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Spin the Bottle

Requested by @rowanismybae 99: “I don’t think I’ve ever played spin the bottle.” 

Elriel - modern au

High school basement parties. ’How disgusting,’ Azriel thinks, glancing around at the throng of teenagers grinding and singing at the top of their lungs by the shitty stereo, the half dozen people making out on various couches, and the messy floor with beer bottles and various stains now scattered across it. Absolutely disgusting.

He’s gonna yell at Cassian for dragging him here under the pretense of being his wingman. He didn’t do anything but apparently his job is done because Nesta is now sitting atop Cassian’s lap, making out with him in the corner. Azriel wrinkles his nose at the sight.

Az nurses his own drink silently in the corner, brooding. Elain sings with Feyre in the middle of the mess of people and Az has to restrain himself from seeking her out with his eyes every few seconds. A couple songs pass and he watches as a group breaks off from the dancing, rushing to the box of beer and cheering as one of the guys chugs a bottle.

When it’s empty, they all sit down on the ground in a circle and Azriel thinks that a seance is about to take place. He isn’t too far off when Elain, who is part of the group, calls over to him. “Hey, Az! Come play spin the bottle with us!” She giggles and hiccups, going so far as to stand up and walk over to his corner. She grabs his hand and tries to pull him up. A couple of his other friends try to wave him over as well.

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Dylan’s hate list.

Transcript (misspellings included): 
Hate = Liars, punk fags, bitches who hang w. them, lawyers, psychicnets commercials, faggots at werk (blacked out), people who hang in gangs & think their kool, NBC, The fpg WB, R movie checkers, Jocks, grammar, Alt .mug, Age limits, taxes, Pussy Rap, martial artists, Laid Back people, prices of stereo shit, Rich people, Annoying people, speed limits, salesman, charity commercials, wanna be experts of stuff, fag teachers, Star wars fags, Stupid people, fags making fun of retards, popular lame ass sitcoms, Assorted people, NPR, Paparazzis, enquirer mags, Ricki Lake people, WWF fans, cops, curfew laws, celebrity benefits, fuckers that say they kick ass cause only their strong, welfare, moochers, laez talkers, HANSON, JJT, thats all (Tommy Hilfiger). 

Some things from Pokemon Sun and Moon that crack me up and make me happy, from an Islander point of view..

(Spoiler warning? Also this is not meant to be offensive in anyway, I love the stereotypes in the game I think they are on point)

-Kukui calling you cousin
-Hau calling your mom Auntie and saying, “Aue!”
-Lunalas call being “Mahina” and Solgaleos call being “La”, which just translates to moon and sun
-The Islands and places being actual Hawaiian words instead of some made up weird gibber jabber.
-Kahili being a golfer.
-Mount Lanakila translating to Victory Mountain, which is cool because in previous games there was Victory road.
-Kiawes fire dancing.. And the fire dancing Marowaks

X-44 Land.

Reader x J-Hope - BTS (ZombieApocalypse!AU)
Genre: Angst, Eventual Smut, kinda smutty in dis one?
Synopsis: The times and trials of people trying to make it in a world that’s heading for ashes.
Word Count: 12.7k
Part 1 of ?

Playlist: Little Secrets - Passion PitIn Case of Rapture - As Tall As Lions, Circles - Thrice, Last Man Standing - People In Planes, Rose Golden - Kid Cudi ft.Willow

AN: *mentions of death and gore* I’m gonna put a TW up on this as it’s a pretty graphic (I mean obviously it’s a zombie apocalypse AU :/) but just a warning! Let me know how ya like it! <3

Everything I loved, became everything I lost.

        If you remembered back to the time where you felt peace; where you felt a complete calm, no fear running through your veins, no worries running through your mind, nothing but happiness and ease, when would that be?

You could almost taste the memory on the tip of your tongue. The summer before the outbreak. Thankfully, strain X-44 decided to let you enjoy one last family outing, making its infamous appearance only a day after one of your favorite times of the year.  

