Sterek AU: On his 18th birthday, Stiles Stilinski has the chance to choose his gift, no matter how expensive or immoral. Most omegas get themselves a werewolf from The Trade, but Stiles had always promised himself he’d never be one of them. That is, of course, until he discovers that his childhood crush, Derek Hale, is among the local options and Stiles has to do everything he can to get him out of there.

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But what about Derek who is afraid of fireworks and so he wears those noise canceling headphones that you see kids wear when they watch fireworks and derek is embarrassed about them and he says he'll just stay home and that fireworks arent that cool anyway, he has things he needs to do (pt1)

but Stiles can tell something is up so he sticks around until everyone has left to go watch them and he asks Derek and after a few minutes of trying to lie about it Derek’s shoulders slump and he shows them to Stiles and his cheeks are pink with embarrassment as he explains that they don’t cancel the noise but it helps to mute it and it works well enough for him to be able to enjoy watching the fireworks.

Stiles makes a noise of understanding and walks over to Derek to take the headphones out of his hand and he gently fits them over Derek’s ears. Stiles then goes on to explain that Derek has nothing to be embarrassed about, that he grew up watching the fireworks with his dad and the people from the station and he knew plenty of hard ass cops who after retiring would wear them and if anyone tries to tease Derek he’ll beat them up. Then there’s forehead kisses and a beautiful night of fireworks.

You know what I love about this (except everything)??? Is that sometime between meeting and this beautiful firework headcanon, Derek got comfortable enough around Stiles to the point where instead of barking at him to get out or showing him the headphones and growling, daring Stiles to say anything, he is shy. Like, I want to think about this. I want to think about Derek Hale and how he puts up a hundred walls, each wall usually made of something unpleasant and standoffish because it’s the only way he knows how to build walls after Kate. 

I want to think about how relieved Derek is, how secretly happy, when Stiles never takes any of his shit and how, when Derek threatens to bite, Stiles is the only one who laughs and bares his neck with a “come on then, sourwolf”, daring him. I want to think about how if anyone else had thought to stick around, Derek is positive he would have managed to scare them - or at the very least anger them - into going away. Not Stiles though, never Stiles. Even when Derek does manage to piss Stiles off enough to get him to leave, he always comes back. And it gets to the point where Derek starts getting hopeful, starts getting lazy in his plan to never let anyone touch his heart again (barring Cora, of course) and so, when Stiles confronts him about the headphones and he finds himself blushing instead of yelling it’s a big deal. 

Derek was always the cool kid when he was younger and when he got embarrassed it was usually only because Laura was teasing him about his stash of history magazines that he always hid under his bed whenever he invited Paige over, or the way he’d sing songs from Aladdin in the shower. There were always things he was insecure about - Kate, most of all, played on them - but even during his first kiss, Derek was confident and cocky. He liked confident and cocky, he still did. 

But when he first met Stiles, something faltered. At first, he didn’t notice it, too busy hating Stiles, but as he got to know him and after everything they went through together, Derek started to notice. Notice the way his palms sweated when Stiles smiled at him from across a room, or the nervous tick of his heart when Stiles casually talked about sex and the way he gently held both Allison and Erica’s hair the first time they had a pack night out and no one expected the punch Lydia’s wolfsbane vodka was going to pack.  

After five years, Derek does feel himself softening around the pack but not in the same way he does with Stiles. All Stiles has to do is wink at him these days and instead of scowling, Derek feels a horrible, familiar jolt. The jolt he used to get watching Paige play in band, the same jolt he used to get whenever Kate would text. It makes him excited and uneasy at the same time and even though he knows Stiles is not Kate, he could still be Paige. He could still die. 

And yet, he can’t help being drawn in because he’s not fifteen anymore and neither is Stiles. Stiles is strong - stronger than anyone gives him credit for - and when danger threatens to kick Derek’s ass, he is always there with his bat and two arms ready to drag him across whatever floor Derek always manages to find himself on after every attack. Just for once, can you NOT do the martyr thing, dude? Lucky for you I had a plan G, huh? Bet you’re not laughing at it now.

And it’s this - this transition from I’m going to rip your throat out to shyly showing Stiles his headphones, headphones he’s actually embarrassed about where he never would have been as a kid - that gets me the most. That when Stiles (half-jokingly) tells Derek he’ll beat up anyone who teases him, Derek doesn’t roll his eyes but instead tentatively offers Stiles his hand and smiles, ducking his head, feeling safe and loved in a way he hasn’t since Laura died.

