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We all have moments in our lives that our brain processes as absolute disasters. Sometimes, it helps to take a step back. Anxiety and Logic go toe-to-toe to mull over some recent experiences I had to determine if I they truly WERE as horrible as I thought they were.


Hey guys, so if you have been following us, I recently wrote a smut but then compared to my other admins smut and I was like ‘DamN, I reaLLY Need tO rewrite mine’ so I thought i would give this a second go :) This was a request and the request was that you are in a club with jungkook and the gang, and you start dancing with a random guy and Jungkook starts getting jealous :)

It is a bit of a long intro but please bare with :)

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‘Oh come on , that song is SooOOO OLD! Play a different tune. A tune everyone can jam to!’

Taehyung and Namjoon were bickering away at what to play on the journey to the club. You were stuck in the middle of Taehyung and Jungkook in the cab while Namjoon at the front with the driver. In a way, it was good because Tae always kept the journey’s fun, but it was also difficult because you couldn’t keep your mind off of one thing. While staring out the window and into the pouring rain, You couldn’t keep your mind off of how good Jungkook looked today and the thought of it slightly aroused you. He was wearing his usual black jeans with his timbs, his blue shirt with his top 4 buttons undone, which slightly revealed his chest. It was accompanied by a thin silver chain and he had one diamond stud in his right ear. You snapped out of this thought track when the driver shouted ‘We’re here!’

You had to patiently wait for either Jungkook or Tae to get out of the car. But of course, Tae was busy fixing his oh-so-beautiful hair, so you waited for Jungkook to get out. As you shuffled your way to his seat, you were met with his soft hand reaching out for yours, ‘Careful, its really slippery out’

God You thought. I really need to do something tonight to get my mind off of him. I can’t hold this in anymore
Hesitantly, you take his hand and climb out of the car. You catch Jungkook staring at your arse and then realise that your dress is half way up your arse. You giggle to yourself and think wow, I’m really not helping myself today
You start to make your way towards the club when you feel cold fingers touching your back. You felt a sudden shiver down your spine, and already knew whos delicate hands they were. ‘We don’t want you tripping or slipping do we?’ You turned your head slightly to be met with a face that was angelic and beautiful and eyes that anyone could be lost in.

But it was also in that moment when you questioned whether you really wanted him doing this. His fingers touching your body, his eyes gazing into yours. And you so badly wanted to escape this torture of his body not against yours.

With these thoughts in mind, you shrugged and walked off with Tae and Namjoon to meet with the rest of the gang at the club.

After Tae handed in the tickets to the bodyguard and let you lot in, you could suddenly feel the rhythm of the music and the pounding of the beat. You just badly wanted to get onto the dancefloor, get as drunk as you can, dance and take your mind off things.

As you walked further into the club, you realised that to really take your mind some place else, you needed to take a couple of shots. You scan the club looking for the bar, and spot a bright lit sign saying ‘shakers’. You start to make your way there when some random guy bumps into you and steps on your toes.

‘OW!’ you screamed while hopelessly hopping around with your foot half in the air. The guy immediately bent down and put your foot on his knee. He started to massage it and kept saying sorry and how he wasn’t looking properly. You started laughing and he looked up at you, confused.

‘I’m a bit of a drama queen. It didn’t actually hurt that much. Sorry!’

You start giggling to yourself and realise that you made yourself look like a complete fool. He started laughing with you, got up and leant closer to your ear.

‘Why is a gorgeous girl like you, alone in a club like this?’

‘Trying to get away from all my problems’ you replied back

‘Why don’t I help you get rid of them’ he teased.

He grabbed your hands and twisted you half around and pulled you against his body. You could feel his bulge against your ass and he started to push your hair to one side. He started to caress your neck with his lips and then sucking your skin into his mouth, while one hand was on your hips. You were both moving rhythmically to the beat and he started to make his way to your shoulder.

It was then when you looked across the dance floor to see those very eyes that met with yours when you came out the cab. The very eyes that made you fall in love with him in the first place. But this time, they looked different.

