Stereotypes about Asian people are contradictory.

I mean honestly. Stereotypes about Asian people usually show how untrue the generalizations are because we don’t fit into your bullshit stereotypes. Y'all have too many contradictory Asian stereotypes, which just goes to show the legitimacy of all of them (none). Just think about it:

East Asian and Southeast Asian people are stereotyped as having flat noses, yet Middle Eastern Asian and South Asian people are stereotyped as having huge prominent noses.

Also, people say “Asians are bad drivers!!!” when they are only referring to East Asians. YET, South Asian and Middle Eastern Asian people are stereotyped as all being taxi drivers.

Central Asian people are said to “look mixed and different from Asian people,” but then y'all say all Asian people look the same.

And the list goes on.

-Mod R

Gender Roles in school

We got the topic Communication in German class right now and the text we read made me really angry. It was about differences in male and female communication and it started with a sentence you can translate like that:
“Humans aren’t born as ‘humans‘, they are born as man and women.” And that was the first thing I questioned. Like it actually says that humans have gender roles they want to fit in since birth. Literally, it says that you want to fulfill your role.
But I wasn’t raised to “want everyone to like me and always avoid to stand out” just because I was born female. My parents didn’t thought me that like the text means.
I’m a girl but does that really mean that I’m not here to say my opinion right out? Do they really believe boys just talk to change information and not to build up a bond to a person?

Are we really this controlled by the thought of male and female stereotypes that we are educated to read things like “we aren’t humans, we are male and female”? I’m disappointed…

I’m more than female stereotypes… I don’t even identify as a girl a 100%?!

There is more than male and female and we are humans! Equally awesome and hopefully raised to be ourselves and not to fit a gender role!

Do the signs like sports?

Aries: bae
Taurus: nah
Gemini: mind-training only
Cancer: wiping tears away trains your arms so
Leo: probs
Virgo: well, they have to be perfect at everything
Libra: works out to get the best body
Scorpio: only mind games
Sagittarius: fucking yas
Capricorn: no, ew
Aquarius: maybe
Pisces: sometimes

- Bianca⭐

Wrong stereotypes

Aries: They are not always angry, actually they are pretty chill.

Taurus: They are not always hungry, and they enjoy doing sports.

Gemini: They are not always talktative, they can be pretty serious, too.

Cancer: They are not sensible and can get also get short-tempered, if needed.

Leo: They are not always narcissistic and have a big heart.

Virgo: They are not always judging people, they can be very silly.

Libra: They are not snobs and they can be gooffy.

Scorpio: They are not always evil, they are just not good with feelings.

Sagittarius: They are not always independant and sometimes they just need someone to just have fun with.

Capricorn: They are not cold at all, they are just scared to be hurt.

Aquarius: They are not aloof and care a lot, actually.

Pisces: They are not weak, and can endure any pain.

How Hufflepuff #37

Being a Hufflepuff doesn’t mean that you have to be the life of the party, or social all the time. Where does it say Hufflepuffs can’t be introverts, can never have bad days, and always have to be the first and last ones at the party? Nowhere. Never feel like you are a letdown because you don’t live up to a ridiculous stereotype.

Badgers, do what you want. Binge watch Netflix instead of going to that party. Cut your date short because you have bigger issues to deal with then your friend’s petty dramas. It’s okay. Real friends understand you aren’t perfect, that you are human too. Just keep working hard, be friendly, and be patient, for this too shall pass.

I'm a Conservative.

No I’m not a fascist.
No I’m not a sexist.
No I’m not a racist.
No I’m not homophobic.

Yes I’m a Conservative.
I love humanity.
Yes I support gender equality.
I’m gender blind.
Yes I want to give refugees a secure world.
I think they’re humans too.
Yes I entirely support the LGBT community.
One of my best friends is bisexual.

MBTI Types as children’s books

INTP: Alice in Wonderland

INFP: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


INFJ: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

ISFJ: Winnie the Pooh

ISFP: Where the Wild Things are

ENFP: Pippi Longstocking

ISTJ: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

ESTJ: They were never children.

ESFP: Peter Pan

ESFJ: Green Eggs and Ham

ENTJ: Stone Soup

ENTP: Matilda

ISTP: Hairy Maclary

ESTP: The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

INTJ: George Orwell’s 1984

anonymous asked:

is it wrong that i feel guilty about being uncomfortable when people (in the lgbt+ community) make jokes about religion, particularly christianity? Because I feel like that is their way of coping with how bigoted christians treat them. Due the fact that I cant surround myself with affirming christians, my lgbt friends and mutuals are all I have. I feel like I shouldnt stick up for myself because then I'd be going into "Not ALL ___" territory. Is this normal or should I really just let it go?

Dear precious anon,

It is not wrong to feel uncomfortable when people in the MOGAI community joke about religion. Although humor is used as a coping mechanism for dealing with uncomfortable situations and insufferable individuals (such as religious bigots), it is not acceptable for for your LBGTQIA+ friends and mutuals to joke about Christians, particularly when they are aware you are an affirming MOGAI Christian!

