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Favorite German Words

Der Klartext = literally “clear text”. The very, very German concept of (what others may cosider brutal) honesty and straight-forwardness being a virtue. Uncoded text, text in clear, uncensored speech, the opposite of the (very Anglo) concepts of vagueness and beating around the bush in order to be “polite”. Mit jemandem Klartext reden is when it gets serious and to the point, when things are spelled out clearly so actual solutions can be found. Culturewise, you will notice that Germans on average are solution-based. A Klartext conversation may be required in conflict, when someone has been avoidant or when things are getting urgent and a problem must be faced head-on. It may lead to a breakup, a compromise, an ending, a solution or a new beginning. If you find yourself thinking Germans are “rude”, consider that “Klartext reden” and NOT being vague and avoidant is generally considered a good thing in Germany as, sometimes, it is necessary to get things out of the way to move ahead.

I love how every party I go it plays Gasolina, but now it have a whole new meaning to me

Girls can save boys. Girls can be strong and boys can call for help. A girl can look at a boy and think he’s the most beautiful and delicate thing she’s ever seen. A boy can look at a girl and think she’s tough and brooding. We need to stop telling girls not to yell and boys not to cry.
—  /Emily


anonymous asked:

what eskild comment bugged you?

The one about him hitting on Elias. I felt like it was coming dangerously close to the predatory gay stereotype? Like it was playing into that straight male fear of being around gay men because they might randomly make an advance.

to all queer people who fit stereotypes:

whether you are a feminine gay man, a polyamorous bisexual, a non binary person who dyes your hair extreme colors, an immature asexual, or a queer person who fits stereotypes in a different way, you are still wonderful and good and valid in your identity and your queerness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Signs as Humans, Demons, or Angels

Humans: Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces

Demons: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio

Angels: Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra

This is a general “you” about words.

“Words are only offensive if you let them offend you.”

This is true…in SOME situations. Christians being upset at hearing “happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” is silly because “happy Holidays” includes all the Holidays, one of which is Christmas.

In other situations, it’s utter bullshit. Please wipe your mouth after you take it off the bull’s ass and make sure you brush your teeth, mmkay?

An autistic person being disgusted at seeing someone say “that’s so autistic” in response to a Youtube video where someone is talking at length about a subject they like isn’t being silly. They’re seeing someone else being insulted for a trait they possess themselves. 

The thing with insults that reduce a group to a stereotype is using the word offensively affects everyone in that group because the word is talking about all of them.

Personally, I just roll my eyes when I see “autistic” used as an insult. I’m autistic and when I see it used as an insult I just assume the person doing it lacks the creativity to come up with a funnier insult, like saying somebody’s idea is as useful as peddling halitosis as an air freshener or that someone must be anally grafted to a bull because they’re so full of bullshit. I think the same about pretty much any insult that picks on someone’s race, disability, mental illness, sexuality, religion and so forth. They’re boring and uncool. Word play is more fun.

Not everyone has a thick skin, and there’s no shame in not having a thick skin. Maybe you should consider the reasons why certain words are so insulting before you run your mouth about how “oh, it’s just words.” 

A fist is just a fist, but it hurts when it’s used to knock your teeth out.

Certain words have histories. Some of those histories are oppressive. Some of that oppression included whether people were allowed to live or die. The leftovers are the hurtful stereotypes perpetuated when certain words are thrown around as insults.

Using someone’s disability, mental illness, race, sexuality, religion or whathaveyou as a joke to insult them means you don’t take their issues seriously and would rather silence or further marginalize them by laughing at them. Being part of that group doesn’t give you free reign to shit all over everyone else in your own community.

“That’s gay”
“That’s crazy”
“That’s lame”
“That’s retarded”
“That’s autistic”
”You’re an idiot”
”You moron”
etc etc etc
= Harmful

There’s other words you can use.

“That’s shitty”
“That’s wild”
“That’s boring”
“That’s asinine”
“That’s pedantic”
“You’re ignorant”
“You asshole”

Now I’m going to sit here and watch all the uncreative people pop out of the woodwork to call me an SJW and mock my words, because being shitty and mocking others is so much easier than trying to be a decent person who cares about other people.

I ain’t perfect and I screw up. I apologize and try to learn from it when I do because that’s all one can do.

We’re all capable of being better people. Unfortunately, there are those out there who think trying to be better is too hard. Some people hide behind insults and call people thin-skinned instead because they’re thin-skinned themselves. 

I guess it’s easier to attack someone’s insecurities instead of working out your own. 

Glass houses and rocks, y’all.

[Animated gif of Patrick Stewart (Picard) grabbing his nose and laughing after Jonathan Frakes (Riker) flubs a scene while shooting Star Trek: The Next Generation.]