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Favorite comics run(s) from each decade?

Starting with the 60s and sticking to ongoing titles; listed in the decade they began (and keep in mind I’ve only read so much, especially pre-90s)

60s: Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-Man, all the Superman and Batman stuff

70s: Conway’s Amazing Spider-Man, Howard the Duck, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Englehart and Rogers’ Batman, all Kirby’s Fourth World stuff, OMAC, Bob Haney’s Brave and the Bold, Steranko’s Captain America, Steranko’s Nick Fury

80s: Swamp Thing, Miracleman, Daredevil, Animal Man, Simonson’s Thor, Zot!

90s: JLA, Morrison’s Doom Patrol, Sandman, Starman, Waid’s Flash, Morrison & Millar’s Flash, Moore’s Supreme, Astro City, Hitman, Invisibles, Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Ellis’ Stormwatch, The Authority, Planetary, Tom Strong, Top Ten, Tomorrow Stories, Promethea, Millar’s Superman Adventures, Ennis’ Punisher, Stray Bullets

00s: Morrison’s Batman, Invincible, Busiek’s Superman, Casey’s Adventures of Superman, Johns’ Green Lantern, Johns’ Flash (first round), Lucifer, New X-Men, Priest’s Black Panther, Bendis’ Daredevil, Brubaker’s Daredevil, Punisher MAX, Gotham Central, early JMS Amazing Spider-Man, Millar’s Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimates 1 & 2, Waid’s Fantastic Four, Hickman’s Fantastic Four, Brubaker/Fraction/Aja’s Iron Fist, Millar’s Wolverine, Aaron’s Wolverine, Slott’s She-Hulk, Ellis’ Iron Man, Fraction’s Iron Man, Nextwave, Ex Machina, Irredeemable, Zombo, Casanova, War Stories, Jack Staff, Achewood

10s: Morrison’s Action Comics, Waid’s Daredevil, Gillen & McKelvie’s Young Avengers, The Wicked + The Divine, Hickman’s Avengers/New Avengers, Aaron’s Thor, Aaron’s Wolverine & The X-Men, Manhattan Projects, Saga, Ewing’s Mighty Avengers, Snyder’s Batman, King’s Batman, Vision, Omega Men, Loki: Agent of Asgard, Sheriff of Babylon, Prez, Midnighter, Grayson, Dial H, Velvet, Ellis & Shalvey’s Moon Knight, Squirrel Girl

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