sterek fic recs

If You Were Here by Faircatch

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 24616

It’s Stiles Stilinski’s sixteenth birthday and it becomes anything but special when no one remembers it.

Can he get through what becomes the worst day of his life on top of pining for the totally unattainable boy of his dreams: Derek Hale?

Updated 8/4/16 (*) 

Here, have some High School AUs.

(If links don’t work let me know. I made this 8 months ago and forgot about it.)

Is It? by Demimonde

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 36636

After an accident that no one likes to think about Stiles left Beacon Hills for five years. Now he’s back and everything’s changed. And while everyone’s happy to see him, they can’t help but wonder why he’s back. And more importantly, if he’ll stay.

Emiliana's Giant Teen Wolf/Sterek Fic Rec List!

I got so many requests to make a Sterek rec list that I finally crumbled! 

For the sake of your own sanity, it’s best to just assume that most of these fics have explicit sexual content. Many of these fics contain their own warnings (including for things like dub-con and non-con), so please make sure to check before reading if you have any triggers. Definitely take warnings seriously!

(If you’re not in Teen Wolf fandom and have just been hearing about the holy-shit-awesome amount of excellent fanfic in this fandom, don’t worry! You can totally dive right in to most of these without having seen a single episode. Feel free to check out this completely helpful and funny guide to Teen Wolf to get an idea of who the characters are and what the world is like.)

All fics are complete unless marked otherwise, and the fics with stars beside them are my some of my favourites. <3 Enjoy!

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Some Sterek fic recs

Chapter Hale House by aaeth

The Spice was mined on only one planet in the known universe- a small, desolate planet, Arrakis. With no precipitation ever, this planet was a barren desert, and it was more commonly known as Dune. It was on this small, yet crucial planet that the feud between Argent and Hale brought the known universe to its knees.


Coureurs de bois by Footloose

All Stiles wanted to do was set out on his own, just him and Scott. But Scott met the girl of his dreams and got them both mixed up with the special brand of crazy that was the fur-trapping Argent Trading Company. The last thing Stiles expected on the journey into the wilderness was to find out that the Argents weren’t crazy after all, that the wolf-spirits his mom taught him about as a child were real, or that he’d fall in love with one.

Cirque de Lune by Circe6

Welcome to the greatest show on earth…

Glasses, Coins, and Golden Rings by nubianamy

Stiles and his mother have worked the farm together since his father left for the War of the Rebellion, ten years ago in 1862. His best friend Heather is the only one who knows what happened on the day the soldiers came through their valley, and the improbable hope to which they both hold.

Peace and Quiet by the littlestwolf

All Derek wanted was some coffee and a little peace and quiet. Instead he found hot chocolate and the endless, yet witty banter of one Stiles Stilinski.

Lime and Chili Aioli by Jinko

Stiles was stuck in a bank robbery in the middle of the day in the middle of Beacon Hills and he could have pocket-dialled Scott or Derek but his phone was on the kitchen bench, covered in lime and chili aioli.

So I sat alone and waited out the night by theaeblackthorn

When Stiles thought about prostitutes he thought about women, with too much makeup and too few clothes, being hauled into the station. Then he met Derek Hale.

Double Negatives by i_am_girlfriday

Derek is a high powered lawyer, and a born and bred Upper East Sider. Stiles is a broke actor who’s grateful to land a full time job as Derek’s newest assistant. Their working relationship is one hundred percent professional…except for when it’s not.

Between The Stacks by dinglehoppersaplenty

human!Derek and librarian!Stiles AU. That’s it, really, that’s the story. (Also fireworks.)

In Other Words, Baby, Kiss Me by primroseshows

Stiles has simple goals in life. To successfully complete his secret radar project without getting fired, to get a cottage on the Moon, and to untangle his mess of feelings for Moon Station 3 deputy, Derek Hale. Heck, he’ll even settle for two of the three.

this town is gonna eat you by sempiternalsea

On the outskirts of Stockholm, Derek takes down six men of eight with nothing but a boot knife and Stiles at his back. By the end, he’s covered in an array of bruises and blood and dirty snow, crouched low to the ground. Stiles stands by him, posture perfectly erect, Glock still raised. He’s got a smear of lipstick on his mouth and gunpowder residue on his sleeve. The men at their feet do not stir. (An AU where Stiles is a spy and Derek is his assassin.)

My Taco Sparkles by butyoureyessaidyes

The first time he sees Stiles Stilinski, the kid’s on his hands and knees in Derek’s office. Or the one where Derek has to battle corporate espionage, meddling family members, clothing turned choking hazards, and inappropriate feelings for his obscenely attractive new intern.

Emergency Love by Kedreeva

Wherein Derek is a firefighter and Stiles is a paramedic, and they just keep meeting.

Important Things by suzvoy

Stiles learns that even with werewolves, giant lizards and psychopathic hunters on the loose, life can still find other ways to screw with you. Case in point: everyone keeps assuming he and Derek are a couple. What the hell?

It’s A Matter of Holding On by hayesgeneration

Derek’s scared. The anxiety is wedged firmly underneath his sternum, a quick thump of thud thud thud he can’t tamp down no matter how hard he tries. Cora is never late. She’s never late, it’s just fact; it’s fact, and while Derek is pretty sure that once in a while, people with normal, healthy relationships with their brothers and sisters are late or forget or, or, whatever, this is not one of those times.

the addiction to sterek continues

(fics that are mostly pwp and short but sweet. cuz im a perv i guess)

a special case prostitute!stiles, bottom derek, light bdsm, etc.

my baby series,  way underage stiles, dubcon, humiliation kink, etc. 

danny didn’t mean to see this  accidental voyeurism, exhibitionism 

good boy praise kink, inexperienced/bottom derek 

a fairly indecent proposal knotting, dirty talk, sweat, begging, etc. 

satin and lace (more than just a pretty face) dubcon, panties, feminization, humiliation, etc. 

safe somnophilia, dubcon 

when your voice breaks (let me hear the sound) knotting, daddy kink, motorcycle sex, etc

teardrops on the fire knotting, fingerfucking, dirty talk, etc. 

the sweet brush feminization, panties, knotting

professional misconduct massage, first time

what you do to me humiliation, dirty talk 

come and finish what you’ve started deputy!derek, slutty!stiles, dirty talk,  dom/sub, etc. 

energy exertion and force teacher!derek, first time, power imbalance/mild dub con, etc 

man’s best friend puppy play, powerbottom stiles, dirty talk, etc.  

made to be broken deputy!derek, spanking, discipline 

Sterek Fairy Tale AUs

Fairy Tale AUs Sterek style because fairy tales are awesome! And also because you guys inbox me the greatest asks. EVER. I did not include Stiles’s Story Time …but if you are a fairy tale fanatic like me then you MUST check it out!

