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Star Pulse
Star Pulse


@saltedsaltine I have never done any music like this before oh my god but I really wanted to try and produce a massive synth-heavy track that is in the style of music I know you adore. So… I hope I succeeded for you and you enjoy Star Pulse

Big love, I am so happy to be your friend!! 

Songs the 80's in spanish for the zodiac signs
  • Aries: Mecano - hijo de la luna.
  • Taurus: Miguel bose - amante bandido.
  • Gemini: Luis Miguel - la incondicional.
  • Cáncer: Amanda miguel - el me mintió.
  • Leo: Caifanes - la negra tomasa.
  • Virgo: Timbiriche - tu y yo somos uno mismo.
  • Libra: Juan gabriel - querida.
  • Scorpio: Soda stereo - cuando pase el temblor.
  • Sagittarius: Menudo - claridad.
  • Capricorn: Flans - Bazar.
  • Aquarius: el tri - el terminal de a.d.o.
  • Piscis: Chayanne – fiesta en américa.

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Ok, so date HC: what if yuuri and victor went on a little picnic on a warm, summer evening and then when it got darker victor brought a little stereo to play some music and they just slow dance while lightning bugs are just gently glowing around them?? And they start to get giggly while slow dancing and fall into the blanket and star gaze while comparing each other to stars and beautiful things and nature??And they just lay there, all cuddly and warm and happy? (I just want them to be happy omg)


That Awkward Moment When

John Laurens x Female Reader

Requested by @cupcakequeen1999 who was kind enough to compromise, this one goes out to you girl, you’re super rad

In which the reader and Laurens are roommates and very good friends. Jealousy and smut ensues.

Words: 4,573

Warnings: NSFW! SMUT SMUT SMUT and LOTS OF SWEARING (don’t read if this will make you uncomfortable)

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like i really fuckin love those modern gods posts.

but think about: modern worshipers

-college kids offering food stolen out of their cafeteria

-eshrines made by kids whose parents wont allow altars

-teenagers with their hair tucked into a trucker hat because they are unable to veil properly for their gods

-offerings of boones farm and mikes hard lemonade

-skin covered in classical tattoos devoted to the gods

-stereos blaring musical offerings of carefully crafted playlists

-children learning to love gods they were taught as myths

-high school students acing their lit test on the Iliad because they already have it half memorized