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 I’ve seen how much he needs you, how much you need him… you’re like two sides of the same coin.

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i just saw your sterek baking fanart and it's so cute!!! i love your art so much <3 i was wondering, if you're still accepting requests, is there any chance you could maybe do something with sterek and cupcakes? it would make my entire day :3

Thank you so much, I’m so glad you liked the baking fanart :D Sorry this was so delayed, I hope you like it!

Stiles making cupcakes for a bake sale (´▽`) (and Derek eating half of them because we all know he has a sweet tooth ;))
The Sweet Solution - Siriusstuff - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
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Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Talia Hale, Claudia Stilinski, a teacher named Ms. Martin, very brief Jackson Whittemore, Vernon Boyd (mentioned), the Sheriff (mentioned)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Kid Fic, Kindergarten, Derek and Stiles are both five years old, Derek is shy, Stiles is determined, brief crying, good parenting techniques, Fluff, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, Sheriff Stilinski’s Name is John, Gift Fic

Stiles finds a way to get Derek to talk to him.

Wooo hooooo! It’s my birthday! Since I’m out of town for a few more days and today is my birthday, here’s a rec list full of birthday fluff fics! Happy reading everyone!

Once A Year We Celebrate (oneshot | 2,178 | General)

Stiles Stilinski’s 21st Birthday.

Ride Out This Electrical Storm (oneshot | 4,958 | Explicit)

It turns out that both Stiles and Derek are inexperienced in the bedroom department, but Stiles just takes that as a challenge and tries his best to blow Derek’s mind.

No Sooner Looked But They Loved (Complete | 4,112 | Explicit)

Contrary to popular opinion, Derek doesn’t have a problem with birthdays. It’s surprises that he can’t stand.

You’re Losing Sleep Tonight (oneshot | 2,882 | Explicit)

“Stiles stares at him for a long moment, and he really can’t puzzle her out. "Did you forget your own birthday?” she demands.“

Stiles vs The Anonymous Birthday Gift (oneshot | 4,390 | Teen)

A mysterious (awesome) birthday gift finds its way to Stiles. There’s no name attached to it and all Stiles has to go on is its shiny blue wrapping paper and silver bow, but he can totally figure out who it’s from. All he needs is the help of some highly reluctant friends.

A Little Less Sixteen Candles (oneshot | 7,569 | Mature)

In which Derek fails at wooing, and Stiles fails at catching a clue.
Isaac & co. are there, but otherwise not season 2 compliant.

All is Fair in Love and War (oneshot | 5,630 | Explicit)

Allison organizes a special event for Stiles birthday, and to celebrate the completion of a project they’d agreed to back on the beach during the summer. Stiles has plans too, but Derek ends up running wild with them.

It’s Going Down (oneshot | 2,313 | Explicit)

Stiles gets a really awesome birthday present when he turns 18.

Baking and Waiting (oneshot | 5,503 | Explicit)

Stiles bakes, Derek waits, Scott offers suggestions.

i am toasting to the way you put that smile upon my face (oneshot | 2,635 | Teen)

“Dude,” he says slowly, meeting Derek’s glance again, face disbelieving. “Is—is it your birthday?”
“No,” Derek sneers. “I’m just treating myself to a cupcake.”

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You know what I've been thinking about all day for some weird reason? Pre-Kate Derek dealing with bullies, like it probably stopped quite a bit after he became popular(ish?) but everyone has dealt with bullies and Derek was no exception, but he probably didn't stand up for himself you know? Talia always warned about not letting yourself be aggressive or get upset because you might wolf out so he always just shut his mouth and tried to ignore it (unless it was someone else is involved, then 1/?

risks it) but anyway he usually just stayed quiet, so years in the future he really doesn’t know how to deal with bullying any other way, so one day they’re out and Derek runs into someone he knew from school who just remembers Derek as one of the kids he picked on and got away with, so he starts taunting him again, total full-scale adult bullying here folks, and Derek just shuts up and tries to ignore it but it only lasts a moment before Stiles just comes out of nowhere and FUCKS THIS GUY UP. It’s like someone released a Tasmanian Devil here, and as soon as he’s done and the guy is left trying to collect what’s left of his ass Stiles just does a complete 180 “Are you ok? Oh my God he should NOT have said that, you’re ok though right? Do you want some cupcakes? We should get some cupcakes,” and … no one ever did that for him.. and Derek just clings a little bit because that’s .. Stiles is just amazing, and h protects Derek and takes care of him and yes, I need this so much.    

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Fast forward to them eating the cupcakes.

And Derek accidentally getting some frosting on his nose.

“You’ve got a little-” Stiles laughs, shaking his head, and leaning in brings his face close to Derek’s, asking, waiting. 

Derek is still for a moment, frowning a little, not understanding, but he nods anyway. Trust, Stiles thinks, aching with something he’s never felt until now- until Derek- and inching closer, slowly licks the frosting clean from the tip of Derek’s nose. 

He feels Derek’s breath hitch more than he hears it, and just like that two soft lips are pressing gently against his. 

“Is this- I mean-” Derek says, lowering his eyes, pulling away. “I’m sorry.” 

Stiles smiles, rolling his eyes. “Only you could think someone licking frosting from your face means they aren’t interested.” 

Derek blinks. “Are you?” he asks, and when he looks up Stiles can’t fucking breathe, because Derek looks lost. Hopeful. Scared. So, so scared. 

“Yeah,” he whispers, tilting Derek’s chin up to mouth at his jaw. “For a long time now.”

“Me too,” Derek says, a hesitant smile tugging at his lips. Stiles doesn’t want him to be hesitant ever again and reaching for another cupcake, takes a bite and then brings it to Derek’s lips. 

Derek’s eyes go a little misty at the gesture, probably thinking of his family, Stiles realises. But before he can ask if he’s okay, if he’s gone too far, Derek moves his lips past the cupcake and places a kiss to the inside of Stiles’ wrist. “Thank you,” he whispers. “I- just…thank you.”