The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis (dsudis) | 116,686

In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)

tie your napkin ‘round your neck, cherie by magneticwave | 7,764

Stiles has been a teapot for 3,308 days. // Scott skids into the door breathlessly and shouts, “THERE’S A GIRL IN THE CASTLE,” and promptly brains himself on one of the casserole dishes.

The One With The Scottish Wolf Lord by Stoney | 11,758

The Hales are alive and a royal family in Scotland; Stiles is the waif sent to work in the kitchens, elevated to personal attendant/servant to the young Lord Hale. Who happens to be a wolf who can’t shift back. (Not without finding… *spoiler*)

The Rest Is Unwritten by mikkimouse | 6,267

Once upon a time, the werewolf king and queen invited five fairies to the christening of their only son. The fairies bestowed the boy with gifts—beauty, grace, wit, and the most adorable teeth in all the land.

But before the fifth fairy could give her gift, a wicked fairy from the other Court arrived and cast a terrible curse on the baby prince. He would have a life full of tragedies, she declared, and die young, of a broken heart.

The king and queen were beside themselves with grief. It was very old, powerful magic, so there was little they could do to break it. However, the fifth fairy had yet to give her gift. The curse could not be broken, she told them, but it could be altered.

She bestowed upon the prince the gift of perseverance, so that he would never lose his will to live, even in the face of countless tragedies. And when he found the one who would stand by his side and face those tragedies with him without fail, that is when the curse would be broken. Because the fairy knew there was nothing in all the world more powerful than true love. Not even a wicked fairy’s curse.

A Heart is a Heavy Burden by lielabell | 41,242

In Which Stiles: is accosted by unhappy witches, becomes friends with fire demons, is rescued by darkly handsome wizards, discovers hidden inner depths, is introduced to princes, and finds true love. Though not necessarily in that order.

Prince Charming by morganoconner | 6,192

Stiles may not be anyone’s idea of a knight in shining armor, but he’s got this saving the princess thing down.

…As long as no one tells Derek that he’s the princess in this metaphor.

Burning Glances (Turning Heads) by Yiichi | 28,471

Stiles is a lower-class tailor, who has always dreamed of attending the fabled, annual Hale ball. His good friend, Lord McCall, somehow managed to procure an extra invite.

Stiles doesn’t expect anything of the evening. He certainly doesn’t expect to capture the gaze of a dark, mysterious stranger wearing a wolf mask.

The Dog Prince by JenNova | 2,129

The puppy shows up outside Stiles’ back door on the first day of his last summer in Beacon Hills. It’s probably the cutest dog he’s ever seen, wolfish enough that it must be a Husky mix of some kind, and when it tilts its head at him his heart melts. He’d be embarrassed by that but, seriously, cutest puppy ever.

Once Upon A Dream by stilinskisparkles | 11,495

Derek watches as Melissa and Queen Claudia move towards the courtyard, Scott and his fairy friends following quickly. The baby makes a small cry as they disappear, and Derek moves towards them on instinct, drawn to it without explanation. Talia catches his shoulder and holds him still, though.

“Not yet, Derek, sweetheart,” she murmurs. “You can’t follow, yet.”

A Cinderfella Story by yerawizardjane | 19,389

A Cinderella Story AU: Stiles thinks he has found his soulmate online in a Yale chatroom, under the name 'B@man’. Little does he know that it’s the most popular guy in school…Derek Hale.

A Sterek rec list of fics I’ve read recently :)))

Dancing (With Another Man) by perksofbeingaiko

Derek Hale fell in love with Stiles Stilinski the moment he laid eyes on him. The boy was imperfect, vibrant, and confusing - everything Derek never knew he was missing in his life. The problem, though, is that Derek doesn’t want to ruin his newly formed friendship with the boy. But with each day that passes, Derek finds that his chances start to run thin, until his world turns over completely when Stiles gets a boyfriend.  

the moon’s gonna follow me home by turningterrific

Derek doesn’t want to call the window repair guy. He doesn’t want to sweep up the glass. He’ll inevitably miss a few shards and pull them out of the bottom of his bare feet for weeks.

He doesn’t want to try to make this place feel like home when it isn’t.

Derek stayed in Beacon Hills and tried to make it work because he wanted pack, wanted purpose. He gave his best effort and found himself back where he started: alone, with a few begrudging allies. He’s tired, and even though his werewolf body heals quickly, he feels the weary ache down to his center.

He packs his car with the few things he cares about enough to drag them from place to place. He locks the loft and calls a realtor about listing the building he’d bought in a misguided attempt to secure a future.

And then he leaves.

Versus by secondstar

At age nineteen, Stiles Stilinski was the next big thing, according to The Guardian. It was surreal, not being able to turn on Sky Sports without hearing his name mentioned along with the names of players he grew up idolizing. Stiles couldn’t believe that this was his life.

Night Owls Early Birds by Lissadiane

Confession: Stiles is afraid of having magic.

The Spark had been cool. It had been small, manageable. He could do some funky stuff with Mountain Ash, all with the power ofbelief.

And now here he is, his Spark blown wide open, apparently coming down with a fatal case of magical overload, and all that stands between him and bleeding out is a grumpy owl that looks suspiciously like a feathered version of Derek Hale.

(In which Stiles learns he’s a witch, but instead of a wand and a trip to Diagon Alley, he gets blood magic, a grumpy and reluctant owl as his companion, and an accidental blood bond with Derek Hale.)

Acacia Honeymoon Hotel by blue_fjords

After dancing around the attraction for years, Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall have finally gotten together. Same goes for Derek and Stiles. Everything is aces. Except the Sheriff and Melissa haven’t told their sons about their relationship, and Stiles hasn’t told his father about Derek. Everything comes to a head during one crazy weekend at the Acacia Honeymoon Hotel. 

There’s a Howling Beneath My Skin by lunacanislupus_22

Cora inclines her head pointedly and he realises he’s half perched on the deck chair, ready to leap up and fight at a moment’s notice. Or run. He shrugs out of his dad’s jacket, folding it over the edge of the chair, and then crosses his arms.

He’s relaxed, okay? He took the jacket off. He’s plenty relaxed.

Or Derek’s obligatory vacation fic in South America after he left Beacon Hills (for good?)

A Wolf For Christmas by WordsandChocolate

Stiles is enjoying his new-found spark powers, and has come to terms with his unrequited feelings for Derek. Mostly. But with monsters, enemies and Christmas fast approaching- who knows what will change?

Our Bond Soars Higher Than the 60th Floors, But You Can’t Keep Me Safe by Delta_Immortal 

After the destruction of his City-Country Beacon Hills, Stiles and other omega refugees are still penniless despite being hired by the Argent Cooperation of the city Nemeton. Occasionally an omega does get “loaned” to a wealthy citizen, but always right before their heat and they never come back. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on there.