They looked sexy. They were filled with jealousy and for some strange reason, this turned you on. You loved to see this side of him. The side of Jungkook that only ever came out when he saw something he wanted, being taken away from him. And it was only moments after when you saw him striding towards you. But you didn’t want to give him the pleasure of winning just yet. So you turned around and started to unzip the guys trousers.

‘OOhh, I like where this is going’ He purred into your ear

But only you really knew where this was going and you couldn’t wait to see it happen. When seconds after you felt a grapple on your arm that yanked you away, making you tumble back.
‘OI!’ You shouted. ‘I was ENJOYING myself’

‘You hardly FUCKING know him’

You loved it. You loved it when you saw this side of Jungkook. The sexy, angry and dominant side of him that never failed to turn you on.

‘what does it matter to YOU’ you replied aggressively, trying to hold back a lip bite.

He walked up to the guy and shoved him back. ‘Don’t you DARE touch my girl like that again’
‘It’s not my fault she’s not getting what she wants from you’ the guy started to laugh with his hands up as if he surrendered. He started to back away and it brought a smile to your lips. You knew this was going to end one way.

'We were enjoying ourselves. Whats wrong with you?’

‘Your MINE!’

Although you two were not in a relationship, Jungkook felt as though he had to protect you. A responsibility to protect you from everyone and everything. It was as though you belonged to him and no one else

But thats all it took. Those two simple words that you were longing to hear. And as you looked into those brown eyes, that were full of dark jealousy and lust, you knew then and there where the rest of night was going to lead.

Slowly, You started walking towards him. The music in the backround started to slowly fade away. Everyone else’s existence in the club seemed irrelevant. And in that moment, your eyes were not wandering anywhere else but towards him. You noticed the way he was looking at you. Filled with lust and desire. When you had finally reached him, you wrapped your arms gently around his neck and he wrapped his hands around your waist.

‘It was never really going to lead anywhere you know. If anything he was only reassuring me on what I really wanted’ you teased

‘Yeah? And what was that?’ He purred into your ear


‘Well maybe, we should leave the rest of them here and have the couple of hours to ourselves back at the apartment’ he cooed

And without hesitation, you grabbed his wrist and started to make your way out of the club. You waved for a cab and when it pulled up, Jungkook opened the door for you

‘After you M’lady’ he smirked

You climbed and as soon as he sat down in the car, you pulled on his shirt and grabbed his hair. He instantly pulled you on top of him and started to unzip your dress. You put his other hand on your ass and whispered into his ear ‘Maybe we should wait for that part when we’re alone.’

He chuckled to himself but pressed his soft, plump lips against your shoulders, slowly making his way up your neck

‘But how can I resist such a delicious thing like you’ he mumbled

‘You’ve waited this long…I’m sure you can wait a bit longer’ you whispered while gently licking your lips.

And before you knew it the cab pulled up to the kerb where your apartment was. Jungkook signalled to his pockets and you giggled as you realised he needed his wallet. You jumped out the cab and impatiently waited for this beautiful creature to hurry up. You couldn’t wait for him to do you right. You’ve been waiting for this day for what felt like years. He finished paying the driver, stepped out and immediately flung you over his shoulders.

‘You’re going to take way too long to walk to the lifts, I’ll take you there myself’

You started laughing while playfully hitting him. You got to the lifts and as soon as the doors opened he put you down and pressed you against the wall.

‘You’ve been a bad girl tonight you know’

‘Well then show me how I should behave’ you teased back gently stroking his face

You reached your floor and he flung you over his shoulders again. When he reached your door he already knew where the spare key was. He slowly kneeled down and retrieved the key from under the map. Hastily, he opened the door, walked in, slammed it shut and started striding towards your bedroom.

