stepping on crunchy leaves

‪i want it to be october. i want the cozy months. i want warm sweaters and fuzzy socks. i want hot cocoa for days with movies every night. i want endless cuddles. i want cold late nights for foggy/cloudy/rainy mornings! i want apple and pumpkin flavored things. i want all the warm baked goods that taste ever so delicious in my stomach. i wanna be cuddled up with my love watching hocus pocus because i’m too scared to go out on halloween night. i want the evanescent glow from the candlelight. i want dark nights so i can enjoy my fuzzy blankets a little more. i want apple pie with a bit of vanilla ice cream so you can taste the flavors explode in your mouth. i want yummy scented candles for the season. i want thanksgiving so i can stuff my belly like the turkey. i want to wear my boots without dying to take them off. i want to be wrapped up in thick knit scarves. i want to be wearing a flannel every single day with my boots and a pair of leggings. i want to play skyrim like i’m not going to live to see tomorrow. i want to go to the pumpkin patch and have hot apple cider and dip my donuts in it. i want to go for a walk and step on all of the crunchy leaves. i want to go on a hay ride and then be cold and go home and pick a movie to watch and cuddle. i want to go watch football games even though i don’t understand what is going on. i want to hear the band play. i wanna get lost in stalks of corn. i wanna have a fire with my best friend and roast hot dogs and/or marshmallows. i wanna lay out a blanket and stare up at the stars. i want to go on an adventure and take a million pictures of the leaves and the trees. i wanna walk in a coffee shop on a windy day and get me coffee and walk out with warm hands and a burnt tongue. i’m already sick of summer and it’s not close to being over yet. ‬

things to do in autumn
  • go apple picking
  • light book-scented candles
  • buy mini pumpkins
  • build candy haunted houses
  • press/dry leaves in between the pages of a book/as a bookmark
  • make cinnamon rolls
  • make caramel sauce
  • wear tartan scarves and blankets
  • drink hot chocolate
  • coffee with cinnamon on top
  • buy squashes and big pumpkins
  • make squash soup
  • put up fairy lights in your room/house
  • decorate your porch
  • wear cozy sweaters
  • make pumpkin pie
  • go through a corn maze
  • dance in the rain
  • change the wallpapers on your devices to fall-themed ones
  • curl up with a cozy blanket, a book or a show/movie on netflix, a warm drink, and some fresh-baked cookies
  • wear chunky cardigans
  • take a walk through the forest
  • go on a hike
  • make apple pie
  • buy/make a pumpkin spice latte
  • try some fall makeup looks
  • wear knee-high socks
  • wake up early and meditate, sit outside, enjoy the autumn in the air
  • re-read your favorite book series (like harry potter)
  • roast some marshmallows
  • make some s’mores
  • make pancakes and cover them with maple syrup
  • eat apple cider/maple doughnuts
  • take long nature walks and step on lots of crunchy leaves, breathe in the crisp autumn air, and take aesthetic pictures
  • drink warm beverages out of fancy cups
  • have a picnic on the leaf-covered grass
  • drink apple cider
  • make pecan pie
  • make pumpkin bread
  • carve a pumpkin
  • eat halloween candy
  • wear cute boots
  • go to a fall festival
  • jump in puddles
  • jump in piles of leaves
  • go to/throw a halloween party
  • dress up for halloween
  • make a halloween costume
  • go to a haunted house
  • make/eat caramel apples
  • make/eat candy apples
  • go on a hayride
  • stargaze
  • have a fall/autumn/halloween movie night
  • watch the sunrise
  • watch the sunset
  • read on a balcony
  • read outside
  • do as many everyday activities as you can outside or in the fresh air
  • soak in a hot tub
  • plant a garden of seasonal plants
  • make squash soup
  • go trick-or-treating
  • eat candy corn
  • go to a pumpkin patch
  • eat caramel popcorn
  • go to the farmer’s market
  • go on evening bike rides with flowers in your bicycle basket
  • wear fuzzy socks
  • bake treats for friends and family
  • drink/make a salted caramel latte
  • go to the beach
reasons to stay alive