Stiles is busy trying earn enough money through odd computer security jobs to finally get out of this dangerous sham. Plus, since werewolves are frowned upon in Nemeton, half his extra money goes to Scott. With his impulsive nature, Stiles has his hands full. There’s no time for heat, for Alphas, or for bonds.

Until Derek Hale, one of Nemeton’s most successful lawyers and wealthiest citizens, comes to visit and immediately forms a strong… obsession with Stiles. Stiles had better find some extra time soon, because with Derek comes a sudden price on Stiles’s head. Someone is out for Stiles’s blood.

Be Near Me by alenie

It’s been over three months since John found out that werewolves are real when Stiles goes to the grocery store one night and doesn’t come back.

I Still Believe by IAmVeronica

War is hell.
Falling in love with enemy solider Derek Hale, secretly mating him, and then accidentally being left behind by him when the war suddenly and violently ends is a special kind of hell apparently reserved for one human omega Stiles Stilinski.
But Stiles is determined to find his mate again, because Derek left more than just Stiles in a war-ravaged and werewolf-hating country - and with danger at every turn and nothing but Derek’s gun and his own wits for protection, hell hath no fury like Stiles now. 

Thank You For This Dance by matildajones

Derek picks up another glass of champagne, and that’s when he sees him. A man stands at the edge of the room, chewing his lip and staring at the dance floor longingly.

Every person walks past him. Derek must have done it a hundred times this evening.

Derek is not one for dancing, but at a ball he meets Stiles, an orphan, and he becomes quickly attached. He does not care what other people think about Stiles’ wealth and status, but it’s a lot harder for Stiles to ignore the comments that have haunted him his whole life.

It’s even harder to convince Stiles that Derek’s feelings are genuine

Golden Boy by trilliath

Apparently it still amuses his uncle to buy sex slaves for him, no matter how steadfastly he refuses to use them. Derek ducks into his tent with a resigned sigh, prepared to dress and reassign whatever new beauty Peter has bought him. They do make for loyal servants, so he can’t really complain about Peter’s ‘gifts’. But it is annoying to deal with, to have to spend his evening sorting out a slave instead of being able to go right to bed. It’s just something he has to learn to accept as a byproduct of serving alongside his uncle.

But when he lays eyes on the boy laying amid his furs, he finds his breath catching in his throat. His skin is golden with the candle-light glimmering against the sheen of oil that has been slathered on his bared body. His lips are parted, and they work over inaudible words or sounds. His skin is flushed, nipples peaked and pierced with simple but unexpected golden rings. He’s spectacularly beautiful in the candlelight. The many glowing candles that have been added to his usual lighting cast glittering edges and shadows, imbuing an almost unearthly golden color to his skin.

It’s enough that Derek hesitates.

Famous Last Words: Made Them Do It Series by JenNova

Fueling My Sterek Addiction

(Lots of smut, mostly pwp fics because I have a problem.)

obscene oral sex, alpha derek, breeding kink

an open window somnophilia, sweat/watersports, dirty talk

Cause Of Death  oral sex, first time, panties

I’m Here daddy kink, spanking, hurt/comfort

you stole the words right out of my mouth consensual roleplay of noncon situation , dirty talk/humiliation

corporal punishment military/abuse of authority,  spanking, object penetration, oral

7th heaven after dark  sub stiles, punishment, spanking, edgeplay, daddy kink, aftercare

let’s talk about sex bdsm, daddykink, bloodplay, exhibitionism, knotting, fingerfucking/rimming, toys, aftercare

that wretched bliss bdsm, dry anal sex, rough sex, threats, humiliation, aftercare, sub stiles

I cannot make praise kink, bottom derek,  mild humiliation/puppy play

just for now rimming, anal, cumplay

what you think you know, you don’t  bottom derek, anal/oral

nourish the hunger lots of daddy kink, feminization, etc.

i wanna take a ride on your size kink, first time, cock worship, somnophilia, etc.

a time to be so small non con, somnophilia, dirty talk, bottom stiles

finger bangin’ hand kink, fingerfucking, first time, bottom derek

hurts so good dom derek, bondage, facefucking, spanking, facials, verbal humiliation, etc.

Happy Birthday, Mr.Hale blow jobs, rimming, dirty talk, slight dom/sub

bad habits (i do em all for you) situational humiliation, rimming, fingering, sex toys, etc.

fill me in alpha derek, underage stiles, size difference, dirty talk, etc.

I Love To Watch Your Body Lie, Just Wanna Be The One You Tie intercrural sex, oral, rimming, alpha/omega, reference to knotting,

Well, THAT’S embarrassing…  verbal humiliation, bottom derek, high school, slight daddy kink, rough sex, rimming, etc.

Lap Magnet first times, mates, self lubrication, knotting, somnophilia, accidental bond, underage, five times fic

wash me clean cock worship, watersports, teabagging, anal, oral, rimming, masturbation, consent issues

role reversal alpha derek, omega prostitute!stiles, power bottom derek, rimming, dirty talk, anal, etc.

Am I Naughty, Daddy? daddy kink, dirty talk, spanking

Sterek Bookshop AU Recs

I just finished a reread of @thepsychicclam‘s Blind Date With a Book and I figured I’d rec all my favorite bookshops AUs

Five Times Derek and Stiles Wanted the Same Book (And One Time There Were Two Copies) by mikkimouse 
Words: 2,896

“Hey!” Stiles yanked the book back, but the other guy had a firm grip on it. “What are you–”

He trailed off when he set eyes on the leather-clad god with a glare that could strip paint off a car who also had hold of the book.

Stiles gulped, but he didn’t let go. “Hey, dude, I had it first.”

Those powerful black eyebrows bent down further. “Like hell you did.”

Came for the coffee, stayed for you by nashirah
Words: 3,685

“Ask him about Twilight!” They heard Laura’s shout. Derek almost dropped his hammer.

“For Christ’s sake, Laura!” He shouted back, and added, calmer now, “She made me read it, alright.”

Secret Santa
Words: 7543

Derek is already thoroughly sick of Christmas by the time Erica bullies him into dressing up as Santa for a holiday charity. It was only supposed to take a couple hours. Until some kid starts accosting him all over Beacon Hills, insisting that Derek is the real Santa.

Wild and Reckless Breeze by GotTheSilver
Words: 15,761
Post S2. In which Stiles is killing time working at a bookshop, Derek buys a lot of Chuck Palahniuk and they start hanging out, much to the confusion of Scott and the Sheriff.

You’ve Got Whatever’s Left of Me to Get by jenniferjamboree
General Audiences

Derek never wanted to run a book store in a college town, but when one hyperactive college student stumbles into The Den, he changes his mind.

