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Downwards Facing Dog

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Request: Imagine Juice being Jealous of your yoga instructor.

A/N: I know nothing about yoga lmao. To whoever requested this: Im sorry this took me so long x


“And.. Exhale.”
You let out a deep breath, your eyes closed tight and you rolled your shoulders.
You opened your eyes and mimicked the instructors pose as he shifted into a new position.
Yoga didn’t come easily to you but you enjoyed it.
It was calming and it had definitely improved your flexibility which hadn’t brought any complaints from your old man. It was all part of your prepping for the wedding, and for your new life as a wife of SAMCRO, or more importantly Juice Ortiz.
But that didn’t mean you didn’t struggle to haul your ass outta bed every morning and head down to the gym where a class was held.
Only this morning you had slept through your alarms and missed your class.
Thankfully your workplace gave you an hour for your lunch break which happened to fall exactly when another class was held.
Living in Charming had its perks and the warm weather was one of them.
Today was no exception and Louis, your yoga instructor had moved today’s class outdoors.
A dozen yoga mats were laid out in the middle of the park and you each mimicked Louis as he moved through a range of different poses.
You moved into the Lord Of The Dance pose, standing firmly on your left foot. You curled your right leg out behind you and reached with your right arm to grasp your foot while you stretched your left arm out in front of you.
“Keep breathing,” Louis said calmly.
You took a deep breath, letting the fresh air fill your lungs.
Louis turned to look at his class and walked amongst the mats, helping people achieve the position with perfect posture.
“Good form, (Y/N).” He winked as he walked towards your mat.
You smiled but kept your gaze locked ahead.
He placed a hand on the small of your back and gently pushed to extend your stretch.
“Good,” He soothed before moving back to the front of the class.

“Hey isn’t that (Y/N’)s car?”
Juice didn’t bother looking up. “Nah man, she’s at work.”
Tig frowned and glanced between Juice and the car.
“You sure?”
Juice looked up and was about to argue that yes, he was sure, when he saw the car Tig was referring to.
Same make, same model, same colour. Same dent in the back where you had sworn someone else had driven into you, even though you both knew it was a lie and you were horrible at parallel parking.
“What the hell,” Juice muttered and walked further up the street to your car.
He pulled his cell out of his pocket and quickly dialled your number.
The closer he got to the car the clearer he could hear your phone ringing from inside and he kicked his foot against the tyre in fustration.
How many times did he have to tell you that you needed to be contactable, at all times?
He pulled his sunglasses away from his face and stared at the surrounding storefronts, trying to catch a glimpse of you. No matter how much he trusted you he couldn’t help the burning wave of jealousy that washed over him.
“She do yoga?” Tig asked.
Juice nodded and followed his brothers gaze.
Across the road, and in the centre of the park was a group of people stretching out on yoga mats.
Juice spotted you instantly . He had spent enough time staring at your ass in those yoga pants to instantly recognise them.
Especially as you moved  into the  downwards facing dog position.
A sense of relief came over him knowing that you weren’t off in some cheap motel having an affair, not that he had truly thought that, but his insecurities got the better of him sometimes.
The relief was soon revoked when what appeared to be the instructor moved in front of your mat.
Juice and Tig watched as the man with a blonde man bun and loose harem pants stepped behind you. His hands reached for your hips and he pulled you back towards him slightly.
From where the guys were standing, although Juice was sure it would be the same from any angle, this guy was ‘pretty much’ ramming his dick in your ass.
Motherfucker.” Juice seethed and stepped off the pavement and into the road.
He began to storm across the street, with every intent to rip his stupid man bun off his stupid head when he felt Tig pull him back.
In his rage Juice hadn’t noticed Tigs phone ringing and he glared at his brother as Tig shoved his phone back into his pocket.
“We gotta go brother.”
“I don’t need long.” Juice muttered and pulled away. He saw red.
“Now, man.” Tig insisted.
Juice was seething with anger but he knew that Tig loved watching a fight and whatever was stopping it must be important.
With one last look Juice stormed to his bike.

Wu Tang was blasting through the speakers while you prepared dinner.
You stirred and simmered and sliced and diced, practically screaming along to the song as you went. Wearing only an oversized shirt and woollen socks you slid around the kitchen in time with the music, making your way from the cupboards to the stove and back to the counter..
You didn’t hear the bike pull up in the driveway but you most definitely heard the door slam as Juice entered the house.
You frowned slightly, knowing he had been having a rough time with club business lately.
You slid across the kitchen tiles to the stereo and turned the volume down before moving into the hallway.
“Hey baby!” You smiled.
Juice ignored you as he kicked his boots off and when he didn’t put them neatly on the shoe rack you knew something must really be wrong.
Juice stormed past you and headed for the bathroom without even a glance in your direction.
The frown on your face grew deeper and you quickly turned the stove off before padding down the hallway after your old man.
The shower was already on full and steam filled the bathroom as Juice undressed.
His kutte was draped over the door which was always left ajar and by the time you reached him he was down to his boxers and socks.
You poked your head through the door and leant against the doorframe.
“What’s wrong Juicy?”
He ignored you as he pulled his socks off and tossed them into the laundry hamper.
Finally he turned to face you and the fire in his eyes shocked you.
“How long?” He sneered.
“What?” You asked, screwing your face up.
He took a step closer. His hands were by his side and you couldn’t help but notice the way he was clenching his fists.
“How long has it been going on, huh? You and this yoga guy?”
You pushed the door open and stood straight.
“Juice what the fuck are you talking about?”
He took another step towards you and you could practically see the smoke coming out of his nose.
“Don’t play dumb with me, (Y/N)!” He yelled. “I saw you!”
“Saw me what, babe? What are you talking about?!”
Juice stormed towards you now and his hands slammed against the wall either side of your head.
“I saw you! In the park! Practically fucking each other in front of the rest of the hippies!”
“Jesus Christ, Juice. Louis? You think I’m fucking Louis?!" 
"Don’t lie to me!” He yelled and stepped back from you.
You shook your head in disbelief, sick of having this same argument over and over.
He stared at you with jealousy burning green in his eyes and you knew what you needed to do. 
You kicked off your socks and pulled your shirt over your head, leaving you only in your panties and bra which you quickly got rid off.
Juice struggled to keep his eyes on your face and when you saw his boxers stretching around his hardness you knew it was working.
You closed the gap between you and ran your hands down his bare chest.
“You are all I want, Juan Carlos.”
You grabbed hold of his left hand and unfolded his clenched fist before pulling his hand between your legs.
“This is all yours.”

