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The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 102

Germans love signs and Germans love rules. The great thing is that both can be combined so perfectly. So if you ever visit Germany you will find a lot of signs and especially prohibitive signs. Let’s start with ban of smoking, you will find these signs almost everywhere. It’s not that the smoking rules are so complicated, it’s just because of our love for signs.

And because it fits so perfectly, I have to mention that I stopped smoking 6 months ago.

This week’s praise to everyone who stopped smoking because it’s a really hard thing.

Btw first photo Cologne second photo Munich (with Sunday selfie)


“The summer sun high in a baseball sky shines like diamonds…And it’s what you’d call a dream.” *8.15.13*

anonymous asked:

I hope its still okay to send requests! Could you please draw Kirishima meeting Alfred? Ive had this think in mind that Kiri will really like Alfred because of how manly/strong he is! If requests are closed them thanks for readong!


Anyway my name is Stephy and I love Alfred F. Jones and Eijirou Kirishima and I also love to watch professional football. :} 


                                  i get the feeling just because
                                                          everything I touch isn’t d a r k enough
                                                  that this problem lies in me


some things:

  • first of all, mom holy fuck?!?
  • pidge and lance being hella brave!!
  • like “here goes nothing”??? NO lance it’s not nothing i’m so proud of you!!!!
  • “GET SOME OF THIS” pidge holy shit what are you like 14? cut down some of the sass jk never stop, i love you pidge,
  • ok i gotta address the elephant in the room: keith and lance have their-NOPE NOT YET LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW GOOD ALLURA LOOKS. SHE’S BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE HER.
  • new worlds??? i love the underwater world so much, but there’s also the weird techy tree? and the creepy but also kinda cute monster that was by shiro
  • nEW ALLIES??? please be one of the old paladins please be one of the old paladins they’re probably not, but either way i’m so excited!!!!! and keith is the one who found them? NICE.
  • so zarkon knows how to track team voltron hmmm?? ok who else thinks it’s because of shiro’s galra arm
  • MY MAN HUNK looks so good, as usual i pray that you’re not used as comic relief this season. you’re more than just the food guy hunk and i love you. GIVE ME HUNK DOING SMART THINGS AGAIN. and strong things too bc he’s even stronger than shiro please
  • “there is no place in this universe beyond my vision’s reach” damn that’s terrifying. please stay safe my kids i’m looking at you shiro
  • seriously shiro please stay safe, i see you taking on zarkon. we need our space dad alive. the last thing we need is this mysterious ally replacing you. if anyone else is gonna pilot the black lion, PLEASE let allura do it
  • CORAN!! sadly, there’s not much going on with him but i missed him
  • ok so yea lance and keith have their shirts off. freak out. get excited. it’d be cool for klance to be canon but i doubt it’ll happen :(
  • tbh they probably were in the shower or had just come back from training

feel free to add on if you have any thoughts!