steps for getting a college scholarship

I give to you the rival sports team Klance AU you never wanted but are getting anyway because I have zero (0) self restraint:

  • I’m gonna say yolo and throw them into college bc college kids always have free time to do competitive sports and get scholarships and stuff so here we ARE in COLLEGE with SWIM TEAMS
  • Keith and Lance go to different schools but have been running into each other at swim meets for months and they’re always neck and neck in their times
  • Lance is the swim captain of his team and they represent the Blue Panthers from the state university and they’re one of the top teams in the league
  • Keith isn’t the swim captain but he’s kind of like the coach of the Red Lions? maybe their actual coach is a flake and someone needed to step in and actually Do Something, so he took over and all his teammates regard him as their coach/teammate duo bc he still swims with them, he just directs them kinda thing?
    • his drills are the most feared thing on the planet and everyone is terrified of Tuesday and Thursday night practices because inevitably Keith will make them do some sort of terrifying equivalent of suicides but in the water and everyone goes home sore and tired 
  • so there’s a championship swim meet out of state and everyone’s been prepping for this for months and it’s a Big One
  • there’s always a pre-party for this kind of stuff, right?? well now there is, fuck it
  • Keith forbids his team to go because they need to be in their best shape for the morning swim trials and if he Hears One Word that any of them were there, someone gonna die
  • inevitably, his team goes lmao
  • he probably was swimming laps before bedtime when he hears the party raging on the floor above his own
    • (he’s an insomniac and has even more trouble when he’s sleeping in a hotel bed and swimming always helps tire him out)
  • annoyed, he goes to investigate and tell them to shut the fuck up bc SOME people have a competition tomorrow and starts banging on the door and Lance opens it with a flourish and a grin
    • Lance: ….wait you’re not Josh
    • Keith: oh my god of course it would be you
  • they start fighting immediately and then someone slips past the door behind Lance and Keith recognizes that hair and he shoves Lance aside to get into the hotel room and it’s one of his teammates oooooh boy he gon DIE
    • Keith just wordlessly points out the door and the few members of his team file out real fuckin quick bc they know they’re about to be reamed out
    • then Lance pushes Keith’s shoulder and calls him a buzzkill
    • Keith spins around and puts his palm on Lance’s chest and pushes him into the nearest wall and whispers all low and dangerous “I can’t wait to destroy you tomorrow.” then saunters off and calls over his shoulder “Enjoy your hangover!” and Lance is s h o o k
  • needless to say, Lance is hungover the next morning
  • the race is close, but Keith’s team places first and Lance’s second
  • Lance was the last swimmer so he’s hanging off the side of the pool and throws his goggle and cap on the floor and is cursing and wishing he hadn’t been the one to throw that party bc he fucked up and then he hears a small laugh
    • shocker: it’s Keith 
    • Lance goes to glare up at him but Keith just pulled off his swim cap and his hair is tumbling down his shoulders like some brunette Adonis and Lance just gets angrier bc how can this guy be SO GOOD and also disgustingly attractive it’s like God is shitting on him it’s rude 
  • going forward, it’s a total game on vibe with them and it’s such a back and forth between meets and it’s literally neck and neck with both of them pushing their teams harder than ever before and it’s wild
  • then there’s some big rager or kegger at some off-campus house and Keith is dragged out by his teammates as punishment for being such a hardass lately and “this is a great way to pull that stick out of your ass please don’t make me do fifty push ups for saying that okay i’m soRRY” 
  • they walk in to some tall guy doing a hand stand on a keg and chugging upside down and his shirt has fallen down around his neck so he’s just this long, brown, toned stomach
  • Keith’s not blind, okay, so he admires the view but ultimately he’s just like …………….you’re all idiots and goes to leave except the guy gets off and lets out the grossest burp and wipes his face with this huge shit-eating grin
    • shocker: it’s Lance
    • Keith is shook
    • but he’s also immediately on the defensive and ready to fight so he gets all bristly until Lance spots him by the door with his friends and is like “hHEY yOu!” bc he’s loaded and he stumbles into Keith’s chest and pokes his collarbone and smiles even bigger and goes “betcha can’t do a keg stand”
      • shocker again: Keith does it bc who is he to turn down a challenge
  • long story short, they both end up making out in a coat closet and in the morning when they wake up in their respective beds after their friends dragged them home, they both remember it happening and groan and cover their faces with their hands
  • cue the awkward future swim meets and budding romance
  • you’re all welcome
Sometimes I have to take a step back and wonder if I’m a real person or some cheesy comic/anime/fantasy trope.

I mean seriously.  Rising from a super abusive childhood in the redneck south, having poetry published in middle school, going to college on scholarships for cross country running and academics, joining the army and special forces and becoming a highly decorated combat veteran, being a competent medic and surgeon through my military specialty, getting out and completing my art degree, transitioning, and who knows from here?  My skills include unconventional warfare, small unit tactics, battlefield surgery and paramedicine, archery, boxing, muy thai, dirty boxing, jiu jutsu, longsword, viking sword and shield, knife and axe fighting, traditional charcoal and graphite drawing, painting, sculpture, blacksmithing, bronzecasting, armoring, long distance running, urban warfare, horseback riding, knifemaking….

Like, who the fuck am I even?  I can’t even get into character with role playing games because I’m better in real life at all the stuff your character learns to do.

I mean, yeah, I’m totally humblebragging here, but it’s still legitimately fucking weird to come to the realization that you have the skillset and life experience of an action hero.

Adopted brothers au

This is the basic perimeters of an au for a fic I’m writing. This is mostly for my own reference but hope you enjoy:

  • David and Gwen, after seeing their familial situations, end up adopting Max, Harrison, and D (Dolph)
  • David and Gwen live together, and share custody, so they are the boys’ new mum and dad
  • But they aren’t dating
  • Gwen is kind of seeing Jen
  • David has basically no love life, he’s too precocupied with the boys
  • It, obviously, takes a while for them to settle into their new family
  • Max struggles but he finally accepts that there are people he can now trust and depend on
  • Harrison is ecstatic to have not only one, but two new brothers, as well as a family that loves him
  • D loves his family to bits and likes to paint them often
  • Harrison and Max become super protective of D
  • They are the Big Brother Squad™
  • Harrison and Max bicker a lot but actually end up being really close
  • D loves to help Harrison test out tricks, but Harrison is very careful because he is terrified of hurting him
  • Especially considering his other brother
  • Max gets annoyed by D a lot, but he still lets him hang around him and would kill anybody that hurt him
  • All the campers somehow remaimed in contact through social media
  • Ered is in college on a full sports scholarship
  • Nurf is almost finished with highschool, and his mum has got her life back on track so he now has a much healthier home life
  • It’s still a bit rocky, but better
  • Nurf is dating that guy Chris
  • Space Kid is doing great
  • Neil’s dad and Nikki’s mum got married, so they’re now step siblings
  • Preston and Nerris live in the same area and go to the same school
  • The comedy trio and the performance trio still all stayed really close
  • Max gets invited round to Nikki and Neil’s a lot for sleepovers
  • Nerris, Preston and Harrison meet up a lot too
  • David is always very happy to see them
  • Gwen is not so excited but also happy
  • Nerris and Nikki are dating and very gay
  • Preston is crushing on Max and Max is weirdly attracted to him as well
  • Harrison and Neil have a love-hate thing going on
  • They’re all struggling teens but they’re happier and supportive of eachother
  • Yeah

