stephy this is for u

All I ever wanted was home.

modern au daenerys targaryen + jorah mormont
in which they’re on the run (insp.)

cherubt  asked:

hi stephy wephy!! i love u so much. like,,,, we haven't known each other for that long but i can really come to you for anything. ur so sweet and open minded and yOU GET SO HYPE AND EXCITED LIKE ME DKSKSKDKFK and ur so pretty and u deserve the world ilysm i'm so glad we started talking bby

i was not expecting this, u cute little shit

this has just made my day ngl, how are you so sweet? + of course i’m gonna get hyped when I’m talking to you bc I LOVE TALKING TO YOU! you are also super beautiful and you deserve a world that makes you feel loved and supported and ur just a bit great aren’t u???? ily kaybear