Join the childhood cancer community to #StepUp NCI funding for childhood cancer research. This campaign, just launched today, is being coordinated not by a single organization fighting childhood cancer, but all of us who have. Many organizations, nonprofit groups, and individuals who have made it their personal vendetta to bring awareness and funding to childhood cancer.

Though we be many, we can’t do this alone. We need your help to stand up to Congress. Write a note to Congress, tweet them if you will: #StepUp : More Funding for Childhood Cancer Research. Increase NCI appropriations to reauthorize the Carolyn Pryce Walker Act!

Click through to email or tweet to your elected officials and tell them to #StepUp to the plate in the battle against childhood cancer. Together we can save lives and families from childhood cancer.

#StendUp to childhood cancer! #SoundOff


Ugh #stepups great to really isolate glutes… this height gives you great form and just enough height to really dig in and push #bootygainz #glutes #girlsthatlift #desig6 #legday #quads

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This is the reality of the work I do for kids with cancer. It is not pretty, or cute, or sweet. It’s terrible. But it matters, because the lives of innocent children matter. 4% of the entire cancer research budget goes to children. That’s it. You want to do something about it? At the very least, watch and share this video. Be a voice for all the children we are losing every day. 


Come on weighted #stepups these look kind of silly ans easy… but they will wear your ass up literally and figuratively I am stepping up with a 40 pound weight plus the approximate 150 pounds that I am and my #glutes are fully activated knees behind your toes diplow push it up slow all the way through with your #glutes… this is like lunging uphill with a 2nd grader on your back. .. #gymspiration #fitthickarmy #ebonyfitness #blackgirlsworkouttoo #gymlife #glutes #bootywerk

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What the actual fuck is going on with voltron fandom!?

So apparently 17yrs teenagers considered as a child?

so these people must love to be pampered and have full attention like kids generally?

does people who starts working at the age of 17 considered….a child…too??

WTF?? i started to find my own income when i was 15??? do i considered a child back then? hell fucking no??????

how is it even possible those high school students considered themselves as a fucking child???

and now they’re renting on how uncomfortable those minors characters being sexualise in fanarts and fanfics?????????

do they realised fanrats and fanfics exist even before they were born???????

i discovered fanficts in 1998 from and fanart in photobucket in 1999

and these things apparently are unhealthy and not a safe environment for minors like them?????????????????????


do they realised that god damn fucking internet is basically an online WORLD that cannot be control just like the actual world???

do they think think the REAL world is so fucking safe in the 1st place?

do they think the world only revolve around them??????????

they were so upset because they can’t control on how the adults enjoying and fantasizing those fucking non existence characters in whatever forms they want????

its FICTIONAL for godsake??????????????


this can sum up how fucked up these new generations after the millennial are

don’t let me started renting on how every fucking shit will be triggered them and offended them??????


i swear to god, if they can’t take things lightly on a fucking internet world which technically a precautions before landing your feet to the reality of cruel real world

if you think you can live a life for being innocent

just a reminder that a CEO turned me down during an interview for ME being TOO HONEST and VERY ETHICAL in delivering my job

so children, if you can’t bear the ugly truth of the internet you’re fucking dead facing the ugly truth from the real world

I’m done. This fandom is the most childish fandom i ever encountered since the 90s