Imagine Your OTP

Person A: I can fit the whole world in my hands.

Person B: No that’s impossible.

Person A: *Cups B’s face*

Person B: *Blushes furiously*


Person B: Get off me, I have a reputation.

Soulmate au….

You know who your soulmate is as soon as you make skin to skin contact with them. Every experience is different. Some people tinglies in the contact spot. Some get shocks. In extreme cases small explosions happen. Or so reported.

You’ve seen sparks fly once while getting coffee. A customer handing the cashier money when all of a sudden bright twinkling light erupted from their hands.

Scientist say that the more flashy and crazy the instance is the more powerful the bond will be. Image your surprise when one day while hanging out with friends you bump into someone and suddenly half the mall is on fire. Thank goodness the fire didnt cause to much damage was done or anyone hurt. When you look into each others eyes its like the sudden kindling of a long forgotten passion.