stereo leg


Hi there! Can you do a Tom imagine with lots of fluff? And involves you guys going on a car ride? I couldn’t get the ask box to work so I messaged you!

The week wasn’t perfect. The weather was bi-polar, switching from being ice cold to being rainy and windy as hell. So for today to be beautiful and sunny, it was amazing.

“You want to go on a drive?” Tom asked, slipping his arms around my waist from my place at the counter. I smiled and set my book down and swiveled the chair towards him.

“Where would we go?” I asked, wrapping my arms around his neck. He smiled and nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck.

“Wherever the road takes us.” he said, his breath tickling my skin. I smiled and brought him to look at me.

“Sounds like a plan.” I said bringing him for a kiss.


The wind felt amazing as we rode with the windows down. The car was my father’s, who lent it down to my sister who then passed it onto me. It was going to be passed down until she decides to not run anymore.

It was an old car. I forgot the year but it looked brand new. And it was a gorgeous teal color. Sleek and shimmered in the sunlight. The back could be turned into a small laying space which was perfect for drive in movies.

“Good Life” by One Republic played through the stereo, the city slipping away as Tom drove. We headed up a small mountain, hardly anybody up there with us which was better than a crowd. Tom held his hand out to me and I took it, squeezing it.

“I love you.” he said over the music.

“I love you, too.” I said. He pulled to the left, stopping at a small cliffside and parking the car so the back was facing outwards. He pulled out a blanket and we settled in the back, pulling out the food we prepared, watching the city down below.

“God this view is beautiful.” I said, taking a bite out of my pizza.

“I don’t know.” Tom said, biting his.

“Why not?”

“It is. But it’s not as beautiful as you Darling.” he smiled.

“Oh shut up.” I blushed, and looked down at my feet. He squeezed my thigh and we finished our pizzas. We snuggled up against the seats and listened to the music play from the stereo. My legs were entangled with Tom’s as his arms held me. He rested his hand on my thigh and we just laid there, feeding off each other’s heat and presence.

He began to rub his hand up and down my thigh and up to the hollow of my hip. He brought my face towards his, stopping to lift my face, and then continued slowly rubbing my side. Our lips connected softly, my hand finding its way to his neck, pulling him closer.

His hand found it’s way up into my shirt, his touch cold, making me shiver. I found myself sitting on top of him, straddling his hips. His back pressed into the seat as his hands roamed by hips, giving them small squeezes.

“God you’re beautiful.” he whispered, kissing my neck and making sure to leave a mark. My head rolled back and I tangled my hands into his hair.


It began to slowly rain and we had to stop, making sure to fold the backseats back up. We headed down the mountain, watching the sun set as we descended.

We got home and immediately went to the bedroom, changing into our pajamas and drifting off to sleep.

“I love you darling.” Tom whispered, his arm wrapped around me. I yawned and smiled at him sleepily.

“I love you too Tommy.” I said, nuzzling my head into his chest, inhaling his scent. He chuckled softly and kissed my forehead.

“You’re adorable.” he whispered.

“I know.” I yawned. He smiled and kissed me, before settling his head atop mine, dozing off shortly after.