stepping into freedom

okay let’s make this clear: elizabeth swann didn’t do shit for will in potc3. first, she was there to save jack and then she was there to avenge her father’s death. will wasn’t her motivation, she didn’t become pirate king to save him, she didn’t trade jack with will thinking of some past offence done to will. she was there to fight a war against the man WHO KILLED HER OWN FATHER. she was there to fight for freedom and for piracy. those are things that literally happened. saying that all elizabeth ever wanted was to be with will is just plain ridiculous seeing how they spent the entirety of potc3 with other priorities and hiding shit from each other. and that trend didn’t even start in awe, mind you.

hell if you want to bring dmc into this, let’s have it. the entirety of that movie is ABOUT their desires and being a good man vs a pirate. that movie represents a huge step for elizabeth in terms of character development and she spent the majority of the time away from will.

so what are we left with? cotbp? sure, elizabeth started it out looking for will, trying to save will, but as her character development progressed, she found out she was a pirate, then a pirate lord and finally a pirate king and all those titles happened FAR AWAY from will.

moonlight [3]

summary: The beast can only be kept in its cage for so long before it threatens to break free. || werewolf!bucky x supernatural!reader ||

warnings: none that I can think of

note: Another short installment, little over 700 words. I’m sorry. Feedback is greatly appreciated!


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┃┃╱╲ in this
┃╱╱╲╲ house
╱╱╭╮╲╲ we
▔▏┗┛▕▔ refuse
to recognise tumblr’s fancy font
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲



Consider this:

Finn teaches Sean to drive


@kaistrex, from @sterektbh

On one level, Stiles knew that Scott was just trying to be a good friend. He cared about Stiles’ social life and wanted to spend more time together.

On basically every other level however, Stiles knew that shoehorning him in as a last-minute addition to a couples-only dinner party was about the biggest bro violation Scott could ever commit.

It’s not like Stiles could really blame him. Individually, most of the people at this table were all right. But as couples? A nightmare. It was like there was some strange switch that flipped in their brains when married couples came together. Suddenly all that mattered was whose wedding was the most expensive and how rewarding it is to trade sleep for a tiny, ugly human that only knows how to cry, sleep, and shit.

And, of course, how to peer pressure the last remaining single person in the room into adopting their clearly superior lifestyle.

The thing that married people didn’t understand about singledom is that being alone wasn’t a state that Stiles needed to be saved from. In fact, it was a state he’d much rather have been in, instead of sandwiched between what appeared to be the world’s smuggest gathering of people and their patronizing concern for his sad, lonely life.

He knew the drill by now, and it was all he could do to grin and bear it through the usual third degree.

“So? Any ladies in the picture?” No, not a single one. Not to mention, wow, heteronormative much?

“Well you better act fast. Most of the good ones have already been snapped up. You’re not going to be young forever, you know.” No, really? Shit. Thanks for the reminder, Greenberg.

Or his particular favorite:

“Tell me, why is it that so many men your age can’t hold down a serious relationship?”

It was like none of them had ever been single before, the way they were all treating him like some sort of adorable but pathetic zoo animal. Like each and every one of them emerged from the womb with a ring on their finger and a bowling pin shoved up their ass. He wanted to take them all and throttle them. He wanted to scream, Don’t act like you’re above this. This time last year you were sitting on my couch in your underwear eating rice krispies out of the box, Jackson! Don’t think I’ve forgotten!

Then again, everyone knows what happens to zoo animals who go rogue on the people come to gawk at them. And why give them more of a reason to look down on him?

Or maybe more accurately, why give Hale more of a reason to look down on him? It’s not like he didn’t have all the ammo he’d ever need and more.

Stiles let his eyes slide over to where Hale was sitting, looking way better than he had any right to. Hale had never, ever, in Stiles’ memory looked flustered or uncomfortable in public. No, unbearably sexy was, sadly, a better descriptor. He was always perfectly stubbly and muscly under heinous sweaters that somehow still looked good on him, usually with a gorgeous girlfriend on his arm or some relative poking around and begging for a story from the bottomless well shared experiences he and Hale had joint custody over, all of them featuring Stiles making an extraordinary ass of himself.

By the time the rallying cry of didn’t you used to run around naked in Hale’s backyard made its way around the table, Stiles felt he was perfectly justified in calling an Uber and making a fucking break for it.

And, of course, leave it to Hale to come between Stiles and his last steps towards sweet freedom.

“I liked your report the other day,” Hale said. Well, grunted really. And with a face that made it seem like he was personally offended by every word that escaped him. Stiles had seen more willing expressions on people getting root canals.

