House Underdog

So we all know that Gryffindor is a pretty popular house, that one is common knowledge. Then there’s Slytherin, not an overall loved house but one that many people have come to be devoted to in their sorting. Certainly no underdog, the tumblr community in my circles generally favour Slytherin. Then there’s the house of the badgers, highly underrated. Newt Scamander came along, and there’s people like me that are always willing to defend the ever loyal Hufflepuffs. Ravenclaw however is the real underdog. Everybody knows it’s there but not many people run towards the house. It’s probably the least used in fan fiction but funny as it is, a very common sorting in the tumblr fandom. I think it’s time we step up and show just how kicka$$ Ravenclaws can be.
Caw Caw


Come on weighted #stepups these look kind of silly ans easy… but they will wear your ass up literally and figuratively I am stepping up with a 40 pound weight plus the approximate 150 pounds that I am and my #glutes are fully activated knees behind your toes diplow push it up slow all the way through with your #glutes… this is like lunging uphill with a 2nd grader on your back. .. #gymspiration #fitthickarmy #ebonyfitness #blackgirlsworkouttoo #gymlife #glutes #bootywerk

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This is the reality of the work I do for kids with cancer. It is not pretty, or cute, or sweet. It’s terrible. But it matters, because the lives of innocent children matter. 4% of the entire cancer research budget goes to children. That’s it. You want to do something about it? At the very least, watch and share this video. Be a voice for all the children we are losing every day. 


Ugh #stepups great to really isolate glutes… this height gives you great form and just enough height to really dig in and push #bootygainz #glutes #girlsthatlift #desig6 #legday #quads

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alisondeyette I’ve met & interviewed @msleamichele several times and EVERY single time she is delightful and lovely and I can’t help but #smile when I’m around her. And if she started singing I’d have to start dancing & likely have a smile stuck in place for hours. This time we honored her as an #inspiration to the young girls whom we mentor and are a part of #stepup. She had her mom on FaceTime during her speech-sweet!  #inspirationawards @stepupwomensnetwork #leamichele #wiw #whatiwore @lkbennettlondon #mentor #charity #mentoring #girlpower @michaelkors @bradgoreski


Biochem I, Lecture 7 (9/16/15). 

Midterms are over. I think I did relatively well, though there is a lot more leeway and understanding in grad school than in undergrad. Biochem was definitely the easiest midterm of the bunch, but there’s definitely a stepup now that the basics are all covered.