(Fake) Winter Weather Brings Us Together by tylerfucklin


Summary: So naked cuddling with Derek while suffering from hypothermia wasn’t really on Stiles’ to-do list for the week, but neither was that kiss–so who was Stiles to complain?

.Stiles/Derek, PG-13, fluff, domestic.

Word Count: 10, 000


So, this lovely person wrote this beautiful fic for my fluffy birthday month (◕‿◕✿)  and I loooved it, I love the way Stiles know so much about Derek and how everything evolves :3 it’s just SO SWEET!!, so I did some drawings ;) hope you like this!! :D 

You, Me, Curly Fries & The Breakfast Club (AO3) by the lovely sterekfluffer

Words: 2.253 Summary: The pack tries to set up a dating profile for Derek but Stiles kind of messes things up  (read here ↓ :D)

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sterek: the otp so versatile you can drop them into basically any imaginable AU and they’ll feel right at home

Derek opens the curtains and peeks through. Stiles blinks sleepily in the light that filters through and yawns. 

“So where are we today?” he asks, rubbing his eyes and reaching for his glasses. “Oh, look they gave me glasses.”

“You look hot with glasses. I wish they’d give you glasses more often,” Derek grins, turning back to Stiles and sinking down at the edge of the bed. 

Stiles looks at Derek’s scruff and pets it. “And I’m loving the scruff.”

Derek laughs, quiet and small. It makes Stiles’ heart flutter. 

“So where are we today?” he asks again, pushing his glasses up his nose and squinting. 

“Looks like a precinct outside,” Derek whispers, leaning forward to mouth at Stiles’ jaw. Stiles trembles slightly and Derek grins. 

“Ah, Deputy, huh? I love those ones,” Stiles whispers, voice hitching because Derek’s hand is now on the waistband of his boxers. 

“Me too.” 

“So, shall we go then?” Stiles asks when Derek leans back to look at him. He regards Stiles for a minute and then smiles brightly. 

“Can I maybe kiss you first? What if today we’re in a super angsty one and they make us fight a lot before we actually get together?” he asks, rubbing a thumb on the inside of Stiles’ wrist. 

Stiles grins wickedly and loops an arm around Derek, pulling him closer. 

“You know what? That sounds like a great idea.”

myheartliesin221b  asked:

Hi! So I'm writing a csi sterek AU and since I don't watch any csi type shows I was wondering if you did and if you do would it be ok if I asked you some questions about some technical csi/cop stuff?? I just want this to be perf and accurate bec -c-

-c- this fic is like my baby and I have very high hopes for it and I just want it to be realistic. I will be forever grateful ^-^

Hey there! I’m sorry, I don’t watch CSI so I’m not the kind of person to ask about this stuff.  But! I’m publishing your ask so if anyone knows more about this subject they can contact you and you can talk about it. 

Also, here are some resources that could possibly help:

Good luck with your fic! 

For @sterekfluffer who has been having a rough week. Here, have some fluff and slow dancing <3</p>

“Don’t tell me you’re sad you’re not dancing,” Derek snorts, handing Stiles some punch, sitting down beside him.

Stiles shrugs, looking out at the sea of couples slow dancing. They look happy. “It’s prom. I feel like I’m missing out.”

“Prom is a stupid tradition,” Derek says.

Stiles shrugs again. “’Suppose,” he whispers, trying to ignore the lump forming in his throat.

Derek’s his best friend. This isn’t how it was supposed to turn out. Stiles had had a plan. He was supposed to fall for someone else. He was supposed to be happy at the thought of Derek finding someone, tease him, help him. Be a good bro. What he was not supposed to do was imagine what it would be like to hold Derek’s hand, or think about what it would feel like waking up to him every morning for the rest of their lives.

He had one fucking job.

“I can’t dance anyway,” he says, trying for a smile. “I’d just embarrass myself.”

He waits for the smart remark, keeping his eyes focused in front of him- trying to keep it together- but when nothing comes, Stiles forces himself to look at Derek’s face. It’s hard to tell what Derek is thinking most of the time, even for him, and Stiles has known Derek since, well, always. Stiles’ first memory of Derek is his earliest one; they were sitting together, watching The Little Mermaid. Derek cried when Ariel’s dad shouted at her and Stiles gave him his wolf plushy to make him feel better. Derek still denies it to this day, but a fond look always comes over him when his eyes catch the wolf sitting on Stiles’ bookshelf.  

