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You did an ask about stiles being a tease, but what about Derek? I prefer sterek, but pretty much anything would be great. :)) Thank you very much! (Unless you already have this and then just point me in that direction.)

What a great idea, @lovelyhazandlou. Tease!Derek just for you. (I mean, it’s not like he has to do a lot. Just stand there basically.) And these are all Sterek. - Anastasia

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Practice Makes Perfect by Sarcastictilltheend

(1/1 I 1,134 I Not Rated)

Stiles lost a bet to Scott so now he has to go to a fitness class, a thing he very rarely does.
Exercise is just not his thing.
He (as predicted) ends up making a total ass of himself, but to his surprise the instructor Derek doesn’t seem to hate him for it.
If the ridiculously hot guy thinks that it’s cute or sweat or whatever, when Stiles looks likes he’s dying, he’s not gonna complain about it.
He’s not totally stupid after all.

Cock-blocking kids and cranky caregivers by yogini

(1/1 I 1,231 I Teen)

Sometimes parents need a bit of alone adult time…
And sometimes kids make it damn hard for that to happen… Like, ever…

Downward Facing Wolf by pinkypromises

(1/1 I 2,360 I Teen)

Derek gets into yoga. Stiles doesn’t think his life could get any worse.
Five times Stiles is unprepared for Derek’s Downward Facing Dog.

Howl by CaptainStucky

(2/? I 2,774 I Not Rated)

Isaac has been getting into way too many fights for an 8 year old. So as his teacher, Stiles is obligated to set up a meeting with his father, Derek Hale, who also happens to be Stiles’ dad’s deputy. Derek shows up to the meeting extremely late, covered in blood, and outrageously attractive.

Look After Me by alicuh

(7/7 I 16,807 I Teen)

“It’s like a sleepover. With people you know nothing about, but who know everything about you,” Stiles said, regretting his choice of words immediately. “Fun, right?”

After months of being away, Peter turns up at a pack meeting with with an 18 year old de-aged Derek, showing up to drop him off and leave. Stiles has missed the sourwolf, and when him and younger Derek start getting closer, they both start dreading the day Derek will be changed back, and the odd circumstances take a toll on both of them.

Howling by alicuh

(1/1 I 18,536 I Mature)

A piece of worn material shoots through Derek’s window. Derek frowns slightly and stands, going over to pick it up.
In, assumedly, blood, it reads:


Derek rolls his eyes, sighing, and throws it back out the window, going back to his book.
or the one where Stiles life is threatened, so Derek stays with him to protect him and STEREK OCCURS.

The Awkward and Sometimes Painful Life of of Genim Hale by BlueRunawayMoon

(18/18 I 114,464 I Explicit)

Stiles is a writer of gay erotica whose work, according to his Editor (one miss Lydia Martin) has gotten dull and boring. Lydia suggest’s that Stiles try to LIVE a little, gain some new juicy experiences that he can write about and bring the heat up again. Only problem is Stiles is a bit on the dorky side and not good with ‘living a little’. After a whole slew of embarrassing situations brought on by his best(sometimes!) friend Scott, he’s given some wise advice and decides to take a tropical paradise vacation. All’s going good and well, and he’s got a major crush on his super hot tour guide Danny. Yet it seem’s like he can’t stop bumping into Derek, who, as annoying and brooding as he seem’s, also makes it quite clear he WANTS Stiles. As in…wants wants. With the two being brought together almost by fate, Stiles discover’s that Derek is more than he seems….WAY more.

It’s that time, Sterek fans!! After four weeks, four unique challenges, twenty-one teams, and well over a hundred new, beautiful works – including fanfic, fanart, edits, playlists, and videos – the Sterek Summer Spectacle has finally come to a close.

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And the winner is: FALCON HELLDIVER!!

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SECOND PLACE: What What in the Butt (219.5)
THIRD PLACE: zerosterek (181)


Halesparks: 57
Zerosterek: 52

The Sunny Squad: 69.5
What What in the Butt: 60.5

What What in the Butt: 88.5
The Pleather Jackets: 78

Sarcasm & Sourwolves: 87
Finger Lickin’ Good: 47.5

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Random Sterek idea

Okay, so, I was thinking about Stiles bring the researcher of the pack. He’s the one on the internet at all hours, looking things up, chasing down theories, combing through texts. They trust him to figure it out, and he’s good at it. Good at deciphering fact from fiction, good at separating legends based in truth from those meant to scare or titulate.

His research is what uncovers the truth of Scott’s new powers, and eventually, when Derek and his betas and Stiles and his friends are all pack, it’s Stiles’ keen research abilities that keep them on top of the supernatural threats and weirdness. He finds stuff that Derek doesn’t know, didn’t get a chance to learn. He helps Derek be a better Alpha (through this growing process, they obviously fall in love).

