VOILA SHOES FOR THE AMAZING STEPONMESHOEMAN I think they are done. (Yes the side with the houses is….um….fuck those houses)

But yeah this is my first order complete(all part of the Plan)…and the secret extra present thats a secret thing of secret….yup its gonna be awesome. Email me Steph if you see this. or get on Skype.

(EDIT: I Literally just made a few small changes too….a few little things I saw in the pictures that annoyed me.)

So excited to get shoes in the mail from steponmeshoeman so I can start painting them. Also looking forward to hearing back from Wordsbetweenthelines about her Supernatural shirt! For more info about this business go here (x)

Today I am going on a run to Michaels and Jo-annes to pick up arty stuff like some good paint brushes and maybe some stuff to properly maintain said paintbrushes?

Also I researched gyms! because being fit is going to be good for my physical and mental health….both should be better than they currently are I think

And I am still working on applying for an online writing job thing…YEAH GETTING SHIT DONE

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cumberbum is always a good thing. 

more cumberbum.

someone tell him to do more nude things.

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yeah. but i’m like… in bed, under the covers, in my pajamas, head on the corner of the lap top, ready to just close my eyes. and i just… refuse to. its all dark, and warm, and perfect sleeping conditions… and…

oh i’m sorry, did you just tell the story of my life?

am i keeping you up.

~~~late night tumblin’ with ali~~~