I, like most people, had those years where you just don’t know what happened that caused you to suddenly lose your motivation to study and do work at all. You know, that moment where you wonder what happened to the student who always brought home straight A’s and the one teachers always liked and talked about, but then you realize that sometime in late elementary/middle school/puberty etc. something major happened that caused some serious procrastination. Here are some of my tips to prevent this and get back on your feet just in time for higher schooling platforms (if you’re still a youngin and/or college time)!

before it happens 

  • go over your current daily routines. what happened to me was glacial- some people will notice themselves slowly slipping, but others will see a subtle change until it’s too late. if you notice that you’re somehow sinking, going over your current daily routines will show you just how much order you have in your life 
  • go to your “mind palace” and map out a timeline. this is optional but “retracing your steps” can help with knowing what not to do and how to fix certain things
  • the “what if?” method. i’m going to call this the what if? method: getting ahead of yourself and thinking of what your life would be like in an x number of years (ex.: i was a freshman in high school and weirdly started stressing about college applications, dorms, scholarships, etc. even though i didn’t have to stress about those until junior year). you know when you think of conversations with people in your head and already think of snarky responses to what they would say if *this* happened? do that with studying. it’s better to be prepared and kind of the know the outcome than to be unprepared and throw you off

how to get your mojo back!

  • decide on what you want to do to achieve your goal. in my experience and personal kind of biased opinion, this is the only real motivation you have because you are the only one who decides what you want to do with your life. this in no way means to decide on your major in college or what job you want!!! consult the “what if?” method and think of those concept text post memes on tumblr and how you’d get there
  • find inspiration! personally, i got back on my feet (still trying) by looking at some studyblrs and starting my own. find something (or someone) that inspires you to get back on your feet and stand your ground when it comes to studying
  • start a routine you are comfortable with and stick to it. start thinking of your daily patterns and organize it. i started my routine by having a trial week with my new schedule just so i could edit it as i went along and then sticking to it
  • get a planner and/or a calendar. write down all your assignments and their due dates as you could forget and this helps with time management (consult your daily routine and decide on time blocks for your assignments) the planner doesn’t have to be fancy as it’s more for convenience than luxury and you could get some at WalMart for $10 or less. calendars would come in handy when you have events or long term projects etc. as calendars are (mostly) large and catch the eye easily
  • start all your work the day it is given to you. if the assignment isn’t due the next day, you don’t even have to finish it but it’s easier to finish a chunk of it just in case something comes up the following days and you can’t finish it without pulling out a red bull and an all nighter
  • turn! in! all! your! late! work! ASAP! if you had any late work, turn them in immediately. partial points is better than none, but if you’re okay with not turning them in because your grade is at a point you’re happy with or they don’t count as much as the teacher says, then that’s fine. although it’s better to have some more grades in the gradebook in case you flop a quiz or something, but even then, at least do the homework for practice
  • get the amount of sleep you know you are able to function properly with.  you don’t have to have 8+ hours of sleep daily but it’s preferable. if you know you can function properly and stay awake with just 5 hours of sleep, then that’s fine. figure out your sleeping pattern and catch up on sleep on the weekends if you need to. don’t always pull all nighters because you’d just be drained of all your energy
  • organize your study space. decluttering my room and adding some hella nice smelling candles definitely helped me center my energy and get me going so organize and tidy up your study space so you don’t have to spend 15 minutes looking for certain things and getting sidetracked
  • prepare yourself and your materials. know what you need to study beforehand and take out the materials you need before you start diving into your studying, even get some snacks and eat dinner beforehand so you don’t have to interrupt your study time. and before you head to bed, pack up your backpack, make your lunch, fill up your water bottle, plan your outfit, write in your planner, etc. so you’d be ready to go the next morning and not stress over having to rush to get to school
  • start to cut down on the social media. this was my biggest problem and it’s still a hard habit to try to stop, but start to be independent without your phone. keeping it on silent or shutting it off when you’re doing your work can help with your concentration and if deleting some apps helps you then go ahead. you don’t have to stop social media if you don’t want to because i know we all keep up with our friends and classmates through apps but lessen your time scrolling through instagram 

additional tips/reminders

  • your grades do not define you! know that you tried your hardest and that D you got on that one quiz will not affect your future as hard as you’d think
  • study smarter, not harder. spending 2 hours reading history notes that you don’t understand will not help you retain the information so find a way that helps you remember things and spend less time reading the same thing over and over again
  • if you want it, go get it. motivate yourself! your future is just as important as the next person’s and be confident in what ever you have to do to get to your goal (except if it’s illegal. keep it legal and sane)
  • life is hard and it doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to. sometimes our hardest is not enough but even then, it’s okay. as long as you are happy and enjoying your life, even though you didn’t get that degree you wanted, it’s alright and you did good. 

Wish these tips helped! some of these tips might not work out for some of you but that’s fine as this was my personal experience, but I still hope this could somehow help! feel free to drop by my inbox if you have any questions (or concerns)!

Bitty in the Juniors au

           So the fact that Bitty went from a no contact co ed high school team to the first line of an NCAA team is amazing. Like, despite his checking fear, Bitty must be good. So like, how good would he be if he went through the system rather than figure skating? Mostly this is my really complicated au to get Bitty to the NHL. Also I love the idea that Bitty is just really good at hockey, okay?


Okay so after pewee football didn’t work out, in say third grade, Bitty decides he wants to do figure skating. But Coach is hesitant. Like really hesitant. So he encourages him to join a mite hockey team (8 and under), because it doesn’t allow checking, unlike pewee football, which allows tackling by the third grade in the South, in my experience. Eric tries it out, and it’s certainly not figure skating, it is a lot better than football, and when he tells Coach, he is practically thrilled.

But obviously, Eric is pretty good. By the next year, when he gets to ages 9-10, he plays at level AAA. He’s fast, he’s good with the puck, and good at reading the other players on his team. He’s very popular. They call him Bitty, because, honestly, it’s a pretty obvious nickname, and I imagine that Eric’s always been on the small side. He bakes pies for the team with his mom and everything’s pretty good.  He doesn’t have figure skating to express himself like he did in canon, and obviously hockey is very hyper-masculine, even at a young age I’d imagine, so that’s hard for him.