“On the Beacon Hills Fire Department,” Hale elaborated just as painfully.

Stiles suppressed a wince. That piece. His journalistic debut, and he’d fucked it up royally by crashing ass-first into his cameraman just as the fire chief received a congressional medal of honor for his services. Every other news station had gotten the shot of the fire chief shaking the congressman’s hand. Theirs had gotten a shot of Stiles’ lucky Spiderman briefs. There were already gifs of it. Plural.

And thank you, Hale, for bringing that up.

Which, you know what? Fuck that.

“Is this all part of some master plan?” Stiles snapped, letting all the annoyance he’d been biting back tonight leach into his tone. “I mean, you seem to go out of your way to be there every time I fuck up and make a fool of myself. And I have to wonder if it’s on purpose. If you just want to make sure I feel like a complete idiot each and every time I see you. Which, if so? You really don’t have to bother.”

Hale’s eyebrows slammed together, making him look kind of constipated. “Stiles, I…”

“You what?”

“I’m sorry, if…” Hale’s frown deepened, then he continued. “I don’t think you’re an idiot

Well, I mean, there are… some situations that seem to happen to you more often than anyone else. You trip over things a lot, and you do let whatever mean thing’s in your head pop out of your mouth without thinking it through, and that Chippendales thing– that sort of thing happens a lot more than normal with you…”

“Really, dude?” Stiles was compelled to interrupt. Because seriously.

“Right.” Hale grimaced. “Well. The thing is, I know that when I met you I was rude. I didn’t give you a chance. And I think, maybe despite everything, I like you. Very much.”

Stiles rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sure. Just not the asshole tendencies, the awkwardness, and the sarcasm, right?”

Hale shook his head, then fixed Stiles with a look that had his heart thundering for reasons he was unwilling to examine.

“No, Stiles. I like you very much. Just the way you are.”

When the mind is seen as
Continually kidnapped by thoughts,
The first step toward freedom
Has been taken.
Now, cease listening to
What is being heard.
Instead, listen to
What is listening.
—  The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin
The Sun & The Moon

Why Camila and Lauren knew it that they wouldn’t last?

I’ve been thinking about it since I did my last post and then I realize that the “Sun & Moon” theory is real as fuck.

-> The post that made me do this new post: HERE.

First, let’s talk about ARCHETYPES:

I don’t know if you guys know about “archetypes” but to me, that’s something very interesting…just like “body language”.

According to Carl Jung, an archetype is a symbol, dream or image that all humans share, which express underlying fears or ideas we all experience. For example, water is considered an archetype (in literature, dreams, etc.) for birth, creation, resurrection, fertility and growth, and more.

I’ll give you some examples:

The Butterfly: Self-transformation, mental clarity, new steps, freedom, rebirth. The butterfly represents the cycles of life, movement, and change. They have a short life span. They prepare us for change and progress. When you feel stagnant and unable to move, evolution comes on the scene and gives you the strength to start the changes. Fear is usually the biggest obstacle to change.
The butterfly leaves the safety of its cocoon to come across a new world in its new form relying on its fragile wings in a flight still unknown.
Dissatisfaction with your life, relationships, and crises force you to take action and promote radical change. The butterfly brings the message for you to prepare for the changes before they fall on you without warning. Remember that at every end there is a new beginning.

The Lion: Power, strength, majesty, prosperity, nobility, leadership, courage, security and the masculine principle. As an astrological symbol, he reigns the heart. Courage comes from the heart and from a deep sense of personal authority that creates the power to act according to our spirit. He who truly acts according to his heart is capable of leadership, achievement, and the kind of success that encourages the achievements of others.

You know why some bosses use Horses or Eagles on their walls or desks?

The Eagle: Enlightenment, inner vision, courage, elevation of spirit to great heights, pride, strength independence, and mobility. The eagle flies fearlessly between the sky and the earth and teaches us to face the natural fear that we have of the unknown so that we can fly as high as our hearts want to take us.

The Horse: Inner power, freedom of spirit, strength, clairvoyance. But this force we can not misuse it, neither waste it nor keep it to ourselves. When we share our power with others and teach them how they should take care of their own powers, our journey becomes faster and more enjoyable. High self-confidence. Speed, decision, independence. It’s the symbol of managers and directors.

Ok, now let’s talk about Camren…

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A special birthday

captainthane submitted: 

Today is a big day for the underground. It’s the birthday of Chara Dreemurr, Prince of the underground and husband of the lovely Asriel. Everyone is enjoying this day. Even Chara enjoys it. However, in the ruins, another child fell and now is walking through Snowdin. This child doesn’t hurt any monster. They are befriend all of them and show them how kind they are. Chara heard of the child and doesn’t want their birthday being destroyed because of the thing they hate the most : humanity. With their new knife, they runs to Snowdin and is about to kill them. 

