stepped off a chair

Merry 1st Christmas - Luke

    “No! I want to do it…” Your voice trails off as Luke’s hand hesitates putting the star on top of the tree. He looks between your small stature and the top of the very large tree the two of you picked out. You puff your lip out slightly as you wait for the sarcastic comment. He rolls his eyes.

“Okay, c’mere.”

You smile shyly as he pulls over a chair from the dining table. You step on top of it feeling sufficiently taller. Luke makes his way beside you to make sure you don’t fall.

You hold out the star to him and he grabs a corner. Together, you place it on the tree. It was so cheesy you couldn’t help but smile. Stepping off the chair, Luke wraps an arm around your shoulder. The two of you look at the messily decorated tree- it was perfect.

“This is our first Christmas together Luke.”

Luke smiles at you. Leaning down to kiss your cheek, he murmurs,

“Merry 1st Christmas babe.”

12:55 a.m.

My chest is tight
My eyes are dry
No will to fight
No tears to cry

Heart is broken
Brain is fried
Words unspoken
I did, I tried

Lost what I had
Happiness is gone
Left only sad
Days pass on

No feeling of hope
Afraid to sleep
Tying the rope
I’m in too deep

Its time to change
But don’t know how
Different is strange
Its comfortable now

Stay in the dark
Hiding from fear
A dying spark
No one will hear

Screams of despair
Scars to add
Step off the chair
Lose the life I had

If only the light
Had scattered the dark
I’d have reason to fight
I’d still have my spark