As he gets older, he gets teased a little bit, both on the team and in school, about his size, about his baking, etc., but he has enough friends on the team that it doesn’t become a huge issue, and after all, he is a really good hockey player. He never gets locked in a closet. Coach does catch some boys from his team calling him a f*g, and that is what sparks the move to Madison. He knows his boy is pretty damn good at hockey, and if Junior wants to really get somewhere, gay rumors aren’t going to help. Plus, he’d gotten a really great job offer there, so it’s a win-win.

Bitty finds a new hockey team and things are good. Pretty great, honestly. He loves hockey, surprisingly enough, even though the fact that there is checking now makes him seriously uncomfortable. Fortunately, he’s fast enough that it doesn’t happen often. The first time it happens, though, he passes out. It happens again the second time. The third time, his parents get into a huge fight about it, but his mother wins and she takes him to therapy, where he is diagnosed with PTSD. His therapist and his coaches help him a lot, and he learns to deal with the checking. He is also diagnosed with ADHD, which neither his mother nor Coach really understand, but his medication does seem to help him a lot, especially in school, so they are okay with it, even if they don’t talk about it.

After Bitty is comfortable with his therapist, he admits that his thinks he is gay, and to his relief, she is very understanding, and helps him through it. He doesn’t get drafted in the USHL’s draft in the May after his sixteenth birthday, and he is heartbroken (I know that his birthday is the fifth and the draft is on the first week, but maybe it works. Idk pretend it does lol.)

He steps up his practicing, working harder than ever that year as captain of his team. When the junior year roles around, he is drafted by the Chicago Steel. He is thrilled. And terrified. Bitty has never, ever been that far from home. His mama tries to talk him out of leaving. “Dicky, why can’t you just wait a year for college if you are so eager to leave?” But this is his chance. His chance to leave Georgia, maybe find somewhere more accepting, get a hockey scholarship (because that was the deal he made with his parents, going into Juniors means he has to go to college for at least four years before going into the NHL), play in the NCAA, and then maybe even the NHL. Which at this point, it was pretty obvious he was at least going to make the AHL, even if he never cracked the NHL roster. (ok so bear with me. I’ve done some reading on the USHL and the NCAA, but tbh I still am not sure exactly how it works, so I’m playing fast and loose with the rules here.)

Ok so Bitty starts playing with as a Steel in the fall of his senior year. He gets scouted by a bunch of NCAA teams, as well as a few NHL teams. Eric eventually decides on Samwell (pretty quickly actually), because they have Jack Zimmermann, 1 in 4, the amazing scholarship, and the fact that Samwell is significantly closer to Georgia than Chicago. So flash forward the rest of that season/school year to his first day as a Samwell Wellie.

So like, as far as we know according to canon, no one in Bitty’s year was scouted from a USHL or a Canadian Juniors team, so rather than being the small underdog third-liner he is in canon, Bitty is probably a pretty big deal. After all, the only other two people on the SMH who played Junior Hockey is Jack and Holster, and both are two of the SMH’s best players.

Okay, so Bitty knows he’s good. Obviously, he does. But know, for some reason, he is still really nervous about coming to play for Samwell. Jack Zimmermann’s team, lord. And this isn’t just his team, this is his school and he really wants to fit in, darn it. But he’s not too worried. He’s had plenty of practice bro-ing it up over the years. And hey, bringing, like, one pecan pie to the first skate isn’t trying too hard is it? (He doesn’t do his vlog like in canon, but he is pretty well known on Twitter for both hockey and baking.)

He totally thought he would be prepared for this. For goodness sakes, he’s been around hockey bros since he was eight! But good lord, this is a whole new level of weird! First of all, what kind of nickname is ‘Shitty’? And for heaven’s sake, how dare Jack tell him to ‘eat more protein.’? He has been playing hockey and cooking long enough to know how to feed himself, thank you very much, Mr. Zimmermann. And the things they did to his pie, good lord.

Bitty starts preseason practices playing on the first line with Jack, and it honestly the most fun he’s ever had in his life. Playing with Jack is absolutely amazing, despite the fact that he seems to annoy the heck out of Jack.

Okay, so even though Bitty isn’t scared of checking like he is in canon, he still gets on Jack’s nerves. Mostly because, at first, Bitty reminds him of Parse. And it’s not just that they’re both small, fast, blonde skaters; it’s the fact that Bitty is the probably the only other player on the SMH team that has a chance at making it big in the NHL, and being on his line, just reminds him of being on a line with Parse and his endless ambition.

But. Then he gets to know Bitty. He realizes that Bitty is nothing like Parse. Parse has always been the only other person Jack’s ever met who is as driven as himself, and Bitty is different. It’s not that Bitty isn’t driven. They practice together twice a week at five in the morning, in fact, by Bitty’s request. But he is kinder, warmer, and far more compassionate then Parse ever was. And he doesn’t seem to think of Jack as competition, but just as a friend and teammate.

Alright, so most of the rest of this first year is the same as in canon. Bitty doesn’t come out to his friends until the end of fall semester, and of course, it goes fine. Then comes Yale. Bitty gets a concussion, and while he was expected to be drafted high in the first round of the 2016 draft, the concussion, however minor, throws a wrench into those plans. He ends up going 56th over all to the Providence Falconers. Which is actually pretty great, because it’s even closer to Georgia than Samwell, but still far enough north that, well, he won’t have to go back down south after graduation. Plus, their AHL team (which I am 100% making up and I know nothing about the east coast so, sorry) is the Hartford Eagles, so that’s not far either.

After that, I have no idea. Does Bitty ever play for Team USA in the World Juniors? I don’t know; you tell me lol. I guess for the most part everything happens the same way. Jack signs to the Falconers next year (which yeah, starts some rumors, but that’s a fic for another time. I could have saved the angst and have Bitty been drafted by the Bruins, but like, hell no.) Jack and Bitty get together at the end of Bitty’s sophomore year, and pretty much everything follows canon until Bitty graduates, at which point he ends up in Hartford for a couple years, which is hard for him and Jack being and hour and a half away, but they are honestly both so busy that the extra distance doesn’t effect them that much.

By the start of the 2019-2020 season, Bitty is on the Falconers 3rd line. By the end of the season, he and Jack are on the first line together, leading the Falconers to their second Stanley Cup Championship. They come out as a couple together, shortly after that. And yeah, there is a lot of shit to put up with from the media, the fans, and other players, but there is also a lot of support. And they have each other. The both play for the Falconers for the entirety of their careers and live happily ever after with their Cup rings, a dog, and maybe even a kid once they retire. The end. Please someone write an actual fic of this lol. Like seriously. I would love to see someone explore how this would effect Bitty emotionally. Also World Juniors. Like. C’mon.