‘And now…for the fun part’

He half chucked half placed you onto your bed and climbed ontop you. As your dress was already unzipped, he gently started to take each strap off and slid your dress off of your body. He then leant in towards your inner thigh. He licked his lips first and started to kiss every part of your skin there. He slowly started making his way up, but then came across the barrier that was your knickers. He bit into them and started sliding them off maintaining eye contact with you the whole time. As soon as he was done, he went back to finish the job.

He steadily made his way towards your clit and although he was not fully touching you, you could feel his lips lingering over. You grabbed his hair instantly as to pull him up, but he growled back. ‘Today you’ve been a bad girl, going off with guys you’re not supposed to be with’

You licked your upper lip as he continued and finally, he delved his tongue into your pussy, tasting every bit of your juices. Your hands grasped onto his hair even more and you let out a moan. And to your surprise, he went even further in, and kissing the lips of your pussy between every flick of his tongue. And between every lick and every kiss, you felt weaker and weaker but never felt more alive. He made sure to go slow. He wanted to savour every taste and every moment he had with you. You head jerked forward and he started to slow down. But you knew he wasn’t finished.

He made his way up your torso, nibbling on it bit by bit and he finally met with your breasts. Again he was met with the obstacle of your bra but already knew what to do. Without even trying, he unhinged the hooks and threw them off. He let his breath tickle over your breasts and then went on to gently kissing and sucking at them. You hooked your legs over his waists only to realise that you were the only one undressed.

‘It’s only fair if I try too,’ you breathed desparetly, while trying to flip him onto his back And he did just that. You went down on him and put his trousers zips in between your teeth, you slowly started to unzip them and you pulled back his trousers. You could see his bulge under his tight Calvin Klein boxers and bit your lip.

Immediately, you ripped them down and grabbed his waist and put straight away put his cock into your mouth. Your mouth hollowed during every suck and you could hear him gently moaning and could feel his nails raking through your hair. His breathe


‘I know’ You groaned back. His breathing started to go deeper and deeper while you putting his cock further into your mouth. You never would’ve guessed that it was this big, but still you wanted every taste of it, Savouring every bit of it with pleasure, with your wet saliva all over it. Your lips were red with pleasure and you glanced up only to see his head jerk back. He clenched onto your hair even tighter and tried to pull you up.

You slowly came to a stop and kissed his tip. But you both wanted more. You licked your way up his torso.

‘And now I need to treat a girl who’s been misbehaving tonight’

He grabbed your waist and flipped you onto your stomach, slapped your ass and climbed onto your thighs. Every fibre f your being was set alight and you could feel electric shocks being sent down your body as you felt his skin touching yours

You could feel it slowly going in and him sinking into you but then he thrust harder and started to set a rhythm. You wanted to grab onto the headboard, but he stopped you. He set his hands onto your wrists and buried them into the pillows. You could feel his breath tingling on your shoulder blade and his tongue started to make way for his lips to viciously clasp your neck. You took a sharp breath while gripping the bedsheets. He bit your neck and then licked off the sweat that you were producing from this rhythm.

And then finally…You felt the world spinning on its axis as your mind dissolved into the world of pleasure. You hear him slowly panting but you let out a loud moan and you both finally release. He smacks your ass again and the bed finally stops shaking. He comes to join you lying down.

Two beautiful bodies lying next to each other on the bed, legs intertwined.

While simultaneously panting and breathing aloud together, Jungkook, slides his hand over your breasts and starts to play with your nipples.

‘And thats what happens to girls when they grind up against the wrong guy’

‘Maybe I should grind up against him harder next time’

You both chuckle and the rest of the night was something never to forget…

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OHHHHHHH DEAAAAAARRRR LOOORRRRRRRRRRD. GUYS YOU ACTUALLY DON’T KNOW MY STRUGGLE WHILE WRITING THIS. To be absolutely honest, this was my first ever smut that I wrote completely. I still feel its pretty crap and hopefully my next couple of smuts will get better and bbetter.. Please leave some comments on how it went lol

