Country life - Week 1. 

After two months of travel around parts of the United States with my two best friends, I returned back to Australia to begin my third year of medicine; the most important year of the course.

Since my return, i’ve made the move out to the small country town that i’ll be calling home for the entirety of 2014. So far, after only one week, country life has completely lived up to expectation.

Firstly, there is so much, space. Everywhere I look, there are endless hills and trees. There are no skyscrapers blocking my view, there are no huge concrete jungles to meander through, there is only space. It’s really quite incredible. Secondly, it’s hot. Australian summers get bad at the best of times, but after spending a significant amount of time at -25 degrees Celsius (thanks polar vortex), adjusting to 40+ degree temperatures has been difficult to say the least, but it’s even more difficult when shade is hard to come by and the house only has one small air conditioning unit. Thirdly, the town is small. After only a few days in the clinic, i’ve already run into several patients in and around the local supermarket (one even going so far to comment how young I looked in my Chicago Bulls jersey and backwards cap… I’m still getting used to this professionalism thing). And lastly, like any good country town, birth rates are high and in only my first week, I’ve was able to scrub up for an emergency C-section, and assist in one other natural delivery! 

Needless to say, the first week was utterly exhausting, 7.45am - 5pm each day and then hours of study afterwards… But so far, it’s been incredibly enjoyable and i’m eager to see what next week has in store for me!