sterek meme


It was intentional, and Derek knows that very well.
“Come on.” Derek says, his voice steady. Even more determined than before.
“Where?” Stiles asks, they could hear the surprisement in his voice. Yup, he thought that was it and they’re gonna move on, maybe laugh about it in some months.
“We’re going to bang.”
“What?!” Scott and Isaac are staring at Derek with wide eyes.
“Yes, you heard it correctly.” The man grabs Stiles’ arm, pulling him out of the vet’s place. “I know what you want, Stiles.”
“Where are we going?”
“To my loft. You’re going to get what you asked for.”

And they say Sterek isn’t real. Puh-lease. I never actually looked at it like this before. But Derek really did go out and was searching for Stiles for two days straight. If people want to say that he didn’t like Stiles or that they weren’t friends, well for somebody that doesn’t like Stiles he sure went out of his way to try to help him. If they weren’t friends they were at least allies. People can acknowledge that. But we all know the truth. They were friends. It could’ve been more though at the right time. The poor guy look tired as hell. Sterek is real and eternal. Oh and the pic is not mine credit to the creators!! 😍