stereo people

Some things from Pokemon Sun and Moon that crack me up and make me happy, from an Islander point of view..

(Spoiler warning? Also this is not meant to be offensive in anyway, I love the stereotypes in the game I think they are on point)

-Kukui calling you cousin
-Hau calling your mom Auntie and saying, “Aue!”
-Lunalas call being “Mahina” and Solgaleos call being “La”, which just translates to moon and sun
-The Islands and places being actual Hawaiian words instead of some made up weird gibber jabber.
-Kahili being a golfer.
-Mount Lanakila translating to Victory Mountain, which is cool because in previous games there was Victory road.
-Kiawes fire dancing.. And the fire dancing Marowaks


FinalBout Night 1
Camping at the track was an experience i intended to soak in. As the lights when down the volume levels on peoples stereo’s went up. Teams were chatting and playing mortal combat against eachother on a big screen, others were laughing and watching classic video options. Every once and a while a couple guys would zip past you on krazy karts running door to door tandem and giggling like 16 year olds through the pits. It was dark but warm, there was beer, a familiar smell in the air, as well as the sound of a built engine revving to redline every once and a while to ensure you weren’t asleep. I walked out to the parking lot and it was jam packed with interesting cars too. Animal style was unloading car dealership style, and Baby Jasons sr20 idling was rumbling in my chest as he did a small accidental burnout unloading.
We had seen no driving yet, only met everyone and shared a few laughs or a cold bottle of water. I was just excited to be there, exchanging street drifting stories with teams and drivers from all over the world. A mixture of calmness, nervousness, pure bliss and excitement, and the ease that the giggles slip out of you between your friends, The kind you only feel a few times in life as something new and spectacular unfolds in front of you.  We hopped into our tent to try and sleep, tomorrow we drive, and excitement was an understatement.

Truth or Dare // Pietro x Reader

Request(s): Anon-Hi there! First of all, your stories are incredible. You’re really talented! I love them. I wanted to request a Pietro x Reader story where they are at a Stark party playing truth or dare, and things get heated between Pietro and the reader because the other Avengers are trying to make them confess their feelings! Thanks sweetie!!

Anon-Could you do a one-shot where Pietro and the reader play truth or dare with the Avengers but the questions and dares are private and hot ;) so that they finally admit their feelings. PLEASE PLEASE. I JUST LOVE YOUR IMAGINES ❤️

A/N: Both requests were quite similar, so here you go! Thanks and love you guys!

Warning: Signs of smut, but none really

Word Count: 2274

       Sweet music booming through stereos while people danced around, holding tight onto their drinks–it was another one of Tony Stark’s infamous parties. Although they happened nearly once a week, like a weekly routine, you didn’t mind the slight distraction from all the mayhem and chaos the team and you would go through during missions. Tony’s parties always had a theme, no matter what: surviving another mission, a birthday, an avenger finally survives one of Nat’s twelve hour straight hardcore training session…the list goes on. But the party being held tonight was totally different–it didn’t have a theme.

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