had a blast at the do life 5k tonight with victoria, steph, melissa, ben, and holli (formerly cupcakesandchaucer)!  it was hot.  melissa and i (who apparently share the same lives with all of the similarities recently with boys :)) walked and chatted a big chunk of the “run."  i had to skip the panera meet up afterward as i had sand vb back in omaha to get to.  i noticed as i walked into my apartment i had a huge smile on my face.  today was a great day!

Dinner with the Internet! From Left to right, Zac and Holli (Cupcakesandchaucer), Steph (stephsdoinglife), Me, Victoria (Victoriafindslife) Ben (Bendoeslife), Sarah, Riley and Lindsay (Lindsaydoeslife).

It was an epic Marathon weekend in Lincoln. Lindsay, Holli, Sarah and I ran the Half-Marathon (it was Holli’s first one!) and Lindsay and I both PR’d! And Ben and Victoria banged out a Full-Marathon with no training! Victoria hasn’t run in 3 months due to injury and Ben’s longest run in awhile was 6-8 miles! And we had the best cheerleader in Steph! She couldn’t run due to the registration cap at 10,000. Next year!

I got to finally meet Steph and Victoria and Ben! They all felt like old friends, right from the beginning.

I am exhausted. I can’t wait to sleep. I promise I will get that recap out soon! This race was pretty amazing and I don’t want to forget a thing!

Have a great week friends!

2200 follower appreciation post :)
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Tumblr Tuesday (yeah, for once, I decided to do it on a tuesday like everybody else) 

Nice list although there are a bucket of awesome people who didn’t make it to the list this week (Stacy, I still love you! :D) 

seven things
  1. got a runner’s calendar to track my mileage in.  it was 50% off!
  2. was in tears in target talking on the phone to steph after finding out that tonight’s party that we’re going to with mel is more dressy than originally thought.  so i have to nix my jeans and sweater outfit.  was in tears in the dressing room….hating how i let myself look.  am in tears now as i write this. 
  3. excitement about a fresh start and getting back to where i was doesn’t take away the anger and sadness i have over looking like i do now.
  4. i got home and ben’s book had arrived!  yay!  can’t wait to read it!
  5. i found a dress in my closet to wear.
  6. i have a headache.  likely because i haven’t had a pop in 2 days.
  7. this is my 2100 post.  lame one.
11 Things

Thanks Melissa for sending this my way!

What is your favorite book or, if you prefer, who is your favorite writer?

My favorite book. Thats a hard one. I love to read, and have pretty eclectic taste. So I can’t name just one. But I do love romance novels and I love Nora Roberts and the Bride Quartet.

2. If money were no object, where would you take your next vacation?

I would go back to Hawaii. I went there in 2010 for 10 days and LOVED it there. Seriously. I would live there if it weren’t so far away and wasn’t so expensive.

I stayed in the hotel with the blue umbrellas and chairs in front of it! It was amazing!!

3. Whom do you most admire?

That’s a hard one too. I would have to say my mom. She has taught me to stand up and be my own person, and she is one of the strongest people I know. She doesn’t take crap from anyone and has made me and everyone in my family a better person because we know her.

4. Do you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person? Or both?

Total Dog person. Dogs rule! I’m super allegeric to cats! I also think that dogs think of you as part of the family or pack, whereas cats view you as the staff.

5. What is one of the best gifts you’ve ever received?

Mmm. I would have to say my Garmin that I got for my birthday in 2011. I didn’t think I wanted one, and didn’t think I would keep running after I ran my first half marathon. Good think my mom didn’t listen and bought it anyway! :)

6. If you could wake up tomorrow with one talent or ability, what would it be?

I would like to be able to read minds. I think we all waste so much time wondering what others are thinking, and I wish I could just know instead of worrying about it. I’ve always said that I wished my life were like a movie-then I could see the backstory and know what was happening in the other “scenes.” I know, I’m weird.

7. Are you still friends with any of your childhood friends?

Yes! I have been Best Friends with my friend Virginia since we were 5, and then when we were 8 we added Candace to the group. We are still BFF’s today—despite not living in the same cities or state. We don’t even talk everyday or week, but that kind of friendship you don’t have to, its just there, waiting to be picked up again when you need each other.

8. What non-physical quality do you like most about yourself?

I like to think that I’m a good listener. People tell me their problems all the time, and I like to try to help and listen.

9. Are you a vivid dreamer? Do you frequently remember your dreams?

Absolutely! I dream everynight and can remember most of my dreams. My mom is a nurse and she once told me that women tend to dream more and remember more of their dreams than men do. I certainly fall into this category.

10. What/who makes you laugh the hardest?

That would be my dad or BFF Virginia. They are always ‘On’ and can crack jokes whenever. I love that.

11. Why tumblr? How did you come to start blogging here?

To be honest, it all started because Dannon Greek yogurt changed their flavoring and I was trying to figure out why. I googled it, and discovered a blog called “The Librarian On The Run” I obsessively read it all, and read other’s posts that she reblogged. I decided to move my Blogger to tumblr so that I could stay more up to date. I started following people and gained some followers and the rest is history!

To be honest, I also started a blog because I wanted a safe place to talk about my running. My facebook friends didn’t care about it, and got annoyed when I talked about it. So this was a great outlet to channel my need into.

I’m going to tag some people with the exact same questions that Melissa asked me! (sorry, I’m lazy!)

You are tagged below!

half-marathon tracking & gratitude

if you’re interested in tracking me at tomorrow’s lincoln half marathon, go here.  you can enter my bib number (7173).  fun!

i have to say again how incredibly grateful i am for this amazing community and all of the support and encouragement you’ve given me as i’ve been struggling this week.  all of your comments/replies and messages have really helped put things in perspective and helped me feel so much better.

today was a great day.  i got to see melissa (marathonmelissa) again and meet victoria (victoriafindslife) and steph (stephsdoinglife).  I also got to see another do-lifer that doesn’t blog on tumblr (connie).  i also got to spend some time with my dad and one of my sisters.  i listened to both of ben’s talks - in the am with the girls and in the afternoon with my dad and sister.  we got to eat lunch with ben and his mom.  my dad and sister and i met up with melissa and some of her friends at the pastathon a few hours ago and now we’ll be meeting up with holli (cupcakesandchaucer) here pretty soon for supper #2!

i really think today was a turning point in getting back to where i was.  more tomorrow, but right now steph and victoria just showed up :)

stephsdoinglife replied to your post: Fargo Half-Marathon

My friend Amy is running Fargo. I just may have to think about doing the half.

 two-o-nine replied to your postFargo Half-Marathon

Is it May yet? I’m so ready!!

 arunningshew replied to your postFargo Half-Marathon

I loved Fargo. I would do it again this year, but my sister graduates from grad school that weekend. I told her she owes me big. ;)

Yes Steph! Do it and we can ride there together! 

Brooke, I know it! It seems so far away!

Amy- I wish you could come run it again! Your sis does owe you big! I would love to get to meet you. Maybe you could come run the Lincoln half or full in May. It’s the 5th!