You had spent over an hour in the shower. Somehow letting Juice lather your body with soap only led to more steamy shower sex and now that your skin was shrivelled like a prune you were back in the kitchen.
Dinner was well under way when Juice joined you in the kitchen and started getting the plates out.
“I’m glad we cleared that up.”
You rolled your eyes and drained the pasta. “Me too babe.”
“I don’t want you going to yoga anymore.”
“Juice nothing is going on.”
“I said no, (y/n).” Juice said sternly.
“He’s gay!” You yelled and slammed the empty pot into the sink.
“Louis. He’s gay.” You said, calmer now.
“You didn’t think of telling me that earlier?!”
You turned to him and pulled him close before pecking his lips.
“No. I like it when you get jealous.”


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anonymous asked:

Do you may have some tips for writing about bad weather? Like storms, thunder and lightnings (at night). Btw, I really adore your blog!

//As someone who has been through quite a few of those, I’d be happy to help. Fun fact: I’ve lived on the coast, where our wind got so bad it blew the roof off a restaurant in town! It took out a lot of the town’s power.

Starting with some basics (aka things you might already know about a storm).


I feel like people often underestimate how strong it can be when it’s storming and forget that it does more than just “howl”. It’s often knocked down trees around where I live! It picks up things like chairs or outside furniture, knocking them over, along with trash bins. It’s not uncommon to find someone elses’ things strewn across your lawn. Some people are advised to stay inside, because they can get blown over (it’s both sad and funny watching people try to navigate it, because they have to lean forward against the wind, sometimes to the extreme).


I think it kind of depends on where your characters live and how high up. I live in the mountains, so I’m closer, and the thunder can shake the house. It’s loud, aka why they’re called thunderclaps. Sometimes you can feel it in your chest, like a very loud stereo playing a bass heavy song.


Very quick flashes of light across the sky, in a way that reminds of a camera flash. The “blink and you’ll miss it” kind of fast. It branches out like roots. Never stand near a tree when there’s lightning out; do not stand near power-lines, either. It’s also advised not to stand near a window, but people tend not to really listen to that rule. I highly, one hundred percent, recommend looking up some cool videos of lightning (I’ll be linking some at the end of this post to help you out).


It doesn’t always rain when there’s thunder. There can be light sprinkles of rain, or a downpour of it. Sometimes it stops and starts again. I know you said night, but sometimes during the day, it can “sun shower” where it looks like there’s no clouds, but it’s still sprinkling water from the sky. The humidity in the air during a storm can remind you of breathing in the warm air at the end of a hot shower. The sensation of wet clothes is annoying and it’s freezing, like ice.


Hits your head like a) tiny pebbles being thrown at you by a rowdy child or b) hits your head like golf balls because someone decided to walk in the middle of the field. Cold (tiny balls of ice, pretty much), and actually hurt in a storm. Don’t walk outside when it’s hailing unprotected. 

Some general tips:

  • Remember to include the wind and the sound of it crashing things over, if it’s strong. It whips trees and bushes around. Wind is often not quiet in a storm (and as mentioned before, it does more than howl).

  • Watch some videos on storms; I know it’s kind of scary, worse even if you’re terrified of them, but it’s one of the best ways to get ideas.

  • Focus on the atmosphere you want to create. Spooky? Loud wailing winds, heavy thunderclaps, etc. Something more somber? Quick flashes of lightning, lighter thunderclaps, gentle tapping of rain at the window.

Now for some helpful videos:

People getting blown around by the wind.

After I went looking for it, I’ve realized that no one decided to record the differences between thunderstorms at the mountains and other places, like the sea or valley, so have some comps of thunder and rain, as well as a blizzard. I do not, in fact, expect you to listen to all of them. Enjoy that ocean one (2nd link), because as someone who has thalassophobia, when the video loaded into stormy black waters, I felt literally ill.

Have some cool lightning videos. It was actually kind of hard to find these videos where the lightning was just casual, for good reference, and not someOMG TOP TEN LIGHTNING STRIKEStype of video. Which, yes, I included.

Some hail videos, but not a whole lot. I didn’t really imagine you were talking about this or snow. Just in case.

I think that should cover it? I’m really sorry if I didn’t help!