Stripper!Stiles sure likes to be a mean hussy and tease his shape-shifting boss Alpha!Derek to the point where he starts to shift.


I went to this amazing carnival with my friends last night and it was deathly freezing and I saw couples keeping each other warm and stuff and woops I accidentally thought about the pack going to a carnival and of course Sterek happens. I’m not good in writing so I decided to draw instead. The Pack Goes To The Carnival AU

Dean hisses as the ropes pull tight. Professional tight. Chick knows what she’s doing. “You mind?”

Miss Bondage thins her lips. “Not at all.”

One final yank and Dean’s tied to the chair so damn well he might as well have grown there.

Sam grunts, secured just as tightly beside him. “This is not generally how you ask someone for help.”

“Yeah, well,” Stilinski says, snapping his phone shut as he rejoins the group. “We don’t have time for niceties.”

- Hold the Door (Teen Wolf/SPN, Sterek fic) by Hatteress & Maichan

After reading this excellent Teen Wolf/Supernatural crossover fic, I was dying to draw the Beacon Hills pack getting the jump on the Winchesters, so I did! Upon re-reading the scene, my drawing really looks nothing like the way the it’s written, but hey! What I would pay for an actual Teen Wolf/Supernatural episode (that everyone survives, of course)..! ;)


Flirty Barista Stiles - PART 2

More MORE AND MORE Starbucks Sterek AU of mine!

P/S: I am so into BadBoy!Derek and Beanies!Stiles so my Starbucks comic will go with that :)


                                                                ~The dawn is breaking
                                                                A light shining through
                                                                You’re barely waking
                                                            And I’m tangled up in you~


okay but like… what could be better than derek and stiles snuggling up under the glow of string lights on a summer night and shotgunning while warm rain hits the window? and of course there’s a lot of making out involved. and some 20syl playing in the background, and some hip grinding. obviously.

(moral of the story is, i’ll never stop drawing my tw stoner au. i can’t. it’s too fun. oh, and ps, derek’s tattoo is wolfsbane, greyscale, obviously, because he leaves the colorful tattoos to stiles. over and out)