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Control (II)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Mark

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,403

Summary: On a night out with your friends, you accidentally text the wrong number for advice. The guy on the other end of the phone is abrupt, harsh and kind of an ass - but he also happens to be right. Which explains why you keep texting him. Right?

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Morgan Rielly - Part Six

I spend the rest of the afternoon hunched over the dining room table. I stare at my laptop and my notes until I’m sure my eyes are about to bleed. And when I finally finish I drop my glasses onto the table beside me and rub at my eyes harshly, not even caring about my makeup anymore.

               A glance at the clock makes me nearly fall out of my chair. It’s just past ten at night. A jingle outside my door catches my attention. After sitting in complete silence for six hours it’s amazing what you can hear.

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18th Birthday/Ethan Dolan Smut

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want!

Request:  Could you write an imagine where it’s Ethan’s 18th birthday, so he has his first time with the reader who is a couple of years older than him? 😍 If you can, maybe you could make way separate imagine with a similar plot for Grayson too? Just because they’re both perf & it would be cool to see the differences … 😂 Thank you in advance, angel 🙂💘


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What’s mine

Part 2 and part 3 are out!

EXO Mafia AU!

Pairing D.O x Reader

Part 1/?

Rating: PG-13 (For now) 

Your POV

 I blew a strand of hair out of my face, the piece of hair only coming back down to its original position. I sighed, the constant noise of the cafe became a familiar sound. I tugged my uniform back into place, pinning my name tag onto the pocket of my white blouse. A small smile placed itself on my face as I looked at the happy and bright faces of the customers. I walked up to the counter and began my shift.

 I watched as the last customer leave the cafe, I silently celebrated. My shift was over in a a few minutes, but it happened to be at 11:00 PM. Hoping no one else entered the cafe I began cleaning tables.                                                        “I’m going to go ahead and call it a night, will you be okay closing up by yourself?” I nodded to my coworker, a slight frown on my face. We bid each other goodnight. I continued my work, humming a song lightly. I inwardly sighed when I heard the ding of the cafe doors opening. I forced a smile on my face as I turned around to greet them. My body froze slightly as I watched 6 men, dressed in black, and caps covering their faces from view. I gulped slightly as I observed them. Clearing my throat slightly I put the cleaning supplies away. 

“Hi, welcome. How can I help you?” They turned to me making me stiffen slightly.They all nodded in my direction and  I took a deep breath, struggling to keep a calm presence. Walking over to the cash register, happy to have some sort of barrier between us, I relaxed and looked at them.                                       “Okay, what can I get for you today?” They all walked towards the counter, only one of them started to talk. As he approached I studied him, Short brown hair, a soft-ish face. Nothing too scary about him, but yet my heart felt like it was going to explode. He cleared his throat.                                                          “I would like 6 Americanos, all lightly sweetened, and can I have two of them iced?” I nodded quickly my hands moving at lightening speed. My heart started to pound on my chest even more as I felt eyes on me. I looked up slightly to see two of the men staring at me. One with a slight glare, the other with an observing look. I smiled slightly as my head shot back down to the computer.     “Will that be all for you?” He nodded and handed me his card. Once I swiped it, I handed it back to him.                                                                                       “Your order will be ready shortly.” He gave me a small smile and a nod.             I quickly got to work, knowing that with only one person working it would take a bit longer to get the order finished. I could still feel eyes on my back as I was working, but chose to ignore it.                                                                               “You’re here alone?” I turned my head slightly to see a different boy talking, I hesitated a bit on my answer. I nodded.                                                                 “Yeah, the other worker just left before you came in.” He nodded before asking another question.                                                                                            “How long have you worked here?” I began to relax as the questions came. “About 6 months.” He nodded again.                                                               “Do you have a boyfriend?” This question seemed to catch the attention of all of the men. I laughed slightly, before shaking my head.                                         “No, my boyfriend left me for some other girl.” I shrugged, not really caring.       “Okay, here are your six Americanos, have a nice night.” All six of the men came to retrieve their drinks, giving me a small thanks before walking away. One man caught my eye, his eyes were larger then the others, and his lips were full, they looked like a heart. It was needless to say that he was handsome, I felt myself blush lightly. We made eye contact for a second before I shied away from his gaze. He stayed in place for a second before moving away. I turned my back before I cleaned the mess i made. I heard the door bell go off, and the cafe began to quiet down from the lack of presence. I sighed before I finished closing down the cafe. 

I was taken by surprise by a cold gust of wind, I stepped back into the cafe before I stepped back out. Quickly locking the door before my fingers froze I checked everything twice before walking away. The streets were lit up by street lights and the occasional person walking by. Most shops were closing by now, so light became very minimal as I continued my journey.

I arrived at my apartment, my nose red and frozen from the cold. My breath coming out in white puffs. I shuffled around to get my keys from my purse. Suddenly I felt a force push me down. I stumbled down in shock, my hands and knees painfully making contact with the ground. I turned to see a man in his mid 30′s, his slight swaying made it evident that he was drunk. I quickly stood up, brushing myself off while keeping an eye on the man.                                            “Can I help you, sir?” He chuckled before stumbling towards me, the strong scent of alcohol making me gag.                                                                             “Well little lady, I believe you can.” He placed a hand of my shoulder, I tried to shrug it off but his grip was iron tight. I winced slightly as his grip increased. He lowered his head to my face, his breath making my eyes water.                            “Want to have some fun?” He laughed loudly, I whimpered. My mind racing a thousand miles an hour, my body frozen in its place. I shook my head and stepped back, his hand still on my shoulder.                                                         “Sir, please let go, you’re hurting me.” He only laughed, I began to panic.           “I don’t think I can do that.” His eyes darkened as he looked at me. I felt my eyes water. I took a deep breath before opening my mouth to scream. His hand coming up to my mouth, I felt my eyes widen in surprise. My own hands coming up to move his away, but with no avail. 

