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Imagine some old wild god appearing in Beacon Hills one day just as Stiles and Derek are about to go on their first ever date. Then imagine said god offering Derek the chance to have his family, Boyd, and Erica back BUT there is a catch. If Derek chooses his family and his lost betas, he has to give up any romantic attachment to Stiles. (1 of 4 )

And Stiles, well he just knows, just KNOWS that his time with Derek is now over before it’s even begun because he knows how much the chance to have his family and the betas back means to Derek. And really Stiles’ own father has chosen things far less vital, like drowning his own grief, over Stiles. There’s no way Derek will choose Stiles over family.

EXCEPT Derek does. He tells the old god to go fuck himself. Because as much as he misses his family and the betas, as much as it’s a constant scar on his heart, they’re already gone and he’s walked a hard road to accept that. A long hard road that he only survived because STILES was with him.

Like fucking hell he’s going to turn his back on Stiles and all Stiles has done to help him grieve and heal. He’s finally accepted that he has a right to seek happiness for himself and he’s not tossing away his chance at it for the sake of the long dead.

I have my inbox open for five days and this is what I get? I AM POSITIVELY HEART BROKEN BECAUSE DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT WOULD HURT DEREK TO SAY NO TO THAT? 

The thing is, I am not so sure Derek would say no. He’s loaded with guilt, Derek, and I am not so sure he wouldn’t bring them back. Not for himself but because they all deserved to live and he feels like it’s his fault they never got that chance. Stiles will find someone else, he thinks; he was never good enough for Stiles anyway. So he chooses to bring them back, chooses to let Stiles go because even though it devastates him to let Stiles go, he knows Stiles will eventually be happier with someone else, that he deserves the chance to love someone who can be everything Derek can’t be for him. Someone whole and less broken; someone who doesn’t have so much baggage and nightmares and regrets.

And look, I know, I know, but listen, I am a believer in fairy tales and true love and so maybe five years go by and they are still friends because neither of them can bear to move on, not really, even though they can’t be together. Stiles understands Derek’s decision, understands so much, even if it left him heart broken too. If he had been in Derek’s shoes, he’d like to think he’d have done the same. So he stays, is Derek’s friend, his best friend. The curse means Derek can’t love Stiles in that way but Derek still loves him more than anything, still cares for him immensely, and even though the curse tries to sever their love, it doesn’t stop Derek from loving him. And maybe one day Derek leans in, because even though he knows he can’t feel what he felt before, he doesn’t care. He’ll be with Stiles for the rest of his life, marry his best friend because that’s all he wants, and so he leans in, kisses Stiles even though it won’t feel like it once did, but just like that…something lifts and the curse breaks. BECAUSE TRUE LOVE BITCHES. And they get to live happily in love ever after and they are stronger for it because despite everything, despite it all, they still chose each other when they could have chosen something easier, something happier, because they meant that much to each other.

NSFW (Nice Stuff For Werewolves)

Summary: Stiles happens to be around when Derek gets a special delivery. (This is not a euphemism)

Notes: There was a post going around tumblr that said NSFW= Nice Stuff For Werewolves, and it inspired this little fic. Also, someone should tell me if this is crack, because I just can’t tell any more. (On AO3)

Stiles is sprawled out on Derek’s couch when the doorbell rings, and he startles hard, almost dropping the book he’s reading. Derek makes a point to smirk at him as he walks past.

“Hey, I can’t help it,” Stiles huffs. “I didn’t even know you had a doorbell.”

“That’s because you always just come barging in,” Derek says over his shoulder. He slides open the door, and accepts a package from an out-of-breath FedEx guy.

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liSTEN THO that au is all very nice and good but what if it was switched? what if Stiles was the badass with the tattoo parlour and Derek worked at the flower shop?

Alright but we all know this switch around is my ultimate jam. Spark!Stiles covered in important, magical tattoos and flower shop owner!Derek who knows what every single flower means and how to say complicated emotions when words fail you. 

On their first year anniversary, Derek shyly presents Stiles with red camellias (”you’re a flame in my heart”) and primroses (”I can’t live without you”). In return, Stiles shows Derek his new tattoo: a triskele with a bat wrapped around it. “It doesn’t do anything,” Stiles explains, “not like my other tattoos . This one is a symbol. A promise that, as long as I’m here, no one will ever hurt you again. That…I’ll look after you, Derek. As long as you’ll let me.”

I have various feelings about badass, spark!Stiles and gentle shop owner!Derek but I can’t resist the cheesy headcanons. #sorry not sorry

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Snuggly pre fire hales?

I went with pre-hale fire fics. Snuggly or not. - Anastasia

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Choosing Family by Katsuko

(2/2 I 1,346 I General I Peter/Sheriff)

Peter has been happy for the past five years that the Stilinski witches have lived in Beacon Hills. Now he wants to take the next step.

Burning House by witchgrassi

(1/1 I 4,6281 I Not Rated I Sterek)

For as long as he can remember, Stiles has been dreaming of the burning house in the woods. At first he thought that they were just nightmares, but as he grew up he realized that they were actually visions of the future for the Hale family and that he was the only one who would be able to save them.

Time Warp by friend9810

(4/? I 5,680 I general I Steter)

“Because if time traveling is real, I’m done, I’m out.” Well Stiles didn’t think time travel was possible but when he has a run in with some witches he reconsiders.

Watch the Stars Fall Down by Fornever_Eden

(6/? I 18,703 I Teen I Sterek)

One day Laura decides that she rather got out with the “hottie” in her English class, so Derek is left babysitting the new Deputy’s ADHD son. That simple decision was the catalyst that sets off a chain reaction where no one was going to escape unscathed. How was anyone supposed to know it was going to change everything? All Derek wanted was peace and quiet.

