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probably not your "jurisdiction", but i'm so fuckin mad about dorito gremlin dva & how racist, infantilising, and downright disrespectful of her character it is. like, she's an incredibly skilful & accomplished fighter who works in the military; her gaming career is a serious thing, esp in korea where esports are big, it makes no sense for a person born & raised in korea to b stereotyped as consuming mtn dew & doritos & other v american-centric shit (cont)

(cont) (korea has its own gaming culture!! fuck off w this mlg shit!!) and it contributes to racist infantilising stereotyoes of asian women where theyre depicted as “childlike”. she’s 19, not a toddler, and she’s incredibly skilled, and the fact that fandom reduces her to some joke gamer gremlin americanised prop for dad76 makes me so pissed. there’s so much more to her!! she literally livestreams her fights, knowing each could b her last! shes fuckin badass & doesnt deserve this shit

I hear you. There’s a lot of discussion around D.Va’s characterisation which, as you say, isn’t really my jurisdiction, but you’re definitely not the only one who feels this way, if it helps.