sterek is legit

Me with my (guilty) ships
  • Me: Eh what is this fandom
  • Me: Looks cool so far on tumblr
  • Me: Let's check out some of the tags
  • Me: Oh, this is a ship?
  • Me:
  • Me: Fanfic library:804 Headcanon Likes:3098 Gallery about to combust and still counting
  • Me: *Also starts to draw fanart*
  • and i still haven't even watched the actual show yet wtf

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art, art, art, arrrrrrt.  okay, i’m done.  except.  also.  y’know.  ART!

Lydia’s a study in disinterest.  Gaze stretching out across campus, lips pursed in judgment of the impromptu Frisbee match forming on the quad, position oriented to scarcely acknowledge that she’s standing with Stiles.

Stiles is tempted to tell her to drop the act because once obsession with someone has been coded into his DNA, there’s not so much as a micro-expression that he’s likely to miss.  He’s definitely already caught on to and catalogued the shrewdness that has been attacking her face all day.  She knows something but she doesn’t know what she knows and she’s been hawk-eyed and predatory ever since she figured out that much.

Stiles is not going to encourage any of that, thanks much.  Side note: why is everyone around him comparable to some type of bird?  Not that he’s thinking about hummingbirds, because he isn’t.  He could be, but he’s not, because he’s in control of his brain and he’s decided: no.  Crap.  Firstly, he’s totally thinking about hummingbirds.  Second-of-ly, what kind of bird would that make him?  Oh man, probably some kind of friggin’ goose.

He hates geese.

Now he knows it’s likely because he’s subconsciously recognized a kinship to them.

“If you had to pick a feathered representation for me, it wouldn’t be a goose, right?”

Years of following his bullet-speed trains of thought has led to Lydia taking that completely in stride.  She doesn’t even bother to look up at him, hand fishing in her purse for her phone to check the time.  “A seabird probably,” she offers, lighting up the screen, “they’re clumsy on land.”

“Well that’s a self-esteem boost I didn’t know I needed,” Stiles says dryly.  “You’re a true humanitarian, Lyds.  Also, the correct answer was secret option C) some kind of dinosaur.  I would’ve preferred stegosaurus, for the record.”

She brushes the hair out of her face, glances at him.  “I could have said a hoatzin.”

Stiles has legitimately no idea what that is.  “Th… anks?”  He thinks. Probably.

“More commonly known as stinkbirds.  You’re welcome,” she confirms.  Her gaze is less glancing, more stripping and Stiles pretends not to notice.  “Expert deflection, Stiles, truly.”  She golf claps mockingly and Stiles glares back at her.  “Now what are you deflecting?”

“If I tell you, they’ll revoke my ‘expert’ status,” Stiles points out smartly, “And rip up my ribbon.  I can’t have that, I’ve already put it in the family newsletter.”

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sterekargent-wolf  asked:

I am floored with the canon teasing of Sterek even after Tyler Hoechlin has left. I am crying forever omg

Hey, sorry, I am a bit unsure what you mean exactly - that you think it’s baiting or legit sterek evidence? Sorry, I’ve just been seeing a lot of peopel say they think it’s just baiting so I’m not sure what you mean here. 

If it’s the first, I’m just gonna say that I absolutely do not agree that it’s baitng at this point. This is my stance until the show ends and I see what comes of all of that.

But if you are like me and think it’s more proof for Sterek, come here and lemme give you a big giant HUG! :D

And join the party of squeeling and fangirling I’ve been doing since the episodes aired. Cause holly mother of Jesus, I dont think it’s still sunk into my mind how awesome those scenes were - twice in each episode! - like first the beautiful heartbreaking scene with their initials and Allison, of course. But then Stiles. Stiles seeing DH (even if it’s not actually Derek’s initials, it doesnt matter cause he’s the only DH Stiles knows) and automatically thinking about our cough his cough Derek! :D With that little fond smile! And the way his eyes moved - I dunno if Dylan did that deliberately but I am totally headcanoning that he flittered his lashes at the thought of Derek. ;)

And the close ups, I mean how many were those - even Scott didnt get that many with Allison’s initials. It’s like the s04 finale where he had A MILLION reaction shots and close ups on Stiles (and him alone!) in relation to Derek - I mean PETER, Derek’s only loving family was there and he didnt get that many close ups. And let’s not talk about the loft scene in 3b where we got a reaction shot from Derek first even though Stiles’  FATHER was in the scene. It’s like magic - whenever one of them is in danger, you will see first the face of the other (so you can enjoy the utter heartbreak and pain on their faces, yay XD) ^_^

And then in the second episode we get Scott bringing up Derek again along with other people but Stiles only reacts to Derek’s name. Mmmm, ok. And later when he tells Liam to smell what Theo is feeling - again we have a reference to Derek and Stiles talking and sharing things off screen (technically, Scott could have also told Stiles about the chemo signals but…I mean, Scott isnt exactly big on sharing info werwolf with Stiles these days). 

So yeah, you could say I am a lil bit excited and freaking out right now.

But just a tiny bit, you know.

Nothing much really.


*internal screaming happening* XD

anonymous asked:

honest to god question, would you ever stop writing sterek? not as in like, you still writing it when youre 80, but like, do you still love writing it? coz i will always love reading your work, but im scared that some other fandom will snatch you away sighs. so selfish tho of us keep wanting you to keep the sterek fire burning

i’m still writing sterek! i got super into a prompt while i was on holiday and would defo like to post that soon, i’m 13k in so i can post it here and on ao3, also i was reminded about derek hale’s very bad, no good (nice) summer and that i haven’t written a sequel which i defo need to get on! (stiles visiting the hale’s creepy house and shenanigans) i’m looking forward to not being at starbucks anymore so i can write at normal times instead of after 11pm lol.

and i read sterek every day, legit. and i get prompts i want to write all the time, so, i don’t think i’ll stop writing them for as long as i have tumblr, which will probably be until i’m 80!