How Californian are you?

Add up your points and put what you are in the tags

  • You live within half an hour of a beach (10 points)
  • You’ve gone to the beach after school/work (15 points)
  • You’ve worn shorts in winter (5 points)
  • You’ve eaten at In-N-Out (20 points)
  • You’ve ridden a long board (10 points)
  • You’ve complained about 60 degree weather being too cold (15 points)
  • You could look out a window right now and see a palm tree (10 points)
  • You have blonde hair (5 points)
  • You tan easily (5 points)
  • You know how to surf (10 points)
  • You frequently say “hella” or “gnarly” or “dank” or “dude” (5 points)
  • You’ve gotten yourself in a car accident (10 points)
  • You own more shorts than pants (15 points)
  • You’ve sat in traffic for over an hour (5 points)
  • You’ve experienced an earthquake (10 points)
  • An earthquake happened and you didn’t even notice (20 points)
  • Snow excites you (5 points)
  • You’ve had Chipotle and Starbucks within 24 hours of each other (10 points)
  • You’ve seen a celebrity in public (10 points)
  • You tend to lean more towards liberal than conservative (5 points)
  • You attend/attended an outdoor school (campus is not one giant building) (10 points)
  • There are 3+ Starbucks in your hometown (5 points)
  • You frequently practice the ‘California Rolling Stop’ (10 points)
  • You’ve had a California burrito (15 points)
  • You’ve had at least one fire day (like snow days but for wild fires) getting you out of school or work (20 points)
  • You say the word ‘like’ in almost every sentence (10 points)
  • You have a pool at your house/complex (5 points)
  • You’ve been to Disneyland (15 points)
  • You’ve ever been on any sort of “cleanse” (10 points)


0-100 - Not really Californian at all

100-200 - Eh, you could pass as Californian

200-300 - Congrats, you’re stereotypically Californian

The signs on their period

Aries: makes sure people know about it

Taurus: eats and sleeps until it’s over!

Gemini: gets angry easily, shouts at people and forgets to apologise after

Cancer: cries bc of pain and annoying people

Leo: groans about the pain and doesn’t shut up for a very long time

Virgo: keeps in their emotions until they explode and shout at everyone who’s in their way

Libra: warns their friends that they will turn evil for a few days, then hides away until it’s over

Scorpio: isolates themselves from everyone… Keeps quiet

Sagittarius: gets easily frustrated and angry at everything

Capricorn: acts normal, does even more work to take mind off it… Cries late at night when no one knows

Aquarius: cries and shouts at random people and random times for random things, randomly

Pisces: is more sensitive and doesn’t let anyone in

                                     Not everyone is a stereotype.

every Spanish speaking person has illegally migrated from Mexico.

Not every African American is a thug.

Not every person with dreadlocks smokes weed.

Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic.

Not everyone who is American is racist.

Not everyone who is from the Middle East is a terrorist.

Not everyone who is overweight is obese.

Not everyone who is thin is anorexic.

Not everyone who is a police officer is bad.

Not everyone from Asia eats dogs.

Not everyone who is German is a Nazi.

Not everyone is gay/lesbian.

                                     Not everyone is a stereotype.

Mean Stereotypical of the signs

Aries: The angry bitch, the boss and want to fight everyone.

Taurus: Lazy ass motherfucker, eats everything all the time.

Gemini: The lying two faced bitch, can’t stop talking , ain’t a loyal bitch.

Cancer: the crying motherfucking baby, dramatic and the mom.

Leo: the self centered bitch, always want to be the leader and can’t stop looking in the mirror because they are to damn hot.

Virgo: the perfectionist little bitch, they act like they are perfect little fucks.

Libra: the little bitch that always want to please everyone, so fucking judgmental too.

Scorpio: Too fucking sexual pervert, literally can’t stop thinking about sex.

Sagittarius: Fucking bitch who can’t commit to someone, and they think they are so fucking funny.

Capricorn: heartless motherfuckers, gold-diggers can’t stop thinking about money.

Aquarius: Weird as fuck, hipster, too emotionally detached.

Pisces: Where tf do they think they live? In narnia?
Always in a different dimension, like bitch do you see Peter Pan ?

What if I don’t want to get married and have kids and have a good job and a big house?

What if I want to live in a VW camper van with my best friend and travel around the world and have fun and go to festivals and meet new people and go surfing every day and try new foods because I don’t aspire to be what everyone is expecting me to be

I’ve figured out why tumblr likes these types of gifs and pictures. 

It’s because everybody on tumblr doesn’t have this. And we all long for this. So we will post things similar to this so we can recognize that we want this. 

Most of us don’t have this type of relationship for a few reasons.

1- we spend most of our time on tumblr/indoors

2- because of reason 1, we all must be super pale.

3- from these gifs and pictures we have a messed up idea about “Cute Couples”

now we are all crying


Things Black Men Are Tired Of Hearing