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In PE we discussed the female stereotypes surrounding sport and exercise. It made me realise how much more effort women have to put in to go for a run or to the gym than men. Even in now in 2017, women still feel self-conscious about their image during exercise. We feel the need to buy the latest designer sportswear and refuse to go for a run if we look “fat” or “unattractive”. Well, I have one thing to say ladies; let them stare. Because while they’re judging how you look in that moment, you’re the one who’s making the positive difference. Exercise should be about mental and emotional improvement, and not because you want to look “hot”. So called “bikini bodies” are just a by-product of improvement. Do it for yourself. Not for anyone else who may be looking at you.


“At the end of the day, I know what I’m doing is right and I’m doing it for the right reasons, so whatever the reaction or backlash or any of those things are, I feel comfortable with because I know what I’m doing is right.” ~  Colin Kaepernick

It is a scary thing that an image of a gun being pointed at a human being by another human being is sold and worn by anyone…  

His actions have done more to expose the true scope of racism in this country than any poll, study, or scholarly article ever could. Go to the comments section of any article or post concerning his protest and they are filled with people falling all over themselves to spew their hate. It is as sad a time for America.   


This is the actual poster for a high school girls’ basketball team in Iowa.

You have to wonder who signed off on this. The incredibly offensive poster from Clarke High School’s woman’s basketball team is currently going viral. It includes a litany of offensive Native American cliches, enough that it’s hard to decide on which is the most foolish. None of the woman involved are reportedly Native American. 

Steve Seid, the school district’s superintendent, apparently doesn’t have a problem with it. But the photographer behind the poster, Ben Shirk of Shirk Photography in Wilton, IA, wins for most ignorant comment.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do something like in what are the signs good at school or real life?(I just read the sag post and had this idea)

I think everyone can be good at anything! :)

But I’ll just go for the stereotypes:
Aries: sports/discussions
Taurus: singing/money
Gemini: maths/communication
Cancer: cooking/caring
Leo: drama/theatre
Virgo: organization/reading
Libra: arts/writing
Scorpio: psychology/history
Sagittarius: languages/beauty
Capricorn: politics/business
Aquarius: technology/photography
Pisces: drawing/instruments