My thoughts were put on pause as I heard a voice.                                               “I’m pretty sure she said to let go.” The man turned from me, and to the voice.  “And if I don’t?” He dragged me to the ground for emphasis. I let out a scream of pain as my knees were painfully scraped on the ground. In a flash the mysterious voice came closer, the sudden flick of a knife made both of us freeze. The man holding me down released his grip on my shoulder, stepping back in large steps.                                                                                                  “Look man, I only wanted some fun.” He tried to reason, I slowly moved to make sure I didn’t break any bones. The voice came even closer, a street light illuminating the man’s face. I gasped softly, its was the man with the heart shaped lips from the cafe. As he came closer I saw the rest of the men behind him. The stranger’s eyes widened in realization, and he gulped, looking around anxiously for a way out. All six of the men chuckled.                                              “You’re not going anywhere, you touched what was ours. Now you have to pay.” One of the men spoke. Yours? What was happening? The stranger fell to his knees, clasping his hands together, his voice sounding desperate.                 “Please! I didn’t know she was yours! I’ll do anything! Please spare me!” The boy with the heart shaped lips glared and I felt shivers down my spine. All six of these men looked very dark and dangerous. I let out a light gasp in pain as I tried to stand up. The boy with the heart shaped lips snapped his neck in my direction. His voice making my heart flutter, as he ordered the men around.         “Lay, Suho, help her.” Two men who i’m assuming are Suho and Lay, instantly stepped towards me. I shrunk back in fear as they towered over me. The boy who i’m guessing is Lay shot me a reassuring smile, his dimples proudly showing themselves.                                                                                               “We won’t hurt you, I promise!” He smiled at me as he bent down to my level. Both men extended their hands, and I gratefully took them. Wincing slightly as my legs straightened themselves out. Lay put his arm under me, as he lifted me up. I squealed out in surprise at this gesture. He only chuckled at my reaction. Walking over to the remaining three people, I smiled slightly at them. They smiled and nodded back. 

“Take her away from here, take her to our place.” All of the men nodded understanding what the heart shaped lips boy was going to do. My head shot towards him.                                                                                                           “You can’t kill him! Take him to the police, he’s drunk he didn’t mean anything!! Please!” My wide eyes were filled with tears as I looked at him. He turned towards me slightly, our eyes met and I felt thousands of butterflies in my stomach, blushing slightly I kept my eyes locked with his. His eyes softened slightly before shaking his head. I felt my heart drop.                                             “He has seen our faces, and he tried to touch what is mine. And I do NOT take lightly to that.” I was still confused on what was his, but ignored it as I tried to protest. Lay shushed me quickly saying that it was useless, that the boy had made up his mind. I looked at Lay with tear filled eyes. I placed my head in his chest before letting out a sob. Lay tried his best to console me, and I just kept crying. The last thing I heard before blacking out was the voice of the heart shaped lips boy.                                                                                                       “Now lets finish this business.”                        

Officer Hong (SMUT/NSFW GIFS)

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Request: Hi! I really liked seungcheol’s smut with gifs! So can I request for Joshua smut with gifs?

-Sorry it took so long ;(



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Learn To Love Me PT.3

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

A/N: Sorry for the wait. The part is shorter compared to the last two.

Warning: Mentions of miscarriage

Part 1 Part 2

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so today’s wild work story is that i had to go outside, as person-in-charge, to talk to the men doing work on our parking lot. one of my coworkers went with me. the second we stepped out the back door, which, for the record, is surrounded by garden beds and flowering trees, something hit me in the head. a second’s confused casting about and i realized it was a palm-sized dragonfly, currently chillin’ on the sidewalk after its surprise contact with my presumably pretty hard head. my coworker who was there has been calling me Madame Dragonfly all morning.

Oh yeah, I'm a lesbian

Pairing: Natasha x reader

@captainblackhill request: the reader overhears Natasha confesses to Clint that she’s a lesbian and she’s in love with the reader but she’s afraid the reader will reject her. Later on the reader calls Natasha into her room and confronts her about what she heard and tells her she has feelings for her. Natasha rides the reader who is wearing a strap on.

“Sharon you are a lifesaver ! ! ! ” I hugged my best friend as I slipped on the flats she brought me.

“Don’t mention it y/n, I know if I was in your position you would help me out as well” Sharon leaned against my desk as placed my heals in my bag.

“That’s true”

“What happened again if you don’t mind me asking”

“I was running down the hall and tripped” I replied

“Hahaha your are the clumsiest avengers ever” Sharon started to laugh

“Hey don’t go there Carter, you haven’t seen your boyfriend in the battlefield. 99% of the time he smacks his face with his own shield when we’re out on missions”

“He’s not my boyfriend ! ! !” Sharon complained

“Sure hun whatever you say”

“Alright missy let’s bring up your love life then” Sharon challenged me

“Ha what love life” I huffed out

“What happened to Carmen from accounting, I thought you two hit it off?”