1. recovery
2. the first rain of autumn
3. stepping on crunchy leaves
4. meeting new friends
5. seeing old friends
6. sunsets
7. shooting stars
8. catching snowflakes on your tongue
9. fresh baked pie
10. digging your feet in sand
11. listening to the birds
12. singing along to your favourite songs
13. watching your breath on cold mornings
14. bonfires
15. hugs
16. compliments from strangers
17. smiles
18. graduations
19. taking funny photos with your friends
20. laughing
21. fuzzy socks
22. full moons
23. being so happy you’re crying
24. doing what you love
25. overcoming your fears
26. art
27. concerts
28. new albums of your favourite band
29. reading
30. you are so beautiful
31. sitting on rooftops
32. you are so precious
33. making other people laugh
34. beaches
35. halloween
36 the world wouldn’t be the same without you
37. bubble baths
38. your scars will heal
39. lying on the grass while watching the clouds
40. Christmas
41. first sip of hot chocolate
42. cozy sweaters
43. sunrises
45. baby animals

Even More hc’s about Seijoh
  • Kyoutani must always step on the crunchy leaves 
  • Once someone insulted Oikawa and Kunimi and Kindaichi roasted him so hard he cried
  • Iwaizumi only knows how to bake one thing, and that one thing is milk bread. Guess who’s fault that is
  • Matsun is secretly super stylish, but dresses like a meme to maintain his Aesthetic 
  • Makki just honestly does not understand fashion. This irritates Oikawa to know end
  • Do NOT go near Matsun and Makki on April 1st. In fact, don’t even leave the house. Lock your door and pray. Oikawa learned this the hard way 
  • Sometimes Watari doesn’t feel like he’s a good enough libero. That’s when Oikawa makes Watari set for him and the rest of the team receive his spikes. It’s always a massacre. The team then insists he’s an absolute necessity, and Watari feels a little bit better afterwards
  • Yahaba played flute in middle school
  • Kunimi often hums to himself. He has a surprisingly good voice as well, but only Kindaichi knows this
  • Coincidentally, Kindaichi is an absolutely atrocious singer, and everyone knows this (he will forever hold a tiny grudge against Makki for forcing him into karaoke night)
  • March 1st…where do I even start on this one. March 1st is a legend. An enigma. The day that 100% of the team goes all out to celebrate Yahaba and Matsun’s birthday. Double the cake. Double the mayhem. Double the people getting kicked out of IKEA at 2 in the morning 
  • Oikawa can walk in heels
  • The circumference of Iwaizumi’s bicep is nearly the size of Makki’s head. The team finds this funny. Makki does not



Favorite Things of Hogwarts Houses

Slytherin: spiral staircases, climbing vines on old buildings, winged eyeliner, when the sky darkens before a violent rainstorm, vaulted ceilings, knowing they look amazing in that outfit, modern art museums, black coffee, anything pine scented, black velvet

Hufflepuff: candles that smell like dessert, blowing dandelions, snuggly sweatshirts, watching sunsets through autumn leaves, fairy gardens, holding hot mugs of tea to warm their hands, when sunlight streams through the curtains, ducklings in the spring, seaside holidays

Ravenclaw: little cafes, lavender scented candles, cobblestone streets, rainy days, reading by the fire when it’s cold out, big cities, glassblowing, writing in a journal for the first time, arched windows, ferris wheels, late nights, black cats, fancy tea, gothic architecture

Gryffindor: getting caught in a thunderstorm, blasting music, stepping on crunchy leaves in the fall, running as fast as they can through the woods, winding rivers, the scent of spring in the air, sand castles, creaky wooden floors, climbing trees, road trips, carousels

Autumn Witchcraft Ideas

• Enchant your shoes to bring you luck when you step on crunchy leaves

• Write sigils on your hands, rub them together to charge, and blow on them to activate

• On mornings when it’s cold enough to see your breathe, exhale your negativity and watch it float away

• Drink:

  1. Apple cider for love and healing
  2. Hot chocolate for calm/comfort
  3. Coffee for (literal and magical) energy

*Add cinnamon to any for an increase in potency

• Catch a falling leaf and make a wish (I’ve seen my neighbor’s kids doing this in the past)

• Blast This Is Halloween or Spooky Scary Skeletons at full volume to show evil spirits that YOU DON’T GIVE A FUCK

bts members as the best little things in life

not really a reaction/scenario, just a cute lil idea i had, i hope you enjoy! -admin june


