Once in high school
I was hanging out with a group of guys, only one of them was really my friend, but I guess the other didn’t want me there? Or something? So instead of asking me to fuck off or whatever they tried to make me uncomfortable with the conversation lololol so they started talking about stereotypical dude stuff like sex and porn and shaving their balls and I wasn’t budging I was just laughing along and finally my guy friend told me what they were trying to do (obviously my first thought was wow what a bunch of a-holes) and I just looked and him and said “you guys aren’t talking about anything different than what my girl friends talk about” and saw their whole world crash before their eyes it was glorious

This Gorgeous Photo Series Crushes Stereotypes About Black Masculinity

Loftin shot the photo series after seeing the stark contrast between the Google results for “black boy in hoodie” and “white boy in hoodie.”

In contrast to the images of black men depicted in the Google image search, Loftin’s poses are sweet, affectionate, and sometimes silly.

Black people, and black men specifically, exist outside of the stereotypes that have been created for us by the media and those that control it,” he told.


They always portray us as dangerous thugs in black hoodies, nothing new. And the fact that whites still believe that black people are dangerous to them proves just how ingrained white supremacism is in this country!

This man just wanted to say that racism is still a reality we have to deal with. Inferential racism certainly won’t go away by no one talking about it. We have to accept that there is a serious problem in America, that many white Americans are raised with these subtle cues all around them telling them to “fear blacks”.

Stop making up false stories about us, we are just people, just a little darker.

Stereotypes I dislike about the Signs

Aries: Mean af // It’s because you’re sensitive

Taurus: Stubborn // It’s because you know what’s best for you

Gemini: Flaky // It’s because you’re scared to get hurt

Cancer: Helpless // It’s because you’re cautious and want to make the right decisions

Leo: Prideful // It’s because you know your worth

Virgo: Rude // It’s because you’re scared of other people and their opinions

Libra: Two faced // It’s because you want to protect yourself

Scorpio: Always horny // It’s because you want to love everyone

Sagittarius: Leaves people behind // It’s because you prioritize what’s best for you

Capricorn: Cold // It’s because you want to make sure the people around you are trustworthy

Aquarius: Entitled // it’s because you want the best quality of everything

Pisces: Oversensitive // It’s because you care so much for other people


People perceive black men as bigger, stronger than white men of the same size — and that’s dangerous.

  • According to a new study from the American Psychological Association, people tend to perceive black men as larger and more dangerous than white men of the same size.
  • In a series of experiments, the researchers showed over 950 online black and nonblack U.S. participants a series of color photographs of the faces of white and black men who were of equal height and weight. 
  • Participants then had to guess the height, weight and muscularity of the pictured subjects. Researchers found that the estimates were consistently biased. 
  • All participants saw black men as larger, stronger and more muscular than white men, even though they were the same. 
  • However, nonblack participants perceived black men to be more capable of causing harm in a fictional fight scenario, and, even more disquieting, that police would be more justified in using force to subdue the black men — even if they were unarmed.
  • That black men cannot even be perceived as who they actually are is a factor, according to researchers, in America’s police brutality epidemic.  Read more (3/13/17 12:16 PM)

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Kal Penn is tweeting out his old audition scripts — and they’re incredibly racist

  • Stereotypes, accents and nameless “foreign” characters are all the reality when looking for work as a South Asian actor.
  • On Tuesday, actor Kal Penn tweeted out a series of snapshots from scripts that he’d auditioned for in the past, most of which included racist caricatures of South Asian culture.
  • The first screenshot showed a call for a “Gandhi Lookalike,” “Snake Charmers” and “Fire Eaters.” Read more. (3/15/2017 1:15 PM)