“She’s too high maintenance and indecisive” I sighed “I just want a woman who isn’t afraid to get dirty and knows what she likes”

“That came off dirty” Sharon snickered

“I know. I want someone like-”

“Like Natasha?” Sharon interrupted

“Exactly like Natasha, sadly she not into girls so that’s why I’m still on the search-”

“For your tomboy Cinderella” Sharon finished my sentence.

“Yup” I finally looked back at my desk and noticed I had paper work to do. “Ah crap I forgot I needed to have these mailed in tomorrow. I’m sorry Sharon I need to get back to work”

“That’s alright I was going to go have lunch with Steve” I watched as the blonde made her way to the door.

“HAVE FUN ON YOUR DATE” I shouted and she stepped out.

“ITS NOT A DATE ! ! ! !” Sharon shouted back as she closed my door. I nodded my head knowing fully well it was a date but frowned when realized the paperwork was going to take up the rest of my day.

*Time skip Natasha pov.*

“Clint I need to tell you something” I started tapping my fingers on my knee as I sat on my bed. I’ve been hiding something from the entire team and its eating me up inside to the point that I need to reveal it someone.

“Nat what’s wrong, I’ve never seen you this nervous before in my entire life” Clint had a concern look on his face.

“I’m honestly scared to say it because once I do it’s official.”

“Natasha tell me please what’s going on” I looked at him.

“I’m gay” I sighed as I finally told someone one of my deepest secrets.

“Oh nat come here” he made me stand up and gave me a tight hug. I hugged him back just as tight. “I’m so proud of you. I’m glad you told me”

“Thank you Clint it feels so nice to actually say it. I’m gay, I can be who I really am now” we spend the next hour talking about why I’ve been keeping my sexual preference a secret.

“So has anyone from the team caught your eye, you know there are a lot of hot women on the team” Clint was already going back to his old self.

“There is someone, I’ve actually fallen quiet hard for them. To the point where it’s love now” I started bite my lip.

“Well out with it woman, who is it”

“It’s y/n” I smiled at the sound of her name.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP” Clint shouted.

“Clint shut up ! ! !”

“Noooo you love y/n ! ! ! Oh my gosh you two would be perfect together ! ! ! When are you going to tell her and can I be there”

“I’m not telling her Clint”

“Why ! ! !” His excitement disappeared

“I barely acknowledged that I was gay and that I’m in love with y/n. I don’t need that progress to end if she says she doesn’t feel the same way.”

“I understand I’m not going to pressure you into doing something you don’t want to. Especially if it took you a lot to talk about it to me.”

*y/n pov*

The paperwork took longer than I thought and before I knew it it was 9:00. I dragged my feet down the hallway of the compound to get to my room when I heard my name being mentioned.

“It’s y/n” I realized I was in front of Natasha’s bedroom. I know it is wrong but I pressed my ear against her door to hear what she was saying.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP” Clint shouted and I muffled my laugh.

“Clint shut up ! ! !”

“Noooo you love y/n ! ! ! ” oh my gosh Natasha’s in love with me, I didn’t even know she was into girls.

“I’m not telling her Clint”

“Why ! ! !” I noticed clint’s excitement disappearing.

“I barely acknowledged that I was gay and that I’m in love with y/n. I don’t need that progress to end if she says she doesn’t feel the same way.” With that I went straight to my room to think of ways to get Natasha to admit her feelings.

*time skip*

It’s been a week since I overheard Natasha telling Clint that she was in love with me. Since then I’ve been thinking up ways to get Natasha to admit her feelings for me. I ultimately decided to just sit her down in my room and tell her I heard her the other day. I know it could totally backfire and she’ll never want to be near me again but it’s worth the risk. It’s worth the risk because we both clearly like each other she just needs to know that I feel the same way. That’s why I told Friday to let Natasha know that I wanted to talk to her when she got back from training, which wasn’t until late at night.

“Y/n? Friday said you wanted to talk?” Natasha voice came from the other side of my door.

“Come in” I shouted as I put my hair in a ponytail before I watched Natasha enter my bedroom.

“What’s up”

“Um there is really no way to transition into what I want to say so I’m just going to say it.” I took a deep breath. “I overheard you and Clint the other night”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Natasha was trying to avoid eye contact.

“Nat it’s ok, I know and I want you to know that I feel the same way.” I confessed.

“You know it’s rude to eavesdrop”

“Yeah well I couldn’t help it when I heard my name I had to listen. And before you say it I know you were talking about me because I’m the only one that is named y/n here and at work” I reached out and held her hand. “I really like you Natasha and I would never reject you” I cautiously leaned in and kissed her cheek. I felt her tense a little bit but soon felt her hands slipping from mine and landing around my waist.

“I am in love with you y/n y/l/n” Natasha whispered before I felt her her lips on mine. It was a slow and cautious and it felt so right. One of my hands rested on the back of her neck while the other was on her lower back.

“I am in love with you too Natasha” I managed to say against her lips before I felt her slide her tongue in my mouth. I slowly started to walk backwards towards my bed until my back hit the mattress. Rolling us over I was on top her and started rolling my hips against her. I slipped my hand under her shirt before lifting it off her body.

