stereo lips

    the only sound in the room was their breathing, the bass from the stereo and lips gently grazing over each other. the smoke filled studio had lit dim so they could make out on the couch freely without a care in the world. he had been craving this all day long. all he wanted was to have a smoke while she set in her lap and do as he pleased with her. as soon as the artist he was working with had finished he called her– his newest fling– to come over. joesph usually would switch up girls every week or two, but they had been going at it off and on for months. it was still just sex, but there was an undeniable connection between the couple. “you look so damn good,” he mumbled while his hands massaged over her hips and to cup her ass. “i love when you wear this dress.” joesph smirked before returning the kiss and pulled her closer to his body.

Fell On Black Days - Tate x Reader - Part 3: Heart Shaped Box

Part One
Part Two

AN: This part starts veering to the NSFW rated M type place. Next installment, straight up porn. Not really. But be forewarned, that shit is coming. (no pun…haa)

You made your way to your bedroom door and locked it so you wouldn’t be discovered by your parents. Tate has shed his boots, socks and jeans and had crawled into your bed in just his boxers and a t-shirt. You felt heat pool in your abdomen at the thought. You climbed under the covers next to him and he wrapped his arms around you and kissed your head.

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