“Fine,” Derek sighs, breaking the memory, standing back up and holding his hand out. Stiles looks at it. “I know you. You’re going to make me watch some cheesy romantic comedy with dancing in it tomorrow after school so you can, I don’t know, live vicariously through it or something.” He cocks his head in the direction of the dance floor. “So, I am going to give you to the count of two-”

“Aren’t you meant to give me at least three seconds?” Stiles can’t help but interrupt, because really, who just gives two-

“Is that a no?” Derek asks and, just a moment, Stiles thinks he almost looks disappointed.

As if.

Stiles really must have it bad.

“No- I mean, yes. Yes, I want to,” Stiles stammers out, taking Derek’s outstretched hand. He’s not normally the nervous type, he’s not shy anyway, but suddenly he feels sick. His body is shaking, he knows it is, but before he can pull himself together long enough to turn around and run- because that’s what he should do- Derek is pulling him in by the waist, pulling Stiles flush against him.

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So I shall try again. Sigh. Damn you, cat. 

OKAY. COLIVER. I mean, we all knew in the beginning that he was just the ultimate bad boy who broke your heart and left you all screwed up. 

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AND THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED. Enter Oliver the fluff bunny of hot nerds. Do you remember how in the first six-ish episodes he was geeky cute but then after the mid season finale he became geeky HOT? Like whoa man, where’d you get all those muscles and yummy? 

Originally posted by conrad-ricamora-daily

BUT HE WAS LIKE MAGIC. Oh god, I love how he changed Connor so much. I mean. Look at Connor. Look at how he can be so vulnerable around Oliver and how he’s bringing him goddamn flowers to apologize. 

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And the FLUFFF afakjskasjlgsd??? 

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fluffy kissess! FLUFFY KISSES!

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movie night and pillow fight! MOVIE NIGHT AND PILLOW FIGHT! 

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soapY kiSSES! SOAPY KISSES! now seriously all i need to finally explode is a COLIVER SLOW DANCE. CAN YOU IMAGINE AFSAKKJLKJ??!! 

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sorry i got so emotional over these two but i kinda just love them so damn much? also, on a non coliver related note: have you seen Free Fall? It’s a German movie that is just absolutely brilliant. oh god it’s so great and so perfect, i could watch it every day. please please if you have time you should watch it. <3 <3

Title - I’ll love you for a Thousand more years   

I’d love to gift this to you two wonderful mods and the pinch hitters! @crossroadswrite @sterekfluffer @eeyore9990 @haihaipanda @annoyinglycute

[Sterek| T | ABO dynamics, Royalty au (sort of), Alpha!Stiles, Omega!Derek, Werewolf!Stiles, misunderstandings, arranged marriage, mating ceremony, Brief mention of past abuse, territorial war, injuries (nothing graphic)]

Thank you @jonjokeat​ , @sterekfluffer​ for beta work/read through.

“Reject me, Alpha,” Cora muttered, her voice low and trembling. She raised her head finally to meet Stiles’ stunned, confused gaze. “…please,” she added with steady but glassy eyes.

“Huh?” Stiles knew he was dreaming, because this couldn’t be real. In fact, his entire week felt like a series of never ending dreams. Nightmares, to be precise.

It all started when a few werewolf Alpha leaders decided to ally to stop the recurring invasion threats from the Argent nation; the nation of devious, cruel were-jaguars.  Stiles’ father, Alpha John Stilinski, was one of those leaders.

The Argents had taken over almost one fifth of the Stilinski territory. Eventually, to strengthen his resources John had decided to find a suitable mate for his only heir, Alpha Przemyslaw Stilinski - aka Stiles.

In fact, it all had been already fixed and finalized with the Hale nation within a week. The actual meeting between the intended mates was just a formality where the entire Stilinski nation was all set for a lavish, massive mating ceremony and eagerly awaiting the visiting pack for the association. It was a known fact that an heir would abide to their leader’s orders, no matter what, when the entire nation’s safety was on the line. So here was Stiles, meeting Cora Hale today for the very first time.