Or the story about how Derek realized Stiles was his mate and just wanted to keep him happy and safe.

Stiles is 10 and Derek is 15.

All But The Brightest Stars by useyrwordsderek

(6/? I 24,658 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek Hale met Stiles Stilinski when Stiles was six years old and Derek was sixteen, when Derek’s mother babysat Stiles after Stiles’ mom died. They didn’t see each other again until Scott McCall was turned, ten years later.

In which Derek and Stiles both have to become a little less broken before they can help each other and themselves.

Fortune’s Fool by we_remain_together

(12/41 I 47,646 I Explicit I Petopher)

Something was drawing the supernatural to Beacon Hills. Or rather, someone. Talia Hale. Peter’s sister. The Hale family’s new alpha.

So now, somehow, in between juggling his inquisitive spit-fire little sister, the monster of the week trying to eviscerate him, Peter Hale’s quirky redheaded best friend, and his confusing, persistent, and so-very-real-it-scares-the-hell-out-of-him feelings for Peter, Chris is stuck doing all he can to keep his father from the Hale’s front door step. Because, above everything else, there is one absolute truth that Chris has always known: Gerard has no mercy in his heart.

Or: the story of how Chris Argent met Peter Hale and how they proceeded to fall in love and inadvertently ruin each other’s lives.

Hey Bartender

read it on the AO3 at

by tresshots

“Gods must be siding with him today because the guy doesn’t run away screaming, just takes the offered scarf. “It is a bit chilly. Thanks,” he says and starts wrapping it around his neck right away and that is, uh yeah. Doing things to Stiles. He’s always had a weird kink for other people wearing his clothes, although he’s pretty sure nobody this handsome has ever done it before, so excuse him for needing a moment.”

this time it’s a combination of not just one but two tumblr prompts: “this stranger on the street corner looks like they’re severely unprepared for this cold weather, here, take my scarf, i was planning on donating it to goodwill anyways” au + “i’m stuck at this stupid wedding, so please bar tender keep the drinks coming” au

Words: 5070, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Hey peeps, could you rec anything with Sciles friendship angst where their friendships strained for whatever reason, but it's not where either them is categorized as a "bad friend." It drives me crazy when one of them gets portrayed as a butthole friend and the other this do-nothing-wrong angel lol. Anyway, thank you! Also, totally different topic, but Em I'm still in love with your story and I re-read it like every couple of week haha

Hey nonny. There’s two of us and we both write fic so not sure which one of us you are complimenting but I’ll thank you for both of us. XD 

There are only a few where it isn’t one of them being a bad friend but just strained on both sides. But I did my best! - Anastasia

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That’s the sound (that’s the sound) by ironicallyinternational

(1/1 I 3,991 I General I No Pairing)

Stiles and Scott have been through a lot of shit, and things have been kind of forced (cautious) ever since the Thing. Stiles figures he should’ve known it would only take an embarrassing, emotional panic attack on his behalf for things to go back to normal.

“His brain is still scrambled, but knowing Scott has been absorbed into his body’s reflexes so deeply that he hugs back without even thinking, fingers gripping on so tight his knuckles turn white, holding on with all the nervous energy he can muster.

He opens his mouth, tries to tell Scott what’s in his head, but his voice is muffled and language isn’t translating his thoughts properly.”

Love So Hard, It Could Rip My Heart Out by Lapin

(1/1 I 7,554 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles is seventeen, and his best friend is drifting away, and his dad isn’t speaking to him, so he’s going to make some bad decisions. He’s seventeen and he needs bad decisions to look back on when he’s thirty, and nothing is a worse decision than Derek Hale. He’ll let the Big Bad Wolf in, let him press Stiles down into the couch and he’ll wrap his arms around him and he’ll know it’s a bad choice, but it’s his, and Derek is here when no one else is.

NSFW (Nice Stuff For Werewolves)

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by dragon_temeraire

Stiles happens to be around when Derek gets a special delivery. (This is not a euphemism)

Words: 1196, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

Derek raking all the leaves in the yard into a pile to bag up and Stiles jumping into the pile with their two young kids.  Derek can’t even pretend to be mad about it because their laughter is the best sound he’s ever heard, so he jumps in too so that he can kiss Stiles while their kids call them gross. 

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snatches of sound is sooooooo good <3 i've left the tw fandom a while ago and i haven't read any sterek fics since then because i'm just not into the canon/canon divergence thing anymore but AUs are just DELIGHTFUL and snatches of sound was the best thing i've read in a while so thank you so much <3

aw thank you! i had so much fun working with @petals42 on it and i’m glad you enjoyed reading the fic! <3

bring the spring

read it on the AO3 at

by stormfirej

His dad sits on the edge of his bed. Stiles had gone missing again that night. He had gone to the Nemeton, and sat on its trunk, and asked it why it was taking everything from him.

You are my hands and eyes and ears, the Nemeton breathed. I will never try to hurt you.

But you are, Stiles whispered, but the Nemeton never heard him. He can see the stump even now, visions of it flashing behind his father’s eyes, contained within the blue Stiles didn’t inherit.

For this, the Nemeton says. I do not understand.

Leaves grow from his dad’s head, stretching high into the sky. A small, pink flower blooms at the end of the stalk, beautiful in its defiance. He shakes his head, and the flower crumbles into nothing.

“You can’t keep going off into the woods like that, Stiles,” his dad tells him softly. His eyes mirror the lake out in the woods, rippling with green and blue and flecks of brown. “Not with- well, you know what’s out there.”

Words: 3287, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at