-Prepare to die brat. With your soul, we will do a new step to our freedom. It was nice to meet you. Goodbye.

-Wa…wait, you are Chara Dreemurr ? I heard about you.

-How do you know who I am ??

-The monsters told me everything. Why they are trapped, who you are. Everything. I don’t have any place to go. I thought I would die in the fall but I didn’t. It’s your birthday right ? I have a gift for you.

-Huh ?

The child tends a green heart to Chara.

-Your…soul ?

-I don’t have any purpose now. Use my soul to free the monsters. They didn’t deserve this. Happy birthday.

Chara is surprised. They take the soul. The child closes their eyes forever. It doesn’t really change Chara’s mind about humanity. Nevertheless, they start to think that killing too many innocent humans is too much even for them. Maybe it’s better if they sacrifize themselves when they will have 6 souls so they can be the last one needed. 

Amanda Part II - After School Accident

Two weeks had passed since 19 year old Amanda’s accident on her way home. Amanda was glad that most of it happened after she entered her home, but she still felt uneasy about it in general and there was no way to deny it hadn’t affected her daily life. As soon as her bladder sent the first signals of desperation (which happened earlier than before), Amanda became quite nervous and went as early as possible. She also scheduled regular pee breaks, wether she was desperate or not and thought in advance about ‘backup’ toilet locations. So far, there was no second accident, not even a small leak.

Right now, it was Thursday and Amanda, wearing her dark grey school uniform, sat uncomfortably in the middle of the last period of that day, which was math with Mr. Thompson. The day had started and progressed normally with bathroom visits during every break. At the end of her last period however, the teacher had ignored the bell and Amanda was forced to rush directly to the next room and was still a few seconds late.

Of course, Mr. Thompson took this as an occasion to scold her in front of the class. When Amanda took her seat and her embarrassment faded back to normal levels, her attention simultaneously turned towards the fact that she didn’t visit the toilets in the last break. The thought immediately made her feel a bit desperate, wether that was her imagination or real.

Amanda was in quite the dilemma now. On the one hand, she wanted to ask to be excused, but on the other hand, she knew Mr. Thompson. He almost never allowed any toilet break at all. The only exception were his favorite students (and Amanda was far from belonging to this group) and even then only in the middle of class. If a student asked too close to the beginning or the end, she or he was in for a humiliating speech.

Considering the odds, Amanda refrained from asking for a break and used all her willpower to stop worrying. After all, she wasn’t that desperate. Although her bladder twinged slightly, most of it was in her head. Crossing her legs and squeezing them together, Amanda did her best to follow the lesson, but her eyes regularly wandered towards the clock on the wall and she continually calculated the remaining time.

After what felt like an eternity, there were only 5 minutes left. Amanda’s desperation was still manageable, but her attention was no completely focused on the clock. During the lesson, she had to re-cross her legs a few times and sometimes shifted around in her seat or wiggled her foot, but in her opinion, she was not too fidgety.

The minute hand took another step towards Amanda’s freedom. 4 minutes to go. When she took her eyes off the clock, she noticed that something was off. Everyone was looking at her. Had her movement been too obvious? Did she unconsciously hold herself?

“Amanda?” Mr. Thompson addressed her impatiently through the classroom. Amanda flinched in her seat, blushed and realized what happened. Mr. Thompson called her before, but she was too zoned out to notice. In turn, all her classmates looked at her.

Amanda’s heart began to beat faster and her desperation jumped up a notch. Did she just leak into her panties? “Y-yes, Mr. Thompson?”

“Ah, so she’s with us again. Would you be so generous to give us an answer to my question?” Mr. Thompson replied with a stern face. Amanda gulped. “Um… I, uh, I kind of lost the attention, Mr. Thompson. I’m really sorry. Could… could you maybe repeat the question?”  

“Oh, no, *I* am sorry that I bored you so much,” Amanda’s teacher mocked her “I’ll try to make the next lesson more entertaining.” Amanda’s cheeks turned a darker shade of red than before and her bladder started to send out stronger distress signals now.

Before she had a chance to apologize again, Mr. Thompson continued: “I asked you how long it would take until the container overflows, if you fill it with a constant stream of water using the values written on the board.” Every word made Amanda feel more uncomfortable and desperate, but she still tried her best. Unfortunately, she took too long for Mr. Thompson.