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hiiii. do you think you could rec any glee/tw crossovers?? much thanks!!

i think i can. i think i can

Under Pressure by theauthor2010 (21/21 | 22,719 | PG-13)

After his suicide attempt, Dave moves to Beacon Hills to live out his senior year with his cousin Stiles. He’ll have to try and adjust to the new life, as well as take notice of certain interactions between his cousin and a mystery man.

Three in the Blue by idareu2bme (5/5 | 25,166 | NC-17)

Out of the blue, Derek’s ex contacts him.

The Kinney-Hummel-Stilinski Family Reunion by ladylaura (2/? | 2,981 | R)

AU where Claudia Stilinski and Elizabeth Hummel were Brian Kinney’s younger twin sisters, Kurt and Stiles look just like their mothers, and nobody likes Claire, Joan, or Jack. Teen Wolf Season 3 does not exist in my world, because Erica and Boyd are beautiful and necessary.


Recently, I reached 3000 followers. When I first joined tumblr I never expected anything like that and I just wanted to let you guys know how grateful I am to you all for following me and choosing to stick with me through all my Sterek madness. Each time I reached a follower mile stone, 500, 1000, 2000, I really wanted to do something for you all to show just how much I appreciate you, but I never knew what to do because nothing ever seemed big enough. I was in the middle of making a post tagging each and every one of you as a personal thank you, but I have since been told after a certain amount tags tumblr stops altering people I’ve tagged them (?!?!?!) so I had to abandon that lovely plan which I apologise for. You guys make my life just that little bit better and I feel truly honoured to get to be part of yours. So honestly, just thank you <3

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Of course, I can’t finish this post without mentioning all my lovely mutuals. Each and every one of you make my tumblr experience such a happy one. You are all so incredible, talented and awesome and I can’t believe you guys actually follow me. *all the snuggles*

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‘Til It Hurts or Bleeds or Fades by WeAreTheCyclones (10k)

Cutback by WonderWolf (19k)

A Cunning Plan by yodasyoyo (32k)

it’s burgundy! not red! by sterekfluffer (5k)

Flower Bomb by rispacooper (6k)

Bad Habits by Fudgebug (108k)

You Remember It All; When I Loved You So by crossroadswrite (21k)

‘Till You Make It by standinginanicedress (46k)


@cassellate @occulara @sterekfluffer @sunaddicted @a-forger-and-a-point-man @alexturnerthebanker @megaikemen @chlorobenzene @fellowshipofthegay @adreaminglamb

And everyone else in the 00QAD HELL that I can’t remember your urls right now because I suck.




Creator: sterekfluffer
Type of Work:
Title: My In-Law Is An In Law: A Love Story 
Summary: O'Brien and Ashby star in a comedy cop movie as a father-son duo out to catch the infamous Mustache Killer (Hoechlin). But what happens when Stiles (O'Brien) falls in love with the cute bartender downtown and sleeps with him only to find out he’s the Mustache Killer??? (SPOILER ALERT: The Mustache Killer was being framed and is actually innocent and he marries Stiles and they live happily ever after). 

tomlinscn  asked:

any new fics where derek is stiles' anchor and vice versa?

stiles is derek’s anchor:

Matter of Time by littlefrog1025 (1/1 | 935 | G)

The gang graduates Beacon Hills High and are surprised by a certain visitor that shows up for the ceremony.

Blood Stains, Man Pain, and Happy Endings by BlueRunawayMoon (4/? | 31,178 | NC17)

Stiles has finally come to terms with the fact that he’s in love with Derek, before he can decide to act on it though, Malia and Braeden return from hunting the Desert Wolf, and things get complicated. As if things weren’t bad enough animals keep showing up drained of blood and Deaton seem’s to think it won’t be much longer before a human shares the same fate. Between hunting the newest monster of the week, Malia wanting a relationship with him again and Stiles trying not to be too obvious about being in love with Derek, Stiles is starting to wonder if his life will ever be free of drama.

Breaking by stilesroden (12/? | 16,939 | NR)

Stiles has always been the one to push aside his own problems, and fix everyone elses. He’s always been the one to solve and save the day. But what happens, when Stiles breaks down? When he feels pain that he can’t ignore? Who is going to save him from the supernatural spirits that lure around the ghostly town of Beacon Hills? The answer, is Derek Hale.

