C:  I do not think that i will ever fall in love or get married. I am almost 22 and I have never been in a relationship before and when I fancy some guy, I am always the one getting hurt or left for a woman of another race. Guys will have sex with me, but never date me. I am called pretty and sexy, but thats it. Black guys even don’t like black women. I think that my cards in life will play out for me in another way. I’m excited to see what will happen in my future.


My name is Larissa. I’m named after a tv character, but there’s a town in greece and one of the moons of Saturn that share my name.
I’m 18 years old, and if you’d have told me four years ago that I’d study computer science one day, I would have laughed at you.
I grew up with an abusive mother and the best sister in the world.
I’m a freewheeling bisexual and I have an eating disorder.
I speak 4 languages, two of them fluent but no matter how hard I try, double meanings are often lost on me. The colour red makes me physically sick and I am so used to sensory overload that I can’t concentrate in silence.
I have autism. No, don’t worry, just a mild one, I have learnt how to communicate with people, laugh when they laugh, even though I don’t know what they’re talking about. My special interests are productive and contribute to capitalism, so don’t you worry. I’m a good autistic.
Why are you staring at me, did I say something wrong, what did I do? Oh, I don’t fit your stereotype, that cardbox human you carved out of documentaries, the gifted child or the male genius. Forgive me for existing then, silly little girl who can’t keep her mouth shut, little teenager whose face is too round, whose breasts are too full to be properly autistic.
How am I the one who needs to be cured when you’re the one lacking compassion? You ask me if I want to be normal, I’ll tell you about that time 3 5 children bullied me for being different, I’ll tell you about being hospitalised for a week at nine years old, body perfectly healthy, mind screaming for help. If that is what normal people do, then it says a lot about what is wrong with you.
I am not myself without my autism, however minor it may be. You do not want to heal me, you want another girl who is just like she should be, want me to fit in your neurotypical, cisgender, heteronormative world.
And how are you supposed to think differently? When you’re told that everything bad that happens is because of my autism and everything good happens despite my autism. When you get told ‘don’t vaccinate your kids or they’ll get autism’.

My autism does not make me any less of a human and I do not need to be cured for the convenience of everyone but me.

Why don’t you start proper research for medication against period cramps instead? That would be money well spent.


Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad Qualifies For Olympics, Will Become First U.S. Athlete To Compete In A Hijab

Muhammad, an African American women’s saber fencer, first made history several years ago when she became the first Muslim woman to compete for the U.S. in fencing. Now that she has qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Muhammad is making history once more.

“I want to compete in the Olympics for the United States to prove that nothing should hinder anyone from reaching their goals — not race, religion or gender”

I think Donald Trump is going to need an exorcism after hear that. #Love it!