An OTP is made up:

1) The one character that you can ship with everyone.

2) And another character that you believe shouldn’t be with anyone but the character you ship them with.

but when is jeff davis going to confirm that stiles is bisexual like i’m still waiting

Stiles: from now on we’ll be using code names. I will be Eagle 1

Stiles: Erica is: been there, done that

Erica: *winks*

Stiles: Derek is: currently doing that


Stiles: Boyd is: it happened once in a dream

Boyd: ???

Stiles: Allison is: If I had to pick a human

Stiles: and Isaac is… Eagle 2

Isaac: oh thank god

I firmly believe that one of the crappiest things you can experience in fandoms is when you feel so passionately about a ship or a particular universe, and nobody else is there with you to fan the heck out about it. Like, I get so consumed and excited and stoked thinking about these two peoples or this fanfiction idea or this scene and I remember I’m the only loser who feels that way lmao