And The World Was Gone by Casspiration (6/6 | 21,469 | R)

Stiles’ mother and father were killed by a rogue alpha when he only five, leaving him bitten and alone. He was taken in by the Hales, and werewolf life is the only one he has truly ever known. The Hale house is burned when he is ten, and almost all of his second family is taken from him. Laura raises him in New York with Derek, but when one of their surviving cousins calls them back in dire need of help, they pack up and go back to the town that haunts their dreams every night.

derek is stiles’ anchor:

Pull in the magic by Rainbowflavoredtrash (1/1 | 32,224 | NR)

When Stiles Stilinski came back to Beacon Hills, he only wanted to avenge his mother.
He wasn’t looking for a Pack.
He wasn’t looking for Derek Hale.

When Derek Hale found the mate mark on his body, he had every intention of ignoring it.
He didn’t need someone to love.
He had his pack and that was all he needed.

Or Stiles Stilinski and Theo Raeken arrive to Beacon Hills to save the day, and Stiles and Derek find that they had been missing out a lot.

The Person You’d Take a Bullet For (is Behind The Trigger) by SadieHerondale (1/1 | 5,820 | PG13)

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but until he gets Derek back, Stiles’ actions are going to be worse than bad. And he will get Derek back, come hell or high water.

and i feel you dreaming by sterekfluffer (teampancakes) (1/1 | 4,134 | G)

‘Stiles,’ Derek swallows, looking very earnestly into Stiles’ eyes. ‘I don’t think there’s a single lifetime in which I don’t fall in love with you at one point or the other,’ he breathes and squeezes Stiles’ hand. 

anonymous asked:

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEy! Do you know of any fics where they call each other pet names? Specifically baby? I have a weakness, specially if the other person is like "Did you just called me baby? *confused face at not knowing they were a pet name person* THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Just for you snoogumbuttons here is a list of pet name fics! - Anastasia

Originally posted by signinggifs

name calling by nezstorm

(1/1 I 122 I General I Duecalion/Stiles I Humor)

“Hey, Demon Wolf! Think you could separate yourself from that chair and come help me with the dishes?”

honey, i’m home? by sterekfluffer (teampancakes)

(1/1 I 1,366 I Teen I Sterek I Fluff)

‘I mean, you don’t look like a ‘honey’, do you now?’ he pulls back a little, looking at Derek critically. 'I don’t look like a 'honey’?’ Derek repeats, looking slightly bemused. 'No, you don’t,’ Stiles decides, biting his lip as if thinking.

Eat it by Lagoushka

(1/1 I 1,450 I Not Rated I Sterek I Fluff)

Derek feels like he needs his own way to call Stiles.

What did I do? by AlexDowski (Dowski) 

(1/1 I 1,711 I Teen I Sterek I Fluff)

Stiles calls Derek 'babe’ and Derek has a little freak out, though Stiles has no idea why. Now Stiles is busy freaking out about loosing Derek because of it.

kairosclerosis by jadziad (pocketjehan)

(1/1 I 1,840 I Teen I Cora/Erica I Fluff)

six times erica called cora a term of endearment (and the last time that it went without saying)

Well, he had to find out sometime by avocad0kisses 

(1/1 I  2,144 I Teen I Steter I Fluff)

Stiles wasn’t the easiest son to keep track of. Running off on school nights, ending up in Mexico, finding supernatural creatures as friends. If only the Sheriff could have predicted that the next turn in his son’s life would include one Peter Hale.

No Name Calling by snogboxandahalf

(1/1 I  2,350 I Explicit I Sterek I High School AU)

It’s no name calling week at Beacon Hills High School and Derek finds it really hard not to swear at Stiles.


AKA the one where Sterek call each other names until they’re alone in the locker room. Then they do other things.

Sugar Pie (Honey Bunch) by larriecloudss

(1/1 I 2,657 I General I Sterek I Fluff)

“Was that eat-in or takeaway?” the girl at the counter recites monotonously. Her disinterest in the answer is obvious. Her attention is instead devoted to glowering at a group of middle schoolers throwing chicken nuggets at each other. Derek tries not to be annoyed by the amplified clacking of her chewing gum. He watches as one of the preteens gets pegged in the head and goes down.