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  • sitting in front of the fire on a cold day 
  • homecooked meals
  • the smell of vanilla
  • hot tea with milk
  • a really good nap
  • holding hands
  • stepping on crunchy leaves in fall
  • seeing an old friend after a long time 
  • waking up feeling refreshed
  • the perfect hug


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  • the smell and sound of rain
  • coffee made exactly the way you like it 
  • making someone smile
  • being freshly showered 
  • the silence outside the day after it snows
  • singing in the car at the top of your lungs 
  • finally understanding something in class after struggling with it
  • good dreams
  • being able to open up to someone
  • seeing a friend doing what they love


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  • sunny weather
  • dogs
  • ice cold water on a hot day
  • when someone has a nice laugh 
  • the smell of lemongrass
  • watching fireworks
  • finding a really good movie
  • that song you always have on repeat
  • juicy peaches
  • the perfect high-five


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  • your favorite book 
  • finishing all the work you needed to get done for the day
  • laughing hysterically at small, stupid things
  • the smell of fresh linens 
  • the sound of the ocean
  • late-night heart-to-hearts 
  • the feeling after doing a good deed 
  • new pens and markers
  • art museums
  • coming home and unwinding after a long day 


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  • feeling your stress melt away after a long time
  • bubble baths
  • orange juice in the morning
  • cinnamon 
  • unplanned adventures 
  • impromptu photoshoots
  • trees and flowers in bloom
  • being proud of something you made
  • watching butterflies fly past
  • the stars


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  • inside jokes
  • driving with the windows down
  • sunsets
  • nostalgia
  • the smell of cookies baking in the oven
  • seeing a rainbow outside
  • crying when you need to and feeling better afterwards
  • exploring new places in your city
  • putting on pajamas
  • cuddling


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  • dancing like nobody’s watching
  • seeing your hard work pay off
  • becoming instant friends with someone
  • waking up late on the weekend 
  • sun pouring through the windows
  • honey
  • thunderstorms
  • wishing on dandelions 
  • seeing someone’s eyes sparkle
  • friendships that never fade
I am so ready for Fall!

I am so ready to wear blue jeans and cozy sweaters every day.I’m ready to walk down the side walk stepping on crunchy leaves and sipping on a pumpkin spice latte.To go home to a warm crock pot full of yummy soups and chilli and an oven full of warm breads and pastries.Watch Halloween movies on repeat with a jack-o-lantern glowing on my front porch.I can’t wait to look out along the Appalachians and see beautiful golden,orange and red leaves instead of so much green.My soul is ready for Autumn.

read on ao3

There was something about fall that always made Alec more cheerful. The changing colors of the leaves and the refreshing chill in the air were things he could get lost in for hours, not to mention the fact that there were significantly less bugs than in the summer. But what he had- foolishly- not been prepared for was how beautiful Magnus looked in the midst of the season.

They were walking aimlessly through a park, stepping on all of the crunchy leaves they happened upon and swinging their intertwined hands between each other, and Alec couldn’t stop staring. The sun was bright, but the air still stung just a little bit against their skin, and Magnus’ cheeks were flushed. He looked absolutely stunning, in a way that made Alec’s stomach twist and his heart beat faster with affection.

Alec never used to make time for things like that. Walking around with no destination in mind, drinking coffee just because he wanted to, not because he needed it to keep functioning, laughing and joking and participating in a life outside of killing demons, were things that he had never even dreamed of doing before.

But there he was, staring at his boyfriend like a complete idiot. The beautiful thing about it was that Magnus stared right back, an equally infatuated smile on his face. Neither of them paid any mind to how they looked to outsiders, because they were in love, and together they could overcome anything.

“What?” Magnus finally asked after a few moments, his smile morphing into a smirk. Alec narrowed his eyes and grabbed hold of Magnus’ scarf, pulling him gently forward until their faces were only inches apart.