“You’re so fucking hot nat” I moaned as I removed her bra, revealing her beautifully round breasts. Soon all over our clothes were tossed off the bed and we were making out. I started playing with her clit as she was biting my lower lip. “Tell me what you want nat” I inserted two fingers inside her before I circled my tongue around her left nipple.

“I want to fuck with a strap-on” she moaned as I rubbed my thumb over her clit.

“I’ll be back then” removing my fingers, I got off the bed before I made my way into my closet and pulled out my double sided strap-on. I put it on and moaned as I inserted my end inside me. Turning around I noticed Natasha was on her elbows and looking at my direction. I smirked as I strutted my way over to her, her side of the strap on was swinging back and forth as I walked. Once on the bed I spread her legs I began to tease her entrance but her hand stopped me from entering her.

“Wait can u be on top?” she asked, I got off her and laid down before she got on top of me. “Oh I like this view better” I watched as she guided the fake cock to her pussy and lowered herself, causing my side of the strap on to go further inside me.

“Fuck” we moaned as she started to rock her hips, slow but rough.

“Oh fuck” she dug her fingernails into my waist as she began to get rougher, her breasts bounce gloriously. I massaged them tenderly as our breaths began to get shallow.

“Yes yes yes oh nat just like that” I was pulling on her hair as she started to bit my collarbone.

“I’m going to cum y/n, I don’t think I can hold it” I had a firm grip on her hair as she held onto my ass if her life depended on it. Her movements were becoming erratic and I knew she wasn’t lying.

“Cum for me nat” I pulled her hair so she would look at me. There was a fire in her eye that was turning me on so bad. Her lips were on mine once again as she fucked me harder, making me moan into the kiss. Not to long after did I feel my orgasm coming. “NAT ! ! ! ! ! YESSSSSSS AHHHHH FUCK” I arched my back in ecstasy.

“Y/N ! ! ! !” Natasha shouted as I watched her cum. After we both came down from our high Natasha got up and laid down while I got up and removed the strap-on. Tossing it to the side and joined Natasha under the covers where were still trying to catch our breaths. “Oh I could get used to this” Natasha pulled me into an embrace.

“Me too, I never thought this would happen but I’m glad it did.” I peppered her jaw with kisses. “I love you nat and if you want to wait until you’re comfortable enough to come out we can keep us a secret.” I wasn’t sure if she was going to come out to the team yet so I want to reassure her it was ok.

“Thank you y/n but I’m so tire of hiding this part of me. Tomorrow I’ll tell the team, and I love you too” we continued to kiss until we fell asleep.

*the next day*

I woke up to the feeling of plump lips against my naked shoulder. I turned around and noticed Natasha’s green eyes looking back at me.

“Good morning y/n”

“Good morning nat are you ready?” I replied

“As ready as I’ll ever be” we got out of bed and started getting dressed. When I turned around I realize Natasha was putting on my clothes, leaving hers on the floor.

“You look good in my clothes babe” I rested my hands on her waist before pecking her lips.

“I know, now let’s go get breakfast” we stepped out of my room and made our way into the kitchen to breakfast before joining everyone in the dinning room.

“Morning guys” I smiled at the team, Natasha following closely behind.

“Morning” they all said while they eyed Natasha.

“Um Natasha, why are you wearing y/n clothes?” Vision asked the question everyone but Clint was thinking. He already knew and he was smiling with pride that his best friend is happy.

“We’re dating now” Natasha started causing everyone to stare at us confused. “Oh yeah I’m a lesbian by the way” Natasha finished and I kissed her lips.

“I did not see that coming” Tony whispered

“Hey that’s my line” Pietro glared at Tony as Natasha and I sat down with everyone who were still in shock of our news.

Cameron Dallas Imagine - Depressed

“Do a cameron imagine where like you guys are fighting and you break up but then like are totally broken and depressed because you need each other, and you fill the rest”

requested by espinosascuddles


Voices raising, hands shaking, tears shedding. Here we are again fighting, but this time it’s our last.

“Cameron, i’m done.” i paused, “I can’t do this anymore.” I sobbed.

Cameron clenched his jaw and looked at the ground and slightly nodded and then quickly put his head back up to meet his eyes with mine and tried to keep in his tears. “Me too.” he licked his lips.

I stood there with tears  as i watched him take his stuff out the door. He came back in to grab his keys. I put my hand up to my mouth to muffle my sobs and looked at the floor, not wanting to look at Cameron cause that will only make it harder. I felt his gaze on me and I heard him walk over and I felt his soft touch on my arm taking my hand from my mouth and he grazzed his thumb across my hand and then spoke, “Y/N this hurts me just as much as it hurts you.” 

He looked into my eyes once more and stepped back and walked out the door. I was expecting him to kiss my forehead goodbye but this time it’s different and I know that it’s for real that were done. I slunched down the wall and tucked my knees into my chest and sobbed. 


It’s been a week since Cameron and I broke up. I’ve been living in my bed all week. Don’t want to move and face the world which feels like i would do alone. I spent my days sobbing into my pillow, or feeling numb looking up at my ceiling wondering if he felt the same I do. Probably not, i don’t know how many random girls would hit on him when we were together. He can get any girl he wants and i honestly don’t know why he chose me. Makes sense that were over now. 

(Cameron’s POV)

i tried to go out with my friends and forget about Y/N. They would try to set me up with someone, but every time I met another girl I just thought of how they couldn’t compare to Y/N. I couldn’t forget about her. How could I? She liked me for me, not for my money, or being a model. She looked past through all of that and no one ever done that before. 