“Takeaway, thanks.” Stiles replies cheerfully by his side. His boyfriend is smiling widely at the grumpy waitress. “Sound alright, schmoopy?” he asks, directing the question at Derek.

Derek’s eye twitches.
Or, Stiles just really loves to annoy Derek with pet names.

Teen Wolf Fall Harvest Reveals!

Below you will find the complete author/artist names revealed.

After one month of posting, we have given you 95 fic, art, and vid, including: 46 Sterek fic, 42 non-sterek fic, 6 art and 1 vid.

We hope you enjoy them all, and for those of you who received a gift, please remember to leave a comment thanking your gifter.

It’s been a blast! We’d like to thank all our participants, especially our precious pinch hitters: eldee, eeyore9990, KuriKuri, Tryslora, Mmmdraco, nerdyderekhale, accordingtomel, radlilim, rjosettes, mikkimouse.  You guys are our saviors!

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And here is the “full” version of that scarf doodle. In case I don’t have time for anything else :’D

Merry Xmas everyone in the James Bond/00Q & London Spy/00QAD FANDOM (Im doing something else for the Hobbit fandom)

Special thanks and hugs to:

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and the rest of my followers who always like/reblog/comment on my trash posts. You people are amazing!!!!

You guys have made these past few months super amazing for me, and some of you have made the past couple of years great.

Thank you for your friendship, fangirling, and flailing and for making me actually feel like I belong somewhere. I hope we can keep having fun for a while. BLESS U ALL


nosetothewind94  asked:

Happy, Sterek filled New Year to all the mods! Could you pretty please update the drunk / drugged tags? Thank you and keep on rocking! :)

keep on keeping on


And I’m Locked in Your Mind by Marishna (1/1 | 3,752 | R)


Usually the trees didn’t talk when they came to him.

“Yes?” He asked and his voice sounded weird to him, so calm and matter-of-fact.

He burst into giggles.

Golden Boy by trilliath (16/17 | 105,130 | NC17)

Apparently it still amuses his uncle to buy sex slaves for him, no matter how steadfastly he refuses to use them. Derek ducks into his tent with a resigned sigh, prepared to dress and reassign whatever new beauty Peter has bought him. They do make for loyal servants, so he can’t really complain about Peter’s ‘gifts’. But it is annoying to deal with, to have to spend his evening sorting out a slave instead of being able to go right to bed. It’s just something he has to learn to accept as a byproduct of serving alongside his uncle.

But when he lays eyes on the boy laying amid his furs, he finds his breath catching in his throat. His skin is golden with the candle-light glimmering against the sheen of oil that has been slathered on his bared body. His lips are parted, and they work over inaudible words or sounds. His skin is flushed, nipples peaked and pierced with simple but unexpected golden rings. He’s spectacularly beautiful in the candlelight. The many glowing candles that have been added to his usual lighting cast glittering edges and shadows, imbuing an almost unearthly golden color to his skin.

It’s enough that Derek hesitates.

Side Effects May Vary by SpryteStories (1/1 | 2,266 | G)

He could probably do that later today, after all, Scott had said it was nothing to worry about.

But given those two, that had endless possibilities.

Scott had once said there was nothing to be worried about when Stiles had gotten shit-faced drunk and began a one-man town-wide game of hide 'n seek with a little help from a trick Deaton taught him about hiding his scent.

If Stiles being in the hospital was 'nothing to worry about’ there was a strong possibility that he had upwards or two broken bones and a serious fine to pay courtesy of the Beacon Hills Police Department.

Derek heaved a sigh and grabbed his car keys.

i’ll be the one you won’t forget by spiekiel (1/1 | 2,203 | PG13)

Derek answers the phone. “Argent,” he grumbles warningly.

“I know,” Allison says, “you have that whole rule about 'no calling past ten o'clock unless someone is dead or dying’, but - ”

“What do you want?”

It sounds like Allison’s out somewhere, the beat of base-driven club music slamming in the background. “Someone tried to roofie the pack. We, uh - sort of lost Stiles.”


Don’t Run by Kindred (1/1 | 3,359 | R)

A hunter with the cockiness of Flashheart (Blackadder) shots Derek with a untested dart and well things go from there.

