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My Kind Of Pudding

Dean had no idea what to do. 

It had been a few months since you’d properly moved into the bunker. 

The brothers had known you for a few years and Dean couldn’t deny that the attraction was stronger than any before. 

All the other women, they were just sex. Except Cassie. But she was long gone. 

You were the only other woman he felt for. Strongly. 

It was everything about you, your hair, eyes, smile, the way you’d laugh at his dumb shit. 

But you never bit the bait. Never gave him what he wanted. You. All of you. Not just your body, but your everything. 

And he was getting desperate. He hated it, but he needed to step up his game, especially when he saw the dude at the bar flirting with you the other night. And to his dismay, you flirted right on back. 

No. He wasn’t losing you to some trashy ass dickwad who. You needed a real man. Someone who’d protect you, love you, take care of you. You needed to be with him. 

So he did it. 

His dumb plan, which he hoped wouldn’t end up with you leaving the bunker. 

He made a meal, just for the two of you. 

You found it weird, but who were you to complain? Dean’s cooking was amazing. 

Everything was going great, the conversation was flowing, you were laughing along with him, it was all good. 

“You want pudding?”

You nodded, assuming he’d go and get some pie. 

You waited, checking your phone when you heard him clear his throat. 

You looked up, when he suddenly pulled his pants down, raising his arms and yelling ‘PUDDING!’

You couldn’t help but stare at his cock. He wasn’t too hairy, a nice amount, but it was smooth and not messy. He was big too. Thick. Fat. Delicious. 

You saw the lust in his eyes and fell to your knees, holding his cock in your hand and smiling up at him. 

“My kind of pudding”.

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Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of people get angry at Dumbledore for making the traps protecting the stone so easy that three first years could get past them. But let’s sit back and think about this for a moment…

They were supposedly set to keep out adults. You can’t expect some random witch or wizard to have skills in everything. Only people like Albus, Tom, and even Severus would have the skills necessary to make it past every trap on their own. 

Trap #1 Cerberus. Hagrid. Going by the book. A lot of people wouldn’t know how to fend off one without killing it. A lot wouldn’t be smart enough to check its feet to see a trap door. The three heads business would be enough to terrify the intelligence from most.

Hagrid accidentally gave Harry, Hermione, and Ron a way to get past him. Pure luck for three first years.

Trap #2 Devil’s Snare. Sprout. Going by the book. They drop through the door and land on a tentacle like plant that begins constricting around them and squeezing them to death. Harry and Ron don’t know what it is. Devil’s Snare was taught at the end of the year in Herbology without a physical demonstration and since neither care much enough to check up on it, they didn’t know. Hermione however, did. If she didn’t know what it was and how to stop it, they would have been dead. Simple.

Trap #3 Flying Keys. Hooch and Flitwick. Going by the book. Hermione’s spell didn’t work on the door, so they have to resort to something else. Harry has the natural skill at flying that neither Ron or Hermione have. He is also a Seeker and is able to spot the correct key, among the hundred of others, whereas the other two couldn’t. Hermione didn’t seem to do well on a broom and nothing about Ron’s skill was mentioned. Therefore, it is up to Harry to get the key down. He then has to out-fly enchanted keys bent on doing him harm, the moment he touches the broom.

Trap #4 Chessboard. McGonagall. Going by the book. Ron has been playing chess for years and is rather good at it. Hermione thinks it’s barbaric and useless and Harry is just really bad at it. Someone is needed to play the game so that they may advance. Ron steps up and ensures that Harry checkmates the other king. Ron is sacrificed in essence. 

Trap #5 Mountain Troll. Quirrell. Going by the book. Luckily it had already been dispatched by Quirrellmort, so Hermione and Harry did not have to fight it. Pure luck.

Trap #6 Potion Riddle. Snape. Going by the book. Harry and Hermione are now trapped in a room with 7 vials of ‘potions’. I honestly don’t understand the riddle. To this day, I and my mother are at a loss. Three bottles of poison, two bottles of wine, one to go forward, and one to go behind.(<— I rhymed!) Hermione revealed logic to be in play and admitted that, 'A lot of the greatest witches and wizards haven’t got an ounce of logic, they’d be stuck in here forever.’ She solved it for Harry in under ten minutes.

Trap #7 (<— Magic number!) Mirror of Erised. Dumbledore. Going by the book. Harry was tasked with getting the stone which was in the mirror somehow. Only a person who wanted to find the stone, but not use it, would retrieve it. Add on the threat of Quirellmort - a wizard with much more 'skill’ than him - and Harry is in great danger.

However, Harry did not do much. He got the stone, told a measly lie, and defended his parents to Voldemort’s 'face’. It was Lily’s protection that saved Harry and the stone in the end.

So let’s recount…

How many singular first years are going to think to look at a three headed, massive dog’s feet? When it is growling at them and ready to attack?

How many would know to play music to make it sleep?

How many would remember what Devil’s Snare is and know the proper charm required to defeat it?

How many would have the skill necessary to fly on a broom in order to get the proper key, while dodging all other keys?

How many would have the skill to play a live game of chess with themselves as a player, and win?

How many could defeat a Mountain Troll on their own?

How many would have the intelligence and understanding of logic that Hermione had in order to solve the potion riddle? 

How many would be able to ignore the fact that they are looking for a stone that can make them either extremely wealthy or immortal? To be able to put aside such things? To face a Dark Lord feared by most and deny the chance of helping him even when he offers to revive the parents you never had the chance to know(even though it was a lie) in exchange for giving him the stone?

How many would have that sort of chivalry?

