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A cobweb in the attic gathers dust, and it is ugly. But a cobweb in the outdoors gathers dewdrops that scintillate in the sun. Get out. Find your hope. Read the Earth. It is an extraordinary book: full color, stereo sound, wonderful aromas, the wind. It is an extraordinary planet.
—  David Brower.

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Hi admins!! Could you please rec me some xiuchen fics I went through the tag and there doesn't seem to be that many with the main pairing being xiuchen. Some baekchen would be nice too. Thank you!!!!!



for more of both ships, try this post, full of links to past rounds of chenpionships! and check the fic fest masterlist for other fests featuring those pairings.


“Cactus suaviza mis yemas con su piel 
Tiene cien años, solo florece una vez 
En tu nombre, en tu nombre 
Y tiene un veneno, más amargo que la hiel 
Con solo invocarte, voy a convertirme en miel 
En tu nombre, en tu nombre 
Cuando te busco 
no hay sitio en donde no estés 
Y los médanos, serán témpanos 
en el vértigo, de la eternidad 
Y los pájaros, serán árboles 
En lo idéntico, de la soledad 
En tu nombre, en tu nombre 
Y cuando te busco 
no hay sitio en donde no estés 
Y los médanos, serán témpanos 
en el vértigo, de la eternidad 
Y los pájaros, serán árboles 
En lo idéntico, de la soledad 
En tu nombre, en tu nombre”

Sin ti no me hubiera sido posible expresar y decir mil cosas.
Adiós genio…


Phase 1: Chill af, different colored shirts, stereos, boomboxes, turned 2D into a living bobble-head, seemed to be happy at that, hats on, f**k it hats off, loved hats like Noodle, Noodle was his roll dawg, father figure, the most decent person in the group besides Noodle, WHERE MY EEL AT, owned eels, wore clovers, jeans, regular shoes, thought about cross dressing, told Murdoc he couldn’t go dressing as a god damn Nazi, cracka a**, would have never chosen his outfit, has an appreciation for fine clothes,  WHERE MY EEL, roasted Murdoc about clothes,  played the drums, had an instrument, has a ghost living in his head, possessed by said ghost, got whooped by Noodle in The Game of Death, wore polka-dot draws, fake afro, cigars, got called a rubbish character by Murdoc, underrated.

Phase 2: Still chill af, has a strange fixation with animal parts, wore a fez, the fez was his favorite thing, went to sleep during their own concert, still has an instrument, plays the drums, “Time out, man. I’m gettin’ hungry, let’s go eat,” hats were still his life, jackets and jeans were, too, white T-shirts, purple was his favorite color in Feel Good Inc., had a pig who wore a fez, enjoyed mixing animal parts together, Del doesn’t exist anymore, Noodle was still his roll dawg, got roasted by Murdoc twice on the DVD menu screen, apparently cut the cheese, didn’t really say much, growled at Murdoc, seeing ghosts, lived in Ike Turner’s basement, probably still had an appreciation for fine clothes, underrated.

Phase 3: Angry af, turned into a giant, radioactive, contaminated fish, found Noodle at sea, she was still his roll dawg even in the ocean, ate planes for breakfast, supported whale throwing abuse, his head was a hotel for Noodle, green and white were his favorite colors, wore the same outfit throughout Plastic Beach somewhat, had a low arrange of clothes, stopped appreciating fine clothes, mistaken for a whale, got harpooned, witnessed the murder of Cyborg Noodle, pretty depressing phase, didn’t wear hat, lost his fez, wore a beach ball and a towel for a hat, doesn’t own his drums, still underrated.

Phase 4: Back to being chill af, style on fleek, clothes are fresher than Will Smith, shades, suits, got some more clothes, is now smoking cigarettes, still loves cigars, got back his appreciation for fine clothes, got his fez back, yellow and white are his favorite colors now, IT’S NOT RAEL, owns a red Goofy hat, lost weight, told everyone to split up so he could go upstairs and go to sleep, got terrorized by a sperm cell with arms, the monster didn’t like him, he’s got a REAL appetite, is actually talking, talks more now, finally getting some attention, Noodle is still his roll dawg, still doesn’t know where his eel at, lost his fixation with animal parts, Del is still gone, seems to smile a lot, his drums are still missing, he’s got a big appetite.


DRUNK DRABBLE PLEASE!! Btw, kindaaaaa jealous you’re getting to drink tonight. ❤ - @iwantthedean

“[Y/N]? Where are you?” Dean stepped into your bedroom, but it was completely dark. “[Y/N]? Baby?” He groped around in the blackness until his hand hit the edge of the bed.

You flicked on the stereo and colorful strobe light you’d set up in the corner, illuminating your scantily clad body. The speakers thumped a simple beat in the background.

“Sit back and relax, as Dean Winchester’s bedroom proudly presents… his wife!” You put on your best announcer voice, holding back giggles as you spoke.

You stepped toward him, wearing nothing but a white lace bra and matching thong and a pair of black stilettos that you’d definitely have to explain to him later. He blushed, smiling with those eye crinkles that you’d fallen in love with so long ago. His hand covered his face as you sauntered toward him. You pulled your hand from behind your back and handed him a stack of one dollar bills.

“Dean Winchester, I’ve been hired as your personal stripper for - well, for the rest of your life. Make sure you tip well.” You winked and walked away, shaking your hips a little more than you usually did.

He watched with a smile on his face, laughing when you did the cliche hair flip thing before you started dancing and wiggling out of your lingerie as Dean slipped singles into the strings of your underwear.

“Happy anniversary to me.” He mumbled against your lips when you finally let him kiss you.

Pulling you down onto the mattress, you heard a growl deep in his throat and you knew it was going to be a long, sweaty, best-kind-of-painful, hard-to-walk-straight-tomorrow kind of night.

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