Stiles turns out to be a bit more special than very one thought.

Your Hands on Me by Emela (1/1 | 2,018 | PG13)

“Can you rub my belly?” he asked seriously.
“Excuse me?” Stiles’ eyes widened.
“Can you rub my belly,” he said again, face still serious. “But maybe without making any dog jokes? I just…I feel like I need it and…and I don’t want to ask anyone else.”


The one where Derek gets drugged and just wants Stiles to touch him.

All Is Fair In Drug and Love. by TimeWindow (1/1 | 2,022 | G)

Stiles and Derek have this whole Valentine’s Day thing down. Some candles, some chocolate covered strawberries, some champagne and a nice warm bath together.
But a pre-gift seem to have gotten in the way, causing Derek to be loopy… or maybe Valentine’s Day is not completely ruined.


I think I fell in love again(and I’m already in over my head) by Wrxter (1/1 | 1,203 | G)

Derek works at a Tattoo Parlour. He loves it, but it gets a little dull sometimes. Add drunk Stiles with a good idea and everything in Derek’s life get’s a little more exciting.

Wistful Thinking by yodasyoyo (1/1 | 1,837 | PG13)

Unfortunately Derek has had a crush on Stiles for years. It’s not like Stiles has ever noticed him though.

Property of Derek by WyldeWombat (1/1 | 2,599 | PG13)

Prompt: “You can’t get tattooed drunk, come back in the morning and if you still want my name on your ass we’ll talk” AU

Stiles and Scott just graduated college. Stiles may or may not have had a little too much to drink, and he may or may not have dragged Scott into a wolf-friendly tattoo parlor to get tattoos, where he may or may not have encountered a gorgeous tattoo artist who should really just put his name on Stiles.

Yeah. That happened.


Save Me from Tears by hazelNuts (1/1 | 1,566 | PG13)

anonymous asked: “I know it’s a little early but i would love if you could please write a Christmas Sterek story where a drunk Derek starts sing Last Christmas loudly when he mistakes a friendly hug between Allison and his mate for more.”

Derek is sitting on the couch, sipping his wolfsbane spiked Christmas punch, wedged between Stiles and Scott, who talking enthusiastically about their plans for the next day. They’ve decided there’s going to be a snowman-building competition.
There’s a warmth in Derek’s chest and a smile on his face. Stiles called it “dopey”. Derek doesn’t care. They’re on their second annual Christmas pack retreat and everything is okay. He and Stiles are great, everybody is alive and in one piece, and almost everybody is here. Only Allison and Isaac have yet to arrive.

I’ll Wait Up For You, Dear by WhoNatural (1/1 | 5,440 | PG13)

Derek is the Uber driver who always seems to be up when Stiles needs a ride home from work.

altered permanence by sterekfluffer (teampancakes) (1/1 | 11,615 | R)

‘Dude, you had sex with your boss?’ Scott says incredulously, turning to Stiles, pizza forgotten.

‘Technically, he had sex with me, if you know what I mean,’ Stiles winks and waggles his eyebrows exaggeratedly, taking a loud slurp of his soda. He grins when Scott makes a face and covers his eyes. 'Too much information, Stiles.’ Scott says, holding up a hand.

'He’s like the hottest man I’ve ever seen, dude, and he wants to have hot, kinky sex with me. What can be better than that? It’s like my every teenage wet dream come true, except a thousand times better,’ Stiles says, pulling up Google on his phone and typing in 'Derek Hale’. He flips the phone so Scott can see pictures of the dark haired, sexy guy with the most perfect green-blue eyes and stubble. Oh, that stubble, Stiles closes his eyes and smiles, the memory of its rough feel against his burning skin still vivid in his mind.

anonymous asked:

Could I request sterek fics where they live together

 You can! You can request anything and we will do our best to provide. Today I am providing you with so much fluff. - Anastasia

Originally posted by euphoticzonee

Mornings like this by Alenacantfly

(1/1 I 218 I General I Sterek I Established Relationship)

Stiles loved waking up before Derek. It was quite rare. Derek was usually up early to go for a run and Stiles loved sleeping in.

He turned around in Derek’s arms and watched his boyfriend sleep, his features peaceful and relaxed. “You’re staring”, he mumbled and Stiles grinned. “You are beautiful.”