Y/N was always scared that I was going to leave her for someone else, since i’m always with girls for modeling. She always accused me of liking them, but I didn’t. It looks like it cause it’s my job. I don’t know why she’s so insecure, she doesn’t know how beautiful she is and I wish she believed me. I think i just might show her.. 


I was sitting down on the couch with my best friend, watching netflix and for once, forgetting about Cameron. I heard a knock at the door and gave Y/best friend’s/N a confused look as she gave me one back.

I walk over to the door and open it up to see Cameron holding a huge bouquet of pink roses, my favorite. 

“Cam, what are you doing here?” I said a taken back.

“I’m here to apologize, for not loving and showing you how much I do. I failed to show how beautiful you really are. It makes me so jealous when other guys look at you cause i was afraid of you leaving me too for someone else better. Y/N i am in love with you and nothing is ever going to make me leave you.” He admitted.

I took the flowers and slightly smiled up at him. “I love you too Cameron.” 

He leaned down to kiss me sweetly on the lips, “i missed you, I couldn’t stop thinking about you no matter how hard i tried.” He said.

“I felt the same way about you.” I admitted.

“Okay well i’m just gonna go then.” Y/Best Friend/N said. 

“No Y/Best Friend/N, stay” I looked back at Cam, “Ill make him leave and we’ll see each other tomorrow.” I smiled and he smiled back and nodded. 

“Love you.” Cam said as he pecked my lips. 

“Love you too.” I said as I watched him walk out to his car, looking at him and realizing how really in love i am with him.


first imagine I done in a while, sorry if it’s not the best haha

Misery pt. 2 (Scott McCall Imagine)

Request:  Hi I love your imagines 😍😍 Can I get an imagine where Scott is dating kira but I’m secretly in love with him and stiles finds out about it please Love you p.s. my name is Imani

Words Count: 1278

Summary:  : Imani has been best friends with Scott and Stiles for basically her whole life, so it’s not totally crazy that she would end up falling in love for her best friend Scott. So why doesn’t she tell him how she feel? Oh just the usual not wanting to hurt the relationship they have now, awkwardness, oh and he has a girlfriend, Kira Yukimura.

Part 1

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Whose in/visibility? Feelings of a TWOC on #TDOV

[This picture composition is by Rae over at birlybir]

This morning, I woke up to social media telling me that today is Trans Day of Visibility. My first reaction was: “huh, what is this trans day of visibility that i never heard of? is that a new cool thing recently invented by white cis queers? is this also the day when we go around with our mason jars collecting allyship tokens?”… And then I stayed in bed and felt terrible for being so cynical. I also wondered what kind of trans person was I that I never even heard about a Trans Day Visibility?!

I got out of bed and went to work, but that sense of discomfort that had inhabited me since this morning refused to leave my body. Each time I logged on to social media platforms throughout the afternoon, I saw posts and posts about this trans day of visibility, mostly by cis folks, and a couple of heart-warming ones by trans folks and quite a lot of cynical ones by other (most racialized) trans folks. This wretched punch that had been beating in my guts did not stop as the evening rolled by…

“feelings,” I thought, listening to the signs in my body, “i have feelings.”

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randy please go to sleep

i could literally walk 20 steps out my back door and see a gator im not going to no gatorland

Sam Wilkinson - Summer Love

So I wrote this a little while ago and had @thesammywilk post it for me, cause I didn’t want it on my blog yet. So this is it! I really like comments/feedback

Sam Wilkinson - Summer Love

It was 2:05 am. I looked outside my window and saw a fine mist outside. It was a strange night. The sky was a unique orange-purple sky, with the mist of the light rain making it hazy. I could smell that specific smell of the earth when it rains. I saw a light go off from my peripheral. My phone had a text on it. It was Sam.

He lived pretty close. I lived in a nice development a couple streets over from him, while he lived off one of the main roads. It wasn’t a long walk.

I called him and waited a moment for him to pick up.


“Hey. Do you wanna maybe hang out or somethin’?” He asked.

“Or something?” I laughed. “Yeah we can hang out or something.”

“Okay. I’ll walk over and come get you?”

“Yeah that sounds good. Just text me when you’re in my neighborhood. I have to sneak out the back deck” I explained.

We hung up and I waited anxiously for him. I wasn’t wearing make up. I just wanted to be natural for him. I put on leggings and a sweater, fixing my hair and puting on some body mist from Victoria’s Secret. Nothing too heavy.

I got another text from Sam reading that he was in my neighborhood. It was sweet he wanted to come get me and not let me walk alone. I tiptoed down the carpeted steps of my house and slowly pried the sliding glass door open. God, that thing was loud. I quietly shut the door and slipped away down the wooden steps of my deck. I swiftly walked over the wet grass of my back yard and around to the front of my house. There he was, as handsome and relaxed as ever. He was in sweatpants and a hoodie with his hood up. He saw my figure walking towards him and opened his arms for me. I walked right into his arms and wrapped mine around his chest with my cheek to his chest and buried my face in his sleeve. “I’m happy to see you,” I mumbled. “Me too,” he replied softly. “You look cold. Let me give you my hoodie,” He removed the hoodie from his fit body and handed it to me with a smile on his face.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine. I’m always warm anyways, I want you to wear it while were walking.”