Oftentimes, humor referencing a group of people will play into a stereotype about that particular culture, such as Christians’ negative views and/or behaviors toward the LGBTQIA+ community. Just look at the Westboro Baptist Church. Indeed, the history between modern religions (like Christianity) and the MOGAI community is not pleasant - but we must remember this history exists on a spectrum. Just look at the Unitarian Universalist Church.

Although the relationship between the Christian community and the MOGAI community may have been (and continues to be) fraught with tension, “not all” of it (particularly over the past few years) has been tainted by prejudice and ignorance.

While humor can provide temporary relief from an uncomfortable interaction or situation, it does not allow for honest conversations about the true relationships between MOGAI individuals, Christian individuals, their communities, and those who identify as MOGAI and Christian to occur.

What this humor does in the long run is further stereotype a group of people (Christians), and splits Christians and MOGAI individuals into opposite categories. It silences the stories of those who live and thrive in affirming Christian communities. It promotes an “us versus them” ideology in which we believe “we are not like them,” “they are not like us,” and “there is no possible overlap between us and them.” This phenomenon is called polarization: it makes it appear as if the Christian community (which is incredibly vast and various) and LGBTQIA+ community (also vast and various) are sharply contrasting groups in their opinions, beliefs, and behaviors, and cannot be harmonious. 

This is a dangerous way to think and, frankly, is not true. In reality, these communities exist together on a spectrum. Not all Christians are homophobic. Many are, but not all. Not all Christians believe anything outside of heterosexuality and heteronormativity is a sin that will be punished by God. Many do, but not all.

Similarly, not all MOGAI individuals despise of or make fun of Christians. Many do, but not all. Yet, in this scenario, I personally believe these prejudices are arguably valid. The Christian community as a whole comes from a place of privilege: they have oppressed the MOGAI community for decades, their views are heteronormative and therefore widely accepted in our society, and their contempt and opinions have more weight to them - look at the violence (emotional, physical) directed at homosexuals over the years, as well as the self-harm (internalized homophobia, depression, suicide) in the LGBTQIA community following exposure to Christian anti-gay propaganda, expulsion from churches, and familial denial.

This troubled history does not mean Christianity is inherently bad - it just makes the relationship between these two communities more complicated.

So, to get to your question, this “not all” distinction - though ridiculed and criticized - is important. Please stick up for yourself.

If we fail to account for this “not all” minority in our conversations with others, we will never consider the beautiful interactions which may occur between Christians and MOGAI individuals. The Gay Christian Network. Queer Theology. Believe Out Loud. Many others!

If anything, I cannot imagine a blended community that could possibly be more loving than one based on the teachings of Jesus, the Son of God, a nonjudgmental, accepting outcast; a community full of individuals who have been hated and berated for simply loving other human beings, who understand what it is like to be misunderstood and who are struggling to be accepted and with self-acceptance, who can benefit and learn from this undying, unselfish, unremitting Love, and will try their darnedest to interact with, respect and love others as they also wish to be treated, respected, and loved.

And this is why I am a bisexual follower of Christ!


These stunning photos capture just how exhausting micro aggressions can be 

Paula Akpan and Harriet Evans have launched the “I’m Tired” project to highlight the impact common microaggressions and stereotypes many face on a daily basis. By symbolically and literally carrying the aggressions on their backs, Apkan and Evans hope to help both the subjects and everyone else.

The signs according to tumblr
  • Aries:raging bitch that yells a lot
  • Taurus:hungry 24/7
  • Gemini:satan's bae
  • Cancer:*is crying*
  • Leo:"lol I'm hot"
  • Virgo:critical neat freak that is secretly a pushover
  • Libra:fake hoe that sleeps with your ex
  • Scorpio:satan
  • Sagittarius:friendly. That's all
  • Capricorn:who knows at this point they're basically nonexistent
  • Aquarius:*is an alien*
  • Pisces:*crying with cancer*

This Artist Is Using ‘Artivism’ To Break Down Queer Stigma And Stereotypes

A Venezuelan artist is making a bold statement about queerness and art’s power to aid in the breaking down of stereotypes related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) identity. The “ I’m Not A Joke” campaign from Daniel Arzola is a series of images inscribed with compelling truths about human diversity that encourages individuals to live as their authentic selves. 

See more of the stereotype breaking posters here.

MBTI Cleaning Squads

It was never dirty in the first place squad: ESTJ, ISTJ, ESFJ, ENTJ

It’s all or nothing! Either we’re not cleaning and it’s a mess or we’re cleaning everything squad: INFJ, INTJ, ISFJ, ESTP

Shoves stuff in a drawer, satisfied with the appearance of clean squad: INFP, ENTP, ENFJ, ISTP

Meant to clean but it just never happened and is never going to squad: INTP, ENFP, ISFP, ESFP