~~Admin M xx

excuse me for going off on a tangent here

but here’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately:

being a new (or at least somewhat recent fan) to Homestuck can be such a strange and confusing experience, especially when it comes to the fandom? like the fandom is its own massive living, breathing entity in a way. it has a solid 7 years of inside jokes, theories, AUs, popular fan content, cliques & clubs, established and built-upon fanon, and of course, heavily debated Discourse™ that would take months to scratch the surface of if you’re unfamiliar with it.

for someone unexperienced who was never there for that, who comes in all fresh and unknowing of the lurking behemoth that is The Fandom Of Years Past, it’s overwhelming and kind of intimidating to just jump right into it. you never know if some headcanon you thought up will accidentally step on the toes of established fans. if some idea you have has already been done countless times before by much more skilled people. if something you say or do out of ignorance will be perceived as a microagression you will never step out of because you just truly didn’t have a clue

even for me— someone who’s been in this fandom for about a year now— I still learn new facts, or see popular content for the first time, or read about a hotly debated topic I’d never considered, on a near daily basis. I worry a lot about whether or not I’ve unthinkingly pissed someone off with my lack of knowledge, or rehashed a stale and unoriginal idea that older fans are already bored of seeing. I can only imagine I’m not alone in that either

I don’t think there’s any way to accurately or properly encapsulate the experience or knowledge of the older fandom for newer fans, but I really wish there was.

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The curses Tharja inflicted didn't result in Noires split personalities, just her timidness with a combination of the world they lived in, the split was the talisman she made for Noire to defend herself And as for the baby realm, each child was provided with carers who looked after the children while the parents visited as much as they could without having to lose to much time to fight. My main issue was that it's still dangerous to bandits and such

{OoC - While Noire’s split personality comes from her talisman, she only gets it because Tharja deems Noire’s regular personality to be too weak to survive on her own. Instead of fostering her daughter’s temperament and talents, Tharja makes deliberate changes to Noire’s psyche and compounds her natural apprehension by experimenting on her with horrible hexes and curses. And that’s just future Tharja. 

In the present, Tharja sees her future self’s handiwork and makes little to no effort to deviate from the path she’s set for her daughter. By the end of their supports, Tharja says that Noire doesn’t need her talisman to make her strong, but goes right back to experimenting on her. It’s like taking the training wheels off of your kid’s bike, and then hitting them with snowballs as they try to ride.

As for the Babyrealms… they’re just stupid. So very, very stupid. Fates didn’t need a child mechanic, and the Deeprealms were very poorly executed. Even if you’re able to overlook the completely ridiculous premise of dropping your kids into a babysitting dimension while you go fight a war, the fact that they rapidly age there essentially defeats the purpose of trying to look out for them in the first place. And then you recruit them into your army to fight in very war you sought to protect them from? What the hell were the developers thinking? (Besides trying to provide as many spouse options for the Avatar as possible.)

The worst part about all of this is that I don’t want to be hard on the cast of Fates. I legitimately like most of them. If it were up to me, there would have been a time skip or a follow up game to Fates, but it feels like the developers were trying too hard to replicate Awakening’s success (even if Awakening was a little Back to the Future-y). In the end, however, this forced mechanic wound up making this weird and wonderfully diverse cast of characters seem like bad people.}

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Sabrina Spellman comes to Riverdale and she and Jughead are pretty very good friends. Betty is jelly jelly cuz she thinks this new witch in town is perfect and have so much in common with her boy.

Sabrina Comes To Town

“The doors of Riverdale High opened in 1941,” Betty started her tour, pointing towards the plaques on the walls. “This was the founder –“

“Oh my God, who’s that?” The new student, Sabrina, cut her off.

“That’s uh –“ Betty started, blushing when she saw who Sabrina nodded towards.

“Off limits.” Veronica finished for her.

Jughead smiled at Betty as he walked past, making her blush even further.

“Oh? Sorry, am I stepping on some toes?” Sabrina asked carefully.