Secret Admirer/Crush AUs

Imagine your OTP… 

  • sneaking love letters in each other’s lockers. 
  • are in love with each other but they are both oblivious about each other’s feelings. 
  • Character B likes to admire character A from afar. 
  • are in a friends with benefits relationship and character B is falling in love with A. 
  • Character A has been in love with character B ever since they were young. 
  • can’t keep their eyes off of each other and they don’t even realize it. 
  • loves to pretend that they’re a couple, not knowing that they actually want to be in a real relationship together. 
  • feels nervous whenever they are around each other.
  • Character A is planning to confess to character B but they do it anonymously.
  • leaving text messages to each other that are very loving and caring.

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Hi, wondering if you know of a fic where Scott finds out about Sterek and he isn't happy about it. At one point he gets Chris Argent to tell the Sheriff but Stiles and Derek had already clued him in and he was OK with it. Scott rocks up to the Stilinski house to commiserate with Stiles cause he thinks the Sheriff will have put a stop to it. Stiles isn't happy and tells him where he can get off on the dooorstep. That's about all I can remember. Thank-you for all your hard work I check daily : )

@til-i-change-my-luck found it! Luckily! Eh..jokes.

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Wake Up Call by SylvieW

(3/3 I 10,084 I Mature I Sterek)

Derek has nightmares and now that Laura is gone there’s no one to wake him up and comfort him.

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A dark!Stiles sterek fic that I've never written: The pack is tracking down Jennifer Blake, a darach, who has been making human sacrifices. They find her in the middle of the woods drawing energy from the nemeton, but they interrupt and one of the pack kills her. The energy that had been drawn out needs a vessel and it recognizes Stile's spark, so it moves into him. Stiles gains immense power but he also inherits the darkness that taints it. Bad shit happens.

But yeah dark!Stiles is my fav and feel like I’ve read every fic out there. So I hope this inspires more 😭

Oooh! I love the idea of this. Mostly I love the idea that Derek doesn’t even realise the darach’s spark has migrated into Stiles until they’re at least a few months into a relationship. 

Things have been going well. Derek is cautiously happy. This thing with Stiles feels good, it feels healthy, and Stiles is everything Derek has always wanted, and always secretly believed he never deserved. Derek’s working hard at not self-sabotaging this relationship, because he wants a future with Stiles. 

He likes waking up in the loft and knowing Stiles is with him. He likes hear him pottering around in the kitchen, or the bathroom, or still snoring and snuffling gently next to Derek. 

And then, one morning, Derek’s still dozing when he hears the shower turning on, and the spray of water hitting the screen. He smiles to himself, eyes still closed, as Stiles swears at the cold water. Because Stiles never waits for it to warm up. He’s an idiot. 

For a few moments there’s silence, and then Stiles starts to hum, and then sing. 

And it’s nothing. It should be nothing. Just a weird little tune that Derek shouldn’t even know, except he does. He’s heard it before. Jennifer used to sing it too. 

She laughed once when he asked what song it was. 

I made it up for you, she told him, and laughed as he kissed her. 

And in the shower, Stiles is singing it. 

Derek’s blood runs cold.


Stiles takes Derek apart. He approaches the task slowly, methodically, long fingers mapping the geography of Derek’s body. He breathes a steady stream of praise as Derek undulates beneath him, voice catching at the heat in Derek’s eyes, the tender grip of still-human fingers on his shoulders.

I love you, he thinks, as he bends his body over Derek’s, a fragile shield of pale skin and scars neither of them acknowledge.

“I love you,” he can’t help but murmur as Derek gasps his name, pliant and electric in his arms. Alive. The reality of Derek is staggering, a gift Stiles is thankful for with every fiber of his being.

“I love you,” Derek says later, hoarse with emotion as Stiles traces slow circles across the plane of his chest.

And in the night, a little more darkness is chased away.

Imagine Stiles refusing to go to homecoming because he doesn’t want to go unless he can go with Derek, but apparently the rules don’t allow for that.
Lydia, Kira, Danny and a few other friends offer to forfeit their dates and go with him, but Stiles politely refuses; it’s not the same.
So Stiles stays home and Derek brings homecoming to him: he decorates the loft with strings of lights and glittery decorations and plays the playlist that Lydia had sent him, and he and Stiles slow dance the night away at their own private homecoming dance.