Harry, Hermione, and Ron each had an important part to play in retrieving the stone. They each had a particular skill that got them forward and onto the next task. Of course three first years would manage to make it. Traps #1 and #5 were already taken care of. Pure luck. Trap #2 was all Hermione. Trap #3 was all Harry. Trap #4 was all Ron. Trap #6 was all Hermione(again). Trap #7 was all Harry(again). Hermione doesn’t possess the chivalry Harry has in order to face Quirrellmort and Ron would have been too swayed by greed to succeed in retrieving the stone.

It was a joint effort on all their parts. No normal first year would have succeeded on their own and McGonagall had verbally set the three Gryffindors apart from their fellows earlier in the year when she commented on the taking down of the Troll in the lavatory.

So no, Dumbledore did not make it easy for first years to pass through. Harry, Hermione, and Ron were rather exceptional in that regard(with some luck along the way).

Now while I do not agree with him placing the stone in the school at all, I can admit that the 7 traps for the stone were amazing and difficult. And I reiterate, only Albus, Tom, or Severus would be skilled enough to get past everything on their own without expecting it all first.

Just thought I’d put this out there.


**Requested by bikeral- You’re Chibs’ new young girlfriend and he learns you haven’t had an orgasm yet, as you are young and just beginning your sexual life. You assure him you love having sex with him but he wants to make you orgasm**

“Hey, babe, I’m going out with Lyla today! I don’t know when I’ll be back!” you call from the closet as you looked for an outfit. You listened for a reply and sighed when you didn’t hear your boyfriend answer you, he’d probably already left.

You let out a squeal and dropped the shirt you’d been holding as Chibs’ arms wrapped around your waist from behind and lifted you up. He laughed, “I’ll probably be coming home late too.” he said as he kissed your cheek. “Be safe.” you murmur back as you look through your clothes. “Always, love.” he said and kissed you before leaving.

Lyla picked you up an hour later to take you some spa in LA. “You seem so stressed out all them time! Do I need to tell Chibs to step up his game?” she laughed jokingly. “No!” you blurted out defensively, heat rising quickly in your cheeks. “Oh?” she giggled. “Tell me.” she said with a small little grin. “It’s nothing.” you mumbled embarrassedly. “I’m a pornstar, Y/N. There’s literally nothing you can’t talk to me about when it comes to sex.” Lyla said with a sigh. “It’s just, I’ve never had an orgasm, okay?” you blurted out. “Seriously? That’s it?” Lyla asked with a small smile. “Yeah, I mean I love sex with Chibs but I’ve never had one and I’ve only ever been with one guy besides him. I want to, I just don’t know how.” you explain with a sigh.

“Opie guess what.” Lyla said as the couple was getting ready for bed. “What, baby?” Opie asked a little disinterestedly. “Y/N has never had an orgasm. She fakes it for Chibs.” Lyla said as she crawled into bed. “Seriously?” Opie laughed. “Don’t say anything though, she doesn’t want him to get upset.” Lyla sighed.

Opie sighed as he looked over at Chibs, they were both working at TM today and Opie felt like now was as good a time as any to tell him. “Hey, Chibs! Can I talk to you for a sec?” Opie asked and walked off toward the side where it would be more private. “What’s up, Ope?” Chibs asked. “Y'know how the girls went out yesterday? Well I guess they were gossiping and shit and Y/N told Lyla she’s never come before. I thought ya might wanna know.” Opie mumbled. “Oh.” was all Chibs said before returning to the garage.


You were nestled into the couch with a blanket wrapped tight around you as you watched some cartoon movie when you heard the front door open. “Hey, babe!” you called happily. “Get up.” he snapped at you. “What’s wrong, baby?” you asked as you stood up and walked toward him, trying to hug him. “You’ve been out talking shite with the pornstar, love.” Chibs said and you silently cursed Lyla.

“Chibs, I love having sex with you. It’s great-” “It can’t be that great if you haven’t cum, love.” he snapped, interrupting you as he took his kutte and boots off. “Filip?” you asked timidly as he stepped toward you. “Strip, love. I’m going to make you cum.” he said then lifted you up and laid you down on the kitchen table. “Chibs, what the hell?” you gasped and he gave you a look that silenced you immediately. You pulled your shirt off and he hooked his fingers into your shorts and panties, yanking them both off in one swift motion.

“Honestly, lass, you should know better than to be talking shite.” Chibs growled with a tug of your hair. “Filip.” you mumbled shyly. “Shut up, lass. You’ve done enough talking.” Chibs snarled. Chibs started at your neck and trailed kisses down to your thighs. He kissed up and down your thighs, nibbling and biting softly. He blew softly into your core and you began to squirm impatiently beneath him. He wrapped his arms around your thighs and held your waist down as his tongue began to work magic on you.

“Chibs.” you moaned tugging on his hair. He added two of his fingers and continued to hold you down. You could feel your orgasm building and your moans began to turn into soft whimpers as you squirmed beneath him as best you could. You moaned his name loudly as you came.

“You going to keep talking shite, love?” Chibs asked as you both stood up. You grinned at him as you panted, “If that’s what I get, I’ll never stop.” you giggled earning a hard spank to the ass from from Chibs.

This is fun. I should’ve just made it ridiculous(er) and given her like 50 wings because why not. Really need to practice lipsyncing/acting soon though, or at the very least animating on a rhythm, I have entirely neglected that.

Also, tumblr has the poopiest of poopy commenting/messaging systems. Just an fyi that I do read all the replies, I just don’t know how to appropriately respond because I don’t wanna make a new post for every message :| C’mon tumblr, step up your game and add a better comm interface.


TENDOU WEEK Day five // Rivalry // OTP

“The only time I’ll ever despair is when I won’t be able to play volleyball anymore.” - Kageyama Tobio