I am a Feminist and I Like Pink

Honestly, what is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about feminism?

The answers may vary from shaved heads, burning bras, lesbianism, the color pink, divorce, and such. But there are the rare few who get the actual meaning of feminism: the equality between males and females.

Feminism revolves around the belief that women deserve the same oppurtunities that are given to men. It is as simple as that. It has the same principle as erradicating racism, only geared towards discrimination because of gender instead of race. I do not have to be a bra-burning lesbian pink-hater who advocates divorce to become a feminist. Or shave my hair off, for that matter.

And just because I believe in feminsm doesn’t mean I’m biased towards my gender. I also believe it is wrong that guys are generalized as stupid, drooling jerks. Both guys and girls are people, people with individual personalities, and to treat a boy like an idiot just for the mere fact that he’s male is chauvanism, which is what SOME guys have, not all of them.

I am a normal girl whose wardrobe is 30% pink, who gushes over cute boys, who hates bad hair days, who is against divorce, who believes that everyone, boy or girl, should be able to grow up with dreams to become whatever they want to be and not be judged because of their sex.

Feminist out.