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Gold Audio

Apparently using gold plate in hi-end audio equipment sounds better because:

Gold is highly resistant to corrosion or oxidation, so prevents poor connections from those sources.It is also fairly soft, so the mating surfaces deform slightly, increasing contact area to reduce resistance. The gold plating is very thin, so the added resistance from the gold is easily overcome by its other properties. 

When I saw this gold plate fuse I just had to use it.  It looks like it’s fairly simple but I did have to pop the fuse so the pins went right through. It’s available in my Etsy shop.
Te tengo en la mira (a Reaper76 Fanmix)
A playlist for Reaper76 with only spanish love songs
  1. Estrechez de corazón (Los prisioneros)
  2. La vuelta al mundo (Calle 13)
  3. La tortura (Shakira & Alejandro Sanz)
  4. Trátame suavemente (Soda Stereo)
  5. Si tu me quisieras (Mon Laferte)
  6. Uyuyuy (Pedro Piedra)
  7. Desde que te perdí (Kevin Johansen)
  8. Tiempo (Miranda!)

Hope you like it!


Vintage Stereo Equipment by Eduardo Sanin
Via Flickr:
All together now!!

Modern Baseball’s latest album Holy Ghost is available now on Bandcamp for streaming and for purchase! Just bought myself the Electric Blue vinyl, it’s limited to 2000 copies so grab yours before they sell out! Review coming soon~

Songs the 80's in spanish for the zodiac signs
  • Aries: Mecano - hijo de la luna.
  • Taurus: Miguel bose - amante bandido.
  • Gemini: Luis Miguel - la incondicional.
  • Cáncer: Amanda miguel - el me mintió.
  • Leo: Caifanes - la negra tomasa.
  • Virgo: Timbiriche - tu y yo somos uno mismo.
  • Libra: Juan gabriel - querida.
  • Scorpio: Soda stereo - cuando pase el temblor.
  • Sagittarius: Menudo - claridad.
  • Capricorn: Flans - Bazar.
  • Aquarius: el tri - el terminal de a.d.o.
  • Piscis: Chayanne – fiesta en américa.

i love teenage girls who love elephant 6. i love teenage girls who love built to spill, animal collective, pavement. i love teenage girls who love music in which the community is dominated by mid-30s men. i love how nonjudgemental they are when you’re new to the music, don’t know a song, don’t have every single  album on limited-press vinyl, aren’t good at remembering names, can’t play an instrument. i love teenage girls who experiment with music when there’s a world of criticism waiting out there for us. it makes me hopeful for the future of the music we love and makes me not want to give up on learning new things about music. we have so much power. i love us.