But, where does the information come from? The good stuff. The info that’s harder to come by, but so accurate it’s a little scary and a lot appreciated.

Answer: The majority of it comes from Talia Hale (and some from Laura, a little from Derek’s father and grandparents; basically, most of the relevant werewolf resources available are written by Derek’s family).

Weres are notoriously secretive, with good reason, of course. So for every online support group post for young weres, they purposely put a half dozen kooky theories and shitty “exclusive photos” to protect themselves. But at some point, the Hale family realized they were powerful, and that they had a responsibility along with that power.

So, they started writing journals. Lengthy volumes that they later digitized, detailing the finer points of building a pack, becoming a leader, how to protect your territory and defend against a litany of monsters. There’s a book that is essentially a letter from Talia to her children, full of little life lessons and family history. There are spells and runes for protection and healing. Stories about how to live among humans undetected, and cautionary tales detailing why that is necessary.

Laura writes about surviving receiving Alpha status after trauma, and how to balance pack dynamics and sibling relationships. About leaving your home behind and starting over, sharing territory with unfamiliar packs and negotiating for space, befriending other Alphas and playing politics.

There are volumes about the important role of humans in packs. How werewolves don’t always have were offspring, and how to include and protect non-were pack members, as well as some written by human members of the pack on adjusting to were behaviour and supporting and understanding your pack family.

These resources, the ones by the Hale pack, always just feel right when Stiles finds them; they feel like truth. He eventually recognizes that these things all came from the same source, different voices, but a unifying narrative, a feeling of honesty and it just works out, feels like advice from a trusted source.

He eventually even recognizes the bullshit stuff that the Hales put out there, they’re the funniest out there. They’re snarky and tongue in cheek, obviously written to poke fun at anyone who would buy it. Stiles appreciates the artfully constructed urban legends and their subtle sarcasm.

I don’t know if I even need them to discover that the wisdom they’ve been guided by, the information that has allowed them to become a strong pack, to grow together and thrive, has been from Derek’s family. Of course, it’d be beautiful if they did. Maybe Derek finds an old notebook of his mom’s and shows it to Stiles, who immediately recognizes the writing style and just gasps. He starts shaking and there are tears, and Derek is concerned and holding his arm, and Stiles just says “I need to show you something,” as he fumbles to open his computer and show Derek the parallels between the notebook and his saved references.

Just. Derek Hale getting to have his family’s guidance as he struggles with their loss and his crazy life in BH, through the unlikely but brilliant and compassionate conduit of Stiles Stilinski.

(Eventually, they use the resources to help them through raising babies)

Inspired by this hilarious fic prompt by @withmyteeth  

“I wanted to write a story about Derek being a new comer to town & stiles being his farmer neighbor coming over and being like he welcome to the neighborhood and all and sorry this is so sudden but have you seen my peacock because it’s wily and I saw your bedroom window was open and it likes to lay in big soft beds & Derek is like choking on air because IS HIS CUTE NEIGHBOR COMING ON TO HIM THIS BOLDLY USING A EUPHEMISM? So they go up to his room & there is a bird in his bed & Derek is like wut” (x)

Hello, Stereks! It’s finally the time to reveal all the wonderful people who participated in our event and made this summer a very special one for our fandom! ❤

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Without further ado, here is the list of participants under the cut:

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Mend My Heart

read it on the AO3 at

by lucianowriter

Stiles is a single father to a toddler. Life is complicated and messy as it is. When his father has a heart attack, Stiles watches as Derek Hale enters his life and complicates it even more. However, this grumpy doctor may just surprise Stiles in the end.

Words: 12352, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Do you know any fics that are funny and contain Peter? Or Peter simply being hilarious?

Funny Peter fics for you, bb ;)  -Emmy

All’s Fair in Love and Videogames by taylorpotato 

(22,516 I Explicit I Complete)   *steter

Neither of them is aware of it, but Peter and Stiles play the same MMORPG. After Stiles moves away from Beacon Hills and goes to college, he and Peter start raiding together by accident.

My Idiot Betas by SushiOwl 

(23,599 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek, petopher

When Peter told his betas and pack humans to let him know how they were doing every once and a while, he didn’t mean “Text me at 3am while you’re drunk off your ass.”

You Had Me At Canapes by LadyArinn 

(25,039 I Explicit I WIP)   *steter

Stiles doesn’t mean to sneak into the Hale wedding, and he certainly doesn’t mean to have cliche coat-room sex with the bride’s uncle, but what had happened, happened, and it wasn’t like he could just leave. At least, not until he got to have some of that cake.