Pairing: daddy!Sam x daughter!reader , uncle!Dean x niece!reader

Request from @unicorndreamer1622

Summary: At the age of 13, (Y/N) runs away from home. Six years later, your found by your father and twin sister, but what will come of the encounter?

Words: 2347

Warnings: Cursing, season 7/9/10/12 spoilers, 

IMPORTANT! For the sake of this writing, season 7 happened in 2013 instead of 2011.

A/N: the title of the song that’s sung will be at the bottom (the title is kind of a spoiler). Also, I got a little carried away with this request. Hope you like it!

You groaned upon entering the home of your grandfather, Bobby Singer, the backpack that rested on your shoulder slipped and landed on the wooden floors with a thump. The exact copy of you pushed against your shoulder, moving you out of her way as she rushed towards the family room. You followed after her, curious as to why she was running.

“Daddy! Look!” Your twin sister, Olivia, waved a white piece of paper in front of your father’s face. Once he took the paper from her, she jumped up and down and uncle Dean entered the room with a raised eyebrow. “I’m on the honor roll!”

Your father smiled, wrapping his arms around your sister. You stood in the doorway, watching your father shower your twin with praise and encouragement while she spilled all the details about her day at school and how she was planning to try out for the talent show.

You were nothing like your sister, the only thing you shared with her was your looks, but even then, she seemed to wear them better than you. There wasn’t anything else that could capture the bright and welcoming nature your sister bestowed upon everyone she met other than the sun. You, however, were a stubborn, short-tempered thirteen year old girl who struggled to obey authority because, in all honesty, you just didn’t care anymore.

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The BNHA College!AU no one asked for!!

So…I did some thinking.  

There are some of the kids that aren’t described under the cut, but this is just because I haven’t really got a good grasp on their character yet. 

Maybe one day I will complete this. Also, if someone wants to write this au I WILL CRY OF JOY. This is some multi-chapter shit tho, so it would be difficult to accomplish…but still.

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Thicker Than Water

“The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

Tony Stark x Teen!Reader

Request:  Can I make a tony x teen reader request? She lives with her mom and she’s a horrible woman. Drugs, selling herself, etc. One day the girl asks about her dad and her mom just blurts out that it’s Tony Stark. So the reader goes to the avengers tower to ask him for a DNA test and it comes out negative. It was all because her mom wanted more money for drugs. Tony finds out the girls living situation and ends up taking her in anyway and having her mom arrested.

Word Count: ~1900

Warnings: The request says it all.

A/N: I tried to keep a lot it subtle to minimize the trigger risk. I hope this finds you, my sweet anonymous requester, and I hope this lives up to your expectations. Thanks for putting your faith in me and my writing.

You had always accepted you would never know who your father was. You always wondered, but it was something your mother refused to talk about. Sometimes you would sit up at night thinking about him, imagining what he might be like. You looked at pictures of your mother and yourself side-by-side and tried to find features in your face that didn’t match hers, features you had to have gotten from your father. Above everything else, you wondered how different your life would be if you knew him.

You stare down at the envelope in your hands, its contents bearing the potential to change your life. It’s a big envelope. You think, they don’t put rejection letters in big envelopes.

“What’s that?”

“Nothing.” You say quickly, hiding the letter from your mother’s eyes.

“Give it to me.”

You know better than to argue with her. You place the envelope into her hands, chewing your lip as you watch her tear it open. Her eyes scan the paper. Then she glances up at you and throws the papers onto the kitchen table.

“I don’t think so.”

“Did I get in?”

You rush to grab the papers, but she catches your arm, her nails digging into your skin.

“Forget it.”

She shoves you away from the table. You rub your arm, trying to dull the pain she left behind.

“You can wipe all those little college dreams out of your head. Once you turn eighteen, you’re going to work.”

“Mom, no…”

“It’s either that or you can get the hell out of my house.”

“Please, just hear me out.” She crosses her arms but says nothing, giving you a chance to speak, “I got offered a scholarship. They’ll pay for everything. You won’t have to worry.”

She steps toward you, towering over you, “The answer is no.”

She walks past you. For a moment, you hesitate to follow, but one look back at the letter changes your mind.

“Why is this the life you want for me?” you shout, “Shouldn’t you want better for me than the bullshit you put yourself through? I’m your daughter! Does that mean nothing to you?”

She turns on you, rage burning in her eyes, “Watch your mouth.”

“This can’t be the life you wanted for me.” Tears sting your eyes, “This can’t be the life my father would have wanted for me.”

“Your father was a deadbeat who walked out on me the minute I told him about you. You’re the reason I live like this.”

“You told me he had no idea I existed.”

She scoffs.

“You said you weren’t even sure you knew who it was.”

She sighs.

“Who’s my father?”



“Tony Stark!”

Your jaw drops. Your eyes widen. “Tony Stark? As in Iron Man? Iron Man is my father?”

“He wasn’t Iron Man when I knew him. He was just some sleaze at a party looking to get his rocks off.”

“So, did you even tell him about me?”

“Not a word.”

You swipe away a falling tear as quickly as you can, refusing to let her see you cry. You back out of the room, turning on your heel after a few steps and running to your room. You slam the door behind you, switching the lock. Then you let yourself break, sinking to the floor with your back against the door. You pull your knees up to your chest, hugging them tight and making yourself as small as possible.

You wake a few hours later. You hadn’t meant to fall asleep, but your body had other plans.

You thought back on everything your mother had said. If he really had no idea you existed, he also had no idea about the way you were living.

Maybe he could save you from the future your mother had planned for you.

You push yourself up from the floor. You go to your closet, finding your duffel bag, before working as quickly as you can to fill it with everything you’ll need.

On your way to the front door, you stop, your mind drifting to your letter. You step carefully into the kitchen. Slowly, you pick it up from the table. You smile, just barely, when you see the words detailing your acceptance.

New York University. A full scholarship. It was all yours for the taking, but first you have to find the truth in your mother’s lies. No matter what, you may not be coming back.

The letter is the last thing you pack before heading for the bus station and buying your ticket to the city.

“Here ya go.” The taxi driver says as he stops in front of your destination.

“Thanks.” You say with a gentle smile. “How much?”

“Wasn’t running the meter.”

“Thank you again.”

“Good luck, kid. I hope you find whatever you’re lookin’ for.”

“Me too.”

You grab your bag and get out of the taxi. As you turn your back to it, you take a deep breath, trying to center yourself and calm your nerves. You look up at the building in front of you, that massive, familiar “A” gracing the top of it.

“You can do this.” You whisper, hoping to find reassurance in the words.

The doors open ahead of you as you step in. Hesitantly, you approach the receptionist.

“Is Mr. Stark here?” you ask, your voice barely above a whisper.

“Do you have an appointment?”

