An OTP is made up:

1) The one character that you can ship with everyone.

2) And another character that you believe shouldn’t be with anyone but the character you ship them with.


Erica:  Stiles bought us time, taking Gerard’s attention away from us. *grabs Stiles’s hand* As soon as his back was turned, Stiles went for the console and turned down the electricity. But Gerard, he–he went for Stiles’s throat and–and–
Boyd: It was crazy, man. It was like we went feral with the need to protect Stiles. *cups the back of Stiles’ head* We had the old geezer on his knees in a second.

…that’s because he’s pack. We always fight for our pack.

Quick Sunday sketch forgive the mistakes, please ♥. Alternate version of the events we see in the 2x11 and 2x12 episodes ♥
Unless I’m sorely mistaken (it’s been a while since I downloaded it) the bkg image is from

[EDIT] = Follow-up sketch can be found here