Veronica had taken it upon herself to walk with the two blondes, claiming she had nothing else to do this period. In reality, Veronica had heard murmurings that the new student was sort of a bitch, a Queen Bee newspaper-writing, old-movie-loving blonde, direct competition for her best friend. And she simply couldn’t let that happen.

“Jughead and Betty are endgame.” She said matter-of-factly.

“Jughead’s your boyfriend?” Sabrina asked Betty directly.

“Not technically,” Betty said quietly.

“Not yet,” Veronica interjected. “But it’s only a matter of time before he asks.”

“Isn’t Betty giving the tour?” Sabrina said snidely.

“Veronica makes it a bit less boring,” Betty defended her. They reached the end of the hall.

“Well, thanks for showing me around.” Sabrina smiled. “Nice to meet you Betty – Victoria.” She looked at each of them, smirked, then turned and walked back down the hall.

Veronica looked squarely at Betty. “I know I said I was changing my ways, starting fresh when I moved here. But that bitch is testing me.”

Betty burst out laughing, watching Sabrina walk down the hall. “I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Veronica put her arm out, signaling Betty to look up. “You sure?” She asked, jutting out her chin towards the new girl. “She’s in your territory now.”

Sabrina had walked directly into the office for The Blue and Gold.

Betty sighed and tightened her pony tail, walking towards the office. Veronica squeezed her hand and kept walking, knowing she had no business at The Blue and Gold.

Betty turned into the room, seeing Jughead and Sabrina laughing, Sabrina’s hand lightly touching Jughead’s shoulder.

“Oh, hey Sabrina.” Betty said in fake surprise. “What are you doing here?” She cocked her head to the side.

A flash of annoyance graced Sabrina’s face. “I was just going to talk to the editor about becoming a member of the team.” She smiled tightly.

“Well then, you found her.”

“You’re the editor?” Sabrina asked quietly.

Betty  nodded. “Me and Jughead, we run The Blue and Gold. It’s pretty small right now, so…” She trailed off, not being able to say what she really wanted to - we don’t need you.

“Oh, sure, that’s okay. I mean, I was just looking for something to remind me of home - I was a writer at my last school’s newspaper, that’s all.” Sabrina shrugged.

Betty sighed. “Well, I-”

“Maybe you could write articles about the football team?” Jughead interjected.

Betty’s head whipped over to look at him. “Jughead we don’t write articles about the football team.”

“Exactly. Which is why Sabrina could start.” Jughead smiled.

“Thank you so much Jughead.” Sabrina smiled, placing her hand back on his arm and squeezing. “Really. It means a lot.” She smirked at Betty and turned on her heel, walking out of the room.

Betty stared daggers at Jughead.

“What?” He laughed. “I’ve never seen you be so…”

“So what, Jughead?” Betty raised an eyebrow.

“I think that was jealousy?” He questioned.

“I’m not jealous.”

“Well then what was that? You’re always saying how we have our plates overloaded with this paper. You’ve never been mean to a new student before.”

“I just don’t think she was the right voice for The Blue and Gold.”

Jughead just smirked.

“Okay, fine. I think she likes you, Juggie.”

Jughead rolled his eyes and walked over to where Betty was leaning against a desk. “And so what if she does? I only have eyes for one blonde in this town.”

PSA for Requesters

I take pride in my work. I love making my art and I love making that art for other people.

But there have been some people who have just REALLY ticked me off.

I will not call anyone out on this, but if you think this post is about you, it probably is.

1. Reblog the art you request. Likes are just the *seen* notification. It’s depressing.


3. Giving away other people’s art as gifts, even if the piece was made for you specifically, is stealing and it’s wrong.

4. Some artists are stuck in an awkward phase where the only people who are giving them the attention they need for their work are the slave drivers like the ones mentioned above and they can’t say “no” to them because without their requests, they may never get noticed in the art world as a professional artist who gets an income of some sort.

I know I’ll be stepping on some toes with this post, but I have had enough. This is MY ART and what you are asking of me is UNFAIR. If you don’t like it just remember that I am not an art producing machine in your computer. I am a human being who has a life and would like to pay the bills.