It was Independence Day. Your family always threw a huge get together, inviting as many family members as your backyard could hold. Aunt, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, Cousins, whether be second, third or fourth, hell, even removed, they’d be there. Cars lined the street late in the night, the entire block setting off fireworks into the stars as lightning bugs danced around the atmosphere and june bugs sang their songs of summer, celebrating national freedom.  

“Kids! The food’s ready! Come eat!” Your mother yelled from the porch. A slur of screams and giggles as the children finished splashing their current opponent added to the cacophony of all the sounds of the evening. A repetitive pop song played from the stereo and numerous people swayed drunkenly to its beat, naturally.  

You sipped from the cold beer bottle in your hand casually even though you weren’t of age. Your mother figured a few on the 4th of July couldn’t be that bad and who was going to deny underage drinking? The sun was setting by now. The blistering heat from the day slowly dissipating into a mild breeze while the mugginess remained. You sighed as you ran your fingers through your damp hair, still drying from the trip to the pool nearly an hour ago. This humidity being your only concern.

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my sister’s first boyfriend drove a yellow pinto and worked at mcdonald’s. when he wasn’t working there, he was hooking up stereos in people’s cars and driving the world’s worst car a little harder than he should.

he ended up hooking my sister’s car up and was over day in, day out fiddling with wires and what have you. after weeks of working, she finally had her 1000watt pioneer system with the 24″ subs in the back of her tercel.

the first song that came out of those speakers was linkin park’s “krwling.” 

a 5th grade me was speechless. 

i remembered him ejecting the cd out of the dash and seeing his burned memorex copy emerge from the cd slot. he had written LINKIN PARK on it in his own, shitty handstyle. i asked if we could keep the cd

he told me he’d make us a copy

from there, i always wanted to ride in my sister’s car. she was always playing linkin park and i wanted to be there. that whole summer, all we did was drive around our stupid shit town on the buttcrack of Kansas and blasting what i thought was the future of music.

it didn’t last long, but that record really did something to me. it was one of the first records i put on repeat, knew the song names for, really sat down and opened up the lyric book. observed the artwork, all those textures and stencils. it was something else for me at the time.

i didn’t even own a television so lord knows what i was missing when it came to their music videos. i would discover what that was like closer to age 14 or 15 but it was still a thing.

most importantly though. it was one of the very, very few things in this life my sister and i would both understand at the same time. we’d stop arguing, bickering, and being exasperated with each other for 3 minutes and some change just because linkin park was playing. and that means a lot. my sister and i had never been that close and honestly were never that close again.

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm sorry if I'm being rude or offensive, but I was confused by your latest post. I understand someone equating autism to cancer is AWFUL, but why did it bother you to have autism equated to Down's Syndrome? I think I see them both fairly similarly, as a mental difference that will change someone's life in varying ways, but not something that you "suffer" from or makes a person at all lesser. If I'm missing something obvious or being inconsiderate, would you help me understand?

Down’s syndrome people tend to have lower than average I.Q.’s

There are no famous down’s syndrome scientists, or generals and only a handful of famous artists

Autistic people tend to have higher than average I.Q’s

Almost every famous artist, general and artist is autistic

Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Mulan, Saladin, Kind Richard the linonheart, Madame Curie, Emily Dickinson were all autistic and are not really like down’s syndrome people.

It’s true many Down’s syndrome people are very kind, caring and and are usually more attentive to caring for others and being empathetic than autistic people, and maybe all people in general.

Autistic people are seen as having a lower I.Q. when in truth they tend to have higher I.Q.’s to to equate autism to down’s syndrome really bothers me that it perpetuates that stereo type.

Down’s syndrome people i think in many ways are better than all people autistic or allistic all the ones I’ve meet were the most kind and fun people to be around, but need to be supervised usually 24/7 most autistic people do not need constant supervision.

so to compare the two, ya not accurate, not cool, harmful…i could go on and on.

How Seungkwan would propose to you.

A/N: I may have gotten a little carried away with this one…oops.