He leaned in slowly, and as their lips brushed, he whispered, “You put every season to shame.”

hogwarts house autumn aesthetics
  • gryffindor: hot cider, bobbing for apples, hearty soup, trick-or-treating, ginger bread, jumping into a pile of leaves, burnt marshmallows, the smoky smell of a crackling campfire
  • hufflepuff: smiley jack-o-lanterns, turtlenecks, candy corn, fields of sunflowers, fresh pumpkin pie, hay rides, collecting acorns, caramel apples, stepping on crunchy leaves, warm sunshine in the cold air
  • ravenclaw: the smell of the first chill, drizzling rain, leaves slowly drifting down, the smell of orange and cinnamon, pumpkin ice cream, cranberries, the wind rustling in the trees
  • slytherin: wet leaves, hot tea, scary movies, corn mazes, sweet potatoes, smooth white pumpkins, the snap of a twig, the crisp first bite of an apple

Fall things I’m excited for:

  • Not sweating my ass off 24/7
  • Sleeping with my window open
  • Chilly breezes
  • Red, orange, and yellow leaves
  • Stepping on crunchy leaves
  • Squirrels burying nuts for winter
  • Sweaters and jeans
  • Cozy jackets and warm boots
  • Jumping into piles of leaves
  • Back to school sales

Winter things I’m excited for:

  • Waking up to soft blankets of snow covering everything
  • The quiet scrape of shovels
  • The muted sounds of kids having a snowball fight
  • Seeing animals prints in my front and back yards
  • Making snow angels
  • The trees covered in diamonds
  • Rainbow-colored Christmas lights
  • Lawn chairs marking people’s parking spots
  • Watching my dog try to catch falling snowflakes
  • Ornaments
  • Bundling up in scares and mittens
my house headcanons
  • gryffindor: bonfires with friends, heart pounding and sweaty palms, being terrified but just going for it, leather jackets, combat boots, flannel shirts, holey jeans, cutting holes in old tees, tees w/bands or things you like, baseball caps + beanies, beat up converse, tank tops when it’s too cold out, weird outfits that end up looking great or terrible (but usually great), weeds (esp. the flowery ones), four leaf clovers, going apple picking, corn mazes + scarecrows, laughing at scary movies/haunted houses, goosebumps books, going all-out for halloween, stepping on crunchy leaves, the way everything looks when all the trees are different colors in fall, really intense/fast-paced relationships, abrupt endings, angry tears, not calling first, pride, songs that pump you up + make you think you can do anything, making everything a contest, skinned knees + bloody knuckles, raw emotion, really graphic/detailed tattoos, finger/foot tattoos, not giving a shit that everyone hates something if you like it, others’ dislike making you do it more, making a ton of plans but never following them + winging it, spontaneous road trips, long night drives, jumping in a lake in the middle of winter, walking on a frozen pond, short hair/pixie cuts or always keeping it back, borrowing chapstick (and always needing it), coffee w/lots of sugar half the time and black the other, only thinking in extremes, not thinking + just doing, always knocking shit over but managing to catch it/never breaking it, reading summaries of everything for class, journals half-finished, super chocolatey ice cream, not having a plan for life but taking a chance
  • ravenclaw: passing notes in class, love letters, astronomy, sweaters, anything knitted, poor patching jobs, mismatched buttons, ironed button shirts w/the sleeves rolled perfectly, dozens of cross-outs in handwritten work, paper painted w/tea, typewriter font, forget-me-nots, rainy/gloomy days, dresses w/tights, twirling in dresses, wearing stuff with pockets just so you don’t have to carry a purse, sunhats, mary janes, knee socks, shorthand notes from writing so much, telling jokes with your friends that make no sense to others, tons of blankets, singing really loud when you think you’re alone, indie/piano music, metaphors, a bunch of small random tattoos, one or two really deep loves, either going everywhere alone or with two best friends, braids, purposely messy hair, light brown hair, hair dyed bright colors, biting/picking your nails when you’re nervous, hot tea, overthinking/worrying + regretting, ballet, either really graceful or really clumsy, tripping but acting like you didn’t, classic literature, diaries, mint chocolate chip ice cream, being born into affluent families
  • slytherin: whispering and laughing with your friends, hair always looking perfect, black lace dresses, leather boots, studded clothes, thigh-highs, wearing heels even when it’s impractical but refusing to complain, wearing stuff without pockets + then keeping stuff in your bra/boots, organized desks w/nothing out of place, cursive handwriting, ivy, pine trees, black/white roses, white candles, upside-down crosses, one whole day spent in bed + overworking the next, locking yourself away for long periods, the calm as snow falls, falling asleep not touching but waking up wrapped around each other, vultures, angry songs, either no tattoos or a lot (of words/sayings), rolling your eyes but secretly identifying with things, being the dumper, short relationships, breaking up w/someone because you’re scared when it gets serious, black hair, blonde hair that’s almost white, purple/black lipstick, black coffee, always poised/collected on the outside, breaking down for .2 seconds in front of someone and berating yourself for it, acting like an asshole because you’re insecure/uncomfortable, feeling terrible for betraying someone years after + going to them in the middle of the night to apologize, edgar allan poe stories, russian poetry, everything typed, italian ice/gelato, working your way to the top no matter what it takes
  • hufflepuff: laughing so hard you can’t breathe and your sides ache, daisies + wishy flowers, sunflower seeds, watermelon, sundresses, polka dots, bright colors, jean jackets/shorts, rompers, patterned tights, snapbacks, taking the fall for someone, underdogs, smiling when you want to cry, not complaining because someone else is having a worse day, breezy spring days, hot summer beach trips, seed-spitting contests, guilt over something that’s not your fault, hugging stuffed animals/pillows, canaries, always humming + dancing around, upbeat pop/cute acoustic, one or two really meaningful tattoos/matching tattoos with someone, trying to walk barefoot outside but regretting it (then walking carefully on your toes), messy + super curly hair, golden blonde hair, freckles, dimples, a small gap in your teeth, fruity flavored lipgloss/light pink lipstick, cold drinks, being the first to text, grouptexts, twister, reading to little kids, shel silverstein, making scrapbooks/photo albums, vanilla ice cream w/rainbow sprinkles + whipped cream, sherbet ice cream, settling for the middle if being the best means cheating

