had a blast at the do life 5k tonight with victoria, steph, melissa, ben, and holli (formerly cupcakesandchaucer)!  it was hot.  melissa and i (who apparently share the same lives with all of the similarities recently with boys :)) walked and chatted a big chunk of the “run."  i had to skip the panera meet up afterward as i had sand vb back in omaha to get to.  i noticed as i walked into my apartment i had a huge smile on my face.  today was a great day!

2200 follower appreciation post :)
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Tumblr Tuesday (yeah, for once, I decided to do it on a tuesday like everybody else) 

Nice list although there are a bucket of awesome people who didn’t make it to the list this week (Stacy, I still love you! :D) 

seven things
  1. got a runner’s calendar to track my mileage in.  it was 50% off!
  2. was in tears in target talking on the phone to steph after finding out that tonight’s party that we’re going to with mel is more dressy than originally thought.  so i have to nix my jeans and sweater outfit.  was in tears in the dressing room….hating how i let myself look.  am in tears now as i write this. 
  3. excitement about a fresh start and getting back to where i was doesn’t take away the anger and sadness i have over looking like i do now.
  4. i got home and ben’s book had arrived!  yay!  can’t wait to read it!
  5. i found a dress in my closet to wear.
  6. i have a headache.  likely because i haven’t had a pop in 2 days.
  7. this is my 2100 post.  lame one.
half-marathon tracking & gratitude

if you’re interested in tracking me at tomorrow’s lincoln half marathon, go here.  you can enter my bib number (7173).  fun!

i have to say again how incredibly grateful i am for this amazing community and all of the support and encouragement you’ve given me as i’ve been struggling this week.  all of your comments/replies and messages have really helped put things in perspective and helped me feel so much better.

today was a great day.  i got to see melissa (marathonmelissa) again and meet victoria (victoriafindslife) and steph (stephsdoinglife).  I also got to see another do-lifer that doesn’t blog on tumblr (connie).  i also got to spend some time with my dad and one of my sisters.  i listened to both of ben’s talks - in the am with the girls and in the afternoon with my dad and sister.  we got to eat lunch with ben and his mom.  my dad and sister and i met up with melissa and some of her friends at the pastathon a few hours ago and now we’ll be meeting up with holli (cupcakesandchaucer) here pretty soon for supper #2!

i really think today was a turning point in getting back to where i was.  more tomorrow, but right now steph and victoria just showed up :)