Little bit of progress! I’ve lost about 50 pounds to date:) I’m not gonna lie— it’s been a struggle. We all struggle but its a FANTASTIC path to take. I am slowly learning to love myself. I have been slacking quite a bit but regardless I have made so much progress!! Just taking a second to pat myself on the back.. It’s time to get back in that saddle and lose the rest of that weight. Here’s to clean eating, working out, all the sweat, meal prep, loving myself, and learning about myself along the way. I got this!!

The best protein oatmeal ever!!! Bring ½ cup old fashioned oats & 1 cup almond milk to a boil. Then add a little cinnamon & pure vanilla extract. I then added 1 egg and ½ scoop of vanilla whey protein powder. Once the oats are nice and fluffy take them off the stove and serve. Topped with 2 tbsp of dark chocolate PB and a banana. It is completely delicious and completely clean!! Try it😄 Everybody have a happy, healthy day! ❤

The other day I tried on some outfits! High low skirt, floral print blouse, and a thin brown belt. I’m going on vacation the first week of November & I wanna wear some cute stuff. I also took a lot of progress pictures because these clothes didn’t used to fit. These photos were taken at 23 pounds down! :) #StephsGettingSmaller #Fit #Fitblr #Fitspo #Health (Taken with Instagram)

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September 26, 2012

I have officially reached my first goal weight… I have lost 20 pounds!!! Seeing that number on the scale was such a victory. I got thisss you guys. It was the exact motivation I needed today to keep going. Today hasn’t been the best day for me, but that completely made it. I  am getting healthy, and I am so proud of myself. Each day I am more content with my health and my body. Each day.. I become happier. Just wanted to share the news that I am officially 20 pounds down. Have a wonderful, healthy night <3 

xx Steph

Best purchase ever! Bought a trader joes sweatshirt for $1 today at a thrift store… Ill totally rep TJ’s 😍 Today was nice! I started it with a 3 mile run with my pup followed by a green smoothie and oatmeal for breakfast. Then I went to therapy and had a great session. After therapy I went with Emily to chipotle and to go to some stores. Then we watched a movie and hung out at my house and made a delicious, clean dinner. Today was a success :)

October 17, 2012

I hate that with weight loss and getting healthier, the hardest thing is changing your mindset. I am 24 pounds down but in my mind I don’t always feel like that’s a lot. Sometimes I see and feel the differences so much. But some days I can’t… I feel like I’ve made no progress. Even though 24 pounds is quite a bit of weight. I know I’m not finished but I am getting there… and I will get there. I am ¼ of the way there. And I have no desire to stop. Since starting this I have never felt better about myself. One day I just decided to start eating clean. I gave up processed bull shit and it’s one of the best things I have EVER done for myself. It doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. It means that the majority of the time you eat what is good and nutritious for your body and your body will thank you. And my body is thanking me every day. I used to be all about sugar free bull shit diets and not wanting to work out. Now not working out for three days while I was sick felt like forever. I have made a lifestyle change… I will never regret choosing to better my lifestyle.. even if it takes awhile for this weight to come off. Every day I get better. I work out 5-6 days a week and I eat healthy every day. I have never been more proud of myself even if I don’t feel like I’m gorgeous every day. Because everyone gets insecure about themselves at times. I love myself and I am doing this because I deserve better.