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okay it took me forever and I’m really sorry but here are the results from the suggest-a-title meme! I got a ton of these and a lot of them were anon, and I don’t want to spam anyone’s dash so I’m compiling them into one post. ^_^ 

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Oh! I always get title ideas without knowing what to do with them. This one was a vague tw idea I guess : “You be the Anchor (I’m drifting away)”

Yeah, that is definitely a Sterek fic. I want to say, a fic about Derek post 3A? Dealing with the loss of Erica and Boyd, as well as what Jennifer did to him, and his life generally kind of being terrible. And he’s so angry but he doesn’t understand why it’s different this time, because truthfully, he’s been angry for a long time. He used to anchor himself with it, but now he can’t control it anymore. And Stiles talking to him about how anger is really not a great anchor and he should probably find a different one. Which would of course end up being Stiles. ^_^

Revolutions (They Always Come Round again) – for the fic title thingy, please?

I’d love to do this as a pack fic, like – Derek feeling like he’s really alone, but every time it really gets bad one of the pack members shows up in some predictable manner, like Erica wanting advice on an outfit before a date, Isaac showing up just to complain about something, Peter dropping some cryptic advice that Derek doesn’t even know what it’s about. And of course Stiles just showing up for the most random of reasons, to drop off a book or to harangue Derek about what a mess the place is or complain about how he caught his father eating a cheeseburger. And Derek gradually getting used to things and feeling good about it.

Fic Title: Public Domain

Hm … I feel like this would be good for a fic where Alec is coming to terms with the fact that Magnus has been around a lot longer than he has, and a lot of people know him better than he (Alec) does. I’d like to have him struggle with jealousy issues in a *non* biphobic fashion (thank you so much Cassandra Clare) and feeling like he’s not good enough for Magnus.

Fic title: Ashes and Echoes

Oh, that would be great for a reincarnation fic. Say all the Hales died in the fire and were reincarnated and now have to find each other again. Stiles makes friends with Derek, who keeps having these weird dreams and hearing voices of people he doesn’t know, and Stiles helps him figure out who he really is and find the rest of his family.

For the title meme: My Wrath Did Grow and/or The Balance of Shadows and Flame

The second totally makes me think of Lord of the Rings! Maybe a fic about Gandalf fighting the Balrog. =D The first … hm, I’m not sure. Maybe a post-fire fic about Peter.

Fic title: Above the Past

Magnus and Alec talk about how they aren’t defined by their lack of shared history and the way the Shadowhunters have persecuted Downworlders.

Fic title: Good was never good enough

Oh man, this would be great for a super angsty fic, like one about Stiles after Derek leaves Beacon Hills and he keeps thinking about how hard they tried to make it work and couldn’t. I would never write it, but it would be great!

for the fic title prompt thingy: Hang on for just a little longer

Hahaha this one is angsty too! I kind of feel this one for a Malec fic, too, especially post season one when Alec’s world has just been turned completely upside down on him and he’s fighting a lot of different battles both literal and metaphorical and trying to manage his relationship with Magnus in amongst all that.

For the title thing: You only look once

Well this is obviously a James Bond fusion with Alec as Bond and Magnus as the love interest, and Alec has this towering reputation a ladies man that he doesn’t even know how he *got* because he doesn’t even like women and then he sees Magnus and knows he’s never going to look at anyone else ever again. ^___^

Change of Circumstances

Hm, I’d like this one as a Peter fic, after he comes back from the dead and nothing is the same as it used to be. Maybe not quite a ‘holy shit I did a lot of bad things’ revelation, but at least a ‘things are different now and I’m different now and I’m going to have to adapt to the way things are now’.

Thanks to everyone who submitted! <3


It was intentional, and Derek knows that very well.
“Come on.” Derek says, his voice steady. Even more determined than before.
“Where?” Stiles asks, they could hear the surprisement in his voice. Yup, he thought that was it and they’re gonna move on, maybe laugh about it in some months.
“We’re going to bang.”
“What?!” Scott and Isaac are staring at Derek with wide eyes.
“Yes, you heard it correctly.” The man grabs Stiles’ arm, pulling him out of the vet’s place. “I know what you want, Stiles.”
“Where are we going?”
“To my loft. You’re going to get what you asked for.”

(618): We had a One Night Stand 6 months ago but he just invited me to his wedding. Who the fuck does that.

Derek stares intently at the invitation in his hand. 

After a few minutes of contemplation, he pulls out his phone and texts Cora.

“Do you remember that Stiles guy?”

Cora responds immediately. “The one who left you alone in bed and had you crying into a tub of ice cream for the next 3 days? Yes.”

Derek huffs as he types, “It wasn’t 3 days.”

“You’re right. It was four.”

“Nevermind,” Derek sends exasperatedly.

Cora seems undeterred. “What about him?”

Derek glances back at the invitation before responding.

“We had a one night stand six months ago and he just invited me to his wedding. Who the fuck does that?”

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