Scott and Derek going birthday shopping for Stiles and taking hours to find the perfect gift for the perfect boyfriend (✿◡‿◡)

Scott and Stiles arguing over the best way to treat Derek on Valentine’s Day because they want it to be perfect because Derek is perfect (✿◠‿◠)

Stiles and Derek looking through sex toys in a sex store for the perfect toy for Scott (✿◕‿◕)

Stiles and Derek and Scott cuddling in bed and falling asleep with their clothes still on (✿ ♥‿♥)


Sterek AU (part one | part two): Derek and Stiles get together on Stiles’ seventeenth birthday, when Derek finally works up the courage to tangle his fingers with Stiles’ as Lydia lights up the candles. It takes another week and a half for Stiles to put his hand around the nape of Derek’s neck and carefully lean in to press a kiss to the corner of Derek’s mouth, lips pulling back into a smile when Derek finally relaxes under the touch, breathing out and sounding so utterly gutted as he licks into Stiles’ mouth and crowds him up against his bedroom door.

Derek’s voice is quiet when he asks Stiles to keep them a secret, just for now, Stiles, and Stiles tries to remember how a heartbeat works and somehow give a stuttered nod in return. Because it’s okay, it is, he can wait, after everything that Derek’s been through it only makes sense that he might be apprehensive now.

But then their friends begin to take notice, (how could they not, with Derek always leaning up against Stiles, pressing his face into the crook of Stiles’ neck while Stiles reads and sometimes Stiles just loops his arm around Derek’s waist when they’re ringing up groceries at the market - unthinking touches that neither of them seem to be aware of until others start pointing it out with teasing smiles). And Stiles thinks that it’s alright now, that Derek won’t feel the need to hide any longer.

Only it turns out quite the opposite, as Derek begins to verbally deny anything between them when approached. And Stiles fears that perhaps they never had anything at all.


“LOSE YOUR MIND”: A fanmix by myself and squattmccall to prepare for the darkness and psychological torture our babies are going to face in the coming season.

Bastille - The Draw // The Neighbourhood - Afraid // Gabriel Bruce - Sleep Paralysis // Dead Man’s Bones - Werewolf Heart // Mirah - Special Death // Ms Mr - Dark Doo Wop // Yuna - Lullabies // Bastille - Sleepsong // Florence + the Machine - What the Water Gave Me

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but seriously, can you imagine how fantastic it would be to have sterek post sex? you think the banter between them now is good?

they’d be laying there, huffing out heavy breaths and trying to process. stiles would reach up to run a hand through his sweaty, already messy hair, and derek would run a hand down his face, skin scratching over his beard as he stares at the ceiling.

and then he would practically feel stiles’ wide smile, and turn his head and raise a brow, and stiles would turn that smile on to him, and

“that. was. awesome. can we maybe do that all the time? like every day. maybe even twice a day. or three times, if we’re feeling really frisky -”

derek would sigh and shake his head. “how do you even have the breath to talk so much,” he’d mutter, and stiles would pout at him.

“i have very high stamina,” stiles would return.

“you’re exhausting,” derek would groan, and stiles would smirk.

“you haven't seen exhausting, not yet,” he’d say, words tinged with smugness.

“are you always this crude?” derek would mumble as he closed his eyes, and stiles would snort loudly.

“have you met me?!”

silence would fall for a couple of minutes, and derek would finally crack an eye open to see stiles still smiling faintly.

“you really think i can’t keep up with you?”

stiles would turn to look at him, eyes sparking in challenge. “i don’t know. i’m on the fence. maybe we can test it out.”

derek would roll over on top of him, pinning him. “have you met me?” he’d repeat, voice low as his words danced on a breath over stiles’ lips.

stiles would swallow thickly has derek’s hand wandered lower. “yeah,” he’d choke out. “werewolf and all…fuck…”

capstiles-deactivated20140602  asked:

stiles gets derek and himself matching cell phone cases and the pack thinks it's über funny and ridiculous. but derek things they are adorable but he won't say? maybe stiles finds out about derek's true feelings? :3 (amy write a thing please <3 ilu)

“So,” Isaac twists the phone in his hands. “These are for convenience?”

“Yep,” Stiles tosses a case at Derek and Derek catches it easily. 

“Vibrant colours, dude, easy to spot in a struggle.”

Scott examines his for a moment and then beams, “This shade of purple is like a nail varnish Allison has.”

“I know,” Stiles says drily. “Hence why I picked it. Because you talk about shit like that, and it removes math from my brain to be replaced by facts about Allison’s beauty regime.”

Scott shrugs, unperturbed. “Last week you spent twenty minutes listing off all the different ways Derek’s eyebrows say hello.”

“What?!” Stiles squawks indignantly, face heating up as he glances at Derek guiltily. “I did no such thing.”

“My eyebrows say hello to you,” Derek repeats blankly.

“Well, it’s not like you’re particularly vocal, I have to read into these things.”

“I bet he’d be vocal if you gave him some incentive, Stiles,” Isaac says loftily, fitting his pink case over his phone. Derek shoves him off the back of the couch as Stiles stares incredulously.

“Hey,” Allison interrupts. “Why does Derek’s case have a pattern on, and the rest of ours are plain? Seems like favouritism to me.”

“Cos it was the last one, and I wasn’t gonna give Isaac the one with hearts on, was I?”

“They’re fine,” Derek says shortly, “Thank you,” he adds to Stiles before sticking his phone in his pocket, and the conversation moves on.

Allison has to replace her case two weeks later after Isaac accidentally runs it over, messing around on Scott’s bike. 

Scott drops his phone messing around in the woods with Stiles, and Melissa sighs, fondly exasperated and calls the phone company for the fourth time in less than six months.

Isaac loses his phone, and won’t admit where until Danny hands it back to him in class and there’s half a dozen numbers scrawled on the back.

“Found it in Jungle, recognised the case,” he says with a smirk.

Stiles crows triumphantly, even if it’s not exactly the disaster scenario he’d envisioned when he bought them. 

"I swear, we’ve single handedly fed a whole phone company for a year,” he comments to Derek a few weeks later. Derek hums non-committally, tosses a pancake and slides it onto Stiles’ plate. 

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