“No. I… um_”

“If you don’t have an appointment, you’ll have to wait.”

“You don’t understand. I have to see him.” She finally looks up at you, “Please.”

“I’ll see if he’s in.”

“Thank you.”

She picks up the phone and dials a short number. After a moment, she gets a hold of someone and begins to explain the situation.

“Yes, of course.” She hangs up the phone and looks up at you, “First elevator. It’ll take you straight to the penthouse.”

You thank her before following her instructions.

As you step out onto the penthouse floor, you’re entirely lost for words.

Could this have been your life?

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

You turn around and there he is, walking in from the balcony.

You shake your head, “I haven’t been waiting very long.”

“Well, what can I do for you?”

It’s now or never.

“My name is (Y/N), and I might be your daughter.”

An hour later, you’re sitting side-by-side on his couch. He stares straight ahead, processing everything you’d just told him.

“If I had known…”

“I know.”

“Are you sure?”

You shake your head, “No.”

“Do you want to find out?”

“That’s why I’m here. I need to know the truth.”

“I’ll make a couple of calls.” He pulls his phone from his inside coat pocket; he stands, walking away as he dials a number, “Where are you staying while you’re here?”

“I managed to get a room at a hotel.”

“Cancel it.” He puts the phone to his ear, “You’ll stay here.”

You jump to your feet, crossing the room to him, “You don’t have to_”

He cups your cheek in his hand, his grip firm yet gentle as he looks into your eyes, “You’ll stay here.”

All you can do is nod your head and try not to cry at the affection he’s already showing.

“Have a look around. There’s a couple of spare rooms down the hall.”

So, you leave him to make his calls while you go to choose your room and wander the massive penthouse.

It’s been a couple of days, but in that short period of time, you’ve found a family here. Steve, Bucky, and Sam are so much fun to be around. Natasha’s taken you under her wing, promising to teach you everything she knows. Bruce indulges your curiosity, answering all your questions whenever you watch him work. You’ve bonded the most with Wanda, considering you’re the closest in age. You’ve found a father in Tony, and you’ve definitely brought out his paternal instincts.

Now here you are, sitting side-by-side, staring down at the big yellow envelope that was delivered nearly an hour ago.

“We can’t just stare at it forever.” You mutter.

“We also don’t have to open it.”

“Yeah, we do.”

He sighs, nodding his head in understanding. You hold tight to his arm after he picks up the envelope. He takes a deep breath as he opens it and pulls the papers out.

You choke on a sob when you see NEGATIVE in big bold letters. You drop your forehead to his shoulder as you begin to cry. He drops everything back onto the table and pulls you close, trying his best to reassure you.

“That’s not how this was supposed to end.”

“Look at me, (Y/N).” You raise your head; he takes your face between hands, showing you a sad smile, “Nothing ends here. You’re a part of this family, and you’ll always have a home here.”

You sigh, your voice low when you ask, “I have to go back, don’t I?”

He tucks your hair behind your ear, sighing as well, “Unfortunately but I’ll be taking you back myself.”

You want to argue, but you know there’s no point.

The next day, you’re in the Quinn jet and on your way home. Natasha and Wanda choose to come along while the others said their goodbyes at the tower. You all take a car from the airport to your house. You send silent prayers up to the heavens that this will be one of your mother’s good days.

Upon your arrival to the house, you find that your prayers have gone unanswered. You go in ahead of the others. Empty liquor bottles, used needles, and ashtrays are all scattered around the living room. A few people you don’t recognize are passed out on the floor. You call out for your mother as you go toward her bedroom.

You push open the door slowly only to find the room empty. There’s noise coming from the bathroom so you head in that direction. You find her in the bathtub. Her eyes are glazed over, her leg hanging lip over the edge of the tub.

You take in a startled breath when you feel a pair of hands grip your shoulders.

“We’re getting you out of here.” Natasha says, guiding you back out of the house.

Maybe a half hour later, two cop cars and an ambulance are in front of your house. Most of the others were well enough to be escorted directly to jail. Your mother is being wheeled out of the house on a stretcher. They’re taking her to the hospital where she’ll undergo a formal detox before being indicted on several charges.

You were placed under the care of the state while Tony got his license to foster. Once it came through, you moved into the tower where you found your happiness. Those dreams you had of a better life were your reality.

You visit your mother once after she’s convicted. You give her the chance to apologize for everything she’s done. She admits it was all for the money. You forgive her, but you also present her with the papers that would officially relinquish her rights to you. She signs them without argument, and as you walk out with Natasha at your side, you finally feel completely free.

In the fall after finishing high school, you begin your first semester at NYU as a Stark, having been officially adopted just a couple of months before.


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What are you doing this summer to prepare for the next school year?

Summer is definitely a great time to finally chill and take a break. But even though things have slowed down, you should still be working to accomplish goals and prepare for the next steps.

Here’s some ideas:

1. Read books that you didn’t have time to read while you were in coursework.

2. Update your resume to reflect everything you did in the school year.

3. Find a summer internship/ job.

4. Apply for scholarships.

5. Do a paid summer fellowship such as a research fellowship with a faculty member.

6. Practice a new language.

7. Take a relevant summer class to get ahead.

8. Start thinking about what you want to do post-high school/ college. For fun, find any relevant job postings and pretend you’re applying!

9. Spend time with friends who motivate you and are also being productive this summer.

10. Have fun! Catch up on sleep, Netflix, and your social life and be refreshed and ready to start the school year strong!

TAZ AU ideas

I decided to share my ideas because I have too many. I might write a fic for it later, you can write something based off of it, idk idc, send me a link if you do?

TAZ College AU

Ships: Blupjeans, Taakitz, Davenchurch, Johavi, Sweet Flips, Magnus/Julia

SUITE - Taako Barry and Magnus Avi (4 person, 2 bedroom suite)

DOUBLE - Lup and Lucretia, Johann and Kravitz (hall/tower style)

Commuters - Julia, Carey, Killian

Off Campus Apartment - Dav and Merle (both getting second degrees)

Already Dating: Mags and Jules, Sweet Flips, Davenchurch

Freshman: Taako, Lup, Magnus, Julia

Sophomore: Barry (RA), Avi, Kravitz, Carey, Killian

Junior: Johann, Lucretia


Taako: Marketing major, Psychology minor

Lup: Chemistry

Barry: BioChemistry/Pre-med, or Engineering

Magnus: Undecided (Architecture? Business? Nursing?)

Julia: Elementary Education major?, Sociology minor

Avi: Mechanical Engineering

Johann: Music (Suffering TM) - plays violin, piano, guitar, you name it

Carey: Architecture major, Dance minor

Killian: Exercise Science

Lucretia: Journalism major, English minor

Davenport: International Business (already has some engineering degree)

Merle: Botany major, Religious Studies minor (already has some science degree)

Kravitz: Criminal Justice major, English minor (plays piano for funzies)

Plot Point Ideas:

-Taako and Lup got full rides because they’re smarties, but hide it because they’re embarrassed of 1) being so smart and 2) not being able to pay for college

–Only Julia and Magnus know, because they all went to high school together

-Julia basically lives in Magnus and Avi’s room, and Avi likes to sleep on common area sofa anyway.