- Your best friend calls you and invites you out to lunch
- You agree, and drive to the restaurant you usually eat at
- But they’re not there
- So you sit on a bench outside and wait
- 15 minutes pass and they’re still nowhere to be found
- You can hear really loud, muffled music down the street
- God, people with stereos like that are annoying
- And it sounds like they’re heading this way
- You almost consider heading inside tbh
- but then the music gets louder and louder
- and a stretch limo pulls up in front of the restaurant
- you stick around to stare at it
- because damn
- and the windows roll down slightly
- you can hear the music clearer now
- it was…CL?
- “deungjangeun chachacha”
- “ttwijattwija bangbangbang”
- “diseuko pangpangpang”
- Oh lord jesus
- Your boyfriend Seungkwan pops out of the sunroof on
- Vernon and Hoshi come up behind you
- out of nowhere, may I add
- and pick you up and lift you on top of the limo
- Seungkwan grabs you and puts you through in through the sunroof with him
- pulls out a microphone
- you look over your shoulder and there’s a jumbotron on a huge truck
- and you’re on it
- Oh what the actual hell Seungkwan
- He looks into your eyes
- Pulls out the biggest diamond ring you’ve ever seen
- “Y/N…Would you…
- he takes a moment to put his sunglasses on
- and look at the camera you didn’t even notice
- “…Marry me?”
- You didn’t expect him to be any less dramatic about this
- so really it wasn’t a huge surprise
- but also you loved his fabulous ass
- so you look into the camera
- drape your hands over your heart
- and throw yourself over him
- Someone posted the video of it all on youtube
- It went viral in about 3 hours.

~ Admin Marcy ♡ 

‘How Seventeen would propose to you’ series:
Chan ♡
Minghao ♡
Junhui ♡
Hansol ♡
Soonyoung ♡

