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Last Updated: 05/01/2017

I think it’s important to know about this history, to remember it, because of the way the Chechen people suffered. Growing up, we were treated as if our nation was shameful and we should not be proud of our history and in the works of Russian writers, Chechens are the enemy. Even in Russian lullabies it is the Chechen that’s called up to frighten children. We were singled out as a nation for suffering.

This history turns around. Now Chechen mothers tell their children if they don’t obey they will give them to Russians. For Chechens everything was and still is very hard, to get accepted, to enter the university, to get a good job, everything. We have been branded with the name “Chechens” as a black mark. We had to be twice better than the next person in order to be considered for any benefit or any promotion and I saw the Chechens were discriminated against repeatedly and good jobs went to less qualified Russians than the Chechens.

—  Satsita Muradova
Who do you think grime can loose it's negative stereotype in the future?

“I think some of us are trying to show that there is a side to this. There is alot more than what people are just saying. But i don’t think there’s enough. And that is the big problem. I don’t think there’s enough people willing to step forward and to spot a problem, and show the reality of things. There is a positive theme amongst grime. Some people have just lost faith and lost hope.” - P Money

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Really tired of people using Tiger Lilly from Peter Pan as a sample of disney’s POC representation. Can you not see hurtful stereostypes when you see them? Have you watched that movie?

Please please please stop including Peter Pan in the posts about POC in Disney. Use Brother Bear or Pocahontas, neither of which are perfect but are leagues less problematic than Peter Pan.