Derek huffed, the corner of his mouth lifting. “Go find something useful to do.”

Nearest to my heart by writworm42

(1/1 I 675 I General I Sterek I Fluff)

Derek and Stiles are rained in. Add a power outage to the mix, and they just don’t know what to do with themselves. Banter and snuggles ensue.

DIY by mountain_ash

(1/1 I 738 I Mature I Sterek I Top!Stiles)

Their new apartment needs a little color.

The Pawful Truth by Wrxter for Sarcastictilltheend

(1/1 I 1,081 I General I Sterek I Fluff)

Stiles calls Derek to tell him that he adopted yet another cat… actually, scratch that. He adopted four.

or: the one where Stiles and Derek are happy and there are way too many punny cat names.

Forever And Always – Teen Wolf: Sterek FanFiction by fosterthepasta (orphan_account)

(1/1 I 1,232 I General I Sterek I Christmas Fic)

It’s Derek and Stiles’ first Christmas together. At first, Derek is reluctant to leave his warm and comfortable bed but after much persuasion, Stiles convinces him to come and join the festivities.

honey, i’m home? by sterekfluffer (teampancakes)

(1/1 I 1,336 I Teen I Sterek I Fluff)

‘I mean, you don’t look like a ‘honey’, do you now?’ he pulls back a little, looking at Derek critically. 'I don’t look like a 'honey’?’ Derek repeats, looking slightly bemused. 'No, you don’t,’ Stiles decides, biting his lip as if thinking.

Home is Where the Heart is by ari_berri

(1/1 I 1,628 I Teen I Sterek I Fluff)

Stiles and Derek move in together

after midnight snacks and satisfactions by Siriusstuff

(1/1 I 1,753 I Explicit I Sterek I College AU)

Looking in on Stiles’s and Derek’s late night activities.

Like butter by BabyMilk

(1/1 I 2,223 I Explicit I Sterek, Scallison, Jydia, Berica I Mates)

Wolves like the new Hale pack like to show off their strength, so what’s Stiles to think when very, very large animals begin showing up on his doorstep?

Dog Gates and Domesticity by theinspiredginger

(1/1 I 2,246 I Not Rated I Sterek I Fluff)

Prompt:“I want fic where Stiles and Derek get into a really bad domestic spat, something stupid and Derek comes home to find dog gates over all the doorways.”

If Stiles just agreed to fill the ice trays, there wouldn’t have been a problem.

A World About To Dawn, The Night That Ends At Last by evlytheevilqueen

(1/1 I  I 2,819 I Teen I Sterek I Established Relationship)

When Derek wakes up it’s to the early morning sun shining right into his face and Stiles’ side of the bed already cold.

(One of the many times their traumatizing life catches up with Stiles in the middle of the night and Derek being his rock in sleep shirt and boxers)

Dim As An Ember by hazelandglasz

(1/1 I 3,071 I Teen I Sterek I Temporary Amnesia)

That would be awesome. No rush. Prompt was: Stiles gets amnesia & pack don’t want to tell him about the werewolf thing, but they’re all living together & Derek living with them is hard to explain until someone says he’s S’s bf. Eventually S figures out that the others are werewolves and gets his memories back, but he keeps pretending so he can still “go out” with D until he lets slip that he knows. D admits that he was torn between wanting S to recover and pretending to be his bf forever.

From the Ashes by R_E_R6

(2/? I 4,836 I Not Rated I Sterek I Pack Family)

When a fire occurs at the Stilinski home Derek offers the two Stilinksis a place to stay.

While Derek tries to ignore his pining for Stiles, Stiles’ new prospective of Derek causes him to evaluate his feelings for the werewolf.

Sheriff Stiinski is way past worrying for Stiles and just wishes they’d hurry up a stop all the pining. Seriously, they just need to hurry up and do something because he is sick of all the 'looks’.

(Sacred) In the Ordinary by idyll

(9/9 I 78,759 I Explicit I Sterek, Stydia, Sheriff/Chris, Scallison I Slow Build)

The Pack, after college, graduate school and the starting of careers, comes back to Beacon Hills. Nothing’s gotten less complicated after all this time.

Based on a kink meme prompt that grew legs and got serious.

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