Priorities (Simon Request)

~~~Simon’s POV~~~
“Right you ready to leave Simon?” Josh yells and I quickly jog down the stairs to meet them.
“Yeah yeah I’m coming” I sigh, slipping on my shoes.
My phone buzzes in my pocket with a text from (y/n) of course. She was my girlfriend of 6 months and someone who made me realise just how much I could love someone. It sounded cheesy but it was true. I realised that I loved her from a few dates into our relationship. She was funny and beautiful and all that stereo typical stuff people want a girlfriend to be.
I check the text and completely zone off from what the guys are saying, smiling as I reply.
“Simon” JJ repeats, louder to cut off my daze.
“Oh sorry what?” I shake my head.
“Never mind” He sighs, clearly annoyed at something and he turns back round to Walk out of the door.
Josh clasps his shoulder as he does, in support I guess.
JJ had been acting like this recently. Though I couldn’t tell why.
We got to the restaurant, aka Nandos, where we would grab some late dinner before heading out for the night to go bowling.
Another text from (y/n) let my phone buzz on the table beside me and the guys glanced up.
Babygirl💞- Enjoy your night xx Just don’t get lost in a ditch somewhere😂
I chuckle at her message to myself before replying.
Me- Might not head out tonight, we’re at Nandos now x How about you come round ours after? X
To me, that was more interesting than going out for the night. I could spend some time alone with her and properly catch up with everything- something I hadn’t been able to do with how busy we had been.
Babygirl💞- No come on, enjoy your night x Don’t worry about me xx
Me- I’ve got priorities x See you soon gorgeous x
When I look up, all of the boys seem a little agitated.
“Just leave it, he’s not listening to you” JJ shakes his head at Josh
“What was that?” I frown.
Jide simply rolls his eyes and watches as the rest of the ‘tower’ boys arrive.
Conversation continues as normal but I can tell JJ is uncomfortable and when he goes to fill his drink, I follow.
“Jide what’s wrong?” I question, standing beside him.
“Nothing man” He fakes a smile, leaning down to fill his glass
“Don’t start this you know i-” I begin, though my phone buzzes in my pocket.
“You not gonna check that?” He raises a brow.
“I can wait two seconds”
“Well that’s not like usual Simon” He remarks, walking back to the table.
I check the message that says (y/n) will be picking me up in an hour and a half.
I can’t help the smile that falls onto my face.
~~~Time Skip~~~
After a big enough meal to feed the five thousand and with JJ and Josh still being quiet towards me, we pay and go out to leave the restaurant. I can see (y/n)’s car pull up outside and I already just want to be with her.
The guys of course recognise the vehicle.
“Isn’t that (y/n)’s car?” Cal asks, coming up behind me.
“Yeah I think I’m gonna take a raincheck on tonight guys and just head home with (y/n)” I nod, stuffing my hands into my pockets.
“Are you serious?” JJ exclaims.
“JJ” Josh warns, grasping his shoulder as though holding him back.
“You know what? Never mind. Enjoy yourself” He turns round and walks away. And the boys simply look at me before following.
“Ready to go?” (Y/n) winds down the window and my face turns to a grin once again, climbing into the passenger seat beside her.
~~~Your POV~~~
You reach the house you had been to many times fairly quickly and you can tell something is bothering your boyfriend.
“So have you got filming to do?” You ask him, following him up to his room.
“No just a bit of editing but that can wait” He nods
As soon as you get in, he flops to the bed and you shuffle down beside him, automatically having his arm around you.
“Whats wrong then babe?“ You question, fingers lacing with his.
“Nothing” He smiles.
“Oh come on, you’ve been quiet since we left and you’ve not even cracked one joke. That’s not like Simon” You frown.
“Just the guys, JJ mainly, they’ve been acting different”
“How come?” You persist.
“I… I think its about you…” he mumbles, “I think they think I’ve been spending too much time with you”
You rise up onto your elbow, automatically feeling guilty.
“Just stuff like how much I text you or like tonight”
“Well I told you that you didn’t have to leave, I don’t want to be the one pushing you away from your friends”
“No no I’m not saying that its just they’re being ridiculous” He shakes his head.
“Honestly simon having a girlfriend doesn’t mean you need to be completely apart from your friends. Believe me” You comment.
“So you think its my fault?” He questions, clearly getting defensive.
“No of course I’m not saying that but you’ve got to accept their opinion”
” I thought you for one would be on my side" He scoffs immaturely, shuffling off the bed.
“Oh for gods sake, I’m not on a side! There’s no side to be on” You stand, now on opposite sides of the bed.
“Maybe I should’ve gone out with them tonight” He mutters.
“Yeah maybe you should’ve, because for gods sakes at least you might be surrounded by people only slightly more mature than you’re being right now” You comment.
“I don’t get why you’re so annoyed about it” He points out.
“Because I don’t want to be the one that’s causing problems between you and the guys, especially when it can be changed” You retort.
“So I shouldn’t spend time with my own girlfriend just to make those dickheads happy?” He questions, annoyance high.
“Yeah you know what? I’m gonna leave you to decide what you want to do, and think about when exactly you’re going to grow up” You snap, grabbing your jacket and heading out quickly.
~~~Simon’s POV~~~
The guys came back in the early hours of the day, prime time for us and before they can disperse into their rooms, I jog down the stairs to greet them.
“Where’s (y/n)?” Vikk asks, taking off his shoes.
“She um, she went home” I scratch the back of my neck, “I think we need to talk though”
“And what would that be about?” Jide questions, clearly not amused.
“I think I’ve sort of been neglecting you guys recently. I’ve been spending far too much time focused on (y/n) and I shouldn’t be. But believe me, its not her fault at all, in fact, she left because of how I was acting” I explain, “And it made me realise that maybe she was right”
“You’re serious?” Josh raises his brows.
“Yes I’m serious” I sigh, “So I thought maybe we could film something? Get back into the swing of things”
“Sounds good, as long as it involves plenty of eggs landing on your head" JJ grins, hitting me over the head.
“Piss off!” I grumble, chuckling all the same
And I think that just proved, that maybe I could share my priorities. Even if (y/n) would always be on top.

Bonfire Night

Originally posted by imaginesxteenwolf

Requested by synonymforlame:

“Hey I was wondering if you could do a teen wolf pack/liam imagine about them having a bonfire and you and liam are dating?? like just lots of fluff :))”

Warnings: Sooo much fluff

Note: This is quite short but I hope you like it :)







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