Blind Date With A Book by thepsychicclam
Words: 30,361

Stiles thought the Blind Date With a Book trend was a great way to drum up business for his small bookshop. He definitely thought it was a great idea after the hot guy kept returning and buying more blind dates with books.

Derek didn’t know how he kept getting set up on blind dates by his family, or why he kept going on them. The highlight of his night was when the date was over and he could go to the little bookshop in town and buy something to read for the rest of the night. He wanted to read, not date.

You’re the Riddle of the Century by stayingputwouldbeablunder
Words: 45700

“Okay,” Stiles says, drawing out the y. “Well, I’ve gotta go, Derek. Plenty more clueless individuals like yourself waiting to learn how to operate the majestic electronic device you hold in your hands.”

“I’m not holding it.” Derek doesn’t know why he does it but he waggles his fingers in front of the camera; the tablet is propped up against his legs. 

“See?”Stiles rolls his eyes, smiling. “Goodbye, Derek. And thanks for calling Amazon today. Catch you on the flip side.”

“Bye, Stiles.”

Oh shit.

In which Stiles is a tech advisor for Amazon and Derek really loveshates his Kindle.

Cornerstone by Vendelin
Words: 83738

Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.

Reading Sterek #12

Everything I read this week: August 9 - August 26


  • Tinder AU by @sterekseason​ 360 G
    • Human AU where English teacher Derek’s overbearing sisters make him a Tinder profile and he matches with Deputy Stiles Stilinski.
  • At Home AO3 by hazelNuts / @fandom-madnessess 423 G
    • Derek comes back to Beacon Hills and the pack welcomes him home.
  • That’s not my hand by @thesushiowl 468 G
    • “So, kanima packs are a thing,” Stiles muttered into Derek’s thick neck where his face was unwillingly buried. “That’s kind of awesome.”
  • Hey by @eeyore9990 476 G
    • Derek waited, his eyes squeezed closed, breath trapped in his lungs. He felt the brush of long, cool fingers along the side of his neck and then… nothing.
  • It happened on a Thursday by @cloudyskiesandcurlyfries 565 G
    • It happened on a Thursday. Derek was walking down the cereal aisle of the grocery store when he absentmindedly grabbed a box of Cheerios and a box of Lucky Charms. 
  • Cooking Class by @omgsterekplease 597 G
    • I need someone like Kira heading the class and she convinced Stiles to come because she’s a little nervous speaking in front of a group and Scott volunteered his only friend with a kid to be there as moral support and Stiles’ kid adores her anyway.
  • Frayed and Free AO3 by nogitsune_lichen / @nogitsunelichen 700 G❤
  • Raised by Wolves by @sophielostandfound 705 G
    • And the one that nearly no one who knows him believes, because he is a teenage boy, because he is a teenage Stiles; the he totally thinks babies are the most adorable, and he that wants to squish all their little faces til they let out that little baby giggle.
  • ❤Soulmates AU by @demisexualhale​ 785 G❤
    • The first time it happens, he’s standing in the bathroom, toweling himself off. He turned sixteen a few days ago and his stomach still spikes with anxiety every time he thinks about it; maybe it’ll happen today.
  • Summer ‘11 Headcanon by @stilinskihaleworld 813 G
    • I like to imagine that after Lydia and Jackson get back together, Stiles looks for anything possible to distract himself from the disappointment.
  • The One With The Grocery List by @lacrimadraconis 838 G
    • “Scott. Scott! SCOTT!” Stiles was knocking on his best friend’s door frantically, voice getting louder and more agitated as the seconds ran by until a very confused and sleepy looking Scott finally opened.
  • Good Literature by @redhoodedwolf 847 G
    • Berkeley isn’t that far from Beacon Hills, but it feels so much farther when his Jeep is no longer fit to drive long distances and he has to find a different way to get to and from school. 
  • Party Dog by @redhoodedwolf 881 G
    • There’s a dude just sitting on the floor, petting the giant dog that had just walked in. The majority of the crowd of party-goers had made a wide path for the dog to pass through, as that thing was monstrously sized, though skinny with short fur, and admittedly a tad scary looking. 
  • Perfect in Any Version AO3 by mountain_ash / @stilinskihaleworld 894 G
    • Derek could hear as the Jeep’s harsh rattle died away and Stiles hopped out onto the gravel drive. He gnawed on his lip as he debated whether he would actually go through with his plan.
  • Shrek AU by @ladydrace​ 1,008 G
    • Stiles, who is temporarily a donkey (it wasn’t his fault, honest, fairy aunts are so sensitive, seriously), decides not to let that stand in his way in his quest to save the lovely Lydia from the clutches of the nasty dragon! 
  • This Has to Stop by @crossroadswrite 1,022 G
    • “This has to stop,” Stiles says, looking down at his blood soaked feet in disgust and then back up at Derek who is stubbornly trying to drag a deer into his house, even though it’s clear that the thing can’t fit through Stiles’ back door.
  • Kittens and Cuddles by @cloudyskiesandcurlyfries 1,088 G
    • Derek was heading up to his front door when he heard meowing. He was almost certain it was coming from inside his house, which was odd because he and Stiles didn’t own a cat.
  • Stupidly Beautiful by @demisexualhale 1,383 G
    • Derek is kind of stupidly beautiful.Stiles has noticed it before, of course he has. It’s kind of impossible not to.
  • ❤Catch Me AO3 by Inell / @inell 1,600 G❤
    • Derek trusts Stiles to catch him.
  • Gotta Shake or Break by @ladydrace 1,852 Explicit
    • Stiles is shaking. Not just a little bit of shivering, no, a full-body shake that ebbs and flows with every breath, but he assures Derek repeatedly that it’s okay, he wants this. Derek’s senses can’t catch a lie, and Stiles certainly gives every indication of wanting to proceed.
  • Thankful AO3 by nogitsune_lichen / @nogitsunelichen 2,140 G❤
    • Derek didn’t protest when she stormed out of the station. Hell he deserved for her to leave too…he didn’t deserve to have her. What he’s done is unforgivable. He’s the reason Peter is comatose in the hospital. He’s the reason his ten other family members are six feet under in one empty casket because there wasn’t enough remains to bury them properly.
  • Take Me HIGHer AO3 by 42hrb / @sterekseason​ 2,156 Explicit
    • Stiles gives Derek a birthday present and they both end up getting more than expected.
  • ❤Adorable by @demisexualhale 2,174 G❤
    • There’s a guy in Stiles’ class that’s driving him insane.Stiles only has one class with him and there’s no way that Stiles should be as infatuated with him as he is, but god, he is. 
  • Remain Nameless by @omgsterekplease 2,366 G❤
    • “You’ve got to be kidding me.” It’s hot as Satan’s balls, barely eleven o’clock, and Derek is fucking done. “Officer Calves, paging Officer Calves, come-in, please,” she says, annoying and nasal and hidden behind her hand. 
  • They’ll Be Calling You a Radical AO3 by dragon_temeraire / @dragon-temeraire 2,416 T
    • Derek is just trying to save the wolves. Wolves are great, okay?
  • ❤Smooth Like Your Face by @cobrilee 2,525 T❤
    • Derek doesn’t even have to look up to know it’s Stiles who’s leaning against his counter, one hip pressed into the formica while he lifts one of the packages of chocolate-covered coffee beans, ostensibly to study it, but really just to focus his attention on something else while he announces, “Your hand looks heavy. You should let me hold it.”
  • Alpha Merman by @loserchildhotpants 2,622 G
    • Stiles comes to coughing up some water and turning over on a rigid, porous rock. He looks out at the shore blearily and sees the Jeep, but no sign of Scott.
  • Wishful Thinking AO3 by Inell / @inell 2,690 T
    • Stiles needs to learn how to think before he speaks so he doesn’t risk ruining a wonderful friendship with Derek due to his stupid feelings.
  • Accidental Boyfriend by @stileshale 2,875 G
    • Stiles lets himself into Derek’s apartment, calling out a hello as he dumps Derek’s mail on the side. It’s not an unusual habit, Stiles spotting Derek’s scant bills and correspondence in his mailbox and grabbing it for him on the way up. 
  • ❤Need You Close by @halekingsourwolf 2,917 G❤
    • “You can’t possibly be blaming me for this.” Derek aims a dry look Stiles’ way. It’s an effort with Stiles plastered grudgingly to his chest like this, their arms wrapped around each other while Stiles’ body slowly stops quaking.
  • Like Real People Do by @omghoechlinplease 3,043 G❤
    • The road trip to New York was Stiles’s idea. Derek was only in Beacon Hills to visit the pack for a week or so in June for their graduation but ended up extending the trip at everyone’s insistence.
  • ❤Fireman!Derek AU by @pantstomatch 3,783 G❤
    • Stiles is not stuck. To random passers-by it could appear that he is stuck, but he’s completely capable of getting down off this motherfucking tree all by himself.
  • ❤Happy Accident AO3 by haleofStilesheart / @hale-of-stiles-heart 4,118 Explicit❤
    • He was about to send another message when he realized that autocorrect had royally fucked him over by changing your pick to your dick. 
  • ❤Shower Boyfriends AO3 by paintedrecs (bon) / @paintedrecs 4,761 T❤
    • Derek likes sticking to his routines: they give his days structure and keep his goals on track. His carefully maintained habits have never been more important than at college, and by his second year, he’s gotten everything exactly the way he wants it. 
  • ❤You’re Going to be Fine by @stilesbansheequeen NA G❤
    • For a frightening moment, Stiles has no idea what happened. All he knows is that the last hellhound  the pack is fighting just tackled him, that his bat flew out of his hands, and that his shoulder just made a terrifying sound as he hit the ground. 