-Obviously Lup visits Taako all the time and Barry is Taako’s roommate, so that happens

-Johann and Kravitz are playing the piano in the Student Union when Avi + Suitemates + Lup get out of a movie (Space Jam, sorry I don’t make the rules) - that’s how they all meet (Taako hits on that business casual-attire man IMMEDIATELY hachi matchi) (Johann doesn’t even notice that Kravitz isn’t playing anymore, or that all these people showed up. Avi is entranced.)

-Carey and Magnus meet in the gym and are immediate best friends

-Davenport and Lucretia are acquaintances from one of her internships

-Merle was the favorite substitute teacher as Magnus/Taako/Julia/Lup’s high school (they are totally all friends on Facebook)

 -Wait so, what if… Maggie was adopted by Grandpa McDonald in middle school, and the TexMex Twins were taken in by them when their Aunt died (like, middle of Sophomore year). When they are college freshman, Angus is 12. Magnus had a job as soon as he could, multiple jobs usually. He mowed lawns, he babysat, he did woodwork commissions, he was a host, etc etc. He’s paying for his own college and got substantial financial aid. Taako and Lup feel really guilty about the pressure they have put on the McDonald family (literally minimal pressure but they’re both anxious and dive to the worst conclusions) so they work even harder than they did before to get full ride scholarships. They also worked at a restaurant (Taako) and a retail shop (Lup) for extra money before and during college. They all love little Angus (their favorite sweet baby brother).

-Magnus and the Twins aren’t super open about being basically step-siblings, but boy howdy do they act like it. And when Angus visits, Magnus and Lup get super excited while Taako tries to hide the fact that he’s probably more happy than both of them combined. They get Angus tons of school merch and he reads their textbooks for fun (he might have helped them with math homework too).

With Bated Breath - Mieczysław Stilinski Imagine

REQUESTED: No, but inspired by a very special event that happened to me today! More in the notes…

WARNINGS: Fluffy as heck, but that’s all I can think of.

SUMMARY: You’re waiting on results for whether or not you’ve had a successful application for a college, and Stiles is there to keep you company, no matter the result.

NOTES: So, like I say this is inspired by an event that happened to me today. 

There’s a prestigious scholarship award that I’ve applied for, and I’ve gotten through to the final stage of selection, which is an interview! 

I’m so nervous, but excited at the same time, because this (if I get through) can put me one step closer to going into my dream career, which will open so many doors for me!

So yeah, that’s what this is based off of. Hope you enjoy! (Also, masterlist update after this post! I know I said I was going to do Looks pt. 2, but that can wait a little bit while until all my coursework is absolutely done and complete, which hopefully won’t be too long. Maybe by next week.)

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fake exes au, based on prompt #4

An autumnal wind runs rampant through the suburbs of Lawrence, it’s persistent chill having chased people off the streets and into their homes for the night. Road after road is isolated, inhabited solely by scattered leaves and the shadows of lamp posts cast by their own light.

In the darkness of a dimly-lit residential cul-de-sac, however, three figures stand, conspiring.

The air smells crisp, rife with possibility and, in Castiel’s opinion, inevitable regret.

“C’mon, Clarence. You aren’t getting cold feet, are you?” Meg asks, lips turned up smugly at the corners, joint dangling from her fingertips.

Castiel balls his fists deep in the pockets of his trench coat. “No.”

“Good,” Meg smirks. “Balthazar, give the boy his weapons.”

Her partner in crime does as he is bid, placing them into Castiel’s trembling, awaiting hands. “Make them worth it, Cassie,” he says.  

Castiel stares at the carton of eggs now in his possession, and feels his apprehension in the quickening of his pulse. “Is this really necessary?”

Meg shrugs. “No, of course not. You know the rules of ‘Would You Rather.’ You can change your mind if you wanna.” She holds up the joint in offering, her free hand rummaging in her jacket pocket for a lighter.

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Practical College Application Advice

What I recommend for you, or for any other applicant, is to:

  • Ask yourself, and your family if you want to stay in-state or out-of-state.
  • Know how much you can spend on simply applying to colleges. Each application averages at least $50 and sending test scores is another ~$15 I believe.
  • Ask yourself, and your family if they are helping fund you, what your budget is for college tuition, living expenses, transportation, etc.
  • Ask yourself what field you want to go into. I strongly believe you should choose your major based on what you want to DO. Also, if you narrow your focus, you won’t have to write a million different essays like I did!
  • Ask yourself what programs, clubs, etc you want to be involved in and what colleges offer them.
  • Ask if the college has a strong academic curriculum for your intended major.
  • Ask if the college has strong ties to help you get to your next step after college (For Example- Do you want to join a start-up, or work corporate, or go to grad school? Does your college have resources to support you for YOUR next step?)
  • Ask if there are outside opportunities at your college. (For Example: organizations, volunteering, etc.)
  • And finally: if you’ll be happy there. Think about climate, class size, city life, greek life, etc.

btw apply for scholarships. the biggest scholarships will probably be offered by the school themselves. 

#Studyblrs get real

This year, I aced all my classes while taking every honors class available. My weighted GPA ended up being WELL over a 4.0 and I got on the Headmaster’s list (95 or above average )every quarter. Everyone was so happy for me and always says how smart I am.

But what people don’t see is this:
•me being in no sports and only one extracurricular activity so I had more time to do work
•me doing homework from the moment I get home to the moment I go to sleep, with little to no family interaction or free time
•me struggling to keep friendships up and distancing myself from others
•all the times I’ve cried myself to sleep from stress or had complete breakdowns.
•the times I’ve had to make a doctors appointment and miss school so I could have extra time to work on something I just COULDN’T. DO.
•all the times people haven’t taken my problems seriously because “oh you shouldn’t be complaining” “if it’s so much work, why did you take all honors then?”“oh boo hoo being smart must be so hard”
•the added struggle of doing what I do with ADHD

people always forget the fact that I work my BUTT off every single day to get where I am. I’m not truly “smart”/“gifted”. I just put in SO much effort. I have to do extra to make up for my ADHD. Additionally, I have a bunch of health problems. I don’t have the privilege of skipping sleep to work on stuff the night before, eating crap, etc. people legitimately make fun of me (whether they mean to or not) for taking such good care of myself. Well guess what: I HAVE to. I already get sick all the time, so imagine if I didn’t take every possible step to be organized and healthy. And I don’t even have a JOB right now.