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from your sweet affectionate moments meme post: 24 and jamie/claire, whenever/whatever story you like! just need some cute fluffiness, maybe even jamie stepping on claire's toes. 😉

The house creaked as it settled for the night. Claire pulled the woolen blanket around her shoulders and followed the candlelight. For a moment, she leaned against the doorframe of his office, just staring at him.

He stood straight and tall, his body infused with grace and beauty. Silver moonlight trickled in the window while the candlelight flashed golden across his face. The contrast made him look like a different man, mysterious and sexy.

“Has he gone down finally?”

“Yes, he’s finally asleep.”

Jamie turned slowly, smiling at her. He wore his nice shirt and vest, buttoned all the way up, tucked into his kilt.

“You didn’t have to wait up for me, love?”

“Why wouldn’t I? It’s our anniversary. Just because our boy was ill all day doesna mean I’ve forgotten.”

“You’re a sweet man.”

He offered his left hand, his silver ring catching in the moonlight.

“Come here to me, my love,” he whispered in Gaelic.

Accepting his hand, she allowed him to pull her into his embrace. Claire rested her head against his chest, arms wrapping around his waist. He dipped his hand between them and for a moment, she thought he had something specific in mind. But he was reaching into his sporran for something.

She realized it was the tiny remote for the speakers he’d installed in the room. Soft, sweet music began to flow around them, setting the mood.

“You didn’t have to do all this,” she said, though she was quite pleased.

“Do what? Take time to be thankful for my wife? Thank her for caring for our sick son all day? Canceling our dinner plans so ye could tend to him? All I wanted today was a slow dance wi’ ye.”

“You are such a romantic. But this is nice.”

With his arms around her, they began to sway slowly. As they moved, Jamie murmured to her in Gaelic, explaining all the facets of her personality that he loved. She was nearly in a doze until a sharp pain lanced up her leg, starting in her bare foot.

“Bloody Roosevelt Christ!”

“Dammit! I’m sorry Sassenach!”

“Why are you wearing boots?!”

“Ye said I cut a fine figure in my whole outfit!”

Looking up at him, she bit back her sharp reply.

“You do. But, since you’re wearing shoes and I’m not, perhaps we can take this upstairs?”

A flash of white teeth had her smiling back at him.

“Continue our slow dance?”

“Just a little more… horizontal.”

Provided we don't all bail ship after the finale, what needs to happen in Season 8 to wipe the last couple of seasons' bad taste out of your mouths?

I’ll go first, and I’ll put them under the cut because I like to ramble.  Remember, all of these are just my opinions and you might have different ones.  No disrespect intended if I step on some toes. 

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| Mirrors + Practice; JKI.

Member: Kai | EXO

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3.4k

Summary: Idol [Name] pays a visit to fellow Idol boyfriend and things take a turn..

Heavy bass, accompanied with an upbeat tempo and squeaking of sneakers, filled the dance practice room as four goddesses rehearsed for their upcoming comeback. Their new song came loudly through the speakers, their bodies moving perfectly in sync with the beat, and their faces taking their seductive forms was enough to make anyone entertained. Male or female, they would be hypnotized by the way these four women moved.  

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You've got some pushback on saying fans don't believe Sam and Cait's acting ability. Looks like you've stepped on some sensitive toes. I don't think fans are confusing their Outlander acting with real life. Are you saying they're acting off screen as well?

I don’t see any pushback. I see bloggers sharing their experiences in response to my opinion. I think, though, you may have misunderstood my point.