We walked through all the grassy shortcuts and curves off the streets. We were getting into his house the same way I left mine, through the back door. He held my hand as he helped me onto an inclined hill. It was pretty steep. We reached his glass door and he let me in. He gave me a small tour of his house and we quietly traveled up his creaky steps to his bedroom. It was pitch black.

We reached his room and we both sat on the bed in a moment of silence.

“we should lay down if you’re still cold,” he suggested.

“Yeah I’m still cold,” I grinned at him.

Sam took his shirt off and laid down on his bed. I took off his hoodie and laid down on top of him, chest to chest. I rested my head right below his chin. It was comfortable. More than just a physical kind of way. It felt right. Like I was supposed to be there at that moment, with him, just like that. I exhaled and appreciated the content feeling I was experiencing with Sam.

We never had a thing. We never really expressed interest. He just got my number to strike a conversation with me and we hit it off. It was a good connection. So I figured why not sneak out and spend time with him, that’s what I’m supposed to do at my age anyways.

I looked up at him and breathed on his lips as our noses rubbed against each other. Sam closed the space between the two of us and kissed me. It was gentle at first, not wanting to be to pushy or harsh. I could tell he was trying to get a feel for me and how comfortable I was with him. I kissed back reassuring him we were on the same page, and I wanted what he wanted. Sam rolled over top of me as I positioned myself beneath him. He propped himself up on his elbows on both sides of my head. He wasn’t kissing me carefully anymore. It was full on passion, sloppy, I-need-you-now kind of kissing. All I knew was I was there with him and everything outside of that room ceased to exist and I was infatuated with Sam.

Sam placed his hand on my waist and pressed his thumb into my side. He slowly moved his hand up further and under my tank top. “(Y/N), I think you should take this off” he whispered into my ear, taking my earlobe between his teeth. I bit my lip and nodded quickly in agreement, “I think so too.” I sat up and took my tank top off and tossed it carelessly to his bedroom floor. Sam put his finger under my right bra strap and ran his finger underneath it. He looked up at me through his eyelashes. “I think you should take this off too…” he said calmly. At this point I was all in. I could feel that I was wet and ready to go. I unhooked my bra and let it fall off the side of the bed. I hooked my thumbs into the elastic band of my leggings and slid them off taking my lace panties with them. I laid down on my back and pulled him back on top of me. Sam was wrapped between my legs and he was kissing from my jaw line, to my lips, down my chin, under my neck, down my bare chest. “Ugh” he groaned and bit his lip as his eyes met mine again. He began to grind his hips into mine. The feeling of his hardness right against me was teasing. “I want you baby” he said to me. “I want you too Sam. But I’m here naked underneath of you and you’re still dressed” I smirked as my fingers were hooked into the waistband of his sweatpants and boxers, giving a little tug. He got on his feet to the side of the bed and pulled everything off and repositioned himself between me. His hands were right by my head, with his strong arms fully extended holding himself up. His small gold chain hung around his neck. I wrapped my index finger around it and brought him closer to me. He obeyed. His lips meet mine again and I wrapped my bare legs around his, pushing him closer to me. I could feel the tip of his member slide against my wet core. Sam grunted and breathed heavily into my neck. “Just do it,” I whispered. “Okay” he mumbled against my lips. And with that I could feel him tease me and then push himself into me all at once. I wrapped my arms around his neck and arched my back off the bed. He slipped a hand under my waist and continued to thrust.

“Do you like that baby?” he asked.

“Yeah keep going Sam,” I moaned.

With each thrust he went harder and faster. I loved every moment of being in his bed, in his arms, underneath him. It wasn’t romantic, or sensual. But it was passionate, and sexy. I observed the look of utter pleasure written across his face. I could feel my self getting closer to my climax.

“I’m gonna come baby,” he moaned.

“Do it for me Sam.”

He quickened his pace and I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me as I came undone underneath of him, gripping on to his arms. Sam was breathing heavy and moaning every second as he came with me. Pulling his lip between his teeth and exhaling he pulled out. “Fuck. That was so good” he said quietly. “Yeah” I replied softly. As he turned over and laid on his bed I got up and reached for my clothing. “I should go” I said quietly and gave him a smile. “Really?” He questioned. “Yeah. It’s really late. Thank you, though. Tonight was great. Maybe we can do this again sometime.” I kiss his lips as I put my sweater back on. I left his hoodie on the floor, but I could still smell his scent lingering on me.

I walked down the stairs, brushing my hair behind my ear and watching each step. I slipped my shoes back on and creeped out the back door and made my way home.

It was simple, and uncomplicated. I walked home slowly replaying every moment inside of my head. Every moan, every grunt, every kiss, every swear, the heavy breathing, the grabbing of each other’s skin, it was all burned into my mind. It was nice, feeling the mist of the early morning softly on my skin. But I liked the way Sam felt more.

What We Were - 3.1

AN#1: Here’s some angsty smut to soothe your wounds from last week’s angsty angst. Have fun.

Hannah’s pov - Junior Year - 3.5k words

Hannah’s pov - Junior Year

This needs to stop.

“Oh, come on, that’s fucking hilarious!”

Grace walks into the room, talking loudly, and congratulates whoever’s birthday it is. 

“You’re so funny,” she exclaims, chuckling at something the person next to her says.