“Ok, that’s it. Class is almost over now.” Amanda felt relief. Not much longer until she could get up and run straight to the toilets. But her celebrations were too early, as Mr. Thompson continued before the bell rang.

“I’m afraid there will be consequences. Let’s see… The homework was supposed to be number 1 to 3. But thanks to Amanda’s performance, it will be 1 to 15 for all of you. You can thank her.” As the bell rang, he added “Class dismissed. Amanda, see me.”

Amanda blushed again, felt a tear well up, pursed her lips and stared at her desk until everyone else left. She could still feel all the angry looks that were thrown at her, but she was even more worried about her urge to pee right now. Within just a few minutes, her desperation had become a lot stronger and she was quite restless now, shifting around all the time.

Finally, the classroom was empty except for Amanda and her teacher, who looked at her with expectation. Without a word, Amanda began to stand up. Her bladder didn’t appreciate the movement and Amanda actually had to pause for a short moment to keep control. Using small steps only to keep her thighs pressed together as much as possible, Amanda made her way to the teacher’s desk.

She stood there, head low, hands in front of her skirt, thighs pressed together, and waited for the scolding. Amanda was so desperate now, that she didn’t really listened to Mr. Thompson. There were only a few words coming through: Attention, missing homework, bad grades, consequences, detention. Amanda didn’t care. All she could think about was how bad she had to pee or how much she wanted to jam a hand between her legs until she could reach the bathroom.

Halfway through, Amanda started to shift her legs against each other, but it didn’t really help. Her bladder felt like it would burst any minute now. When a sudden spasm hit her, Amanda sharply inhaled and winced, as she felt a few drops of pee leak into her panties. Mr. Thompson didn’t seem to notice anything.

“Well, that’s all for now. Consider this a last warning.” Amanda answered automatically something apologetic and grateful, already on the way to the ladies’ room in her mind. “Just clean the board, then you can leave.”

Amanda’s heart dropped. She was extremely worried if she could make it that much longer, and chewed on her lower lip, but in the end, she didn’t dare to try her luck. “Yes, Mr. Thompson,” she said sheepishly and grabbed the sponge. The moment she turned on the sink, she felt another spurt dampen her crotch, and she used all her willpower to stop the flow again.

Wanting to be done with it as soon as possible, Amanda didn’t dare to check her skirt for stains and started to wipe the board. It was so unfair, she was so close to her relief. Barely able to stand still and to reach the top border of the board, she noticed that Mr. Thompson was occupied by his paperwork. She quickly moved her other hand between her legs to apply some pressure.

Unfortunately, this only helped for a few seconds. The wet sponge in her hand and every drop that fell down made her bladder cry out again and again. By the time she was done, there was another leak, and a single drop of pee ran down Amanda’s left leg.

Suppressing any sound, Amanda hurriedly put the sponge away and grabbed her bag, dashed towards the door and said a quick goodbye to Mr. Thompson. As soon as she entered the empty hallways, she put a hand between her legs and realized how wet her panties already were.

Panicking, she went straight to the bathrooms, feeling spurts of pee leaking every now and then, soaking her panties even more, and running down her legs. By the time she reached her goal, her knee socks were already stained.

Being almost there, Amanda’s desperation became unbearable. Just the thought of being so close to pulling down her panties, sitting down on the toilet and relieving herself brought Amanda to the brink of losing control.

Only a few more steps. Amanda grabbed the door handle, pushed it down - and bumped into the door. Startled, she tried again, but the door wouldn’t move. Amanda panicked, as she realized that the bathrooms must have been locked already. “No… please, no, no, no! This can’t be…” she muttered, as she pressed down the handle again and again, to no avail.Her mind was racing to find a solution, but there was none. Tears were running down Amanda’s face, as her bladder suddenly spasmed again. She had to double over and immediately knew that she was not able to stop the flow this time. Without caring about anyone seeing her, she quickly put her legs apart and lifted her skirt to minimize the damage. Amanda just stood embarrassed like this for more than a minute before the flow finally receded. She took a moment to inspect the damage. Her white panties were completely soaked, as well as her socks. Her skirt had a few patches, but they were already fading. Quickly coming back to her senses, Amanda knew that she had to do some damage control. She just couldn’t walk home like this. Arriving at her locker, Amanda checked her surroundings and then carefully pulled down her drenched panties and took off her socks. She took her gym bag out of her locker and stuffed the wet clothes inside the shirt that was supposed to go into the laundry at home.Wiping away the last of her tears, Amanda took a deep breath and began her walk of shame.

Afrikan Centered Recommended Readings. — "We must become a book reading people" ~ Dr Amos Wilson

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