Fans consume what they see, digest it according to a unique set of life experiences, and then formulate a reaction. An opinion. Being human, and humans being social creatures, these fans then share those insights with other fans. For fun. Sometimes those insights line up, sometimes not. Unfortunately, human beings are sometimes so fucked up on a personal level from their unique life situations that they cannot handle the idea that someone else does not see a situation the way they do. They take personal offense because if you don’t think what they think that logically means that you with your different opinion are attacking them and their integrity. Feeling unfairly persecuted they react defensively and indiscriminately. Fucktarding. Just a handful of these fucktards can spoil and, for sure in this fandom, have spoiled the entire online experience for millions of fans and a once upon a time interactive and lighthearted cast and crew. Things are very different in this online fandom than they were not that long ago. Why do you guys think that is?

I posted that ask and answer as a way to maybe foster self reflection amongst the bloggers. It seems to be working so far. For whatever reason, Tumblr and TW fans became some sort of temperature gauge of the fandom at large. The cast and crew, curious to know what fans thought of their work, came lurking. Initially, it was a fun crowd. Fans doing fun things that fans in all fandoms do. Until some overly enthusiastic fans with good and harmless intentions (and some with bad and harmful ones) started crossing some lines and of course the fucktards started fucktarding hard because of it. Fanfic is harmless, even when it is about real people. The pornographic fanfic featuring Sam and Cait is crossing a line. Think of it this way. Are any of you in long term relationships ok with a stranger writing a story about you and your SO in which you demand that he lick his own semen off your leg after graphically detailed intercourse and then posting that online where all of your coworkers, family, and friends will read it? Don’t answer that question, only think about it. Put yourselves in their shoes. How would you feel?

I’m not picking on fanfic. I’m not pointing fingers. There are lots of things that have gone on in these past two years that were thoughtless, careless, disrespectful, and demeaning. It has dehumanized them allowing more and more fans to expect and demand without consideration or boundaries. They’ve pretty much stopped interacting with the fandom on SM and Tumblr is considered now to be a cesspool of deplorables. It’s obvious to me that we the SM fans, are in fact the problem. Intentionally or unintentionally, it is us.

I’m not saying this to be accusational or self righteous or admonish anyone. All fans are free to fan how they like and it’s not for me to say, but so many people seem to be scratching their heads lately wondering what happened so I thought perhaps I’d offer my perspective.

I mean how much louder do they all need to shout out: “Don’t Be A Dick” before the fandom finally realizes that they are shouting it at us?

Dean was pleased when Sam told him that he and Cas were going clubbing.

Dean had been dropping hints for months about the fact that they were both boring dorks who needed to have some fun. In Dean’s opinion, partying was supposed to be part of college. He’d never had the chance to go to college, so Sam was supposed to enjoy it for him. 

Then Sam ended up with studious little Castiel as his roommate and neither of them had any fun. They just stayed in all night, quizzing each other on dates of law and studying. 

So,Dean had been pro-partying when Sam called him to ask him to be their designated driver.

Now, standing at the entrance of the club, glancing around worriedly for Sam, Dean wasn’t so sure.

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I’ve seen a lot of discussion on my dash about how to make friends through fanfic and tumblr when the websites themselves aren’t great for long conversations. I’ve been in fanfic 15 years or so (!), starting on FFN back when if you switched to a chat program to continue discussion and get to know someone, that chat was AIM. FFN PMs were clunky but fine, and a decent way to get to know people if you kicked off a conversation in a review.

It took me quite a long time to realize that constructive criticism wasn’t kosher any more, and I probably stepped on some toes along the way - because for me, concrit was a way to start conversations, to kick craft around. Sometimes it got salty, which was unpleasant and regretful, but it also encouraged people to leave long reviews with a mix of praise and crit.

I’ve never had trouble coming up with things to say in reviews - I always cringe at my old words, but I also almost always leave them if I’ve read something all the way through.

I certainly don’t want to preach a fandom grandma philosophy of “people don’t talk any more because concrit is discouraged.” It’s more that I want to air my own pathological inability to lurk, I guess, because I’ve started to have this weird reverse-guilt like “am I doing something wrong by leaving comments?” But I’ve made great friends through it.

How to draw Kanto Raichu (in my style at least)

I’ve had a couple of people on my Discord groups ask me how i draw Raichu, so I decided to make this tutorial! I’m also going to make one for Alolan Raichu!

