However, from that moment on, everything changes and their relationship snowballs from there, in good ways and bad.

The idea of love at first sight is pretentious and ridiculous and completely made up by Hallmark - however, it can’t be denied that there is an unexplainable attraction between them (even if it was one sided at first) when they first meet. So, the name of the game: soulmates, legitimate or not? And just because someone is your soulmate does that mean you’re theirs?

Stering and Esther are about to find out. 

This cover was designed by the extremely talented illustrevor, it is honestly better than anything I ever could’ve dreamed of and I adore it so so much. 

Ad Astra has been in the works for about a year and five months now, and it is something I am very proud of. I genuinely believe this novel is some of my best work yet and I cannot wait to share it with everyone. 

‘I see Sciles as more of a brotp and I mean what about Stere-’
Shut upppp, shut upppp, shut the fuck upppppppp

Tbh I interpreted the whole ‘D.H.’ part of the scene as Stiles not knowing what to put on there but seeing that and just deciding on initials.  And the rest of the crew followed.  But of course Stere/ks will twist this scene for years to come.

“Fuza ada kereta kan?”


“Mesti dalam kereta Fuza ada sediakan payung. Boleh saya tahu kenapa?”

“Eh mesti kena ada payung. Guna untuk cuaca panas dan hujanlah. Tapi biasanya untuk hujan. Hehe.”

Aku senyum. Saja soalan ni dihamburkan pada seorang klien saya, Mahfuza Zulkifli. Rata-rata yang ada kereta, mesti ada payung dalam keretanya. Macam ‘tool’ wajib kena ada selain spanar, stering lock dan sebagainya.

“Eh tapi hari ni Fuza tahu ke cuaca akan hujan?”

Kali ini klien saya pulak yang senyum. Dari senyumannya saya dah pun dapat jawapan.

Kita sendiri tidak dapat meramal masa depan. Kita keluar rumah hari ni, kita lihat langit panas tidak terperi. Adakah kita dapat tahu cuaca petang ini akan hujan? Boleh jadi ya, boleh jadi tidak bukan?

Begitulah konsep mudah dalam Takaful. Kita menyimpan di dalam Takaful, sebab kita tidak pernah tahu apa akan terjadi pada kita pada masa akan datang.

Sama sahaja payung yang tersimpan rapi di dalam kereta untuk kita guna di saat tidak diduga, yakni ketika panas mahupun hujan.

“Next time saya cerita pasal kapal yang belayar di lautan pulak yer. Hehe.”

Kata saya sambil berseloroh.

Jadi, nombor saya telah diberi, hubungilah diri ini. Saya akan bantu rancang perlindungan Takaful untuk anda dan orang disayangi.

“Sediakan payung sebelum hujan. Sediakan Takaful untuk perlindungan.” ☔️🏠😊

Selamat berpuasa semua! ☺️

Multe nume noi pe lista FC Braşov
Cu doar o săptămână înainte de reunirea celor de la FC Braşov, sunt foarte multe necunoscute în lotul divizionarei secunde. Noul cuplu de antrenori Bodea - Stere încearcă să pună pe picioare un nou lot sub Tâmpa după ce din vechea echipă mai sunt sub contract doar câţiva jucători. 

Primii care şi-au dat acordul să evolueze din sezonul viitor pentru FC Braşov sunt Mugurel Buga, Vlad Potecu şi Horia Popa. În discuţii sunt de asemenea Alexandru David, Rareş Forika şi Remus Dănălache. Dintre jucătorii ce au evoluat sezonul trecut, şefii galben-negrilor vor să îl ţină la echipă pe Şerban Morar. În ofensivă braşovenii s-au orientat către o serie de atacanţi tineri.

Denis Lemac de la Dinamo, George Mareş de la Petrolul şi Marius Curtuiuş ar trebui să îl ajute în avanposturi pe Mugurel Buga. Între timp, şase foşti jucători ai galben negrilor au evoluat pentru reprezentativa jucătorilor fără contract din România, pregătită de Aurel Ţicleanu care a fost învinsă de o echipă similară cehă cu 2 la 1 şi a ratat calificarea în optimile ediţiei aniversare a turneului FIFPro.

Pentru tricolori au evoluat Andrei Marinescu, Bogdan Străuţ, Daniel Remeş, Daniel Barna, Georgian Păun, Şerban Moraru, dar şi Alexandru Ilaşi de la Viitorul Ghimbav. Reunirea celor de la FC Braşov este programată pe 6 iulie, la ora 11:00 pe Stadionul Tineretului.