In the end though, I KNOW it will all pay off. I WILL (hopefully) get scholarships, get accepted to s good college. I don’t have a college fund because my family has been poor for a long time and most of the money that could go to it goes to my private school. We will soon see what ends up happening to me school wise, but for now just keep this in mind:

Don’t let appearances fool you.

Appblr Advice

Hey guys! I’ve been a pretty inactive studyblr/appblr for a while now, but I wanted to get back to blogging as I prepare for my first year of college! I thought the best way to do this is to share some of the things I’ve learned as an appblr this past year. Class of 2017- this one’s for you!

1. Try to narrow your college search down to a few colleges that you can really see yourself at. I only applied to 6 schools, but I know people who applied to 15+ and regretted it. It probably won’t take 20 universities to pick out your ideals school, and it also takes a lot of money (and time *cough, cough* HELLA ESSAYS) to apply.

2. Stay true to your passions. Don’t give up on that one extracurricular you love because you’re overwhelmed with college apps. A: that EC can be your #1 stress reliever and B: colleges like to see your commitment to something you love. SURPRISE: college apps are not all about grades and SAT scores! Do what you like to do and colleges will thank you for not just being a test-taking robot.

3. Don’t put off applications till the last day. Or do. The earlier you start, the easier it is to edit it. I started over the summer before senior year, and it was nice because there was a lot of time for my friends and my teacher to read over and help me with it. PLUS it reduces the stress that already accompanies senior year. But if you do wait till the last day, it can sometimes work out, too. I didn’t write the essays for my dream school till the night before the app was due, and I was still accepted! (for clarification, my early action school was different from my dream school) But I really would not recommend putting it off till the last night, it’s just so much extra pressure.

4. Don’t underestimate the importance of safety schools. You are not worth any less if you choose a safety school over a prestigious university. It may be 10000x cheaper and there can be a ton of extra benefits. Like you’ll probably one of the smarter kids there, so it won’t be as competitive as the Ivies. Plus if you get a good enough undergrad degree, you can always go to your dream school for grad school! (Grad school is more important any way, right?)

5. Rejection doesn’t define you! And neither does acceptance! I learned this the hard way. When I was rejected from my early action school, I cried for weeks. It wasn’t healthy. I thought that I wasn’t smart enough or talented enough and I didn’t understand how I would be able to make it anywhere in life. Finally, I sucked it up and accepted it. REJECTION DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU’RE NOT WORTH IT. You are still a brilliant human being, and that school just wasn’t the right fit for you. Remember that you still have so much potential, and someday that school is going to WISH that they hadn’t rejected you. Because you SLAY. And if you do get accepted, CONGRATULATIONS!! 🎉🎉 You earned it! But don’t get too pretentious about it. You are amazing, but stay humble and count your blessings because you’re an extraordinary human bean.

6. It’s ok to take a break from Tumblr. Sometimes the appblr world gets overwhelming and you just need to step away. You might be consoling yourself over losses while others are celebrating their victories. Just take a breather for however long you need and know that the appblr community will be just as supportive when you get back!

7. Apply for honors colleges!! Even if you don’t think you’ll go to that school or get into the honors college at that school, it’s worth the shot. And there are some very good perks to being in an honors college: special housing, better relations with professors, some scholarships.

8. Apply for scholarships! All of them! College is VERY expensive (which is why I had to choose my safety school over my dream school). There are so many websites that can direct you to general scholarships or even scholarships specific to your talents. Also, if you’re an underclassman reading this, TAKE THE PSAT!! If you can qualify for National Merit, it opens a lot of doors and can make college a whole lot less expensive. I’m basically going to college for free because of it.

Best of luck with your college apps and lots of love! I can’t wait to see where the next year brings you ☺️

i already told @spacepearl about this but here’s my Voltron college AU

  • okay so Shiro joined the army right out of high school bc he needed help with tuition and he was all for serving in the army and anyway now he’s back home and ready to go to college
    • he went through some serious shit over there
    • major PTSD
    • yeah he still lost his arm
  • despite all of that, he is Ready To Learn™ and is putting as much dedication into his education as he did into being in the army
  • Lance is that flirty bisexual nerd who is cute and attractive but he can’t get the girls bc he’s an unintentionally insensitive dick
    • but really he’s just seriously homesick and trying his best to get on in a place with only one person he really knows
  • Lance is also a major slacker, but he’s still competent and passes his classes
    • he has ADHD and can’t focus in classes, fight me
      • Shiro is trying to help him but we’re getting there 
  • and Keith is that loner who comes from a really bad family/background and he doesn’t believe that people have the ability to be good and nice to him
    • he ends up dropping out of college after his first semester because he just can’t get along with other students or professors, and he refuses therapy
  • and Pidge is trying so hard to become respected in the field of computer science and information systems but they’re being fought by the System every step of the way
  • and Hunk got in on a football scholarship but he’s honestly so smart and good at chemistry????? like he walks circles around everyone and the profs don’t even understand how he knows what he knows
    • my gUY
  • and Allura is an associate professor (she hasn’t quite finished her doctoral degree yet) and she lives with her godfather Coran (who is a certified PhD professor) and despite the fact that neither of them teach any classes with Team Voltron™, they find them around campus
  • and somehow all of these losers become friends
  • like okay Lance and Hunk have been friends since high school, and Pidge was assigned to be in a group project with them in like a 100-level English Comp class or something
    • and the whole time Lance wants to make the project about aviation (his major) and Hunk is SO BAD at English
    • so poor Pidge is trying to keep them together so that they can all get A’s and never have to take English Comp again
    • somehow it works, and they pass
  • and maybe Shiro has a 100-level College Algebra class with them, and he’s so lost tbh 
    • like in general, not just with the math
    • bc this isn’t the army and what the fuck even is civilian life??? 
  • but Lance and Hunk and Pidge aren’t judgmental at all and they sort of… take Shiro in, despite Shiro being older, just to give him a safe circle to be himself in so that he’s not always Captain Shiro
    • and in turn, Shiro slowly relaxes and is able to help out Team Voltron™ with things that aren’t school (like life lessons, and having a shoulder to cry on, and someone solid to talk to, and, in Keith’s case, someone to teach him combat so that he can work on his tendency to lash out and channel it somewhere)
  • and Keith works a bunch of different jobs in order to stay afloat
  • and one of those jobs is at a coffee shop that Shiro, Lance, Pidge, and Hunk visit fairly regularly, both to do homework and just to hang, and of course Lance knows who Keith is, recognizing him from an intro to aviation class they took together their first semester, and of course Lance thinks that there’s a rivalry there
    • but all Keith cares about is the fact that Lance is doing his fucking homework wrong bc “that’s not how that works, dumbass” 
  • anyway, somehow Shiro manages to convince Keith to chill with them sometimes
  • and Lance lets Keith borrow his textbooks bc Keith also really wants to be a pilot but obviously he dropped out bc he doesn’t have the temperament for college classrooms but like he’s been thinking about taking online classes but with what free time????
  • BUT MAYBE like a year later, after hanging out with Team Voltron™, Keith is better with people and he re-enrolls and Lance never shuts up about how much further ahead he is and how much more he knows, but Keith uses that as fuel to try harder
    • as Lance knew he would
      • they’re a great team
  • and Keith ends up getting a perfect GPA in all of his classes bc fuck u Lance
    • they’re so competitive and yeah sometimes it’s destructive but it also often brings out the best in them
  • and they all cheer from the sidelines
  • and maybe they all just chill at Shiro’s apartment afterwards, eating junk food and drinking responsibly
    • Shiro would let them drink so long as he was there to keep an eye on them
      • he’s not stupid, okay, kids drink in college it’s going to happen
      • he would rather them be safe while they’re drinking
  • but sometimes they go out to eat after a win and then they maybe just drive around for a while and then park somewhere and get out, and Pidge tells everyone about the constellations they’re looking at bc Pidge’s dad is an astronomer and Pidge has always been fascinated by space too, despite only ever wanting to work with computers
  • but I think you feel me