Step 1. Head and body

This is the base for The Boy! Make sure to give him a bit of chub, but not too much!

Step 2. Start of legs and arms

Gotta give your Boy some arms and legs! Start off with the thighs before going to the legs

Step 3. Legs

Give him some feet! Don’t forget his little toes!

Step 4. Ears

Ears! The Boy has some curls on his ears! They don’t have to be super long, but have them be noticeable!

Step 5. Tail

Raichus have lightning bolt shaped tails! Females have slightly different tails, but we’ll keep this Raichu a male for simplicity

Step 6. Facial Features

Give him a smile! He’s happy to see you! You can draw on his cheek pouches here if you’d like, or you can wait to color them on instead.

Step 7. Cleanup

Get rid of unnecessary lines and try to define his features a little.

Step 8. Color!

Color your boy! Make him look beautiful! You can even make him a shiny if you’d like! (Toe beans are optional)

exactlydarling  asked:

So I'm starting at a new club and there's only one other Asian girl besides me. When I introduced myself to everyone they were all really friendly except for her. One of the girls who's been there for awhile said she's mad that I'm there. I don't wanna step on toes but I still wanna make some money, any advice?

Don’t worry about it! You’re there to make money, not friends. Basic etiquette applies- don’t approach a customer she’s already sitting with, don’t try to sell dances to a customer there specifically to see her, etc. That’s my thought anyway.

anonymous asked:

hey uh some of your stuff comes off as kinda rape-y might want to keep an eye on that

Okay anon, you gonna have to be more specific. I’m problematic asf and I’ll be the first to admit that, but I would hope that my followers don’t actually think that I’m condoning or encouraging rape, here.

ALSO (and this is the only reason I’m posting this reply):

If anyone has problems with what I post and feels strongly enough to say something about it in an ask box, I need y'all to come correct if you want your concerns properly addressed. Don’t vague-anon me about serious accusations; that’s not what I’m about here. There have been concerns that others have brought up that have been discussed here in a civil manner. There’s also been a time that I’ve had to shut down some shit that was looking to be more trouble than it’s worth, and I’m also not afraid to do that. If at all possible, I would rather me be DM’d because I know that someone who is willing to sit and talk with me actually cares about the issue and is not just some drive-by anon with a flippant comment poorly disguised as advice.

I try to remain as open and approachable as I can be, but it is inevitable that I will step on some toes accidentally, give off vibes I’m not meaning to, etc. I apologize profusely if I do, and anyone is more than welcome to unfollow if I bother them too much. I’ll check myself should I deem it warranted, edit posts with warnings or whatnot if someone was triggered, etc. But for as much as a shitpost, mess around, use a lot of gifs, I can do a 180 and be real serious in a hot minute.

Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 10

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in her life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 2.6k

A/N: Longest part so far. I first considered cutting it short but then again, I hate cutting a chapter in the middle of the action (I’m aware that this is kinda what a cliffhanger is supposed to be but I just can’t do this to myself) Listen to this while you read! Whenever I write an action scene, I never play it in my head with loud, energetic music, it’s always in slow-mo and soft intrumental music to make it 10x more dramatic. I love being dramatic.


Part 9 <<<< >>>> Part 11

Chris came right on time. Short before seven o'clock, Mara’s phone buzzed and she grabbed it without looking at the message, shoved it in her pocket and put on her coat before leaving through her window and going down the fire escape staircase to meet Chris. He was already there when she reached the backstreet, his car parked on the sidewalk. He didn’t see her coming because he was on his phone – most likely texting her to tell her he had arrived. When she opened the door, Chris jumped on his seat, he hand flying up to cover his heart.

“Jesus!” He exclaimed. “You scared me, I thought it was someone else!”

“Don’t get your panties in a twist,” Mara joked, leaning over to kiss him and wipe away his shocked expression at the same time. “Who else could it be?”

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