AO3 Fics

anonymous asked:

Can you make a fic rec with all your favorit sterek fics? Non angst sterek fics. PLEASE <3

Other nony asked: 

I was going through your text posts and saw something about all the bottom!derek writers and I was wondering if u could recommend any bottom!derek fics??

Hey babes, I’m kind of not around as much as I would like because college’s kicking my butt, so I’m not reading as much sterek as before. But because I don’t want to let you guys hanging, I’m gonna share some of my old recs,  they’re mostly happy fics, and there’s a LOT of bottom Derek in it.

All my recs have a description of the fic and my comments about it. I hope you guys enjoy those as much as I did.

Underappreciated Sterek fic rec - 14 great fics, that deserve a lot more ove.

Big Dick Stiles Stilinski - Because I love me some great bottom!Derek with big!dick Stiles you get 7 great fics.

Sterek Smut - You must be thinking, damn this girl only reads porn, I swear that I read a bunch of fluff. BUT, people FOR SOME UNKNOWN reason, are always asking me to rec porn for them *wink*

Bottom!Derek - Because bottom Derek is my lord and saviour, and I praise god to all the great writers in this fandom that write it.

Angel!Derek and Demon!Stiles -  Theeeeeeeeeyyyyyy’re soooooo goood nony!

Fluff  / Everything is gonna be alright * A friend of mine was in need of some cheering up, and I went to the rescue! * In this one I didn’t put descriptions, but they are amazing!


I happen to have this old page of recs, maybe you wanna check it out!

This week, the amazing @bleep0bleep​ made this amazing fic that is very happy, has some fluff and bottom!Derek, you also wanna check it out. 

And if you think this ain’t enough, I got you my Sterek Ficlet tag, My Sterek Fic rec tag ( there’s some here I didn’t read yet), and my Sterek Fanfic tag ( you may stumble into some of my own fics, sorry about the incovinnience).

Neighborhood Romance

Stiles and Derek are neighbors and hilarity ensues, ok sexytimes also ensues. It’s all good! 

monday i can fall apart but by friday i’m in love by tryslora | 5,609

It’s just past five in the morning and Stiles is barely awake, wearing only sleep pants that hang low below his pregnant belly, and he can’t get the damned brand new jar of decaf coffee open. But he has a neighbor, and he’s too tired to think that waking someone else up at this hour might not be the best (or politest) of ideas.

Listen to the Beat by amazingpages | 5,561

Of all the things Derek thought he’d have to deal with upon moving into his new apartment, a loudly masturbating neighbor wasn’t one of them.

of course, of course by bleep0bleep | 12,948

Derek swallows, watching Stiles mull over the paperwork. “Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely,” Stiles says, licking his lips. He signs with a flourish and pushes the contract back at Derek.

Derek knows every word of the contract by heart, but his heart stutters anyways when a sentence jumps out at him. The client acknowledges that any bond created during the heat session is temporary.

The flamingo in the yard by Vendelin | 6,107

It isn’t fair that Stiles needs to work Christmas, when his dad is on the other side of the country. Or that his really hot, next door neighbour is around for the holidays as well. Or that there’s a power outage that makes things even worse. Or better.

All You Ever Needed to Know About Knotting by KuriKuri | 4,781

Derek had started reading the column by accident. Really, reading strangers’ questions about knotting and heat had never really appealed to him. However, at that point in time, he was a little desperate.

And he was right: most of the questions submitted by anonymous readers didn’t appeal to him. The answers, though, did.

(Or: In which Stiles writes an advice column about knotting and Derek is smitten. Also they’re neighbors.)

This Might Be Irony by thepsychicclam | 38,340

Stiles and Derek have been close friends since the Hale siblings moved in next door after their parents’ death. But Derek’s in the popular group, he’s a star baseball player, and he dates popular Pep Squad captain Jennifer Blake. Stiles doesn’t have any of that, just his skateboard and a hopeless crush on Derek (oh yeah, and his Vote Lydia Martin Prom Queen button). As prom and the baseball state championship grow closer, Stiles and Derek start rekindling their friendship.