She hasn’t noticed me, I think. What would I even say? I’m not sure. I’d rather avoid any kind of talking for tonight. Because the last time we talked we decided that everything had become too much. That we needed some space. It’s true, so that’s what we’re doing. We’re giving each other space.

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Extra Shot Please

Chapter 10

Holly was going through her closet looking through all of her clothes. Tonight was the night. They were finally going out on their first date. Well, the official one at that. Sure, they’ve spent many night together cuddle on the couch, a few nights studying in the big room, a couple nights simply next to each other trying to get through some school work, but tonight, was the first time they would go out. In the middle of getting ready, Holly’s phone began to ring.

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Basics: First part of my new series and the reason the boy’s name isn’t in the title as usual, is because I’d prefer to reveal him in the story. (Idk why man. dramatic effect?) Which means he is not revealed in this part, but he will be in the next one.

Art, to be put simply, is my life. To an extent of, whenever I have a pencil
or pen in my hand, something will be drawn on. Paint smelled of home and
the edges of my fingers are always stained with graphite. Art is who I am,
it is a part of me, an escape.

No one was surprised when I announced I had chosen it as my major. They
accepted it and said they were happy for me, though I still heard the few
that murmured about me amounting to nothing, but I couldn’t care less about
what they had to say. I was living, and I was living for me.

My legs felt shaky as I stood and I felt light headed, but I brushed it off as
I hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before. I stumbled towards my mirror
and sneered at the sight before me. The space beneath my dull eyes were a
dark purple and smudged with the scattered black of yesterday’s eyeliner.
The grease built up in the roots of my hair made me want to gag.

With an unsteady hand I reached over to grab the most used thing that I
owned. My dry shampoo. I quickly sprayed it onto my scalp and scrubbed it
in violently, before throwing it into a ponytail that looked like the work
of a five year old.

I lazily wiped my nose as I sniffed, and made the decision that attempting
to fix anything happening on my face was pointless, so I picked up a
discarded tissue and wiped away the ebony specks before dragging myself
around my room to find my shoes.

I shoved my music filled earbuds in my ears and my phone in my back pocket,
before stepping out of my dorm room door and started the adventure that was
the trip down the multiple flights of stairs that my building withheld.

I inhaled deeply when I stepped out in the whipping air of outside. I felt
my teeth grit as the deep bass was interrupted by my shrill ringtone. My
fingers left smudges on the slightly cracked screen as I opened it up and
learned my roommate, Dawn had been the interruption.

“Yes ma'am, may I help you,” I attempted at sounding sweet and light
hearted but the fact that I hadn’t spoken yet this morning caused me to sound like a life long smoker.

“Well good morning to you too princess,” she sounded bubbly and cheerful, how she was every second of every day. That being one of the many things I would never be able to understand about that girl.

“What do you need peanut?” I muttered as I dug around my purse for my car keys, and once I found them, shoving them into the keyhole.

“You didn’t leave a note this morning. What are you up to?”

“Oh shit,” I chuckled as I slid a rough hand over my face, “sorry I totally forgot.”

“Don’t worry about it babe, just wondering what’s happening with you today?”

“I’m not really sure,” I chewed on my chapped lips and I started the car and cranked on the heater, “I saw a new art shop last time we were in town so I figured I’d stop by and see what that’s about.”

“Aw sweet. You should pick me up some of that really pretty origami paper if they have it,” she giggled like a child before injecting again, “but don’t come home with seventy dollars worth of paints again please.”

“That was one time!” I was quick to defend myself at her horrible choice of memories to bring up.

“Just watch yourself. I’ll see you later.” I grumbled a quiet goodbye before hitting end call.

The smooth voice of Lana Del Rey pumped through my speakers as I pulled out of the cramped parking lot. The small car felt warm and welcoming due to the cinnamon apple scented perfume that had spilled on my back seats the other day. Everything was light and calm around me as my tiny vehicle puttered along the bumpy roads.

The street lights were strung with twinkling white Christmas lights and the streets were littered with mothers and children scrounging for last minute Christmas presents. Babies with flushed red noses and kids whispering to one another made a grin crawl onto my lips.

I always had a deep love for this time of year, winter was just a beautiful thing. The air was crisp and always smelled of some type of baked good. Little trinkets were being sold left and right and I had an excuse to wear my favorite, extra big hoodie that smells like men’s cologne (something that I will never understand)

My car squeaked to a stop as I pulled in front of the small shop. Minerva’s Palace was painted daintily across the wooden sign and displays of easels and odd paintings filled the glass window. The first time I had seen the little shop was a few days ago, just the simplistic and home like look drew me in. It was hypnotic.

I carefully crawled out of the driver’s seat, and closed and locked the door. I walked leisurely to the door while scrolling though my phone, only tripping over a crack or two.

The smell of old books, sketch books, and acrylic paint filled my nose. It was warm compared to the outside winds causing a chill to run up my spine. This place already felt like home.

I cautiously crept around the building, afraid that i’d bump into something due to the small space. The place was definitely… cozy. My eyes quickly darted to the origami paper as I remembered what my roommate had said.

I brushed my fingers over the flexible sheets grinning like a fool. The colors were so vibrant, some even had designs that looked like a beautiful mosaic. Quickly, I grabbed a few packs before I headed towards my original mission. The sketchbooks.

It was easy to say I have enough sketchbooks for the entire art department, my my most recent purchase had just been filled to the brim, and my hands had just been craving to draw on something that wasn’t the lines of notebook paper or a napkin.

