stepping in it

Here’s the thing: we don’t owe the AOS writers gratitude for finally doing a decent thing after three years of retcons, character bashing, victim blaming, gaslighting and insulting fans. This was more like the absolute minimum they had to do if they wanted part of Ward fans back as watchers.


His beloved.

I’ve wanted to do this comparison for a while because it’s so moving to me. I know there’s a reason I have always loved these particular pictures out of the many I have seen from the DEAR. tour, and it is specifically because I *felt* something from them. Like…they made me very emotional every time I saw them. After I watched Cain & Abel I realized what the feeling was.

In this scene from Cain & Abel, Yama-chan was acting, and his entire point of the scene was to convey the depth of his feelings, to portray the level of his emotions, and to ensure that the audience felt how captivated he was by this girl, and how much he cares for her, adores her, and yes, most definitely loves her. If I put a word to the overall emphasis of what he was trying to exude it would be that this girl is his Beloved.

In these beautiful photos of him from DEAR. concerts he is making the SAME EXPRESSION–except, this isn’t for a drama and he’s not acting, he’s just being Yama-chan, enjoying the fans and adoring them right back. He is looking at his fans in each of those images, not the other members, not staff, not random scenery, but to his fans. This expression is the same as from Cain & Abel–a time according to his own words he works by drawing from within himself to project the powerful emotions he needs to convey when acting–in this case, those of love and adoration.

It is directed to his fans in the DEAR. pictures.

You. Me. Us.

Stop. Take a breath. Let that sink in. Do you feel that?