catty-words  asked:

raven reyes' wardrobe though: her adorable and puffy red jacket. that tattered blue t-shirt that looked so cozy and well-worn. her space suit, especially the raven-imprinted helmet. her boots (especially in the scene where she first steps foot on a bed of crunchy autumn leaves). that white henley shirt with the grey sleeves that's just like A++ and too much for my bi ass. those fingerless gloves she wears for maybe an episode (madonna ain't got nothing on raven).

you asked for this, so expect it to be long. lets geek out about raven’s wardrobe and her general otherwordly fashion sense because goddamn the fashion police is trying to get to her all the time wanting to give her some advice, but? she always looks good.

let’s start with this one

if your otp is raven x a dark greenish sweater vest ft. fingerless gloves then welcome to the club. the ecology between her and this outfit largely revolves around the fact that raven is a smartass. the statement she makes with it: ‘I’m gonna find out your secret and then i’m gonna fuck you up’. why else do you think her gloves are so long? her detecting skillz are on point. the observer is aware and she is going to go hard. also, check the color coordination. she clearly knows her style, a specialist in the arts of colors for sure.

the famous red bomber jacket aka raven’s new clothing line called ‘i’m gonna rip you to shreds’

raven’s clothes are like chopping up onions. they are layered and you end up crying a lot - tears of joy of course. sometimes you wonder if raven’s clothes are just a part of her body anyway because how does one look so cute and fierce with a red bomber at the same time, let alone during a mission? the damn chemistry… it’s not even science anymore. raven x red jacket is pure passion and their love is going to cut you like a razor (watch out alie, she’s coming for you). also, color scheme! red jacket plus well-worn and cozy blue tattered shirt! u know what that means? raven is actually bi. BI.

a little bird in space

whenever i see raven in her space suit i forget that earth is filled with some spooky things like mutated animals or reapers. because why the fuck have that, when you can have this

she just looks super cute in it. how she works a space helmet with her signature on it because yes this is raven fucking reyes in space, the little bird. the lil sticker with her name on it that finn gave her, how big the space boots look, like where the hell are her feet? she is so tiny and you just wanna hug and protect her but goddamn you don’t really need to, because space makes her feel good. the suit makes her feel good. she looks the happiest when she is wearing it, when she gets to explore space in it, see the world from a whole new angle. that’s the thing about the suit. it looks heavy, but raven makes it appear so weightless because she feels so weightless when she is wearing it, just getting to float around (yes, the irony of that word doesn’t escape me), and enjoy life in its fullest. i think we can all agree that she deserves more spacewalks, and less pain. the things i’d do for raven to find the Polaris pod in polis tbh.