They had every color anyone could everything of. Paperbacks or hardcover. I was truly in heaven.

As I leafed through each book I, sadly, didn’t see anything that caught my eye. I have had every type of sketchbook under the sun and sometimes I just really wanted something that looked unique and something I could make my own. I was seconds away from just grabbing a simple black one and leaving before I saw it.

It was a beautiful black leather cover with gold thread. The leather seemed to be, at one point, a very glossy finish, but was now worn and matted. It looked very old. I thought that maybe it was filled with drawings from the previous owner, something that would be very interesting to own, but upon opening it I saw it was completely empty.

“A beautiful book isn’t it?” A soft, mousey voice spoke behind me, making me jump a mile into the air.

I turned to see a frail, old woman, a gentle and apologetic smile laid on her lips.

“Oh, um yes. It’s- it’s gorgeous,” I smiled to her while nervously running my fingers across the spine.

“I didn’t mean to startle you darling,” she placed a warm, comforting hand on my forearm, causing me to relax,”but I honestly do love that book. I would keep it for myself, but I’m more of a painter personally.”

She had a maternal, almost grandmotherly aura about her that made me feel safe.

“But I do have to tell you something if you plan on owning that book,” she chewed on her lip while pointing at the object in my hands.

“Oh, okay. Yeah anything, I really would love to own it.”

“That is a special book. I’ve never seen anything like it,” she slowly shook her head,”you have to be careful with it. It can do amazing things for you, but it’s not for everyone.”

“It really is a gorgeous book, I would take the best care of it,” I brought it closer to my chest, the smell of the old pages wafting into my nose.

She looked me over for a bit, almost as if she was assessing me. She smiled after a while, “I don’t have any doubt that you wouldn’t. I’d be very content with knowing that you owned it.”

“Thank you. Oh! Um, how much is it?”

“For you,” she scanned me again with her light dainty eyes, “completely free. Now let’s ring up that origami paper. You’ve seemed to have made a beautiful choice.”


My heated breath puffed through my clenched fingers as I sat at my tiny, cramped desk. The tips of my fingers felt like ice, my whole body shivered as cool air whipped around me. It was, what seemed like, the coldest day of winter, and the building’s heater just had to break down today.

“Jesus when are they gunna get someone to fix the damn heat?” I shook my head and opened my new sketchbook, admiring the soft paper of the first page.

“C’mon, it’s not that bad,” Dawn mimicked my head movement, as her fingers worked on the creases of her origami paper.

“Says you. You’re covered in like twenty blankets,” I grinned when I looked at her and saw that my exaggeration wasn’t too far off, she resembles something close to a burrito.

I pulled my sock clad feet over the edge of my seat and slowly got up, I jumped at the cold of the tile floors.

I squatted at the side of my bed, before peaking under it. I had lost a pencil over here earlier, I was sure of it. Even though I had bought a new pack a few days ago, they seemed to disappear the second I got to the room.

“Dammit,” I whispered harshly before dropping to my knees, my fingers clawing at the floor as I tried to reach it.

“Now what’s your problem?” I heard her snicker from her heat cocoon. Sometimes I think she enjoyed seeing me in pain.

“My freaking pencil is all the way against the wall,” my back made a satisfying pop noise as I lied flat on my stomach to get closer to the pencil, “oh geez my back feels better. I might just stay like this all day.”

“Well,” she peeled herself from her bed as she walked over to me, and I felt her poke my butt with her toes, “maybe if you didn’t sit hunched over like a little old lady, your back would hurt in the first place.”

“Hey Dawn,” I grabbed the object I was searching for before sliding myself out from under my bed, “will you please let me live?”

“Well, where’s the fun in that?”

I drug my tired body back to my desk and sat down. I reopened my book, even though I swore I opened it before I got up. Probably just closed by itself. I hate when books do that.

“That’s weird…” I muttered more to myself.

“What is it,” her curiosity peaked as she trotted towards me. I saw her wipe her nose on her sweater sleeve before she bent over my shoulder to see what I was looking at.

“There’s just a few marks here,” I squinted at the stray marks. I don’t ever remember making these. I couldn’t have, I just now got my pencil.

“Okay. So what? Their just pencil marks,” she shrugged before reaching past my face to grab my coffee, and taking a sip.

“I just got my pencil, you watched me. I didn’t do this,” I brushed my fingers over the small lines making them smudge. I know it was just a few marks, but I was still confused as to how they got their.

“Maybe they were just there when you bought it. Maybe someone was testing the paper and just decided not to get it.”

“Maybe…” but I didn’t remember seeing them when I was flipping through the pages back at the shop.

Dawn quickly lost interest as she padded across the room to the small fridge we had tucked under the window.

“What are we doing for dinner?” She questioned as she peered into the mostly empty refrigerator.

“Can we just go pick something up. I don’t feel like cooking,” my pencil flicked across the page just making simple hearts and swirls as I tried to decide what to draw. My thoughts seemed clogged and my inspiration lacking.

“Can we maybe go now? I swear I’m so hungry I might implode,” she said over dramatically as she clutched her stomach.

“Okay miss drama queen. Just let me get my shoes,” I got up again and marched around the cluttered room to find my boots, “maybe going out will give me some inspiration.”

I shoved my feet into the leather and started walking towards the door.

“We can only hope,” she spoke sarcastically before the door slammed shut.