And it all begins with two white boards.

Talk to Me, Baby by Sarageek16 | 2,386

Derek delivers a basket to a neighbor he didn’t realize he had, Stiles speaks Polish, and Laura cackles in the background. Also, a drag queen.

[Sleep]Walking After You by relenafanel | 56,551

Derek is a sleepwalker who keeps wandering into his downstairs neighbour’s bedroom.

Stiles is pretty sure the hot guy from the park is going to kill him in his sleep. He knows he shouldn’t have been so obvious about objectifying the guy’s really fine ass.

Too bad it turns out Derek is easier to get along with when he’s sleeping.

Gravity’s Got Nothing on You by zosofi | 83,980

“Three weeks,” Derek says.

“Still don’t want to,” Stiles says.

“I’ll pay you,” Derek says, and that… that has Stiles interested. Alf’s Antique’s may be a great job, but it’s not a high-paying job, and half of Stiles’s tuition is coming from financial aid, so…

“How much,” Stiles asks, “are we talking here? Because I know your family, dude. And it’ll be kind of awkward after.“

“My family thinks you’re some sort of fucking gift to the world,” Derek seethes, like he’s jealous, “they’ll probably be pissed at me when we break it off, so don’t worry about that. Five hundred bucks.”

“A thousand,” Stiles says, because screw ethics. Also, the Hale family is loaded. Derek can deal.

Of Neighbours and Miguel by neko_fish | 7,904

Stiles has mixed feelings about his new apartment building. On the one hand, his flatmate’s gone MIA, the amount of junk mail he gets is ridiculous, and his neighbours are maybe-possibly-probably killers.

But on the other hand, there’s Miguel—perfect, beautiful Miguel.

A Blossoming Romance by Trelkez | 7,533

Stiles will just have to try harder next time. No one can ignore him forever.

Knot the Average Alpha by blacktofade | 20,331

Stiles’ favourite porn star, Derek Hale, moves into his apartment block and there are inappropriate facial jokes, broken bones, and a staggering amount of threats in a tiny elevator.

Uncover the Endless Hours by BarlowGirl | 15,059

“Can I buy you breakfast?” Derek blurted, then cringed. Where exactly had that come from? He couldn’t actually remember the last time he’d asked somebody out. Not that he was asking Stiles out. Just for breakfast. And - he was pathetic.

Stiles blinked, honey-whiskey-golden eyes huge in the dim light. “What?”

“I woke up you up at two in the morning,” Derek said, more slowly. “I – you know, food?”

“Oh.” Stiles shook his head. “I have to get up at five and I stayed up stupid late as it is. I’m gonna be a mess tomorrow already and–”

“Nobody gives a fuck, Romeo,” somebody shouted from outside and Stiles jerked so hard he cracked his head on Derek’s windowsill.

Or: The one where Stiles is a cop and Derek doesn’t sleep.

Windows by dr_girlfriend | 83,005

Derek has a new neighbor who won’t stop looking.

Peculiar / Interesting by standinginanicedress | 14,400

“Don’t you think he’s strange?”

The boys watch as Stiles drops his half eaten donut on the ground, flails for a second before glancing all around as if checking to make sure no one’s watching – and then scoops the glazed treat right back up and takes another bite, albeit with a guilty expression on his face.

“Strange?” Scott repeats, furrowing his brow.

“Yeah. Like – you know. Peculiar.”

Sterek fic recs for feelings abound

Cause sometimes you just wanna feeeel

Sterek fics that made me smile like an idiot:

Starting Now I’m Starting Over by skoosiepants: (Teen) A Hogwarts AU.  You know those fics where Derek turns into a wolf and Stiles adopts him not knowing he’s anything but a dog?  This is that, except it’s the other way around, and Stiles is a cat.

Favoritism by blacktofade: (Explicit) This is such a sweet and loving fic, Stiles takes such good care of Derek.  Heed the tags. 

Fools Rush In by origamifrogs:  (Explicit) This is tooth rotting fluff, and I love it cause it’s a falling in love while road-tripping fic, but also a woke up married in Vegas fic.  Two brilliant tropes for the price of one.

Love All by tattooedsiren:  (Explicit) You know secondstar’s pro football AU?  This is that, except it’s a pro tennis AU, and it’s just as awesome and easy to understand for the no-sport-watching plebeians. 

Written Can’t Be Denied by lookslikenico, winglesswarrior:  (Teen) Soulmate AU where Stiles is an actor.  It touches upon how difficult it is to come out in the industry in a very tasteful manner.  Also, Derek is friggen adorable in this. 

But Moses Supposes Erroneously by blue_fjords:  (Mature) Freaky Friday AU where Stiles and the Sheriff switch bodies to adorable results, and there’s so much humour I couldn’t stop myself from giggling.

The Wolf at the Door by MotherGoddamn, Rebness: (Mature) One part murder mystery, one part comedy special, this is the fic where Derek is the worst building superintendent in the world, but also the best.

Sterek fics that made me cry like a little baby (but in a good way):

Rats’ Alley by auburn:  (Mature)  This is the best apocalypse fic that has ever been written in the fandom —and I’ve read most of them— I cried because of how beautiful the boys’ feelings are written, sooooo good.  It baffles me how this doesn’t have millions of kudos.  ( I know it’s tagged major character death, but the deaths only happens in the last thousand words, and it’s not (spoilers) even Stiles or Derek)

the broken radio is playing suicide by decideophobia:  (Explicit)  Stiles and Derek are on the lam.  Very good world building and writing.  It’s an amazing portrayal of an established relationship, troubled by a series of circumstances out of the hands of either Stiles or Derek.  It keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the build up to the climax is phenomenal. 

House of Gold by horchatita394, weathervaanes, wishingonalightningbolt:  (Explicit)  Oh god, the pining, so much pining and misunderstandings, yet it doesn’t feel contrived.  The plot flows naturally and the characterization is brilliant.  Basically, it’s an awesome musician AU.

With Just the Door Ajar by mirrorkill:  (Explicit) Oh this hurts but it’s soooo good.  Derek breaks up with Stiles, Stiles moves away, only to return years later just in time for Derek’s wedding to Jennifer Blake.  The whole fic is surrounded in mystery (is Jennifer evil, or is she good?), and it’s told from Stiles’ pov so there’s no dramatic irony to spoil stuff for the reader.  The plot builds, and builds and then, bang!  Such a good climax.  Mind the tags, (although they kinda spoil the big bang, better be safe than sorry!)

Nothin’ but Blue Skies by zjofierose:  (Mature)  So well written, like urg.  The characterization is on point for the time period it’s written in.  Stiles is a brave as heck air force pilot, Derek is a photographer sent to cover the war (It’s a WW2 fic) and the way Derek’s feelings for Stiles is written is just so damned sweet and so damned sad.