moving on.

they say the problems never end, but you know what else really never ends? raven’s great fashion sense. and raven x shirts is what dreams are made of

raven in a dark red wine t-shirt? check

raven in a classic henley shirt with dark grey sleeves? check

raven being so extra and owning a hollister sporty burnout v-neck shirt that looks just a bit different from the henley with the grey sleeves? check

raven in a black tank top with flexing muscles? check. also, you see alie in the bg right? the thing is, alie never controlled raven. raven is actually in control of alie. that woman is so attracted to the unknown magnetic force of raven’s outfits (its fucking raw magnetism i swear), especially that tank top and those arms, that she’s practically hypnotized. alie only knows fashion from ‘bratz fashion boutique’ for the nintendo DS, she’s never seen anyone dress like this before. so in her eyes it ain’t even science anymore, it’s a whole new world. and leave it to raven to dess- i mean, fight like a genius. she’s got this.

or this one? ravens got a thing for darker sleeves. i told you she appreciates color coordination, it sustains her.

also, skinny jeans are out they say. time for raven to hit the streets

the green pants are my aesthetic and the details you can see on the jeans in the picture to your right is my kink.

and then raven’s boots.

her presence is undeniable *crunch crunch* girl is never out of style. also, who needs leg warmers when you can just tug your hands into your boots??? she is about to become the greatest fashion icon, watch her (if she isnt already duh).

one of these days she’s going to bring back heelys and everyone will actually love her for it. cause raven can make everything cool.

les amis aesthetics

Enjolras: Ordering black coffee and putting a ton of creamer in it. Bags under your eyes. Keeping your toothbrush in a glass. Going downhill on a bike. Having a sore neck after seeing a movie. Wearing the same clothes two days in a row. Climbing trees. Smelling like smoke after a bonfire. Burning your tongue on a hot drink because you couldn’t wait for it to cool. Abandoned buildings. Walking at night when no one else is around and it’s just you and the streetlights. 

Combeferre: Earl Gray tea. Worn paperbacks. Putting a pencil behind your ear and then forgetting it. Refusing to throw away old t-shirts because they’re comfy. Elbow patches. The feeling of cold water on your skin. Old mystery books. Calendars. Old wood. Being the one who reminds everyone about birthdays. Sleeping on the couch. Jazz music. Peppermint. The sunrise slowly lighting up the room. White hot chocolate. 

Courfeyrac: Buying friends birthday cards that are fifty percent glitter and fifty percent puns. Coffee table books. Halloween. Feeding ducks. Card games. Swimming in warm water. Old converse. Knitting. Colorful umbrellas. Playing the piano without sheet music. Laughing too hard to tell a joke. Staying up all night playing video games. Soccer. Giant burritos. Old noir detective movies. Swing dancing. 

Marius: Flannel. Mugs. The color orange. Pineapple on pizza. Translation apps. Not seeing the movie until you read the book first. Cartoon band aids. Self help books. Having a long-dead plant in the window. Chicken noodle soup. Atlas’s. Writing reminders on your hand. Glow in the dark star stickers. Coin collections. Queen Anne’s lace. Thank you cards that never get sent. Coffee creamer. Hot air balloons. The smell of pine. 

Joly: Moss. Old sci-fi movies. Stacks of textbooks. Ratty old sweatshirts. Novelty socks. The feeling of wet wood. Falling asleep to old jazz. Salt water taffy. Keeping your favorite books from when you were little even though they’re falling apart. Old watches. T-shirts with puns on them. Ocean breezes that are full of salt. Freckles. Vinyl records. Birthday cake.

Feuilly: Being lightheaded from sleeping in. Writing notes in books. Old motorcycles. Crossword puzzles. Rolling up the cuffs on your pants. Finding lost things in your pockets. Empty notebooks. Tree houses. Loud music coming from the garage. Coffee cake. The dirt and oil on your hands turning the water black when you wash your hands. Throwing coins into fountains. Sticky summer evenings. 

Grantaire: The eerie glow of the tv when it’s the only light in the room. Sore fingers from punching. Being the only person in the park when the weather is bad. The aftertaste of strong black coffee. Old clocks where the numbers flip over. The soft shade of green of the sunset after the oranges and pinks fade. Cold leftover takeout for breakfast. The sound of boots on gravel. Flecks of paint in your hair. Crossing your fingers. Worn out ballet shoes. Drawing little masterpieces on friends skin. 