Based off the tumblr prompt “I crashed your family member’s wedding for the free food but hi there”

Window Etiquette by crashlea8 

(30,822 I Mature I WIP)   *steter

Ha, these wolves think they’re so freaking smart. Stiles continues lounging, the picture of nonchalance as he hears his window slowly lift.
He makes pretence of heaving a pronounced long suffering sigh. “We’ve talked about this whole knocking thing remember, what if I’d been indecent? Window etiquette’s totally gone to hell this century.”
He   grins pre-emptively, expecting one of Derek’s barked responses that consist mainly of ‘Shut up Stiles’ and ‘wah wah wah this is why I need you to harbour my hairy –but sexy- werewolf ass now’, they were so witty. Naturally then the dark and silky smooth retort was enough to plant  Stiles face first on his floor as he yelped and flailed himself right off his bed .
“Ooh well I don’t know what sort of sordid affair you have with my nephew but I would’ve thought indecency was kind of the point.”
- or where Peter climbs through Stiles window one night: banter and hilarity ensues.

Werewolf Courtship 101 by Arabwel 

(46,952 I Teen I WIP)   *petopher, sterek

Step one: Obtain the alpha’s permission.
Step two: Signal your intentions to your intended with a gift of wolfsbane.
Step three: Show your ability to protect your intended
Step three: Prove that you can provide….

Peter’s thoughts crashed into a halt when Stiles’ words impacted him with their full force.

Allison’s dad saved your sorry ass.

Allison Argent’s dad.

The same goddamn Argent who had given Peter the wolfsbane that was the reason Peter had this hangover. The wolfsbane retrieved from a witch’s lair, while hunting said cat-murdering psycho bitch, with the cost of a ruined shirt and blood loss for Argent in lieu of missing internal organs.

Or: When Peter explains to Stiles how to woo Derek properly,  Chris Argent’s recent actions are seen a new light. But surely the hunter could not be courting a werewolf? No, it must all be a mistake, a coincidence.

If You Were Here by Faircatch

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 24616

It’s Stiles Stilinski’s sixteenth birthday and it becomes anything but special when no one remembers it.

Can he get through what becomes the worst day of his life on top of pining for the totally unattainable boy of his dreams: Derek Hale?

Soulmate: Borat Edition

read it on the AO3 at

by small_talk

“This is the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me. I’d rather be naked.” Stiles whined. He trailed behind Scott, dragging his feet and lugging his beach chair behind him. “How could you let me do this? You’re supposed to be my best friend, not my enabler!”

Scott didn’t look back at his friend. He didn’t feel guilty at all, the bastard.

“You’re the one who made the bet. And the one who made the stakes.”

Words: 6496, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

wherethefuckisthatjigsawpiece  asked:

could you please recommend me your favourite sterek gifsets? (and by that i mean the ones you stared at for ages when you first saw them because holy shit how could words on gifs make you feel this much...)

Sure, here are some I absolutely love:

anonymous asked:

Any sterek fics where stiles is a stripper or something of that ilk. But instead of Derek being like a client it's pretty much same universe with stiles just being a stripper on the side. Bonus points if the pack doesn't know. Thx and sorry for the confusing ask 😬

Ok bb, there’s not much at all for canon compliant secret stripper!Stiles (unfortunately, cause I want more!), so not everything on this list is canon compliant.  Hope you enjoy!  -Emmy

Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love by musikurt 

(989 I Mature I Complete)

With everything that’s been happening lately, Peter’s found it difficult to keep himself satisfied.  He decides to spend an evening in the new strip club just outside of town, hoping it will at least provide him with some visual stimulation, but what he finds is more than he expects…

You’re a Stripper? by DereksGirl24 

(1,040 I Explicit I WIP)

Stiles has a job that he actually likes and is good at, hes a male dancer/male stripper at a gay club and oh yeah hes gay. But his friends dont know and he wants to keep it that way… for now. Keep this one thing to himself, having those men lust after him makes him feel good. So when Derek starts asking questions he worries it wont be secret long.

Just a Good Time by Dexterous_Sinistrous 

(20,657 I Explicit I WIP)

Stiles was used to getting called at, most of them men offering him money for sex. He had even accepted a few times, pinched for cash while having a stone-hearted landlord meant that he didn’t have a lot of options.

Deep down, he knew he could always go home—that despite the fight, his dad would always let him come home, even with James. That was why he hated himself more every time he accepted the cash.

(Or, the one where single parent Stiles strips and prostitutes himself out to feed his kid.)

Wolf Boy by SarkaS

(20,812 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek

He told everyone that he works for a big IT company. When they asked about it and he pulled out all those IT terms and strange words, they never asked again. If he said “work is good”, they believed him, except for Lydia. She would have definitely known what he’s saying, but she didn’t really care. So, win for him. Again.

But now he’s staring at his phone with desperation written on his face and doesn’t know what to do.

I’m going to NYC for my new internship. Spare me a room. L.

He is so fucked.

and for more Stripper!Stiles goodness, check out our tag!