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was reading the one line prompts and I'd love if you could do one of these for Bellarke: 7,44,52

i picked #52 (from this list): “who did this to you?”

i know i just did a bellarke!prank pals fic but i couldn’t bring myself to go any more serious than this today. also on ao3

Bellamy doesn’t get called to the principal’s office often but when he does, it’s invariably because of Clarke Griffin.

He does his best to be a good student, to keep his head down and not get into trouble– or at the very least, not get caught. College is a dream that won’t become a reality if he can’t get a scholarship, and he can’t get scholarships without good grades and good behavior.

The thing about Clarke is, she seems to feel the same way. The prank war they started their freshman year of high school tends to run in a specific pattern: one of them will start with something small, the other will retaliate a little bit bigger, and it escalates until the administration takes it upon themselves to step in. Once they get big enough to get in trouble, they both back down and the cycle restarts.

As big as the pranks have been, he’s only gotten detention once in the past three years because of the war.

Really, he couldn’t have known the school would get so mad at him for stacking all the picnic tables in a pyramid on her parking spot. Her retaliation–hiring a mariachi band to follow him around in the halls–felt like more of a revenge on Principal Wallace than on Bellamy, and landed her in detention right along with him.

That meant two hours every day for a week where they were on the same side. Two hours a day of surreptitiously playing hangman, of laughing at each other’s grotesque doodles of Principal Wallace, of exchanging exasperated looks when one of them got chastised.

It remains one of his favorite weeks ever.

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Since I have been watching the Cinderella with Hilary Duff in it and am still on my skysolo kick(never will I be off it), my AU has formed.

Luke Skywalker, having lost his biological father, lives with his stepmother and two step sisters. His father owned a diner, which he works at. Though this has earned him the name “Diner Boy” (Farm Boy, get it?), he loves the diner that his father left behind. But he has a secret. He has been in contact with a secret pen pal Nomad. They exchange loads of emails, expressing a passion for things beyond their small town of “Tatooine”. Little does Luke know, this “Nomad” that he has been exchanging emails with is the “Captain” of the football team, Han Solo.

Han’s father, who own a nationally known shipping company, wants him to take over the family business after going to college on a football scholarship and making him proud. But Han has changed. After interacting with “Light Knight” (Luke), he is starting to get restless and want to follow his own dreams. But first, he wants to meet Light Knight in person. He asks to meet at the dance under the disco ball.

Of course, Luke is hesitant. Not only because he is meeting some stranger who has treated him nicer than anyone ever has, but because his step mother is less likely to let him out that night. 

To the rescue comes Luke’s best friend and serial personality switcher Leia, and Lukes father’s old friend Ben Kenobi. The two of them are able to get him away from the diner for long enough to grab a masquerade costume, venture to the dance, and get Luke and “Nomad” together for the night. Even though they are able to speak, Luke has to rush off before midnight when his step mother would be back at the diner. Yet Han still gets something. Luke in his hurry drops his cell phone. 

The wild search for “Light Knight” is on. Many attempt to get on Han’s good side, trying to impersonate the mysterious person. He doesn’t give in. Yet Han’s girlfriend Linda (Lando) finds out who “Light Knight” is. When it is shown that it is “Diner Boy”, she hatches a rude scheme to break the two apart and humiliate Luke. In front of everyone, she, the cheerleaders, and Luke’s step sisters expose Luke for who he truly is (Light Knight), and break him and Han apart. 

Embarrassed, saddened, and angry with what happened, Luke resigns himself to a life of “Diner Boy”. One night, when Luke’s step mom, step sisters, and old Ben was in the shop, something clicked. Luke realizes that his life is exactly that, his. He didn’t have to live this was with his family, if you could call them that. So with courage and tenacity, he walks out of his step families life and into the family of Ben Kenobi. 

Later that week, Luke finally decides to deal with Han since he didn’t do anything after Linda’s vicious attacks. Storming into the locker room, Luke finds Han and the rest of the football team getting ready for the homecoming game. Luke, with his new found courage, told everything he wanted to Han. 

“Because waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought, useless and disappointing.”

The pounding Luke felt in his chest finally subsided once he made it out into the empty hallway. Everyone would be at the game. Everyone but Leia who was running up to him in clothing of no character. Just her. She explains to him that she wanted to go to the game, but was fine if he wanted to do something else. But Luke felt like if he was truly going to move on, he needed to go. So the two of them went. The game started and the typical high school football noise ensued. People were loudly cheering and the football teams were clashing. 

Luke realized then that he couldn’t do it. He had to get out of there. Once he told Leia, he started towards the stairs. There was sounds of confusion behind him, but he did not pay attention, That is, until the steps. Standing at the bottom was Han. His helmet was off and his hear was wet from the sweat. His face was spotted with red from the heat of the game. The sounds of peoples voices were all around him, but his eyes were stuck on Han as the “Captain” jogged up the steps towards him. 

“What are you doing?” Luke asked. His face was scrunched up in confusion.

“Something I should have done a long time ago.” And with that, Han’s lips met his. It felt like molten bloomed though out his chest. The warmth of Han’s body wrapped around his when Han’s large hands grasped his face.As they kissed, something unexpected happened. A single drop of rain fell down from the sky and onto Han’s cooling cheek. The two of them broke apart just in time for the clouds to open up and bless the drought ridden Tatooine with pouring rain. 

Han grabbed Luke’s face, making the blonde look at him. Their faces with mere centimeters apart. The sounds of the football team winning behind them boomed in the small outdoor stadium.

“I am sorry I waited for the rain.”

Luke couldn’t help but smile and kiss Han again.