Cosette: Scented lotions. Purple eyeliner. Mittens. Organized planners written in small neat handwriting. Dirt under your fingernails from gardening. Cooking for your friends. Yoga. Perfectly creased folded paper. Sidewalk chalk. Hair in your face. Green tea with honey in it. Ladybugs on fingertips. Ginger. The sound of windchimes. Ice skating. Big scarves. Lockets. Trees just starting to bud. 

Jehan: Tiny flowers in buttonholes. Naming houseplants. Pastel yellow. 2am walks. Light filtered through green leaves. Moonbeams. Rare candy. Intricate braids. Homemade tea. Going outside to stand in storms. Making wishes on falling stars. Rolling down grassy hills. Prisms. Dandelions. Ukuleles. Telling strangers they’re beautiful. The sound of yard sprinklers. Homemade quilts. Origami. Cloud watching. 

Eponine: Permanent bed head. Your lungs hurting after running. Cracking your knuckles. Classic rock. Black cats. Cold wind on your face. Sitting on the roof. Peppermint chapstick. Covering everything in stickers. Double knotted shoelaces. Lily pads. Open windows. Double fudge brownies. Band aids. Every noise you make echoing in a completely empty room. The cool side of the pillow. Stepping on crunchy leaves. 

Bahorel: Italian food. Ducking to get under doorways. Leaving food out for homeless animals. Fountain pens. Jiggling your leg. Diving into cold water. Thick knitted sweaters. Acoustic covers of pop songs. Grinding your teeth. Rock collections. Tattoos just “cause i thought it would look cool.” City skylines. Dark chocolate. Animal documentaries. Grandmas food. Running in the rain.

Bousset: Plaid. Seagulls. Wooden figurines. Journaling. Playing card games. Extra thick hot chocolate. Stories behind scars. Hiking. Getting up for a drink of water in the middle of the night. Giant dogs. Vanilla. The tiny lights of a distant city. The spray of cold water on you skin. Old brick buildings. Honeycombs. Autumn. Blueberry pie. The smell of fireworks.

How Ashley and Jacob first met

Jacob had finally arrived in Montreal, he was excited to see what that was like. A map in his hands, he thought : “I wanna know what the sunsets here look like, it’s about 4pm so if I quickly find a nice hill in a park or something i might be able to get a view.” The young traveler headed to the Morgan Arboretum forest, considering it was the closest. Every single tree he saw made him want to climb it, the sun shining through the leaves. As he was advancing deeper into the mass of leaves, despite the crunchy noise each step provoked, he heard sobbing…From..above? He looked up. It was a girl, about his age, he assumed, crying in a tree.

Jacob : Hey, what are you doing up there? Lost your parents?

Ashley : No, they know I’m here…I’m just alone and I wanna kill myself..

- Ah you’re going through /that/ phase, huh? The depressed, angsty, 11 year old cutter ?

- What are you going to say I’m depressed for attention?

- Nah..tbh I’ve had that too at some point. But I grew out of it.

- I don’t believe you………You have?

- Fuck yeah I have, if you come down I can show you a somewhat proof.

- Really? Okay… Ashley carefully ascended the tree and put her feet on the ground.

- Here.. : 

Where There’s Lightning (Wonwoo)

Wonwoo mega fluff 

Request: “Wonwoo scenario where he’s calling you because he knows you hate thunder and ye”

Word count: 836

A/N: This was requested by my friend basically just because I’m a scaredy cat and im afraid of thunder and she made me imagine wonwoo being like this to me and i died.

Originally posted by wonwoogyu

You generally preferred the fall. Moderately warm days and chilly nights were the perfect combination for you, plus stepping on crunchy leaves was probably the highlight of your days. Another definite plus of the fall was that it didn’t rain as much as the spring did. You didn’t have anything against rain in general, but once it went beyond light showers and into thunderstorm territory, you started to get upset. You’d always been afraid of thunder, and no matter how much you’d grown up, whenever you hear the deep rumbling through the sky you can’t help but shrink into yourself. At first your boyfriend Wonwoo teased you about it, but soon he realized that the only thing that would help you through is comforting words in his soothing deep voice.

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