Desperately trying to figure out why the kamikaze pilots wore helmets by DaintyBoots:  (Mature) Even thinking about this fic still stings, so ouchie, so much pain.  It is guaranteed to make even the coldhearted cry big, fat, rolling tears of sad.  Heed the warnings in the tags, seriously, heed them.

Defined By Each Breath by devovitsuasartes:  (Explicit)  Stiles is bitten accidentally by Derek, but doesn’t automatically want to be in his pack.  He hates Derek for biting him and it shows (and the process of that hate turning into feelings is sooo good).  The painful part is the way the disintegration of the Stilinski mens’ relationship is written.  You can tell John loves Stiles, but Stiles hiding his secret werewolfiness really puts a strain on their relationship.  It’s a fic with a good plot, but the characterization is what really shines through. 

anonymous asked:

Could u please recommend me a student/teacher sterek fics?

hmmm…this isn’t really a trope i read a lot of, but i’ll rec you what i have sorta in that vein:

Oh, The Places We’ll Go by keriarentikai

Derek is a college prof, and Stiles is a TA

Paper Airplanes by RemainNameless

Derek is Stiles’ high school teacher

Circle Yes or No by blacktofade

Stiles is a TA, Derek is a mature student

Some rules are made with all intentions to break by theaeblackthorn

Derek is the new Quidditch coach at Hogwarts, and Stiles is a 6th year

Poker Face by tanwencooper

Derek is Isaac’s hs teacher, Stiles is Isaac’s adopted big brother

Here are a few that aren’t technically student/teacher, but feature a similar trope:

Je t’aime by cookienonuts

Stiles needs to learn French for his job, Derek is a French tutor

Special Collections by hannah_baker

Stiles is a senior in college, Derek is the college librarian

Tripe Shot Pumpkin Spice Latte by coffeeinallcaps

Guidance Counselor!Stiles and College prof!derek

my fic sparks has college student!stiles who works for librian!derek, just in case you’re interested

Those are the only ones I’ve read with that trope. It’s not a trope I go searching for, but let me know any I need to read :D

Sterek & Mutual Pining

This was meant to be a short list of pining fics. Ha!  I could go on for at least 5 more pages!! Pining Derek is the BEST! 

Also, I did not rec every fic ever written by bleep0bleep who writes the best pining Derek. EVER. You should definitely check them out here 

Sidequest by bleep0bleep | 11,449

Agent Derek Hale has been working up the courage to ask his partner Stiles out on a date (finally!) when he heads out on a solo mission—without Derek. Eager to provide support, Derek arrives in Beacon Hills, only there is no mission, and Stiles’ dad thinks Derek is Stiles’ boyfriend.

Well. It could be worse.

Bite Down Hard by KuriKuri | 25,730

For a moment, Derek can’t breathe.

Because moles aren’t the only thing marring the pale skin of Stiles’ neck. Oh no, that’s –

– that’s a bond bite. A bond bite which Stiles definitely did not have yesterday, and which appears to have roughly the same dimensions as Derek’s own mouth.


(Or: In which Secret Service Agent Derek Hale accidentally gets bonded to First Son Stiles Stilinski. Oops.)

affettuoso by bleep0bleep | 13,066

Derek mentally kicks himself for just standing there like a lovestruck fool, but it’s been exactly forty-six days since he saw Stiles, and he still remembers the taste of his skin, how Stiles feels underneath him.

(not so) Pure Imagination by theroguesgambit | 33,185

“There is a world where whenever someone fantasizes about you, you can physically feel it, but you have no idea who is thinking it about you.”

Stiles knows it’s wrong, but he’s been Fantasizing about Derek and he can’t bring himself to stop. Derek doesn’t know who’s taken an interest in him, but he’s enjoying it way more than he probably should.

Let’s Talk About Sex! by KuriKuri | 7,241

“Hey, you doing okay?” Stiles questions, a concerned look on his face, and Derek realizes that he hasn’t replied. “You know, this is just the sexual health clinic. The actual clinic is over – ”

“Dental dams,” he blurts out, cheeks heating as he continues to stare at Stiles. “I, uh, need dental dams.”

(Or: In which Stiles works at the Student Sexual Health Center and Derek uses sex questions as an excuse to talk to him.)

It’s Always Been You, Dumbass by stilinskisparkles | 11,028

“Alright, cool, we should go,” Stiles says breezily, dusting off his hands as he stands.

“We should?”


“But… Do you even care about photography?”

“Not as much as I should,” Stiles plants both his hands on the table, bracketing Derek in, “You’ll have to correct my miscreant ways.”

One Hale of a Sandwich by whatthehale | 10,090

Stiles in bed isn’t really something Derek should be thinking about.


Because the person who normally picks Lily up from school? Is Scott.

Lily’s other parent. And Stiles’s partner.

Not to mention the entire source of Derek’s current misery.

AKA, the one in which Derek thinks Scott and Stiles are in a relationship and that they want to threesome with Derek. Spoiler Alert? They aren’t and they don’t.

Finger Bangin’ by Hatteress | 3,464

Stiles starts bringing drumsticks to Pack gatherings, sitting himself on the edge of the group to tap out maddening rhythms on his knees as the werewolves train. The first time he’d pulled them out, spinning one stick in a showy twirl between his fingers, Derek had actually staggered a little, missed a basic move, and ended up on his back blinking up at fucking Jackson, of all people.

Coming Home by sheafrotherdon | 9,951

When Stiles comes home from college for Thanksgiving break, the last thing he expects to develop is a sudden, overwhelming attraction to Derek Hale.

Inevitability (About Damn Time) by accordingtomel | 9,707

“So?” Scott says.

“So?” Stiles sputters, kicking his shoes into the corner and locking the front door behind him. He’d whipped out his phone the second he’d pulled up to the house, and miracle among miracles, Scott actually answered. Of course, he’s not so pleased about that now. “My dad thinks Derek and I are dating, Scott. Did you miss that part?”

The asshole actually has the audacity to laugh. As if this is somehow hilarious to him. Worst best friend ever. “No, I didn’t.”

“This is not funny, Scott.”

“Yeah, it actually kind of is, though.”

Electricity In the Contact by ladyblahblah | 27,067

In which Derek has been invited to the Greater Pacific Northwest Alpha Symposium (that’s not what it’s called, Stiles, stop saying that), and showing up unattached would mean an arranged marriage. When the rest of the pack objects, he agrees to let Stiles come along to pose as his mate. Derek is reasonably sure that he’s not going to make it out of this weekend alive.

Glossy Double Cover Spread by Omni | 7,396

When Derek finds out exactly how Stiles has been able to afford the tuition for his fancy private college, he becomes a touch…obsessed.

To be fair, the ads are available to anyone who buys the magazines, so it’s totally not weird or creepy at all that he keeps a box of them under his bed.

And if he’s asked to be a model, as well, who will happen to work alongside Stiles in shoots, well…that’s purely coincidence. He’s been meaning to get a job, anyway.

Wild Tonic by officerstilinskihale | 11,010

Stiles nodded and smiled again, his teeth flashing brightly and he signed something again, before looking frustrated with himself.

“You’re welcome,” Derek told him, feeling a wave of relief when Stiles’ face brightened. That would’ve been awkward if Stiles hadn’t been trying to say thank you.

“I had a really good time, so yeah. I’m glad you came with me,” he said, feeling his face grow hot. Derek wasn’t usually like this. He wasn’t confident. Sure, he had the looks and he could flirt shamelessly when he got hit on, but he always got shy around the people he genuinely liked, not that there was too many of those.

But Stiles didn’t let him dwell on that. He gripped Derek’s arm, grinned cheekily and pointed at himself before lifting two fingers. It took a while for Derek to get it but when he did, he couldn’t stop a smile from spreading across his face.

Me too.

i wanna dance with somebody (who loves me) by bleep0bleep | 10,538

Derek gets in an accident and loses a few years of his memory; suddenly everything is different— he’s not a freshman loser anymore, but a popular senior, captain of the basketball team, a shoo-in for prom king, too, and he should have everything he’s ever wanted— except he doesn’t seem to be friends with Stiles anymore.

Show Me The Way Back Home Baby by stilinskisparkles | 14,968

In which Lydia and Jackson produce the world’s cutest baby, and the pack goes crazy– the good kind of crazy. Except for Derek, who is afraid of tiny cute babies and Stiles who plans to be the best Uncle ever. Even if Danny called dibs on Godfather.

Weave Soft Spells Over My Sight (As Thy False Eyes Do) by AgnesBlue | 51,424

Derek had blossomed steadily over the past year, growing into his ears and turning even more handsome, if that were possible. But instead of going out and melting the panties off the girls, suddenly he was coming to Stiles all bashed in, demanding that he patch him up like Stiles was some freelance nurse. It was a familiar pattern by now.

In which Stiles has been living with the Hales for a few years as their assistant and friend. He needs to deal with Derek, who keeps coming to Stiles with bruises and cuts to be treated, while trying to figure out what the elderly alpha of the Hale pack is up to.

By a Law Divine by mirrorkill | 23,171

Okay, so, kissing Stiles. That’s a weird thing that Derek’s doing now. He has no idea where it’s even coming from, especially considering bickering and fighting is their usual state of existence. And then he does find out where it’s coming from: A curse that’s making everyone in town kiss someone they have mutual feelings for.

…yeah, Derek’s not even sure why he’s surprised by that.

I stopped believing in happy endings by otatop | 8,531

Derek was prepared to have his heart broken for just one evening with Stiles. He knew what he was getting himself into

(He had no idea what he was getting himself into)

Positivity Project: Day 12

5 Underappreciated Fics

Today, I’m reccing 5 fics I absolutely LOVE that for some reason or another have under 500 kudos. And I think this is a shame. They are all fantastic - well written, interesting plots, great characterizations, and just overall fics that should be read and loved more. Sometimes, there are so many fics, posts, and graphics that go through the fandom in a day, it’s easy for things to get lost. So, hopefully, now some new ppl will discover them and love them as much as I do!

Romancing The Sourwolf. (Or, Stiles Stilinski’s 100% Foolproof Guide To Getting Your Man.) by lucy_in_the_soup_with_croutons

Step one: Do your homework on Derek and apply to real life situations.

Step two: ???

Step three: Profit!

Totally foolproof.

So. What do we know about Derek?

Why you should read this fic: I LOVED THIS FIC SO FREAKING MUCH. It was funny, had an original premise with the lists, had a great build, fantastic Pack feels…I MEAN THE PACK GOES TO AN IKEA LOLOL. It’s fluffy, had me laughing out loud in places, and just overall was a fantastic read. 

Make us laugh (or nothing will) by rohkeutta

When Derek Hale left Beacon Hills at 18 to become a kickboxing champion, he thought he would never return. But here he is, seven years later: trying to salvage something from the ruins of his life, eighteen months after the house fire that killed his parents and left him limping and without a future. Enter Stiles, a college dropout Derek might or might not have been friends with in high school, and the unexpected interest he manifests towards the love of Derek’s life.

Why you should read this fic: GUH THIS FIC GAVE ME SO MANY FREAKING FEELS. I hadn’t read a fic that gave me FEEEEEEELS in so long, and this one?? All the feels. Derek is so wounded and so Derek, but there’s a lot of depth to him, and Stiles is fantastic, and their build and relationship and Derek’s healing was just perfect.

Missed Deadlines by aerowyn

Stiles never imagined he’d be 21 and have a three book deal with a decently respected science fiction publisher. He’s been trying to find a way to balance writing the second book in the series with finishing his junior year of college. He was doing pretty well, if he did say so himself.

Enter Derek Hale, new junior agent at the Hale and Argent Agency. He’s the brooding, grumpy, extremely sexy literary agent who has been given Stiles’ option because he’s been late on a few deadlines.

Ok, maybe more than just a few…

Why you should read this fic: Writer!Stiles and literary agent!Derek…NEED I SAY MORE??? Love this Stiles and Derek, love their banter and their relationship, love that Stiles is trying to make it work with someone else before Derek. Just an overall great, fluffy, fun read!!

After You by Castielific

When Derek Hale - one of the only survivors of the family responsible for his mother’s death - comes back to Beacon Hills, Stiles decides to avenge his mom’s death and prove to Chris Argent that he has what it takes to become a great hunter. He just wishes that there was a Wikipedia article on how to catch a werewolf.

Or how Stiles fails at being a hunter and may have a massive crush on his prey.

Why you should read this fic: I love hunter!Stiles - it’s one of my favorite tropes. This isn’t necessarily hunter!Stiles, it’s more wanna-be hunter!stiles lol. Alternate s1 canon, ie what would have happened if Stiles’ mom died in the Hale fire and Kate Argent told the sheriff werewolves caused her death? This fic made me LAUGH so hard in spots, which I didn’t expect. It was an original premise and funny and a great read.

Secure Happiness by dedougal

When Stiles arrives as a new tutor at Beacon Hall, he uncovers secrets with secrets. But the truth, however elusive, may bring more than just simple revelations.

Why you should read this fic: JANE EYRE FUSION - NEED I SAY MORE?? A really wonderfully done JE au which felt like JE, but not like I was rereading JE (thankfully lol). I love regency era ANYTHING, so this got me right there, and their relationship was so charged and well done.